Another chapter in free grant fiction

money in the shape of a present with a bowFree grants for regular people? The chance at some string-free money might seem like a godsend. But promises of free grants are just another scam to get your money.

That was the case with Cash Grant Institute, the FTC says. In fact, the man behind the scam — Paul Navestad — was ordered to pay more than $20 million. But he didn’t. So today the FTC announced that a federal judge has ordered Navestad to be jailed until he pays up. 

Here’s the backstory: Cash Grant Institute told people they’d already qualified for grants — up to $25,000 — that were readily available from federal, state, and local governments, private foundations, and wealthy individuals. But the grants didn’t exist, the FTC says. Instead, people were sent to sites that charged them for general information about getting grants. Even after paying, very few people qualified for any kind of grant, and those that did found it was a long, difficult process.

If that wasn’t enough, Cash Grant Institute also was a massive robocalling scheme, making more than 8 million robocalls — almost a third of them to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.

In addition to the importance of filing a complaint about illegal robocalls, here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t give out your bank account information to anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t pay any money for a “free” government grant
  • Know that scammers can fake phone numbers to look like they’re calling from Washington, D.C.

A real government agency won’t ask you to pay a processing fee for a grant you’ve already been awarded, or to pay for a list of grant-making institutions. The names of agencies and foundations that award grants are available for free at any public library or on the Internet. The only official access point for all federal grant-making agencies is

If you think you've been a victim of a grant scam, file a complaint with the FTC at You also can report it to your state Attorney General. Read Government Grant Scams for more.

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I was scammed for 700.00 how do I file a complaint.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at

OMG!!! I just received a call from them as well. I'm like this is the best day ever because I don't usually have good luck.. But I sure did think the heavens were opening up for me. They had all my information and gave me the " your name came up in our system" spill. I did give an account # (how stupid ik) but I did follow up with my bank and let them know about these people claiming to be from the Government, I will be filing a complaint as well. WATCH OUT FOR PRIVATE or BLOCKED CALLS!!!! Also this number of a person claiming to be a senior account manager...253-843-6148

Like omg I was told the same thing to buy a green dot card and upload 500 this is completely out pocket they messing with people heads giving them false hope they should go to jail for that

I have received 4 calls from an unknown number today I finally answered. I am in AR. They have my birth date address and name on hand.

Sam, The number on my phone showed up 777-777-7777. The woman state that I had won free grant money and that they could put it in my account or I could get it through Western Union. Obviously I said I would not give out any personal information so she just confirmed my zip code and last name, then gave me a phone number to call with a reference number. Waiting to discuss with my husband before I even call the number.

Just received a call that I am qualified to get a grant for $9,200. All I need to do is go to a Walmart or Walgreens and get a Green Dot card or something for $330.00. Also said I was not to relate some type of info when I purchased it. When get out to the parking lot of the store I buy the card or cash, call the 303 number that they gave me. Of course I'm not. I don't have $330.00 to lose.

person with an Indian accent called saying I won a grant of $9000 from the US government. When I asked what the grant was for he would not answer and just gave me an approval ID and phone number to call. I called the number, and spoke with an Indian woman. She told me I was selected from my area to recieve a grant for paying my taxes on time. They supposedly cant send a check because people complaine about the checks taking too long. So I was told to buy a green dot voucher from Walgreens or CVS for $5. But since I was getting so much I needed to upgrade the voucher by long loading $330 on it and then sending it to this supposed Government agency. I told the woman I was not paying anything for a supposed grant and would require something official in writing from the government. She responded OK very quickly and said goodbye.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It's a good thing you didn't send any money. This is a scam. The IRS does not give grants for paying your taxes on time. Get more times on spotting a government grant scam in this article.

I keep getting the same call about once a week.

I just got this call today.. Sounded fishy and I told them if they worked for the gov the. They should have my info!

I said the same thing to the call I received yesterday. I knew off the bat it was a scam but I was fishing for what other bs the caller with the strong middle eastern accent was trying to concoct on the spot!

I just got a phone call saying I was chosen to receive a $9000 grant that does not have to be paid back. They had my name and address...he (foreign) gave me a claim number and a phone number. Of course I am not going to call!

I just got the same thing i was told to go to walmart and send 230 dollers and i would get my money shorty after she got it its all fake and the should not be able to do this to people

I was called in the afternoon saying that I had A 9000 dollar grant And they told me to go to wal-mart and get A 250 dollar green card and call them back and they will send me the money

Did you get the money or did you have to pay someone

Caller from 202-562-7893 called and said I could get $9000 grant for free, no taxes paid. Please help find people like this and put them in jail!

Actually they gave me a call a few minutes ago all they asked was my age plus they already knew my name and then gave me information in how to receive it by pin and a phone number to call back.

I just received a call from them as well saying you have been selected and we have a grant here of 9000 for you. She proceeded to ask me for 250 dollars I said if I'm getting 9000 dollars take it out of that. I'm not sending you 250 you crazy I said you will not scam me. I have a 9000 grant but I gotta pay you... haha yeah Im not crazy!!!

I was contacted on Feb 27, 2014 by a foreigner with a very heavy accent, calling from a blocked number. He said he was calling from the Federal Government office in Washington in the Grant Department and that I had been selected to receive a government grant for $7,000. He told me because I had paid taxes, not filed bankruptcy and did not have a criminal record. the Federal Grant Dept was rewarding me $7,000 and I did not have to pay any of it back.

He said they needed to verify my information, he told me my last name and asked me to verify the spelling of it, if I still lived at my current address (which was listed as a P O Box address and which I responded "yes") and asked me to confirm my age, which I gave him a erroneous age. He asked me if I would accept the $7,000 grant money and I said "sure". He said our conversation was being recorded and asked me again if I would accept the $7,000 grant money and I again said "sure". He said I needed to answer "yes" or "no" and I said I had already answered his question. He said that my information had to be verified again and supplied me with an approval ID code of JJ104 and told me I had to call 206-734-4741 right away and give them my approval ID number to claim my grant money.

I called the number and another foreigner, female this time, asked me for my name and reiterated that I had been approved for a Federal Grant of $7,000, which I did not have to pay any of it back. She told me that in order to insure that the proper person received such a large sum of money that I needed to put $150 on Green Dot Money Pac and wanted to know if I had heard of it. When I told her "no", she spelled it out for me and told me I could go to CVS or Wal-Mart to purchase the Green Dot Money Pac and to put the money on it and that once I called them with the card number, they would put $7,000 on the card for me; that there would be a total of $7,150 on the card, which would be for the grant money and my deposit.

As I was speaking to this woman, I Googled Federal Grant Scams and this came up. I told her I had just read that what she was doing was a scam and she said, "I am from Pakistan and I enjoy scamming people like you". I chuckled at her and said, "I'm from the United States of America and you weren't successful at scamming me"! With that, I hung up.

I got the same exact phone call. $7000 Grant $150 Green Dot PAPER CARD to put $150 on it & to take my phone with me while I'm on the phone with him
So he could talk to the person @ Western Union & I would get $7150.00 lol both guys had CERY THICK INDIAN ACCENTS but their names were John Bruce & Andy Carter. Seriously? These thick accented people with COUNTRY PEOPLE NAMES... I called the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION & made a complaint. They called again today so I called FTC again & they said they could see where I already filed a complaint & they Thanked me for REPORTING THESE SCAMMERS AGAIN! The Scammers (Andy Carter) who called called from 321-422-3264 ext.1245 (Haven,Fla)then the number he gave me to call for Acct.Mgmt. John Bruce Was 347-580-6882 ext 125. (Queens,New York) this guy John Bruce Swore on EVERYTHING HE WAS CALLING FROM THE FEDERAL TREASURY DEPT. I told him I didn't have $150 to put on a Green Dot PAPER CARD (they said not plastic) he told me to borrow it from family or friends & I could pay them right back when I got the $7000.. The Man from the FTC said these people will swear to you they are in that building but to be rest assured THEY ARE NOT!! He said Now they (FTC) are going to see if Florida is being TARGETED!

I received the same EXACT same phone call from a Washington DC (202) area code. When I tried to call the number to speak to June Valentine, a woman with a heavy Indian National accent, I was told to call back at a later time because that office was experiencing "technical difficulties" at the moment! This is definite scam!!

I received a phone call from an 800 number yesterday morning saying I won a grant for 9000 got paying my taxes the lady had a very thick accent .when asked how do I receive this money she repeated everything over abt paying my taxes . She asked if I wanted to use visa or another debit card or green for card . I told her id pick it up from western union she asked how long will it take me to get there ? I had no intention on going so I said an hour or two . I was at my kids school meeting the teacher so I really didn't have time . I asked could I call her back and she became aggressive and her exact words were " why do you need a call back number ? What are you gonna call me for I replied bc I'm busy at this time ! She then said " you know what girl gong worry abt it just hang up ." && she disconnected the call .

Just think they got bin Laden and fam in Washington handing out money from the treasury. I told them we are American we have more since then that. They should get an American and quite all the other phone calls and noise in the back round... I wish that u could catch those babbling mfers. They almost got me..


Pretty much. I kind of knew it was to some bs because ish like that doesn't happen to me. I'm surprised they didn't ask for any personal information. I personally think they were trying to just record my voice. Seriously. Like to make a message full of voices or something.

I was scams for $560.00 how do I file a complaint.

You can file an online complaint with the FTC at

Received a phone call today on my cell from "No Caller ID". Caller said his name is Jeremy House and he was calling on behalf of the US Federal Grants Department. "Because of my good credit and not having a criminal record, I qualified for a free government grant. I only have to call 206-734-4741 and follow instructions to get the money." Of course, I didn't call the number.

Got a call from apparently spoofed number 1-855-533-54567. I tried to block it and it's invalid. A man with a heavy accent tried to ask for me by name but couldn't pronounce it. I asked who was calling and he said something about a government grant. I told him he had the wrong number and he said well who the F--- is this and hung up. This is very disturbing to hear this kind of language especially since I live in an area with high concentration of senior citizens.

I just received a call same as reported by USCitizen above. An Indian/Pakistani accent, calling from 202 738 4616. He said he was calling from the Federal Government office in Washington in the Grant Department and that I had been selected to receive a government grant for $7,000. He told me because I had paid taxes, not filed bankruptcy and did not have a criminal record. the Federal Grant Dept was rewarding me $7,000 and I did not have to pay any of it back.
How can we stop this happening without Drone strikes?

I know how irritating it is to get these calls.The best thing to do is hang up the phone and  file a complaint with the FTC. The more details you give in your complaint the better it is for law enforcement to track these scammers. The FTC's complaint database is available for investigations to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

I got the same calls 2 days in a row & one about a month ago. Same speel about a free grant that I don't have to pay back because I pay my taxes & bills on time. The first amount of money was $7,500 & the call from today was a grant for $9,000. The 2 numbers I have from yesterday & today are 202-738-4039 & 202-697-9238. I figured it was a scam so I never called the numbers but looked up free government grants & came across this. I hope you catch these guys. Just put my name on the National Do Not Call List also. I hope no one falls for this scam!!!!

Same calls as everyone else to get a free government grant that you don't have to pay back because I pay my taxes & bills on time. I got a call yesterday & today. Yesterday the amount I was to receive was $7,500 & today $9,000 I never called these numbers but here they are 202-738-4039 & 202-697-9238

I also had received a call today. The man said all of the same information that was given in several details as others. I did call the phone number. 206-866-5705. The lady asked me how soon could I purchase the green card? I told her that I was sick and I would go pick it up tomorrow. Then I went to my comp. and looked up scamers. I immedieatly went to this site. Very helpful. I feel sorry for those that has lost money to these people that has no morals and are thieves.

Thought I was talking to a friend I knew when I was in school. Turns out we asked a few people about this guy they all were skeptable about it. He said his name was John Edward and that if we sent hm $2500 that we were eligible to recieve $100, 000 Dollars. Turns out that this friend of mine her computer had been hacked. They told me text her, after talking to a girl I went to school with I went back and checked the area code on the number that was texting me. It was not a kentucky aea code it was 1-484-557-3608.

I fell for this grant of 7.000 dollars just like every one else I bought the green dot cards to the some of 2.990.00.I barrowed money from my mom an pawned 2 saddles. It's bad enough that every thing is do an I cant pay are bills My family is after me an cant stand to be near me .I'm unemployed at this was my Husbands SSI check. I hope they catch the DIRTY Scum that is doing all of this the number is out of THE DISTRIC OF COLUMBIA.202-738-4098 ext123. The one I talked to was Emma Brown. I'm just sick about an I'm worried about my bills an my husbands meds. I know I'll never trust ant one like this I know will never get are money back. For me I wont trust any thing like this again ever. They should be taught a hard lesson like when some one steals a horse string them up. Like in 1800 It might put a stop more scams like this from happing.

This is a hard lesson for me because I Hurt My husbands heart an I let him down with this lying act. I just wanted to make things better for us. Now that will never happen we have to pray an hope that the people are caught an Punished to the fullest extent of the LAW.

I just received a call, after listening to his sales pitch, I told him that we had a bad connection could he give me his number so I could call him back. He said that he would give me his number at the end of the call. I then asked if he could provide my name..... that's when he hung up. I tried calling number that appeared on caller ID and it says this number has been disconnected. I was born in the morning but it wasn't THIS morning! I sure hope the elderly and young folks don't fall for this scam!

Well. I got a call of course i knew about this stuff first it was a lady then a man when i called back just to confuse them she messed up multiple times and i even confused. The man lol they got frustrated and they start forgetting what they told me they called my grandmother house and gave my dad a number 701-335-7117 north dakota number. Im to smart

This is another person that was awarded $9,000 Grant for paying my taxes which I don't because I get SSI, etc, from that point forward this is a scam. Except that I had to pay treasury dept a refundable $250.00. Now why Would I give money to the treasury dept when I get my checks from them. The man got mad and said I'm going to cancel your Grant, and hung up. Anything from the government has no hidden cost to it. When asked for money it's red flag to scam.

I just got a phone call from a man with a thick accent which he told me I was awarded a federal grant and he knew my name and my address. He gave me a application number R143 and a number to call to claim my grant of 7300 dollars. The number he called me from was 202 627 1786 the number said it was from Washington DC the number he gave me to call was 727 378 2733 from Florida.
I called the number and a man named Alex told me some one will come to my house and present me with a check. The only thing I have to do is get a green dot money back prepaid voucher and put 200 dollars on it so when the guy comes to my house I have to give it to him. The voucher is to certify that everything is good and for the agent's fee's.

I know this is a scam but is there any thing I can do to help catch these scammers? If you have any ideas or know who I need to contact to set them up please let me know!

Cell phonenumber from Hillsboro Ohio 937 763 3343 have been calling for several weeks I just answered me yesterday and it was a foreign voice telling me about a granted I had got from the government for free they did not have the appropriate information which made me skeptical so I insisted on talking to the manager which I had to call a different number the number was from Seattle Washington 206 973 2541this woman also had an accent I had told her that I work at a financial institution and was aware that this sounds like a scam she got very upset and told me don't ever call here again to that I responded the way anyone would and told her that she may trick on people but she won't trick me she then proceeded to call me a b**** now how professional is that.....I don't get how these people cannot be stopped

Are there any legitimate sites that offer government grants? Are there any legitimate sites that offer work-at-home careers?

Latest phone number is 202-470-3524! Don't bite. These scams are out of control

I have gotten numerous calls over the past few weeks, Washington DC, two different florida numbers, Washington state, Nebraska, mid Michigan, and twice from unidentified.It is making me crazy. Can't understand the heavy indian accents, talk about free grant money that I did not apply for, and they know my name! How is that?

just got one of those calls. indian accent. said he was from the grant office and I was accepted for a grantof 14,566.00 said his name was Larry Gomes. gave me a grant id of gt110 and gave me a phone number and address fro a grant manager. (202)677-4473 address office of grants 2nd floor health and human services bldg. 200 independence ave.wash dc 20201. called the number and started talking to another man with an indian accent. he asked me for my drivers license #. he already had my name, address and d.o.b. I told him that this sounded like a scam and he got agitated and said ok I just canxed your file. I stated that if he was a true government official he would not have been so quick to cancel my grant. he would have explained himself to assure me it wasn't a scam. then he said something about giving me his badge # (which he did not do) then told me I could go on the website and apply again (which he did not give me). he wanted me to send him 200.00 for the application processing fee to get the grant money. I told him I didn't have 200.00 to send him. so he said your application has been cancelled.. good bye and hung up. I'm about to put an alert on me credit report and I suggest everyone else do the same. these people have to much info on us.

After reading other comments, mine was same as other comments. The guy identified himself as John Adams from the US Treasury Dept. - gave me a security code number and phone #202/738-4339 to call. The last time they had called I dropped it but this time I decided to call. I reached an woman who said she was Jacqualine (spelled differently than Jacqueline Kennedy). She went through the same scam and of course I led them on that I would do what they said. But I called the Az State Attorney General's office and they transferred me to FTC. I gave them the info. But now I am getting phone calls from the same lady and leaving messages now. Should I keep these messages?

Yes, this is a scam. I called and told them this was being recorded and they hung up. That is not a polite thing to do

I received a phone call from number 2027384098 her name was Samantha hill saying I got free grant in the amount of $7,000 go CVs or wal-mart and get a green dot money PAC card and she gave me code NK754 to use when I call her back really I told kiss my ass and hung up on her the other number is 2027388000 3219324593 2029874584

Today was the third call I've gotten about these grants, the first one I waited until after 5 pm, thought all government off would be closed by then just got an answering machine, second also promised 7000.00 grant when I asked for his manager he spelt F_ _ _ U. I told him that if he truly worked for the government he wouldn't be talking like that, asked him for phone # he wanted to know why I told him for the police, he cussed again and I hung up. Today I received another call I listened to all their bull only this time I get a grant for 10,000. When I called the other # it said the phonejak person not available, he called back, I didn't leave a for them, he wanted 290.00 to have the money sent by western union, I told him I have not worked for 2 yrs I have no money, he said borrow it from family, I've kept all # and everything about them why can't this be stopped ? What can we do ?

If you receive a call that you suspect is from a scammer the best thing to do is hang up. If you press a number or call them back they will know that your phone number is in fact a working number and may continue to call you.

I have now received two different offers one for 6.5 million and one for 10 million. Dang I'm lucky. If you would like to have them please let me know and I will forward them to you for your amusement!

You can file a complaint at and provide all the details of the scam offers. Your complaint goes to the FTC's database, which is accessed by law enforcement from the US and abroad.

This same company just scammed me out of 200.00. I am very passed right. I truly thought it was the real thing so I bit. Now I'm out of 200.00 bucks wow something need to be done about these people.

The same thing has happen to me . Today I recieve a call from this 701-335-7117 number with the same scam line, I was not sucker intio it. they are liers. April 25,2014

Received a phone call from 1(202) 738-1254. A man with a heavy Indian accent said he was from the Health and Human Services Department of the Federal Government and asked me to verify my information. I said yes to name and temporary address. He told me about a $7,500 grant that was waiting for me; I would just have to give them my bank account information. I said "nice try". Then they told me about the green dot money pac and how i needed to transfer $300 onto the green dot money pac in order to receive the grant.
Well, today when a lady called again I told her that I reported her and that someone is coming to get her and she said "you f***ing f***ing B*tch".

The guy from phone No. 202-666-2294 called at my land line about 10 times. I just want to know what is his scam I answered the phone and he told me that he is calling from US dept regarding free grant of $8400 for me. I just said to him send it to me and he started to ask my indentity I refuse to give over the phone then he started to curse me and I hang up the phone then he call me again five times and left the message twice with curse words. I have filed a complaint to FTC against this number to stop calling me and thosands of other people. I have check that number on google and I found lot of complaints about this number how he try to scam US people to get peoples hard earning money.

Just received the phone call that I was to receive the 9200 dollar grant. They attempted to give me a secondary # to call (in the d.c. area code (202) I then spoke to another foreign man. The entire thing didn't add up so I hung up. Don't buy or give any info to these criminals...just hang up on them

Today I received a call saying I was entitled for a $9000 grant. It told me to bring $205 and get a green dotfor $205 which I would get back plus the $9000. I first called the number 202 407 9094 and he said to be sure I brough the cash with me and he would give me instructions to get the grant money.I called the FTC and they said the goverment does not charge a fee for a grant. Almost got scamed. I thought it was to good to be true and called the number given to me on the web site boy I'm glad I called it. Beware


I recently filled a loan application on the internet from which "VA Finance Co" of "2802 Albany St. Houston TX". Phone # 713-931-3692. VA Finance Co. and official Mr. Frank Martin happen to be serious "scam artists". He claimed "FTC" as a cover to scam me of $200. They refused a refund of my $200 when they failed to make the loan as promised.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam to the FTC and why it matters


Same thing happened to me today,but here's the #206-201-2377

I received the same call, from probably the same indian guy, and was then told to call 202-470-3524 , where I spoke with an indian woman, who went by the name of Mrs Spencer. Who told me I qualified for 9 thousand dollars, but would need to go to walgreen's or cvs to place a "security deposit" of 310 dollars... at which time I informed her I could not do that, and got off the phone.
Would have been terrific if it was real.... but I know the scent of a scam when I smell it.

I.just got the same call right now.
How stupid those people are to think we'd believe they work for the government with such poor spoken English and lack of American accent.
I feel so bad for those who fell for this horrible scam

yea I just got a call from 799-841-5632 after his rehearsed speech and a promised 7000 payout after calling 206-201-2377 and giving this code TM001 some money would come my way. yes there are people who have no Soul.

Aw wow, I'm so glad my wife is smarter than me because I damn near fell for this crap, a guy, heavy accent named jeremy gave me same story as all the above #202-470-2624, they nice said what kind of prepaid card to get but that it had to be a visa MasterCard, etc because I wasn't going to give these people my bank account (wifey would have killed me) we called the ftc and that's how I'm here writing this, I hope that this help others not get caught out there and lose there money times are to hard to be playing these games, I wish I could catch these fools and give them a beat down.

We have been getting up to 5 calls per day for past 2 weeks, usually the hang up (all from Aberdeen, WA.
360-533-7349) When they DID speak, it was poor English & then hang up.
TODAY they called to tell me that I was the recipient of a FREE grant of $9,000 that the were with the US FINANCIAL GRANT DEPT. They had my name, address & zip, and confirmed them. They then asked how I would spend they grant (for their records) I then said that before any further discussion that I needed a phone number to call and verify. They told me I could call the Accountant MARK CASPER at the US TREASURY DEPARTMENT. 253-843-6148. I reverse number looked-up searched & it only said was a LANDLINE, in Roy, WA.
Called the number, Mark CASPER answered with the "US DEPARTMENT of Treasury, Mark Casper, how may I help you"? He had a thick forgien accent. I hung up & called FTC and filed complaint.

I just received a call from an Unknown number. The person on the other line was someone with an Indian accent telling me that was calling from Washington and that I had just won a 9,000 dollar grant. Of course, I didn't believe him, and told him that I was very busy working and to not call again. And he say, but don't you want your grant? To what I said, I don't believe I've won a grant, because I haven't apply to receive any money and that I don't believe the government would just handle me 9,000 dollars as a gift without applying. He did not know what to say, but tried to kept me on the line. I obviously hand up. People be ware of this Indian accent people that call all the time trying to rob you. I've also recieved a call the other day about my windows computer that was currupted, and they needed to fix it. I have an apple pc. Beware people, be ware. Just think a little bit, why is it always someone with a heavy accent most of the time from India calling you and telling you about all these free money and stuff. I don't believe that people that get scammed are stupid, the scamers just hit us when we are down and we need a hand to get up. They take advantage of us all that way.

Twice today 07-24-14 I received calls in regard to a $9,200.00 US Grant. The callers heavy accent was clue #1 it was a scam. If the US Government won't extend unemployment benefits to a US citizen after only 6 months, who has been laid off after working over 40 yrs. for the Navy and then sequestered, please, that was clue #2. The scammer called back about a hour later, said the same scam about paying taxes on time, clue # 3, I still owe taxes. I then proceeded to blow my whistle into the hand set, when I got the third call. I'm hoping their ears are still ringing. We all have to out wit these thugs. After all we Americans will and can take them down, just don't let them scam you.

I found a part time driving job on Craig's list in Atlanta. The job requirements were to pick a mans wife up at the airport and drive her around Atlanta. Then make sure she was settled into her hotel. He was paying me $ 3000.00 to do this. OK so I told him I would do it. He said he would send me 1400.00 of the money and I will take 700 of it aand send the rest to him so he could get the meds that his wife needs. He did send a check by was on regionsbank so itook it to them and they said it was a scam.I new this. So I called this man and told him the account number was no good. He said he would have his accountant send me another one but in the meantime go ahead and send him the 700. I said OK. So I waited and I called him back and told him I got a pawnshop to cash it for me and I decided to keep all the money. This man went ballistic on me. I said how does it feel to be scammed by your on scam. Made my day.

Well got call about 15 mintes ago stating that goverment granted me money and it is $9,000 and then she said find I can use a credit card. and told her don't have one them nather. The she said heres a number to call back. she called from 202-697-9006 and its a cell phone. and she gave me number to call 202-738-1247 and a file number MC 237 WHICH TO FISHY TO ME.

I just received a phone call from 308. And last week from a no called ID. They said my name completely wrong, and then said i am one of the few chosen for a free grant of $9,000. I politely said no thank you and have a good day sir and he said "no no no listen to me", then i said im at work and he sarcastically said "oh you're busy?" and i mentioned how he called me last week and i said no thank you and i asked to be taken off the call list.
If you ask to be taken off the call list they have to.
So hopefully i don't receive anymore calls.

I was called yesterday and was told I was eligible for a free grant and paid the 250 but they want me to pay another 500 because they said ohio has to verify that it is me. After reading these needless to say I am not paying the 500. I can't believe how stupid I was to fall for it. How can I get these people in trouble and get my money back?

My mother just got a phone call from 2026846981 labour receiving 9000. I called them back and the Lady said .ro put 240.00 dollars on a green dot card .ro receive it. Total scam. Avoid any phone calls from a 202 area code.

I just received a call, that I was chosen out of 1700 people in my city for a grant worth $7,200. I asked why, they said it was because I payed my bills on time and paid my taxes. That right there set off a red light, seeing I am on disability and do not pay taxes. The original number came up know. I asked them for a phone number of the person who is in the government that decided I deserved this loan. The woman, who was working out of a call center, that I know for a fact, cause it sounding like they were working in the stock market it was so loud I could barely hear the woman. She told me to call her manager and gave me a bogus number that was disconnected. The number they gave me was area code (202) 697-9328. They also gave me the supposedly winning grant money account number. I have already called and filed a complaint. The gentleman I spoke with gave me the web site for the ftc, which I looked around and lead me here. I figured I would put my input in so people would be aware. I do not believe in anything unless it comes in a government letter. anything over the phone, unless I have spoken with the person and I know are legit, I stay away from, and call and put in a complaint immediately. If you receive one of these scam calls, I would call (800) 447-8477. That is the number I called and put in a complaint.

Thanks for your comment. The number you called to complain is the Health and Human Services federal agency. It's best to complaint to us, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 1-877-FTC-HELP or online at

I got a call from an Indian man saying he was calling from the US Government offering me a $9000 grant for school. I told him, if he was in fact from the US Government, then he would have my address and to send me the information and That I do not do business over the phone and hung up on him. Total scam, I am glad I found this website to confirm.

202-697-9006. They called cell Friday and just now. Don't answer calls don't recognize caller. So will never answer these calls. Why do they bother. Working on putting together a White House Petition in next few weeks and will add these clowns as an example.

I have been getting various calls on my cell number. Every time I answer they hang up but this time they said I was picked to get a 7,500.00 grant and it was never to be repaid from the government. I could hardly understand the man and when he asked for my credit card I told him this was a joke and I didn't own a credit card, so just send me one!!! I hung up on him as he was saying its not a joke. I got a second call from a lady on my cell and I told her if she wanted to talk to me to call my house phone because I couldn't understand her on my cell. She took my number but never called back!!!! They were def. not from here.

2020001111 just called me saying I've been chosen to receive $9000 in grant money for paying my taxes on time and having no criminal record. There was 3 ways to receive my money; 1) straight to my bank account 2) forgot the second one 3) through western union. Call got disconnected shortly after I was listed my options. Female foreigner.

I just received a call from 202-697-9006 telling me I was chosen to receive a grant from the government in the amount of 9,000 that I never have to repay. I told her I was reporting her to the FTC and she said okay this a true call. I asked her how she lived with herself praying in innocent people! She kept saying this is real I don't pray. I told her to never ever call me again and hung up.Female foreigner, heavy accent.

good afternoon I am on my 6th phone calls from these people the first time I won ( 9200..9000...) I was approved for this grant and selected out of (1,500.. 15000) people .. I've read each post and it happened the same to me.. I told him that I worked with the IRS.. And he asked me.. " Are you sure?". I said 100% sure.. He hung up!

202-738-4158. Or. 253-843-6148

This is ridiculous.. And I am beginning to think they got my info from a job search website.
Stay safe..don't fall for it,!
If you buy a diamond mine for 10 cents, chances are you'll own a mine worth a dime.

They just called me. Indian woman said I was getting a $9k grant due to paying taxes on time, being under or unemployed anytime in the last few years and or being a single parent. They are all true. I asked her repeatedly and got a call back number (253) 843-6148 and she said to talk to her manager, Andrew. I just called him and asked what company he works for and he said it wasn't a company but a government department, the Grants Department. SCAM

I just got the same call regarding a government grant. This is the second time I’ve received this phone call. The phone number’s caller ID is unknown. The caller identified himself as Jack Morris and said that I had been accepted to receive a $9,000 grant from the US Government. I played along for awhile and he gave me a confirmation number of G1235. He then got frustrated with me and hung up the phone.

Is the BBB doing anything to address this fraud? Is the fraud department at the government grant office addressing this issue?

It appears this is an ongoing scam that has been around for several months. I think it’s time someone with the ways and means to fix this does their job.

I received this same type of call today.A woman who basically could not speak English at all said she was from the Dept of Health & Safety or she said the Health Dept~She said I had been randomly chosen for the Government to give me 14,000 dollars, but it can only be spent for home renovations education or paying off my car.I could tell she was attempting to read a script. when I asked her to tell me the name of the program and to give me a number to call back to verify, she got quiet and hung up. Then a few mins later I get A call back from A man with an obvious Indian accent telling me he was an account manager. I told him they better take me off their call list this is a scam. he nervously said ok and hung up, but the disturbing part is they rattled off all my information. full name address and that I am a homeowner. I recently installed home phone service, landline service. I am assuming that is what flagged them to me but not sure.

I told "Simon" that it sounded like a scam and to please remove me from whatever list he was calling from. He started laughing so I hung up. The craziest part is, HE CALLED BACK! He told me I'd have to call the treasury department to be put on their do not call list.

Got a call on my cell today from a number 1033 unknown. I answered and was told I was selected for a grant of 9000 for paying my taxes, no criminal record and no bankruptcy. Was instructed to call back to 206-801-1924 with a permission number of MA107. I called just to see what this was. I was told it was a grant from the us treasury health and human services dept. I could receive the money in my bank acct visa MasterCard or western union. Of course I chose western union because I wasn't giving my bank acct number to anyone with a heavy foreign accent. Then I was told I would have to pay $170 for the federal reserve bank in New York to process the transaction. When I asked for a phone number to call and verify this wasn't a scam I was told it was not a scam but he didn't have permission to give out phone numbers. I told him I thought it was a scam and I was going to research this and call them back. He assured me it was not a scam but of course I knew it was and have no intention to call back. I wish there was some way to catch these heavy accented thieves and make them really pay all they have scammed people out of. Thankfully I wasn't one of them.

I received a call from Washington DC 202-657-5633 at 11:35 AM AZ time on 11/26/2014. The lady on the line told my wife we were receiving the call because we pay our bills on time. My wife handed me the phone. The caller with a heavy foreign accent said that she was with the US Federal Grant Dept. I asked if this was an actual Federal Agency or a company utilizing a similar designation. She said that she was with the verification Department of Human and Health Services. I asked the purpose of the call. She replied, "You have been selected to receive a $9000 Grant. This grant is not to be paid back and is not taxable. I was selected randomly due to regular payment of bills. " I questioned the Department of the government this was under. I was told their operation was under the Department of the Treasury. She indicated she was with the verification department. She asked if I was a name similar to mind. I gave my name . She asked if I lived at an address that was incorrect, I gave the correct address. She gave me 4 different ways to receive the money. All but one was going to lead to a bank account number. I chose certified check to home address, as I felt that was less threatening. I did not give any account or SSN, nor was I asked for them. I was then told I had cleared verification. I was told that I would need to call back to the financial department , they handle the release of funds. I did not call the number which I had been called from, 202-657-5633. Instead I called my local congressman's office. I explained I was looking to see if this was a scam, as I suspected, or legitimate. I was given the website, where I could file a complaint. I went to the website and only saw complaints. At this point I wasn't sure if I had a complaint or not. Not finding any contact phone number on the site, I decided to call the FBI. After telling my story, I was assured that this was a scam. They took my information and asked that I also call the FTC and file a report. I did so and was told to call in using a reference number if I should receive additional contact. This is the most complete scam call ever. A lot of correct information was provided as well as the details which raised questions. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SCAM.

I got 4 missed call from unknown number. I finally answered. The man said I was picked along with 1500 other people to receive a government grant if I buy a green dot money pac.I really considered doing it until I read this site. With 4 kids Its a rough time of year and any amount of financial help is overly tempting

Yea I was played yet I'm greatful for god revealing the truth he laid it on my mind to check the story out before making a mistake a guy name Oscar Perez claimed he was the treasure for the government and we spoke for a hour he claims that this isn't no hoax or a scam and yet I prayed for proof and here I am mad disappointed because like everyone else Christmas is coming up shortly and prices are higher for most without a good job n some case no job but income that barely gets u buy I had to call him from this number 202-7381434 and yes gave me a conformation number starting with 2 letters then told me the only way I could receive my grant money was to buy a green dot card I was suspicious ly asking him tons of questions why the government pick me and why are they doing it this way he said that people complained about not getting they're check I said why not wire it he then said can't do that to much money n they have busines with green dot because they donated money with green dot

I just received a phone call from a blocked caller that told me I was selected to receive a federal grant of $7000 I didn't quite understand what her name was but she told me my information and gave me a number to call back so I called and a heavy Indian accented woman told me I would have to just buy a prepaid green dot money PAC card and have $150 minimum to recieve the money just to call her as I bought the card so before I even thought about it I called three different banks and told the about what was going on and they all said it was a scam they would of just gave me the grant money if it was real no need to put money the number is 2068556759

I want to apply for a grant.

I got scam for $230 today I was speaking to a guy named James and they said I won a federal grant loan for 7,000 pay $230 to a charity and they will forward the money in 30minutes to my card I didn't give them my social or bank account # but they was calling me and they said go to a moneygram cuz western union there's a delay after I sent them the $230 they said that the IRS put it on hold and that Ii have to pay 8% of 7,000 which was $579 and was about to but didn't I looked this up on Google and realized what I was reading they also said they close at 7:30pm they sounded like they were from Pakistan or India I lost $230 and thought I was gonna have 7,000 I should've been googled this cuz they wouldn't of gotten $230 from me the # they call me from was 1206-801-5387 1213-438-9863

I recieved a few of these phone calls. They sound like they are from India or middle eastern accent All from D.C. Area. I think these people are either from "Acorn" Obama's group. Or Liberal Lunatics. "Celebrate Diversity!" Like I don't know the government can't send checks or prepaid cards of any amount ($7,000) and I worked for them... HAHAHAHAHA!

I just received a call from, James Brown and his number 2068011730, telling me i have been awarded a grant from the U.S. government of $10.000 and all i have to do is purchase a green dot card for $4.95 and i have to put $220 for the transaction to be done and it will only take 10-15mins. He said,"i will have to call him first before i purchase the card,from 7 eleven."I told him since you got my grant jst take the $220 from it and give me the remaining, he still persisted i have to buy the green dot card.

I just received a call from, James Brown and his number 2068011730, telling me i have been awarded a grant from the U.S. government of $10.000 and all i have to do is purchase a green dot card for $4.95 and i have to put $220 for the transaction to be done and it will only take 10-15mins. He said,"i will have to call him first before i purchase the card,from 7 eleven."I told him since you got my grant jst take the $220 from it and give me the remaining, he still persisted i have to buy the green dot card.

Well we all know that this scam is real otherwise we wouldn't be here. Wish there were more comments on how to make them STOP CALLING ME. I have asked them 3 times today alone. I tried to block the numbers through my cell phone service provider but the 000000 numbers are apparently un-blockable. Wonder how many time I am going to be called when they know they have zero chance of success. As the scam probably pays a commission to these soulless peons, they probably just call another number after they HANG UP on me when I request they don't call me.

I got the same call from a man named Hunter 1 2027381123 said I won a grant for 7,000. And I was to go load a money pack card for $260 and then call him back and within 20 I would have my money.

Yes this just happened to me today. An indian man calling from an unknown number called told me that i was approved for a grant of about $7000. Verified my last name and address and gave me some verification number. Told me it was because i paid taxes on time and that i have not been in trouble with the government within the last 6 months. He said his name was Bruce Williams (ha). He then gives a phone number to call my "account manager" Roger Colton. I give him my verification number and he tells me to go to a 7-eleven or a rite aid to purchase a "identification voucher" for $265. Then take it to my nearest western union or moneygram location (while he is on the phone with me) and i will then pick up my grant money and be reimbursed for the $265 that i spent on the voucher. I will report them now. What they are doing is terrible and they deserve to be put away. I want to thank everyone who left comments about their experience so that people like me know not to believe these jerks.

Yup, just had this happen to me. My contact person was Mark Butler who spoke with a heavy middle eastern accent. Said in order to receive the free $9000 grant I needed to buy a money gram for $200. His number was 202-738-1580 X201. I told him if the money is mine and free just take out the $200 from the money he was going to send me. He said he was unauthorized to do that. I said I didn't have the money to send him and so he said to call him back when I get it. Ha! Whatever...

I got a call from some thick Indian accent named Jonathan Walls # (206)201-2185 and he claimed I won $9000 from some grant award program I proceeded to question him if he really is from the government for about 5-10 min he got fed up and laughed and said I scanned 20 stupid Americans today and hanged up.

i received a call from these guys, actually multiple calls over a number of days. I am no idiot and knew this was a scam. I made the decision that I would play along as long as I could without giving any information that could be used against me. For starters they asked for the last 4 of my SS#. I gave them a bogus number and they accepted it. I asked them where they were from and they said Washington DC. I said really, what is the temperature there. He said 4 degrees and I looked on and determined that he had no idea. I asked him about that and he started to swear at me. Then they called back. Anyway after many transfers and many 4 letter words from them I got to one man who was willing to talk. He told me everything. It is a company in Karachi Pakistan. He gets paid a salary to make these calls. He said he feels horrible about it but there are no other jobs. Felt bad for the guy but end of the day he was stealing money. he told me everything about his life there and said that he wanted to come to america but needed to save up enough money. he was 24 and was planning to get married in the next year. He explained how his government does nothing to create opportunity. again a sad story. So if it helps the FTC this is where the company is located. End of the day do I expect the FTC to do anything about They have bigger more important things to do within our boarders. But i do expect more of Americans, come on people. Do not fall for stuff like this. The US government sends checks, never give your information to any organization who you who don't know. Hope this is helpful, we are under attack in more ways than one. be defensive, no one just sends you money....

I just received a call from (202) 000-1111 tell me the Government want to give me a grant of $9000.00 that I do not have to pay back. They also gave me a grant number and phone number to call back 202-657-6018. In my 61 yrs, I have never heard of the government giving money away without a catch. I am grateful I had piece of mind to speak with my wife before offering my account number to a stranger over the phone.

They called me today from the same number, with the same grant offer and the number to call that matches your phone number. It is so odd to me that anyone would think I would believe them with the thickest India accent claiming to be from the US Treasury. I would love for it to have been true, but thank you for your details because I truly know they are just jerks scamming!

I just heard from these people too (claiming to be -variously - the "Federal Government Grant Department" or the "Winnings Department") - looks like they're still active! I submitted a complaint to the FTC, so hopefully they can track them down eventually and shut them down.

The number I was given was 202-738-1426, and the reps I spoke to were "Randy" and "Catherine", who wanted a $200 deposit for the $9000 "free grant money". Eventually they told me that I was playing with them and I needed to leave them alone, which I thought was quite ironic.

Incidentally, it seems to be the same company that kco54 reported yesterday. I called the number he gave, and it went to the same group of people.

The best thing to do is hang up the phone. Also, you can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at The details you provide could be important if there's an investigation.

today i made 17.0000$ from two different oranization
really do you think am that stupid the treasury department is giving me money when i owe them.
you guys knocked at the wrong door or shall i say called the wrong #
i am amaze at how far they go,please be very aware of these piece of crap people will never stop

I just received a call from this number but didn't get to the phone in time just for laughs I tried to call it back but it wouldn't let my get through.

Beware, they are back. "Chester" was super rude, I told him I knew it was a scam, no one, not even the Government, gives away money...Government TAKES money, lol. Not only rude, but started talking dirty to me. REAL dirty!! I hung up. Will buy a whistle at lunchtime, and blast his ear drum if he calls again.

I just received call today from +00000000 and when I answered it was an Indian gentleman that was cutting out every 5 seconds like he was on a cell phone. He stated I was selected by the Government to win a free grant for $9000. I didn't get very far on the all after asking him to repeat himself about 3 times. I told him he was cutting out and would have to call back. He said ok, I'll call back and he never did. Beware of this call! It is a total scam!

I just received the call today from 202 666 1285. When they said I was randomly selected and that there was no paperwork, I thought, from this government??? Yeah right. The man told me it had to go straight to a bank account, gift card, Wal-mart card, seems like any card, but that there were no paper checks issued out to addresses. While I was talking to him, because I was still skeptical, I took my time so that I could research the number and the "Treasury's history of randomized grant giving." Turns out I found all of you! When I gave an old Wal-mart gift card number, he needed the expiration, which there was none so he kept questioning if I was giving him the right card or was it a Visa, xyz. He then wanted my address lol. I asked why now did he need my address and told him I wasn't interested. He said it wasn't his job to convince me and that's not what he was there for. He said he was just trying to get me the money from the government lol. Watch out people! So happy I saw this posting.

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