Fake IRS collectors are calling

This time of year is often taxing for many consumers. Scams aimed at stealing taxpayers’ money make the season more stressful.

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) warns that crooks posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials are contacting people claiming they owe taxes. The caller demands a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or a credit card number for payment. If the person doesn’t comply, the caller threatens to arrest or deport the target, or take away their driver’s license or business.

Thousands of victims have lost money to these tax scam artists. But there are ways to recognize them and foil their attempts to steal your money.

These scammers often:

  • call you. But when the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone 
  • use common names and fake IRS badge numbers
  • know the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • demand payment via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. The IRS doesn’t ask for either of these payment methods, nor will they ask for credit card numbers.
  • rig caller ID information to appear as if the IRS really is calling
  • send fake emails that look like legitimate IRS correspondence
  • make a second call claiming to be the police or department of motor vehicles, rigging the caller ID information  

To protect yourself from imposters who call, claiming to be from the IRS:

  • don’t provide any account or other personal information. Hang up the phone.
  • never wire money to a person or company you don’t know. Once you wire money, you can’t get it back.
  • if you owe - or think you owe - federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions. You also can visit the IRS website at irs.gov.
  • if you’ve already paid your taxes, call and report the incident to TIGTA at 800-366-4484.
  • forward emails from the IRS to phishing@irs.gov. Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails. 
  • file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint. Include “IRS Telephone Scam" in your complaint.
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IRS Telephone Scam
They called me house!
The # is 325 500 0533

Got a call from 202-506-9418 stating he works for the IRS and for me to contact him ASAP and do not ignore the call.

I got a call from 202-506-9060. Kevin Brown was the guy's 'name'. Losers...little boys afraid to actually work for money

I may not get my $214.99 backbut here is the name of the scam pccaressupport-home ut a1-16000001044heaq

I also received a call yesterday from a Roni Cooper saying I owed 2,900.00 for back taxes from 2008-2012. I knew it was a scam right away but played along to see where it would go. He wanted to know if I had cash on me and said that I needed to leave my house and drive to a address he gave me and wait for further instructions. He said I was to stay on the phone with him and get there within 30 minutes. He wasn't aware that my daughter was listening and we switched phones while I called the police. Since my daughter and I sound alike he never noticed. He new exactly where I lived and how long it would take to get to that location. He got very mad when I didn't arrive and kept stalling him. After all that effort the police weren't interested in doing anything because a crime had not been committed.

i just got a call from a shawn mack 202-239-7019 told me he was an officer with the I.R.S I asked him again whi he was and he hung up the phone.. i called the number back and he again stated he was officer shawn mack with the irs and he asked what did i want i told him he just called me then he hung up the phone...again nuber was 202-239-7019 i did call again and he had his answering machine pick up....

I received the same similar call also added i would go to jail for 90 days no bail no deal warrant issue to you already go deposit i will clear the warrant office Sean Cooper and David William from number 571) 482-1919 i been contacting the police and FBI and personally i think something needs to be done people work very hard to make a living so someone off the street comes to take people money

Add 202-506-9962 to the list of bogus numbers. Guys robo'd me this morning saying I owe the IRS money and that it's urgent I get back to them. Yeah right.

We got a call today from 202-803-5028. Left a message that there was a criminal IRS investigation against me and I needed to call back immediately. I don't understand how it's legal for them to continue doing this!!

continuing the scam in MA, an additional # it is 202-506-9775.

I got one today. Claimed to be Officer Julia(e) Smith of the IRS. Came from number 202-506-9775. Sounded like a scam to me right away. It was a recording as well.

Add 202-506-9761.The guy is persistent. I can't make out his name clearly as everything is rushed except ID and call back immediately. I hope something is done about this foolishness.

Haha - I kind of like playing with these idiots. I got Hugh Johnson from 202-506-8119. I did a reverse search on the phone number and it comes back with a company called YMAX Communications. Google that name and find your scams! He hung up on me 4 times. Gave me the wrong phone number for the true IRS. Duh

Me too!! Spinless pieces of !#$%

I also got a call from the number 202-506-9759 saying that it is a call from IRS and call back.

Got call from same number yesterday asking for 2500$ to settle.be aware.they yell when you say don't pay

It is big fraud should be caught these crooks

I received a call from the same number yesterday. The recording said that the IRS Officer's name was Heather. Little do they know that I have enough common sense to know that if I really owed the IRS I wouldn't have received a refund when I filed my taxes a month ago. Stupid...get a job, because I work too hard for my money to just give it away.

I just got a call from Office Heather Gray with a 415 area code. It was automated message saying to call back and not to ignore the message. I was worried because I'm self-employed and filed an extension which I haven't completed yet. Called back and the VM was full. I figured it was a scam since I've received similar calls in the past.

Received a recorded call from Officer Heather Gray as well this morning. Call back number was 202.506.8738. Figured that I should check online to confirm my suspicions and I'm glad I did. And yes, these scammers should be caught!

I got one from Heather this morning from the same number. Busy girl, she is.

Got the same message from Officer Heather Gray (supposedly) two days in a row. I'm in Massachusetts. Same phone number.

I got a fake IRS call from 202-506-8649 Friday 7/25/14

I received two voicemails this week from Officer Heather Gray with a call back number 202-506-9967.

You can file a formal complaint with the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

Yes .. this "officer" Heather Gray is going around in Tucson, Arizona with identical message as yours. It sounded "robotic" .. definitely not a real human voice .. the call was dated on June 11 and the number she wanted me to call back was 415-251-9738. I think 415 is the Bay Area California zip. Tucson has a big senior population and I thin that's why the scammer targeted this area. Can FTC trace this number to arrest these bastards?

Got the same voicemail from Heather Gray this afternoon from Novato, CA, #415-251-1037, and I live in NV.. It's great to know we are all concerned individuals posting so others can be forewarned.

Same exact voicemail and name. I'm in Ohio. Confirmed this is a scam. Do not call the number back, answer any questions or pay anything!!!

got call from heather gray today, charlotte nc are recorded message. not calling back thanks for heads up

Thank you for all the posting one thing about the internet is we can find out that there are scumbags out there ... my heart was beating so fast when I heard the message from Heather Gray... again thank you all for posting ..... we need to ban together and get these scumbags arrested.. unfortunately there are senior citizens etc that do not use the technology we do.

Thanks to everyone for posting this warning. Agent Heather Gray left a message on our machine today. It makes me wonder: how can these scammers afford all of these different phone numbers?

They fake the caller ID information that you see on your phone. That's called caller ID spoofing — and new technology makes it very easy to do. Read more about robocalls in this article.

Same message this morning.202 506 8657...Knew it was a scam since IRS DOES NOT call. They will hound with mail, but, never call.

I received a VM called the number 415-251-9738 it was answered by someone with an accent Named Officer Matthews with the IRS Investigation Division. I asked for his badge number and what this was about. He told me I had received a letter dated June 2 and had not responded and that the payment agreement I had with the IRS had be revoked and that on Monday morning I would be arrested for Tax Evasion that a warrant was issued for my arrest. He had my mailing address and then when I was like I did not receive any notice, he hung up on me. I called back and he answered again and I played dumb and said we were disconnected he told me that no he hung up on me as he had no further information for me and that I needed an attorney and that the attorney could call back. I was like well this has been handled by the Oak Brook Illinois office and then he got even more rude and told me that when I was arrested on Monday they would have all the documentation to explain it all, but that their have been changes to the recent IRS collection agreements "dont you watch TV or read the news"?

Got robocall from 202-506-9812 this morning, saying it was Heather Gray with the IRS, and I needed to call her back immediately at this number. Since I have been on Social Security for several years, and have not been required to file a tax return, I was suspicious. I researched on the internet, and found this. Has anyone reported her to the IRS or any other government authority?

This message appeared as a visual voice message today: "Time sensitive. My officer Heather Grey from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 2025069860. I repeat it's 2025069860. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care." "Officer Heather Grey" is at it again! Thanks for all the comments here from others as warning.

Same exact name and message received today 7/11/14. incoming number was 2025068650 from heather gray. Why can't these scam artists be found and jailed! Unbelievable. She would have been more believable if she said her name was Lois Lerner. Thank goodness for the internet and public blogs.


Let the answering machine get that call, same guy you described; he said his name was Shawn Stifford and there was a "legal petition notice" concerning a tax fraud and that I needed to call back or have my attorney call back before this goes to court. Called ID read: 1-888-325-0960.

I got one one too, using the same taped message....Get a real losers!

So glad I found this! Just listened to an identical voicemail as transcribed above from "Officer Heather Gray" of the IRS threatening "legal allegation" against me if I don't return her call! Scared me for a split second, glad to know for sure it's a scam! The number that called me was 415-251-8730

Also got the same automated call from Officer Heather Grey. Phone number this time (202) 506-9906.

Let's keep posting, so Google picks up all the fake numbers and names!!! Plus, it gives a reference to the timeline and other victims can figure how current these scams are.

We also got the same phone call today 7/28/14 claiming to be from IRS and call back number IRS hot line 202 609 7006.Called our tax preparer and adviced us to ignore it.. it's a scam. My husband felt nervous about it for split seconds but then as they go along with the conversation and started threathening him,he will be arrested by the local police as soon as they hung up the phone.

Nearly identical message from a robotic female voice message of "officer Heather Grey" received in PA, including the words "legal allegation", but with a 415-251-8730 return number. Twice, on 7/10/14, I had this same call! 1 @ 4:07 and 1 at 6:21 (voicemail time stamp). Likely called my 2 different telephone lines.

It sounded like a hoax, but, I did initially try and return the call, which rang with no answer, then found this site.

In a culture of abuse and corruption, how could we get these scam artists to focus their talent on honest work?

"...take any legal allegation" doesn't even make sense.
She called me numerous times on 7/8 (202-506-8649), and started up again today(202-506-9679).

Yes, Heather Gray is a very busy girl. When I listened to her message it scared me a little bit, but since I don't owe the IRS any money I figured it was a scam. Sickening, how they can't seem to find a real job and make their own money. Thank goodness I found this site. I didn't think the IRS would call and leave a message.

Got a call from 202-751-2556

Got a call from 202) 506-8418,very similar number to the others. Got voicemail from Jessica Leubin, making claims theres a lawsuit filed against me blah blah blah.

He asks, "do you remember the student loans you took out?" im like, "which ones what year?" he said 2010-2013? I didnt even take out loans during those times. He says DONT call the IRS you'll just be wasting your time. His name is Jesse James. Anyone else get calls from him? GRR!!!

Got a call claiming a lawsuit as well. Keep getting different people calling w this message including a robocall

Got a call from 202-506-9746 . . . Ms Gray is busy in Michigan as well. Have received that same call before and just ignored it . . . .

came home from vaca to have 2 messages on my vm from officer Heather Gray from 415-251-8730 to call back and not avoid her calls. Thanks for keeping me calm!

We are from NH and ""Received a call from female identifying herself as IRS Officer Hannah Gray stating this is time sensitive, with directions to call this hotline number and not "disregard" this message "before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care."""

CALLER ID: 1-415-251-9782

I just received the exact same message and completely panicked! THANK GOD for google!! I immediately flipped and called the number to get a NON-IRS recording.....I then thought wait a minute, the IRS usually sends mail and doesn't make phone calls. PHEW! Thanks for posting!

Got an automated call from "officer heather gray" -- 202 506-9983 -- says Beltsville MD .. boy she gets around the country. Same day got a scam phone call from a "Mitchell Feld" 425 233-8747 -- this is Bellevue WA number. Scams all the way.

They just tried to scam us. It started with a message from a "Heather Gray", calling from (202) 506-9835. We were then given another phone number, (202) 506-8096, to call back, which we innocently did. We then talked to a man, and then later his "supervisor", "Anna Jones". (Everyone we talked to had an Indian or Pakistani accent, and wouldn't likely have names like Jones and Gray.) Said we owed $6,874 and insisted that we stay on the line, go to Safeway, get a payment voucher, and give them the payment voucher information, or my wife would be arrested. We contacted the IRS Local Taxpayer Advocate service and was told that this was a scam attempt, and that they heard of examples like this frequently. We then looked up both of these phone numbers and found the helpful comments cited, which we used to confront the scammer. (She got quite upset and threatening when we confronted her, claiming that all of the people who commented on this web site were behind bars.)

I received the same robotic SCAM message from IRS officer Heather Gray today 6/27/14 in Florida. FYI

My elderly parents received a call from an "Officer Scott Wilson" and his supervisor, "Officer Eric Foster" (both heavily laden with thick Indian Accents. They said to call 202-241-4054 immediately and pay $1795 in monies due to IRS today or Charlotte, NC Sheriff's Office would take them to jail. I called Clt Policy to double check and they confirmed this was a SCAM

We also received the robotic message from Officer Heather Gray to call "instantly" at 202-506-9108 "before we take any legal action against you".

Got same message from same number today.

We just got the call today from robot Agent Heather somthing from 202-506-9812 warning us not the ignore the call or they will take further "action against you". I hung up and tried to call the number but it just rings busy.

Got the robotic call from Heather Gray too, got suspicious, googled the name immediately. This is a scam! these people should be in jail. Leave the hard working citizens alone!

I received a message from Heather Gray 415 area code. I am glad that others have gotten something similar and that it is being reported. I was nervous until I did some research.

I also received a call from the same area code and person!! Glad I saw this!!

I just got a couple of calls to my unlisted home telephone number...202-506-9835 from a mechanical sounding "officer Heather Grey", thanks to you guys I just deleted it from my messages....

I received such a call from this number on April 16, warned of "legal consequence".

We got the same phone call regarding legal matter. Kevin Mccoy was his name and wanted us to call him back.

202-506-9194 is another similar number. It has been over 30 minutes and the sheriff has not arrested me, and to the best of my knowledge, my driver's license has not been suspended. Beware!

Got the same call today a man with Indian accent. Very intmidating, he called from 202-239-6612. I didn't fall for his scam.

Did the Indian guy say "They have a warrant out for your arrest" by chance?

yes, it just happened to me. he said his name was Melvine Bedgick and th the was the IRS audit and that against my name there was a legal petition and that there was a warrant for my arrest. my caller ID said the # was out of area but he left the phone number to call him 888 319 6242

So hopefully there is no legal petition against my name :-)

But then they end the call with "have a blessed day", right? Hahahahaha, these people are morons and thieves.

Same MO here. Melvin says "have a nice day." His # 844-854-5595.

I got the same message from Melvin. I found it hilarious he said please call back immediately we have 3 cases pending towards you and than have a nice day! really? smh lol

Same scam. two numbers 800-829-0922. I called back and it is a # that says it is the IRS. They hijacked the # some how. 2nd Phone # 202-506-9224. Indian accent. person was still there and is actually trying to call me back. Beware. They said they called the sheriff's department for my arrest. A call came in from the same exact number of the Sheriff's department. No arrest yet.

Received 2 calls on 2 different days from "Officer Hannah Gray" for me or my attorney of record to call 202-506-9230. I was told not to ignore this call and I must call before legal action is taken. Called a nearby IRS office; they looked up my info and said they didn't see anything wrong. Have read on IRS website that this is a scam.

Received same call/recorded message.

On May 29, 2014, I also received a call from "Officer Hannah Gray" for me or my attorney of record to call 202-506-9230. I was told not to ignore this call and I must call before legal action is taken.

I received a call from "Officer Hannah Gray" the 1st day then from a "Robert Cruz" the next day. Both using the same number: 202-506-9230. What was odd is that the "Officer Hannah Gray" sounded more robotic/computerized and Robert Cruz's call sounded with more of an accent.

Awww, she or it must have changed their number....same message, this number though 202-506-8583, *67 and call back...sad the government seems to be employing Asian women with poor English to record their answering machine...I left a message alright....really?

Just listened to a message from "Officer Hannah Gray" from the "Internal Revenue" and then it cut out. It did sound robotic and was from 415-251-1037. Since I didn't hear the whole message, I was curious, googled her name and IRS and found this site. Glad I did!

I received the same call today. I received another a month ago. Really this is getting out of hand. I want them to stop calling me.

I got the call from Hanna Grey (it was a synthesized, robotic voice) at 415 251 4089 but the call back number was 415 251 2995. this was today June 18. The scammers are still going.

Same here. They are now hitting phone numbers in the Alameda, ca. area. Same 415 251-2995 return number but the MAGIC JACK phone number was disconnected.

Received my second call from "Hanna Grey". Didn't answer and it went to recording. The front end of the call was cut off but the following is as exact as I can determine:

..... or your retained attorney <??> return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I am Officer Hanna Grey from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 202-506-8682. I repeat it is 202-506-8682. Don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care.

I received the same message from Heather Gray showing the call came from District of Columbia, phone number 202-506-9882. The robotic message used the same verbiage, that I or my retained attorney needs to call, and return the call before we take any "legal allegation against you." While the phrase "legal allegation" did not make sense, I was still shaken up, not knowing what I could have possibly done wrong. I immediately called my tax preparation representative and left him a v/m, wanting to obtain information and advice from him prior to returning the call. While awaiting a call from him I googled the name Heather Gray and this website immediately popped up. So thank you to all of you who have provided information here, finding this information so readily saved me a lot of anxiety!!

They are hitting NH now. With same name Hannah Gray but different phone number 1-415-251-9782 ""Received a call from female identifying herself as IRS Officer Hannah Gray stating this is time sensitive, with directions to call this hotline number and not "disregard" this message "before we take any legal allegation against you. Goodbye and take care."""

CALLER ID: 1-415-251-9782

"Heather Grey" called CT yesterday as well. My mother was very worried by the call - she has quite enough on her plate and needs no extra stress from a despicable scam. Thanks to all who posted here and whitepages.com for the reverse look-up feature.

I had the same thing happened to me with both of those numbers on the day you did. I am getting so upset about this. Just so everyone is aware, if the IT'S needs to get a hold of you, they send a formal letter to you with your ID tax information. This "Deputy Heather Grey" is no more than a scam artist. Don't fall for it.

7/9/14: I got the call today from automated "officer"Heat he Grey. She told us not to ignore the call or face legal action. The # she used this time was: 202-506-9840. I am in MA.

I also received a call on my A/M from Officer Gray yesterday, I did not understand her first name. Some of her comments were: "RETURN THIS CALL BEFORE WE TAKE ANY LEGAL ALLEGATIONS DONE TO YOU".!!!!This is exactly how she said it. I knew immediately it was a scam. The phone # was 202 506-8599

I also got a call from this #202 506-8599 this morning. Wife picked up, and was told to call back or risk going to jail. Freaked us out initially. I called back and was told to call lawyer right away since they going to have me arrested for tax fraud. I was told to prevent this, due to I have a clean record, they'd allow me to settle now without going to court by buying some taxpayer voucher from HomeDepot, or Safeway or Kroger, then go to www.irs.gov to file some form. They will let me know then what to fill. They asked me to stay on the line (cell phone) while I was going to the bank so that they have proof that I am going to do it or theywill transfer my case to the court to issue my warrant. I hang up and called the local sheriff's office, and was told it was a scam. Then I search online and found this website which confirms my suspicion.

This is the same call I got. Sounded convincing at first as my income tax refund has not been issued and they knew that and kept telling me that it was under review until this was settled....so it is scary for them to have this information. I guess I'll see if I am arrested tomorrow morning!!!

The same thing happened to me. Th man with a heavy indian accent said that my husband did not pay his federal taxes. I said he's over seas and the man got surprised. He told me he was going to get arrested and tells me that he's going to come to our home. I told him my husband isn't home and then he tells me that I'm going to get arrested? What a fraud! He told me to ask my husband to call him back. We were frightened so I did. However, nobody picked up. Don't listen to them, it's a huge scam!!!

My husband got a message on the phone where a guy named Kevin told him there is an arrest warrant for him for not paying the whole amount of property tax. When my husband called back he was told to settle out of court for $7500.
He asked Kevin to send an official letter, immediately the phone was cut off.A total scam in the name of IRS!!

Rec'd a phone call this evening wanting my lawyer to call them at 202-751-2565 urgent. They need to truly find these people and punish them

I got this call from heavily accented East Indian named John Williams, the other a Caribbean man named eric foster at 202-241-1435 Said me or my attorney needed to call back and "Good Luck" if I didn't respond. They might of had me if the people were not foreigners. BEWARE!

I found your entry on an internet search of 202-751-2542 (i.e. NOTHING else, just the number -- no "IRS" etc.). I am LIVID having received calls today. I reported it on TIGTA hotline. Can our Government do NOTHING about this?

I was called today by someone with an Indian accent from the IRS named Alex Williams at 202-241-9724, claiming that I owed back taxes. I was called about an hour later by a woman with an Indian accent named Kelly Jones at 202-241-9724 reminding me that I needed to pay up or I would be sued. The TIGTA hotline was busy, so I filed an on-line complaint. I'm on the nocall list, so how do these people get through? Our government is doing nothing about this because I couldn't even get a phone call through to file a complaint! You can't reach the IRS by phone if you try while someone is scaming you by phone!

Got mine this morning! I was dumb enough to call the number "Officer Gray" left, a 202 area code. I got a vm without any identifying information, then my brain woke up. That one sure gets around!

Just got a call this morning from Officer Heather Gray IRS saying something about a lawyer, time sensitive, don't ignore, return call before they take action, etc. I called number, asked name of person there, had heavy oriental accent, said his name was John Miller and he asked for my husband, I said he wasn't there at the moment, I was wife, and what it was about, he asked my name and how to spell it and I kept asking why the call. He began and spoke so fast it was all garbled and I kept saying I CANNOT understand you and I got louder and said I CANNOT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he hung up.

Got the same Hannah Gray call on answering machine. Said to call (415)251-9150. I knew it was a scam and reported it. Please let your family and friends know.

Hannah Gray here as well .. 202.506.9505.

Got 2 calls from Officer Heather Gray today.
Phone: 415-251-8730.
Says she was with the IRS and it was Urgent.
Hope she calls tomorrow. I have something
Urgent to tell her as well.

Also got a similar call from the phone number 202-470-1419. The person stated himself as Mike Johnson and said he was calling from the IRS... Thought this was suspicious since the phone number does not match the real government IRS phone number.

Fake IRS 202-241-6137

I received a call (on my answering machine) from the "Officer Paul" from the Crime Investigation Department of the IRS, telling me to call back immediately, and not to ignore the call, or they would issue a warrant arrest. The number to call back was 202-241-0291. Please be careful of this scam!
Thank you all for posting! Made me feel so much better to confirm this call was just a scam!

I dont quite know if the person that had called you full name was "Paul Nixon" but i have been getting calls constantly about how my mother will get arrested and everything else you had said i just wanted to know is paul nixon a fake person for scamming? And is it same person

I received a call from this number . We did not file our taxes yet and did not file an extension because we will owe no taxes. He said we wuld be arrested because we did nt file an ext. I told him we were going to see acct and he did not ask any further questions. He said there was a criminal complaint filed. I did not give any info and told him to look into my hstory and he could see that I have never paid any additional taxes, ever. He was not happy and hung up. Spoke to my son this am and he told me of the scam. America has gone down the drain. Thank you for your post.

they call my house today 7/24/14 and Heather grey LEFT A MESSAGE IRS OFICER call her now . I call got nasty indian guy who told me I was being arrested and law suit filed etc did not want me ask question got fed up off my question and told me an officer is coming to arrest me

I'm a UK citizen and living in the UK. Has one of these calls. They left a message stating their name was Catherine Reed asking to call attorney David A Williams at Walsh & Peters LLP, telephone number 3237592099. Hope this info helps avoid these scammers

I received two calls today from 866 978 8320 telling me if I didn't call back, I could be arrested. unbelievable.

These scammers have been calling and my home and leaving messages off and on for the last two months. The caller(s) has an obvious Asian/Indian accent. They threaten me wider consequences if I don't get back with them and resolve my issue. Last month I tried calling back, but the number was no longer in service ( they must have gotten shutdown on that line). Yesterday I was in luck. They caught me at home. I let the guy get out that he was an officer calling on behalf of the IRS. I called him a scammer and told him he should ashame o himself trying to take people's money from them. He told something about me be arrested. I told him repeatedly to come arrest me. I insisted in fact that he come over and " hook me up" right now. I repeatedly attempted to shame him. He tried to intimidate me, but eventually saw that wasn't going to work so he hung up. Today Cynthia Melvin called from the same number 1-866-978-6883 and left another threatening message. I called back repeatedly calling them lying scammers only to be hung up on each time. After have my fun. I left their number on the real IRS hotline for scammers.

I received a similar voice message from a man with a thick Indian accent, named Daniel Koosch(?)stating they were from the Audit Department of the IRS. That they received a complaint regarding tax fraud about me and were going to turn this over to the Federal Claaims Court. And I needed to respond if I didn't want an arrest warrant being issued. Called the 888-390-7878 number and it was disconnected. Call came in from a "private number". Glad a did a bit of research and found this. Going to report them ASAP.

I would love to know the number or url: where you could actually leave some pertinent numbers and info. I just got something where I could leave my name and the fact that I had been repeatedly called from various numbers by people impersonating IRS agents.

You can file an online complaint at www.ftc.gov/complaint. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. You can also call 1-877-FTC-HELP. You can also report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online.

I received two calls today from 866 978 8320 telling me if I didn't call back, I could be arrested. unbelievable.

I got fake IRS call from this number 888 918 0509 saying I am doing fraud and make arrangements to make penlties

This guy is calling from India and he has your last 4-digit SS# because it is very common to obtain now in days. He claims his name is George but his accent is clearly Hindi. He claims that he has legal IRS documents and that you need to call back this number 866-978-6902 to get more information before he sends you to the authorities. Can someone block this number for good so he won't be calling people?

You could ask your phone provider if they charge for a service that blocks that number, but remember that techonology allows scammers to use different numbers easily, so it might not be worth paying a fee to block a number that will almost always change. The best thing to do is hang up the phone without pressing any buttons or calling back.

I had the same guy named George with an Indian accent that called me 3 times today. He finally left a message saying that he's calling from Crime Investigation Department of Internal Revenue Service. He said that they received a legal petition of my name under my social security number. He also mentioned that before this matter go into the court house....Then he took another call and his message got cut off with him answering another call. The sound quality was cutting in and out as well like he was on a cell phone or using an internet call service.

I called the actual IRS just to double check if anything is pending or something came up with my return. I was told by the actual agent that it's more likely a SCAM and she can't find anything.

The phone number that came up 3 times was 911 which was totally weird because why would someone call me from that number? Also, this morning there was a number from 1 800 829 1040. When you call that number it says "Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service". Not sure if this number is from the actual IRS people or not. BE AWARE!

1-800-829-1040 is the number of the IRS. See their official webpage.

just got a call from Brian Jones 315-210-6164 saying that he was an officer.and if I didn't call back I could be arrested.or if he didn't hear from my lawyer.I would suffer the consequences.I thought Brian Jones played with the Rolling Stones,And died back in 1969.

I know I got the same

I got the same call from a "Mac Jones" and I told him I knew right away it was a scam and to stick it up his ass!

Josh Thompson continues to call our house threatening that police are on their way due to IRS and Identity Theft 202-280-7675

I also got one of those fake calls, mine was from "David Cooper", at 917-300-3102. Now I live in CA. I checked where the 917 area code was from, it is from N Y, I then knew for sure that it was a scam. So I checked further to see exactly where it was from, it said Queens. I know for certain, that IRS will notify you by mail if there is anything wrong, not phone. The person had a very heavy accent. After I found out what I wanted to know about this person, I called the number to tell his ass off. What I got was a voice mail telling me that the person with the Jack phone, was not available, and to please leave a message. So I did, I told him not to call me again, that the IRS notify by mail not phone calls, and that he was running a ragged assed scam.

After I hung up, I filled a complaint with the FTC, and put both my landline and cell number on the do not call list.

I got a call from Queens ,NY - only the guy claimed to be an FBI agent demanding $ or I would be arrested- and he knew my address and SS #.
I called the real FBI, reported it and was told to also notify my local police department, which I did.
Sure, I was nervous listening to the scamster's threats - but I remembered, that I NEVER have to agree to pay anything over the phone ! Remember that, NEVER, and your money will be safe.

I have been getting threatening and verbally abusive calls from this same "Josh" guy with the same 202-280-7675 number for the last 3 weeks. He has a heavy indian accent. I reported to FTC, and I told him the same thing, but he does not care. They are definitely scamming a whole bunch of innocent folks.

I was called on my Cell Phone from a NY Number - 917-387-1618 saying they are from IRS and then saying actually they are from Homeland Security Department. This man had my first and last name too and it seemed he was reading off a scripted message and had an accent that did not sound American. I feel these are scammers located outside United States using call center company numbers to humiliate US customers. We need to have FBI or some Interpol agency look at these scams because if US citizens personal information is floating outside the United States - IT IS NOT GOOD!

I already filed a complaint with FTC.

888-887-2003 Man with accent claiming to be IRS REPRESENTATIVE demanded $5000.00 immediately & threatened local police would arrive in 30 minutes to arrest my mom if she didn't pay. He accurately knew my mom's full name and the actual name of our local police department. She was terrified. Please find this man. He is stealing thousands from the United States.

My experience was similar to other posts. They called me yesterday, didn't ask for money, but told me the police would be at my place of business within 45 minutes to arrest me. They said I had ignored certified mail and that I had been audited and that tax fraud charges were being filed. Unfortunately I was so rattled I believed him to be a IRS rep and provided my SSN and address. If you make the same mistake you will have to call all three credit bureaus, bank, credit cards to file fraud warning. And contact Social Security. Law enforcement will not even take a report until actual identity theft has occurred.
The supposed IRS agents wouldn't give me any information but told me that the police would have the paperwork. They didn't even tell me the amount I supposedly owed. It took me almost an hour to get though to the IRS to confirm it was a hoax.

This guy was a piece of work. Said his name was Mike Johnson - had a heavy Indian accent and he got mad because I could not understand him. Number was 202-241-4103. I requested to talk to his supervisor and then "George" came on the line....Yep, you guest it - another Indian fella. They threatened me with taxes owed and that they were going to send a Sheriff Deputy, a Homeland Security person along with an IRS agent to my house. I needed to get 3 yrs of my taxes ready plus a check for $1600 when they get to my house. No personal info was given. He said that they will call me back to set-up an appointment to meet at my house. Let's see if he calls me back ..... I know I should just hang up, but I want to have fun and get these guys aggravated. Stay tuned ....

they cxalled me up too this fellow need to be in jail..heres there other number 202 631 7908

I’ve got a voice message yesterday from 202-241-4905 (are they using a series of phone numbers?).
When I called the number, I got an answering machine supposedly for the “IRS Investigations Unit”. I did not leave a message, but a "Nick Parker" called me back within a couple of minutes, heavy accent, very hard to understand. He introduced himself as a special IRS agent with "Crime Investigations" (not “criminal investigations”?) and said I have been mailed twice notices “to my doorsteps” that I have committed tax fraud and not responded , and this was just "informational" for me, and that the local Police will come to arrest me within 45'.
And here was the red flag: "how do you want to deal with this?"
I kind of smelled something was off and turned the table around on him. I asked him for which specific unit does he work for, and under which division. He mumbled something about GSA – red flag: as far as I know, the GSA (which is the U.S. General Services Administration) is managing assets of the Federal government and is charged with acquisitions and procurements, not with enforcing tax fraud! When I started pressing for specifics he transferred me to his supervisor, "John Tiller". Still a thick accent, but a more articulate individual - and more aggressive in tactics.
When I asked what his title is, he responded he is the Deputy Chief of Crime Investigations. Red flag again: Really? A Deputy Chief makes direct calls to taxpayers?
Through his thick accent, I thought I’ve heard some minor discrepancies in the spelling of my name and of my address. The (real) IRS has all the correct info, so I've asked this individual to repeat it and, just as I suspected, it was slightly off – at this point I had more than enough flags for me.
I've asked them for which tax year I was supposedly investigated for and "John Tiller" would not comment: "it's an open investigation".
I told this guy I will actually head over to my local PD right then, and he had the audacity to tell me that I would be doing them a favor, since I would be locked up on the spot. He would fax an “IRS arrest warrant” to my local Police station that would be waiting to cuff me up.
I had a good laugh with our very cooperative local Police. It looks like these characters have also just called our Police dispatcher with a quite similar scenario. For kicks, she offered to "John Tiller" to handcuff herself !!! I just wish I could have seen his face…
When I got back home, I saw on the missed calls that they have tried calling me again, without leaving a message. Guess they thought I was bluffing when I told them I was going to the Police station to file a report…
Just for my peace of mind, I did call the IRS today at 800-829-1040 and verified that everything is in order. It took a bit of a wait to get a rep on the line, but yeah, I’m still here, and not on bail… Nice try!

heres there phone number 202 241 2116 and the guy who called me have a thick arabic accent .

516-515-7671 Same thing, his name was Adam Clark, with Indian accent. I laughed. If I did't pay 2500.00 I would go to prison for 5 years.

I have received at least 7 calls. First one sent me into panic mode. The crook hung up on me since there was a bad connection. I went and looked up the number and realized it was a scam. They continued to call and each time I was very facetious, which got me hung up on. I just called them back. Repeatedly! All weekend! They were asking me not to call anymore. I figured if I had them on the phone it was one less person able to return their calls hence one less person scammed. I reported this to the IRS identity theft line. The IRS agent informed me she gets many calls from the elderly and immigrants who have actually given their money to these people. They do not believe these persons are located on American soil and once you wire money out of the US, there isn't much that can be done.
I was reading this blog and wrote down a majority of the numbers that were posted. Majority of the numbers are from the carrier YMAX Communications. Most say D.C, but some say NY and CA. It looks like an American Company, why can't we go after them?

I did the same thing. Called them constantly and spoke to three separate person (actually one who kept changing his name.) The calls ended with him cussing at me when I told him the whole thing was a joke. Just received a call from another number and the same guy (different name) immediately began cussing at me when I told him he sounded like the other two guys. Obviously a SCAM!

Scammers, using ph# 202 241-4918 just called me 5/8/14 left a message saying do not ignore this phone call IRS Dept. Tips when I called 1. IRS does not call you! 2. I took a long time for the phone to connect...because they are spoofing from india(probably) to a washington D.C. address. 3. reverse phone # search reveals this called originated from a mobile phone. 4. They (person answering and people in the background had a distinct indian accents also). 5. the fake officer never gave a badge number (real or fake to me). 6. I know my son already received his refund! So everything was kosher!

Thank you for your comment. I got a message on my home landline for the same reply phone number. I hope that these scammers will be caught and punished by the Federal Government with huge fine and forbidden from having phone service and bank account or credit card or any payment account, so that they can only use cash and difficult to receive payment.

A lady calling from 616-264-0485 called my elderly mother insisting that she owes back taxes. I am a lawyer and was home visiting so my mother gave me the phone. When pressed for more information, the lady referred me to Michael Carter at 415-251-8500 (note: number is a common telemarketing number) claiming that he was an IRS "Senior Investigative Officer" and gave me the case number 846108. These people are awful individuals who should be ashamed of themselves.

I just got a call from 202-506-9461 from "Mark Dotson" ordering me to have my tax attorney contact him about litigation. I asked him what was the problem and said I don't owe any back taxes. He told me to call Michael Carter (at that same number) a reference cas @218255. Had a heavy Indian accent.
I called the number and asked for "Michael Carter" and - I swear it was the same guy - andswered and said "This is Jose' and said Michael Carter wasn't there and I needed to give them my tax attorney's number to send them the litigation papers. I said no, send them directly to me.
And he hung up.
How stupid do they think we are?
I know IRS would not contact one that way.
I am reporting to FTC as well.
What creeps.

They called me today from 630-560-9038 & said they are the irs. The said they I wired money over seas and owe taxes on this money, which was complete BS. I told the scammer the IRS doesn't call people like that and they send mail first. He then threaten that he would have me arrested in 25 minutes. I laughed and reported it. This is a horrible predicament to be put in. What if I didn't know they were scammers I'm sure it works on non suspecting or vulnerable people. I wish they catch people like them. They are brazen because you can call them back and they will answer the phone then curse at you. Please arrest these scums of the earth.

Another scam! Happy to have found this website which confirmed our suspicions - very similar story: Indian man with a Western name, then referred to his Indian supervisor. Number was 202-241-2163. Claimed that two letters were sent by Fed Ex to the apartment, although never received. Threatened to send IRS officers to the house within three minutes if I hung up the phone.


That's the number that called. They claimed that my mother was misreporting nearly $5,000 of tax. She has low income and has not nothing to hide (because there are refunds). "James Anderson", "Jason O'Connor". Very hostile on the phone, asked if we had a Safeway or Home Depot near us, threatened us that my mom would be arrested as soon as she hung up by the local Sheriff's Department. Big red sign were the accents, and ALSO, they DID NOT have my mother's age right. Off by 25 years!
DON'T BE SCARED of these people, IRS will never call, and will always send you multiple letters.
We called up IRS ourself (the actual IRS) and was confirmed it was a scam and that my mother was up to date with her taxes.


Got a call today from Officer Kevin Anderson (202) 864-1223 who informed me that I was being investigated for tax claim. These CLOWNS are so stupid with trying to sound American ain't nobody got time for that.

Don't reply to 585-633-1814. Reported to Obama's IRS Inspector General, like something will happen.

I got the same phone call today. Same number.

I got the same call 2 days in a row now from this number and a guy named, Daniel Walker. IRS calling about a tax matter...told him that the person he's looking for isn't home. He gave me the number on the Caller ID as the callback number. I knew it was a scam and did not answer the call today. =)

Received the same threatening phone call from a Daniel Walker from 585-633-1814. Called back and the call got disconnected immediately. I work in an accounting office so i knew it was a scam but i wanted to hear what these idiots had to say. Hopefully people are catching on and will totally ignore them. As mentioned, the IRS will not call you unless you have put a call into them first.

I got this call, too. left 2 VMs speaking in another language, sounded like Spanish but the connection was so bad that I had a hard time hearing.

I received a call from Melvin Bagic, he has an accent telling me he was with the "Crime Investigation unit of the Internal Revenue Service, he has received a legal petition against my name, however he never states my name, regarding tax evasion and tax fraud. and before they go ahead and execute this matter into the Federal Claim Court house. Before they start the investigation procedure if I need any information kindly call them back on their call back number. 202-864-1255 Don't disregard this message and do return the call if you really want to know about this matter. "
Please be aware of this jerk!!

I got the same message

I received the exact same scripted message from Melvin Bagic as well. These low life idiots make me sick.

We got the exact same call what did find out about this was fake or what do you do the verify this?

I just got a call from "Melvin". glad i looked into it further. How these people aren't easily traced and arrested for committing their own brand of fraud i'll never know

Got 2 VM's last night - identical - could have been pre-recorded! Called back, the guy on the phone sounded different, very weird, threatening to go ahead with the IRS Lawsuit, gotta call IRS now to double check, but looks like this cold be a scam by reading I'm not along, somewhat relieved because I know my returns are OK as I do them myself via Turbo Tax.

I received the exact same message on my answering machine at 8:05 this morning. I filed reports with the IRS and FTC.

Same scenario, same name, same threats. Today around 1 pm LA. Tried call back nmbr 202 864-1255. All circuits r busy.....
Call came from NY area 347 559-0378.

I too am getting calls from the 347-559-0378 number, but they are calling from New York to my parents home, where I have never lived!! They are freaking out my parents thinking that I am getting into trouble!! Dumb people! I had to explain to my Dad that this is a scam.

I just got the same caller, Melvin, left a message. His accent was so thick, when he said "Internal Revenue Service" I thought he said "H&R Block" (who I do my taxes with). Called H&R block and they assured me it was probably a scam. Googled his name and sure enough, scam indeed. Will report this.

got call from 202-239-2614,as IRS .its a scam.

called me today
the number was 317 641 1056 the guys name was ethan jones and he had a full indian accent

Got a call this morning from an idian man who said his name was officer cooperman calling from the IRS he said I committed fraud and if i dont wire money to him the cops would be at my door step on monday morning...did some research realized it was a scam called "mr cooperman" back and cursed him out he called me a stupid b**** and hanged up..he has nothing better to do than steal from hard working people
his phone number was 516-515-7671

I just received a call and was given the number 202-506-9461, contact was Michael Carter. When I called the mailbox was full. I was also given a case number.

I received a call from Alex Starr with a phone number of 202-506-9461 also. He stated he was from the IRS tax litigation dept. He also stated to not attempt to ignore this call of delete. He also stated he has attempted to reach me 3 times, this is a serious matter and legal action will take place if he is not contacted. Alex had an "India" accent, difficult to understand - mispronounced many English words. Where is the 202 area code to? File a complaint with the FTC.

Ya, they called me last week, Heather Gray was the name and the number was 202 506-9457, watch out for this scam.

This morning I received a call from a man with a heavy Indian accent identifying himself as officer Peter (last name unintelligible), although he first identified himself by a different unintelligible name, saying he was from the IRS audit department, and that if I did not provide him with my age and address that he was going to issue a court summons for my arrest.
I told him I would be reporting him to the IRS, as I have always filed my taxes honestly and correctly.
The number was 1877-395-4886.

everyone receiving a call from these low life pathetic criminals should call them back and keep them on the phone as long as you can. pretend that you believe them and then when they ask you to go to home deport (or elsewhere) just laugh and tell them to come and get you.

202-241-8934 is the number I received a call from, total scam.

I received a call today from 585-633-1814 stating to call Officer Heather Gray from IRS and not to ignore this message and so on.

Received a call from 202-241-9607.. the caller said that he's from IRS & introduced himself as agent Ron Smith but his accent is heavily Indian. He told me that there's a legal action about me because of identity Theft. The good things I Google & found out this a scam.

Got two calls in one day from (202)864-1255. They left messages .First was a little aggressive. The second call was very threatening. My kids were home and overheard the voice mail. It really scared them. I called the number from work, knowing full well they were worthless pieces of crap trying to scare people. When the guy answered the phone saying he was the IRS, I immediately said "Yeah, I don't think so. Why are you calling people telling them you are the IRS?" I can't post what his reply was on this forum, but it was very much un-IRS-like. Needless to say, it felt good to catch them off guard for once.

received scam call from 888-384-7523

They called my house too. Left a threatening voicemail advising me to call or I would be in a lot of trouble. The number was (415) 251-9738. I ignored them.

I received several phone calls from 202.864.1109, "IRS" I called him back and asked if he ever looked at the internet? He hung up, I called back, asked why he hung up, he said "Detective blah blah", I asked why didn't you answer my question? He hung up again?, I called back and he said "IRS" I said why do you keep hanging up on me, you called me first?, he hung up again, so I called back and said, boy, pretty funny how you called me first several times, and now you don't want to talk, he hung up.... SOOO, I called back, he still answered "IRS", I said annoying isn't it, getting my calls? He hung up......

They called me at my house too. I got a recording saying an irs agent named Heather Gray needed to contact me. They asked me to call 202-506-8602. I called to give them a lecture. Instead they started yelling at me and telling me I was wasting THEIR time! Ridiculous

I got two phone call this today one in morning and one in the afternoon claiming it is the irs wanting to talk to me because i owe money. The lady's name is amanda and the number they are calling from is 202-751-2542

THEN I CALLED THE NUMBER 200 TIMES FIRST DAY 250 NEXT DAY 180 THIRD DAY I HAD HELP FROM MY EMPLOYEES Just keep calling number every chance you get THEY ARE FLIPPING OUT 347 797 6132 the longer you keep them on phone will give them less time to mess with people we have successfully shut down many of these numbers by doing this back to them
the best thing is to keep them on line as long as you can scam them back THEY WERE BEGGING US TO STOP BY 3RD DAY

Just got the same scam...Mike Johnson 202-239-7104

(202) 596-8650
I'm a Tennessee lawyer with a criminal defense practice in federal courts. Got a call on July 5th 2014 at 10 am from a dude who had thick Indian or some other type of Haji accent inquiring if I had a lawyer and if I was aware there was a criminal charge against me. He then said it was over back taxes (which I owe but am on a payment agreement with IRS).
When I began to berate habib he said the sheriff would come and get me.

Just got a voicemail, saying a Roy Morgan calling from IRS Criminal investigation department, and to call back @ 202-239-7036. I know it's a fake call, but I had called back that #, and went to a voicemail of some other guy.

Please ignore any call from this number.

Fake Irs message
called my house
they even said a name that doesnt even live in this household...some Melissa person...wtf
told me to call and not to disregard the call
number was
claimed to be Brian Jones from the IRS
they had an Indian accent...no one is a Jones that has an Indian accent

They are still at it...one call from a DC exchange 202-506-8680 earlier today but no message. Same number calls later today and a message from IRS Officer Heather Grey. It was a robot call but the same intent to have me call back, which I did not, or risk criminal charges...

They are calling me right now 7/09/2014!! I'm worried about older people buying into this threat. I'm pretty sure they are using MAGIC JACK to have all these phone numbers. They hang up on me when i return the call. The phone numbers are (585)633-1814 and (202)506-8798 Something has to be done about this I haven't seen it on the news

We were called from 202-470-0343, Officer John Parker, threatening jail time for my wife and I. We fell for it.


Receive fraudulent call from "Agent Heather Gray" at 202-506-9679 in MA at approximately 11:25 am EST on July 15, 2014.

they called from this number...DC area...202-241-2296...i told them i thought it was a scam and they argued with me...i hung up and they called a total of 6 times.

I also want to add that two people with Indian accents were on the call. They said there was a federal warrant out for my arrest on income tax evasion. Since they knew where I lived I told them to come and arrest me. They did have my address and last 4 digits of my SS#. Please catch these scum balls.

Got a call from 310-742-7302. Said the name was Ben or Kevin Mcvoy. What a crock

Got a call two days ago from fake names they gave me are: MICHELLE KEITH AND DALE WHITE .The did a number on me and got me for 1900.00 really upsetting!! BEWARE EVERYONE

a guy called me from this number(202) 864-1103 introducing himself as a nick brown. Sounds like Indian. Very scary message

Got a call saying i owed irs money and a warrant has been issued for my arrest. So I knew it was a scam and just messed with this Indian Sargent john smith !! I mean come on. So I asked him why his mom wouldn't leave my bedroom ? And he got so confused and I was dying laughing so I told him to come get his mom and I got his money stuffed up his moms ass. Then hung up. He didn't call back.

202-241-4886 they call my house under FBI IRS office of John smith

I received a call from these losers and told them I was a detective investigating fraud. He hung up. No more calls.

i got 1-202-506-8798
after the automated threat i got a "take care" afterwards! LOL!!!

They just called me from 202-239-6910, heavy Indian accent stating I have a warrant for my arrest and to not ignore this call. Scam all the way.....

Got a call from 202-506-9864 and got a robotic sounding message from what it sounded was from IRS saying I needed to call before legal action was taken. Thinking it was real, called the number back and got a foreign sounding man on the phone who claimed he was an investigator with the IRS and who told me that criminal charges were being filed against me. Thank goodness the only info I gave him was my full name and I did confirm my phone number. The reason I believed it was real was he did not try and get any money out of me but read me 3 counts of tax fraud against me and then said that all of my assets would be frozen and also yelled at me when I tried to interrupt saying I did not do anything wrong. He said I would be arrested within the hour and kept saying that I would have to argue my case in court. It was very scary and extreme harrassment. Not sure what I can do, but I am pretty sure this is a scam. Have not gotten any correspondence prior to this from the IRS. Usually they send something by mail first before trying to contact you by phone. He said that they tried to deliver mail to me on two separate occasions in June but I did not respond. I am pretty sure this is a scam, but again he did not try to get money out of me, just said I would be arrested within the hour. It has been over an hour and no police yet, so we will see.

well my call today 7/24/14 was a carbon copy off your and I had like ten charges and was going to be arrested I am waiting on the cops too
I made a report to the cops and IRS and FTC and called a lawyer you told me there was a scam going around but I think they have info on us tell me what happened

I guess today was my turn ...The only thing different was they actually called me back from a police department phone number in my state saying...they were sending out the sheriff to have me served a summons, and i would be taken to court for non-payment of taxe's ....I told them don't bother .... I am at my local police station...I told them to please hang on...and placed the detective on the phone...and they hung up..still waiting for that other police department to show up.

I made my friends and neighbors and the FTC aware of these aweful scammers. I agree it was very scary and extreme harrassment.

IRS Scam -
Call and voicemail from a woman who sounded like a robot in June at 202 506 8063 and in July from a man named John Smith with a heavy accent at 202 506 9084. Both minute long voicemails claimed a time sensitive issue required I call back immediately, and both were followed by a second 3-minute silent voicemail. I did not call back but it was crazy because they used my real name. I want to fart in their oatmeal because they are really pissing me off.

FAKE IRS CALL FROM 202-241-6169

I just got a call from 202-241-6169. They were pretending to be from IRS and wanted my information. Obviously it was fake. I just hung up.

They called my cell
The number was 202-241-6439
They said they were going to arrested us for filing the taxes wrong since 2008!
They wanted us to go to the bank and take the money out (2,996$!!!!!)

Just called my house.
Said he was Adam Walker (strangely strong Indian accent) and an IRS legal enforcement action was started in my name and he wanted to help me with it. I hung up. He immediately called back and left a nasty msg on my answering machine.

Add 202-506-8650 to the growing list. I got the robo call yesterday and today an "officer" called. He barely spoke English and I let it go to the answering machine. I guess I'm supposed to go to jail now. Right!

Keep getting call from scammer. Caller ID shows 202-241-1698. Heavy Indian / Paki accent. called about 5 times today. BEWARE.

I received a call today, Saturday July 26, 2014 from (202)506-8701. The female whom I could hardly understand stated that my income tax form was incorrect and I need to speak with Mr. Mike Anderson about my back taxes. Mr. Anderson wasn't available. So, I spoke with and Officer Parker who stated his direct number was 202-506-8567. He stated that I owed back taxes for 2007, 2008, and 2009. He stated that they attempted to deliver mail to me on June 18, 2014 and I've been avoiding phone calls and answering my door. He stated that he needed at least $977 to stop the court order of case IJ-234-CVR/Tax2014 of which I owed $4,230.32 in back taxes and with penalty and fees it would be $19,000, if I didn't pay $977. He said that by paying $977, I could avoid going to court and settle out of court. Otherwise, my home, cars, and bank account would be seized. Needless to say, I didn't give him any money or information. I told him to simply redeliver the mail and I will deal with it. They also tell you to get an attorney, because the IRS is suing me. I reported this to my local sheriff and immediately Googled the situation and see that many people have lost money over this scam.

Add (202) 506-9723 to the list of numbers.

Recd call today.

Fake IRS collections calling from #202-506-8798.

I got a call 7/30/2014 from this so called officer from the IRS , stating that I owed him 2,400 because I was over paid and I needed to pay them or they will come for me and have me arrested. BEWARE OF 202 599 9525

(800) 518-0963 calls claiming to be IRS. Indian accent and gives American name. Total Scam!

Got a call just like that today from a Washington D.C.exchange (202)280-7395.

Just got a call today from this same phone number claimed he's from IRS.

I also got call from 202-280-7395 and several from 202-241-0583. I hung up and reported them to IRS and FTC.

Received a call from 202-280-7395 and claimed an IRS agent. Beware of scam!

I received the same call today an Indian person claiming to be get this John Smith an IRS agent said out drivers license was already taken away and there is a warrant for our arrest. I told him to send everything to our post office box. He made a threat then hung up. 202 506 9084 I reverse directory and it is a magic jack number

Today, we got a 2nd call from 202 506 9084. A Daniel Brown from the IRS is "serious" and left a 2-3 minute semi-threatening message (the 1st time he called on Feb 6 & left a message, he didn't state his name, but was yelling and screaming about IRS and stuff). Scary scammer. Good thing we have the internet to look up info like this. BE AWARE and DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO to these crooks.

I've received two auto dialer calls today from 202 506 9840 telling me to call me this second. I just don't understand why this has been going on for so long and law enforcement can't work with magic jack to shut down. Must be scarring many people.

I also got a call from 202-241-2114. he had foreign accent with the name Austin White

i had the same thing. Indian accent with the name Brandon Brown.

What a coincidence I got two calls this morning (I've received them before as well) from an 800 service # claiming the same - 888-918-0509

This is a New territory of Scam that I have to Navigator with your help. Thank you for the information.

I have big problem with the Assessor of the Loundoun County Virginia that for 4 years they have do scam on us because deliberately they have triple our taxes property only for us , i have made too many complaints with the factual documents and the refused to give us the money back. i want to know you are going to help or what you write this to pretend that you care for us ?

I got a call from Shawn Taylor with 206-436-4821. He claim to be from IRS. He said that i failed to report the money I sent overseas in my tax form and sheriff is coming to arrest me immediately.
He had an Indian accent

This is not completely true; if taxes are owed, agents will make outcalls (the Internal Revenue Manual demands it) if correspondence with a phone number has been sent in.

I just called the actual IRS and the woman told me that the IRS DOES NOT call you. That they work through the mail.

thanks for the info. it is so basic that you would think no one would fall for it. but barnum said it best

i have been conned,wish i had not panicked well learnt a lesson,you are doing very good job please keep it up thanks.

I was called from 877-705-4245 from indian men with heavy accents using American names, claiming to be IRS agents in Washington DC, they threatened me with arrest, deportation, house seizure and more claiming that I had unpaid taxes. very rude people, tried to get me to pay thousands over the phone saying that if I could not pay the amount right away I would be arrested and go to court. Their "scripts" are very unpleasant and believable by the way. I went online and searched the phone number and saw that these people are a scam based in india and have done this to many other people as well. Beware, tell them that you know they are scammers and hang up.

Please remember that the IRS agents DO call cell phones using autodialers--the POTUS OK'd it. These crooks are doing what they've always done, but thanks to the White House, consumers cannot tell the real scammers from the phony scammers.

You could not make it up!

I don't think the real IRS asks you to get a pre-paid debit card and/or meet them at a Home Depot as people are reporting.

This happened to me today Mr. Shane Watson said he was an IRS investigator and I had a warrant for my arrest due to violation on my 2014 taxes. That I owe The IRS and if I did not take care of this outstandind debt I will be arrested today. He had my address and said the sheriff was on the way to my home since I would not pay. Mr Watson telephone number is (646) 396-1404 he needs to be investigated were ever he is. Thank you.

this just happened to me today. same person and number. i'm making sure all my friends know.

hi queenbee57, this same shane watson or indian decent called me once last week leaving a message and then called this am. I normally dont answer 1-800 that dont have C ID attached but I made mistake and did today. In fact I called it back. same story as everyone else. He rattled off quickly the 3 charges I was in violation of and I asked him to wait as I wanted to write them down, He said I didnt need to. I said I did if I was going to be criminally prosecuted I wanted to know for what. So he slowly read out each charge from the IRS> then I said the IRS always mails notices. He even said an officer was at my door last week. That was a sure cle to me that this was all a scam besides the fact that I did not owe the IRS any money. Of course, if I wanted to settled today, my STATE ATTNY gen, Woule be so kind as to not have a warrant issued for my arrest. Strange I thought he IRS was federal. I said there were too many scams going around and how was I to know that he was who he was as the number I called did not say any place, He gave me his PRIVATE 1 800 number. He would get his supervisor., I asked how that wold prove anything, as his supoervisor would certainly say he was who he says he was, I am not that stupid. Well, did I want to pay or did I want to be arrested, etc. I told him I would contact the IRS> Of course if I hung up the deal was off the table for the lesser amount and It would cost me some $45,000 in court cost and etc to plead my case with the IRS. I know these folks dont have anything to do with their time, but I wish that we could all so something to negate their efforts.

This scam is new to me. I have to examine it and deal with it . Thank you for the information.


Ok I have tried EVERYTHING TO TRY AND REPORT the IRS phone scam and can't for the life of me do it. The TIGTA phone # provided the mailbox is full. So this makes me feel violated all over again. I feel this is a serious matter and not one of the federal agency seems to take it seriously.

how do iget all the junk emails from my mail box ? since i got thes puter my mail box has beenfull and i mean full of unwanted emails for jobs. Im 78 going on 79 in a few months and Lord knows i couldn't work if i wanted to. could you help me get rid of all those unwanted emails ? thank you for your time

I been getting phone calls from this Washington DC number. 202-864-1140

That I owe The IRS and if I did not take care of this outstandind debt I will be arrested today. He had my address and said the sheriff was on the way to my home since I would not pay

I received a phone call from the number (202) 470-4026 from someone about IRS tax claimed. Today I called that number, and on phone someone blamed me as a tax fraud committer and demanding me $1800 right away. When I denied him, he told me he will mail me the documents including the justification of claim

I have also received multiple calls from 202-470-4026 and have reported the number. Please don't answer, call back, or send any information.

I received a voice mail at 3:24 p.m. from 202-600-4535 from "Raymond Hoffmann, Tax Audit Dept., IRS, saying, "a legal petition notice of tax fraud against your name has been issued;" and unless I phoned 888-508-0325, "the Sheriff County Dept. of (my state) will approach you and issue a warrant for your arrest." The man appeared to have an East Indian accent and knew my legal first and last name as well as my city and state. I know it's a scam but I'm bothered he knows as much information as he does.

Received a call from the same scam artist. The numbers that showed up on my caller ID was 888-508-0325. If you call the number, he will pick up and say "IRS." I recommend that everyone call him and give him a piece of his/her mind.

I also received a call mail this morning 5/13/2014 from 888-508-0038 from Tax Audit Dept., IRS, saying, "a legal petition notice of tax fraud against your name has been issued;"." The man has Indian accent, I could barely understand him. He asked if I have an attorney, I said no and he said something else then hung up.

receiving repeated phone calls from 202-241-0333, threatening action, saying call from IRS. No tax owed. Am aware this is a scam.

Got the cal from IRS Telephone Scam
number 202-280-7316 , be aware of these scams

I did received phone call twice on 04/04/14 9:13 am and also on 04/08/14. lady she acknowledged her self as she is IRS employee. Stating she calling from IRS Tax audit department.
Very first call I have received on October,2013 and that was stopped after 2 weeks when I have mention that your call is screening and FBI tracing your call.
After month break they change number and calling back again. Not so long as a mentioned your call is traced and will catch you after couple of hours.

after month break they calling back in January. I call IRS and reported about scam. No wonder my information leak again after that call and person call from cellular phone (917#). I asked him why you are using private phone and not calling IRS phone. He have lot of excuse.

My point to this scam I believe it is not possible without employee of agency. May be one or more unloyal employees involved in this scam. How come information leak? does IRS or other government agency really watch activity of their employee? doubtful.

Please be careful when you calling IRS and provide your information over the phone. You may be get one of not loyal employee of agency.

THe IRS is warning about this scam. The callers who commit this fraud often:

  • Use common names and fake IRS badge numbers.
  • Know the last four digits of the victim’s Social Security number.
  • Make caller ID appear as if the IRS is calling.
  • Send bogus IRS emails to support their scam.
  • Call a second time claiming to be the police or DMV, and caller ID again supports their claim.

The truth is the IRS usually first contacts people by mail – not by phone – about unpaid taxes.

That fony IRS called me, They had me scared.They dident get anything out of me but anger. I called the sherift department an they told me it was a scam. I have there phone number for everyone to know He tryed telling me his name is John Wilson my caller ID Ph.no. 202-751-2562,,I reversed the Phone number and came up with Glendale Heights near Bell. I think the UK ? Beware all/dont fall for it.

IRS Telephone Scam

Mr. Dave Jackson (with a thick Indian accent) called from the Internal Revenue Department. I then said oh the IRS. Yes, yes the Internal Revenue Service, he replied. He was calling for my husband who wasn't home at the time. I took his name and and phone number (415-251-4089) and ID# 61286680. I thought it was a scam immediately.

My husband called about an hour later. He was told that he owed $4987.00,
and that it had to be paid in 30 minutes or they were going to send the police to collect the money. My husband told the fake IRS guy that he wanted to pay the money and asked how to go about doing so. They gave him another phone # (415-251-5897) and a new name to talk to (Michelle Brown to collect payment.

He did not call that number. About 20 minutes later fake IRS called back. I answered and told them that we had called the IRS, and had given them their phone number. I told them that they would be getting a call from the IRS, and to have a nice day. Then I hung up. We have not received any more calls.

Got a call today from the same people. West Indian accent. He called from the same number 415 251 4089. Told me to call 415 251 4089 and ask for Kenneth Webster his manager. When I called Kenneth Webster sounded like the same guy who called. They knew my name and called me on my cell phone. After Kenneth Webster said hello we were disconnected. I called back and kept getting disconnected. One time I got through and an operator identifying IRS investigation s department. I asked for Kenneth Webster and she routed me. She also had a west Indian accent. Then I was disconnected. Beware this is a hoax.

IRS Telephone Scam
Phone number they called from is 1 877-413-7153 claming they are IRS and I just told them file the law suit and what will be will be man said good luck and it is a 10 year sentence I laughed a bit and then hung up

I got the exact same call as everyone else who has replied. I hope they catch these guys. the number i have that called is 415-251-8500
and its a man with a thick indian accent - named Alex. Please beware!

The number that called and threatened me that I would be going to jail on Monday 4/14/14 is nearly the same as yours 415-251-8080. Talked to three different people. The woman's accent was the strongest. Names were James Anderson and Mike Carter. Couldn't understand the woman's name. The number showed up on the internet as being from a land line in Ignacio, California. All this nearly made me have a stroke. My wife kept saying that something was not right because we filed jointly and they didn't want to talk to her.

IRS Telephone Scam. 2 messages from 585-633-1814. Person had heavy foreign accent. Internet forums discuss scam calls from that phone#.

I have received 3 calls in the last two days and a recording says it is Officer Jason Miller (very heavy accent)from the IRS and I need to call them back immediately at 585-568-6671 or have my attorney call. If I don't call, they wish me luck!

I just got the same call but the name was David Coup but the same message and number.

Have also received calls from 361-370-2000 and 517-827-4852.

Just got a call from Indian sounding man name of Eric Stark; told me I would be arrested within one hour for hiding income and would be incarcerated for at least 72 hours before I would go in front of a Judge. The man got my blood pressure up, totally offensive!

I was contacted on 4/10/2014 by DAVID COOPER, phone number 202-864-1139 claiming to be from the IRS. He informed me that a law suit had been filed against me by the IRS for incorrect tax returns filed starting with 2008 and that I owed the IRS $3000.00 and needed to contact my attorney, which I did. On my attorneys advice I filed complaints. Being unable to get through on the phone I am leaving this comment.

I have been getting these fake IRS harassing calls and threatening voice mails for the past several months from different numbers (which are also fake displays). I tried giving them the "beep" treatment a few times, which is to pick up the phone and press a telephone key for several minutes for a piercing sound, but that did not stop the phone calls. Finally, I picked up the phone today and gave this man a barrage of epithets in Hindi (just to check if he is Indian). He actually started speaking in Hindi confirming that he is of Indian descent. He then had the gall to call back and leave a message (in Hindi) saying "please, don't use foul language, I am not a terrorist!!"

Wish the govt would do something about these crooks assuming they are calling from the US and not outside of US.

I got this call this morning from someone with a very thick accent claiming to be a "Sam Fletcher" from the "Internal Revenue Service Department" I let it go to voice mail because I didn't recognize the number. He called me John, and my name is not John! Here is the transcript of the message that "Sam Fletcher" left me:

"This message is intended to you, John Hacks (?). Nummits (?) John, this call is from the Internal Revenue Service Department. The very second you receive this message, I need you, or your retained attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is Sam Fletcher, and (not understandable) is 979-705-5132. I repeat it's 979-705-5132, and if you don't return the call, and I don't hear from your attorney, either, then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck, as the situation unfolds onto you. Goodbye.

Needless to say, I won't be calling this "agent" back.

Received same call May 27, 2014. Only difference is the name of the caller "officer Brian John" and the phone number (202)864-1251.

I received the exact same phone call yesterday, and when I called them back, someone with a German accent told me NOT TO INTERRUPT him while he started reading off a script telling me I had a lawsuit filed against me for fraud! Well needless to say, I interrupted him and said, "I know you are a scam, this isn't the first time this has happened to me, and this call is being traced by my local police department. Now repeat what you just told me, please." What a surprise, he hung up!!!! These people are laughable.

They just called our house. Once I demanded their location, they hung up...Their number was out of Rochester NY, (585)-633-1814. Dirt bags..

I also have received the IRS SCAM call.

Caller was Indian/Pakastani and said his name was "Spencer Reid"... (Oh my, Is this "Spencer Reid" with the FBI Criminal Minds unit? :)) ... Anyway, he left VM on my CELL Phone from 202-506-9418 stating that I should not ignore his call under threat of LEGAL CONSEQUENCES!!! And, I should call him back immediately as this is a very time sensitive issue.

When has it ever been time sensitive when it comes to the Federal Government...

Anyway, I checked and discovered the scam and reported it on the FTC.GOV website.

I got a scam phone call from 979-705-5130 claiming IRS officer. I didn't give any info or pay money. Hope IRS catches these scammers.

Phone number they called from is 1 315-210-6164 identified himself as Officer Brian claiming they are IRS and wished me god luck if I dont call back

i got a call from a scam the number was646 396 1404 fed up

I was a victim of it also they used phone number 202-506-9060 used the name Jacob and that a court officer Kevin Brown was on there way to arrest me for past due taxes. unfortunalty they did get my personal info but no banking info. once I found out this was a scam I called them back and gave them a piece of my mind. IRS will never ask for your info when they already have it and they will not issue a warrant for your arrest.

Tabasam please beaware of calls from phone #202-241-2106 They are scams and threatning the families.

I received a phone call from the "IRS" too. They have been calling me again and again and again... I don't under but they leave a recorded message on my voice mail.

The numbers are: 202-864-1139

Until April 8th: 202-459-0947

This is the second round of calls we have had from the same East Indian man. First with one name, then on my husband's work number trying to disguise his accent with another name and now back on the home line with the Jason Miller name. Each time has been a different phone number. I have no intention of answering the phone or calling back although I may have to confront these idiots to get them to stop calling once and for all. So Annoying, why can't they catch these guys?!

Received 3 calls on our voice mail claiming to be from Tax Audit Dept of IRS stating that they have information that I am guilty of Tax fraud/Evasion and must return the call to 1-800-518-0963. The first 2 calls were difficult to understand the man's accent was so heavy(Indian) The third call was different man (also Indian) same message. Stated Do Not Ignore this Message and have a blessed day!

Got a phone call from 202-241-1435 claiming he was IRS officer and I owed money and IRS sent warrant last year and then sent police to arrest me but I was not home. He said I owed money to IRS from 2008 to 2012 and I need to pay immediately. He said not to hang up the phone and go to CVS or any money transfer place and send money immediately or police will be arresting me soon.

Received call from Agent David Brown from (585) 633-1792 with similar threats as others are reporting.

Received a call from Agent David Brown at (585) 633-1792

Two men with Indian accent and faking American accent called from telephone number 877 827 3687
also got call from 206 708 2849 after and they hung up so not sure if they are also calling from 206. They are saying that they are IRS and are asking for $2,500

Received a call from 202- 241-2103 claiming calling from Treasury crime investigation unit. He had a heavy accent and said he is "agent" Michael Jones with a fake Fed Badge number. To avoid getting arrested needed 3 things one of which was purchasing a "Vanilla" prepaid card for a sum of $1,200. Reported the call to FTC complaint unit. Hope they catch these swindlers.

This one came from Brian Adam officer for DC,TIGTA Ph #: 202-280-7234 on 4/11/2014 as a voice mail. When I called back on 4/14/2014 a girl with Indian accent responded with no clear understanding and when I said if it was a scam she hang up on me!!!!! then when tried to call back I was only getting a VM. This is a civil rights and privacy violation.

I received a fake IRS called today it was very stressful. The more the guy Michael Johnson talked I knew it was a scam. The man had a heavy Indian speaking voice.

I told them that the person has moved and gave them the new telephone number, which just happens to be the local FBI Office!

I'm not convinced that all of these scam calls are coming from the same group, but I really liked Bob's solution, which was to give these clowns the number for the local FBI. In any event, if they call me again I will contact an ex-client who was alleged to have vast knowledge of all things electronic. If, indeed, he is as well informed as was alleged, I will ask him to put his knowledge to good use and try to locate these guys. I am really pissed-off about this and would truly enjoy hanging these clowns out to dry. In the meantime tell them to call you back and then give them the number for some branch of law enforcement.

A guy with an Indian accent named "Franklin Benjamin" (no joke) called me this morning from a 347 area code (showed as NY). He urged me to call back ASAP or my local sheriff's dept. was going to arrest me today. Said that I'd better not ignore the call. I tried to fraud report number in Washington, but only got a full mail box and couldn't leave voice mail. I cannot stand scammers and I plan on doing whatever I can to report this!

I received several calls & messages from David Cooper 202-864-1139 claiming to be the IRS and there is a lawsuit again me. I filed my taxes & received my refund already. Total SCAM.

Got calls from 202-506-9089 and told to call 202-506-9084. "IRS agents" with heavy accents and American names like Lucy Thomas and Gary Peterson. Didn't fall for scam and fake IRS agent told me "never to call this phone number again" after I questioned him and told him the IRS sends letters in the mail when they have a problem. Calling early AM and late PM and waking us up and I have a terminally ill husband - so I think they are calling about him and it is just these scammers.

Got a call from 4152518080 caller id says California. Asked for my non speaking elderly parent. Saying he's from IRS audit department and I knew right away it was a SCAM! I hung up. Called back with blocked number from my cell and told him he's a scam artist and I'm calling the police and IRS. And of course I cursed away because it's people like that take advantage of innocent lives.

Got a phone call yesterday from 1-888-887-0786 from a person named Lee Isaac, claiming to be from the IRS. She had a very heavy Indian accent and I could barely understand her. She said that we miscalculated our taxes from 2008-2012 and now owed $3892.00 which must be paid right away. If we did not pay she would be sending out the sheriff's office with a warrant for my arrest and that I would be served a summons for court and that if it goes to court I would get 6 months in jail and would have to pay $72,000. She gave me a fake claim number and said it would be best if I just paid the $3892.00 today. I told her this is the first I have heard that I owe any taxes and how come I have not received a notice in the mail. She said they sent lots of notices but all had been returned to them? I've lived at the same address for 15 years! She had my name and address, which is pretty freaky. It's a total scam so I called them back and said I spoke to the IRS and that the IRS wanted her ID# and Call site # and that I had spoken to the police, she hung up on me. DO not fall for this scam, it does get your heart pumping but it's not true!

Almost identical to the call I got yesterday...my birthday of all days. I was so upset by the call. Thank God I didn't send them any money but damn they were horribly convincing. It was a 535 number, Kevin Brown. Hope they are caught but they're probably overseas.

Fraud IRS woker (male) called and want tax debt pay over phone. He claim "that was a years of income tax miscalculated. If you don't pay today over phone then police will come get you tomorrow". Anyway, I wish police will knock his door tomorrow for all the SCAM phone call he made today.
Caller: 415-251-8080
Call Type: Debt Collector

I got a call from 888-909-8081, stating that I owed the IRS $1020.64. I was told to go to CVS or Radio Shack and purchase GREEN DOT PAK vouchers, he was going to stay on the line until I purchased the vouchers and then I should read the numbers code on the back of the voucher to him. He stressed that I couldn't tell anyone or I would be arrested and then would have to pay $2500.00. I started to the bank but felt like it just didn't sound right , I had been out of town for more than year and wasn't aware of this scam going on, but after it didn't feel right I thought I better call my children. I hung up and talked with them that's when I heard about he scam. God bless my children.

Tthe IRS won’t ask for payment using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer. The agency won’t ask for a credit card number over the phone either.

I received a call and the person demanded I need to pay $8000+ to avoid the case and to stop from arrest.Asked whether I have money and how much I have. Also demanded I need to go rightaway to bank withdraw cash and go to CVS pharmacy or WalMart to get a voucher and I asked him on whose name should it be and was told he will tell once i reach there. I finally told him that I don't need to listen to him as I deal with IRS directly and he hung up. These people are so demanding and create fear and kind of urgency making the issue an emergency

I received a call today from a "James Anderson" with a VERY heavy Indian accent. Claims was from IRS and they had audited my tax returns for past 7 years and had found significant errors in reporting. Since I am actually fighting an error for someone that fraudulently used my EIN #...I thought this was for real. Then, he threatened me that they were filing for an arrest within the next 30-45 minutes. He got irritated when I kept interrupting him (bad habit), telling him that I was already working with my accountant on this. He told me that I needed a criminal attorney, not an accountant. When I told him I would have my accountant call him to try to clear this matter, he hung up. The phone # he called me from is 415-251-7090.

You can file an online complaint at www.ftc.gov/complaint. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. The FTC's complaint database is available to law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating these phone numbers, your complaint might be helpful.

Got a call from a man with an Indian accent,who claimed that due to an audit we owe $2,500 which needs to be paid immediately otherwise I will face criminal charges. And people will show up at my house to take a government notified voucher.They used fake names Kevin Marshall and his "manager" Jack Williams. Their phone is #202 241 2073. Unbelievable!!!!

I have received 2 calls to date claiming that I have evaded taxes and a committed tax fraud. They go on to say that this will be taken to Federal Claims court, and that the County sheriff has been notified for my potential arrest. Both calls were from heavily accented males (Indian accents), with clearly American names. Clearly fraudulent. The number that I was to call was 1-888-887-2003. Is there anything we can do to get back at them legally (aside for filing complaints)?

Receive a recorded call from 585-444-7053 today stating they were from the IRS and I need to press one or call them back. If not, I will "suffer the consequences".

The guy said the same thing to me, I will "suffer the consequences".


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