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If you’re a homeowner, you know there’s more to getting set for cold weather than digging out your coat, scarf, and favorite fuzzy boots; it’s time to make sure your home is winter-ready too. More than half the energy a typical home uses goes toward heating and cooling. The Federal Trade Commission has some energy saving tips to help you get the most from the energy you use and avoid a home-heating scam.

Remember that small energy savings add up. Think about lowering your thermostat, replacing air filters in the heating system, and closing fireplace dampers when you aren’t using the fireplace. A home energy assessment will show if your home is losing energy through air leaks, an under-insulated attic, or ducts. Your utility company may offer free or low-cost energy assessments, or it may recommend a local company or organization to do them. The Department of Energy has more resources at

Whether you take the DIY route or hire a professional, don’t look to radiant energy barriers to reduce your heating bills. That’s not what barriers are designed to do, despite sales talk you might hear. Radiant barriers can lower air-conditioning costs for some homes in locations like Miami or Austin, but they reduce heating costs by an amount ranging from zero to insignificant. Learn more about radiant barriers from the Department of Energy. For more ideas about energy efficiency and saving money, go to

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very informative and useful...thank you


I became suspicious when a phone caller asked to update my file so that I could continue in an electric bill discount program. Told caller I was too busy, to call back later. I called my utility company. Turned out my utility company had no record of anyone contacting me. Who knows? Given a bad day I might have told that caller plenty of personal info.

I thought that winter was over, but I woke up to the cold rain. Hopefully my wife will turn off the air conditioning to save energy. The weather has been so bizarre here lately.

I had an energy rep come to my home- my mom answered the door. I was waiting for rep to leave when my mom comes to tell me the rep is pregnant and needs to use the bathroom. I thought it might be a scam to walk through my house, but the "pregnancy" comment made me open the garage instead and have her use the bathroom there instead of walking through the whole house. Rep left after and I told my mom to not even answer the door. My co-worker also commented that one of the "energy savers" is equipment they attach to your air conditioner to regulate it but what it actually did was burn the condenser and end up costing more money.

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