Help for Homeowners Hurt by Sham Mortgage Relief Company

A homeowner who’s worried about foreclosure or desperate to refinance might listen to a caller who promises to help. Unfortunately, not all cold-calling telemarketers do what they promise. Enter the Federal Trade Commission’s nearly $3.6 million settlement with Prime Legal Plans. Claiming to represent a non-profit, Prime Legal Plan’s telemarketers called homeowners nationwide, and promised expert legal help — for a fee — to stop foreclosure. Homeowners who paid the company $595 to $750 a month to save their homes ended up with more debt, and little or no help. The FTC will work with the court to return money to the homeowners.

If you're having trouble paying your mortgage or have a foreclosure notice, contact your lender immediately. You may be able to negotiate a new repayment schedule. Legitimate resources are available to help, including housing counselors who are knowledgeable about foreclosure prevention options.

The FTC enforces the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule, which makes it illegal for a company that sells mortgage assistance relief to collect any fees until it gets the result you want.

Please let us know if you paid a fee in advance to a company that claimed it would help modify your mortgage or save your home from foreclosure but didn’t come through.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams

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saved by the bell! I went to the bank to wire money and the teller asked questions.He suggested that I inquire further before sending the money by wire. The Better Business Bureau rated the Credance Law Group with a F.

who is Seterus,inc and why are the allowed to be a servicer to a mortgage loan that is held by Fannie Mae and was sold by citimortgage to handle and they are not a BBB rated company and they will have all you info that is private like ssn# they need to be checked out thanks

Seterus is an actual servicer, They most likely are not scamming you. They are probably servicing your loan that is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac- they don't typically "hold" loans and you need to find out because failure to pay them if you are supposed to can cause you to go into foreclosure

seterus is just a servicer who your mortgage company hired to service your loan and collect your payments bbb ratings dont count here

I have received unwanted scam mortgage calls from the following number: 213 221 3703. I have asked multiple times to be removed from the call list and I continue to receive calls from rude, inconsiderate callers. I asked to speak to a manager and a phone number or email to report to, however, the callers continually say they do not have any information to share. I have reported them 2 times to the Do Not Call list. I have never heard such a rude, fraudulent company continuing to call my home line with consistency typically in the late evening hours

I received a call from someone named Robert Maris at the Estes Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA telling me that I could get my mortgage loan modified to a fixed 2% for the remaining life of the loan. When I read the documentation that he emailed me I learned that I would have to pay them money upfront to take my case. That sounded fishy to me. I have forwarded their information to the FTC complaint website. Beware!

I also received a phone call from someone representing Estes Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA with the same offer. I haven't done anything with this info yet, I'm still checking on if this is a valid company or not.

Have you ever found out if Estes Law was legit or a scam?

i recently was part of a scam by Cory Hall. He guanteed me loan modification, accepted my money, and now I cannot get in touch with him. I wish I could find him so that we could talk!! (right)

Does anyone know if this is a legitamite program?!?!?

The Federal Mortgage Marketplace program is an important part of the Obama Administration's comprehensive plan to stabilize the U.S. housing market by helping homeowners get mortgage relief and avoid foreclosure. To meet the various needs of homeowners across the country, Making Home Affordable programs offer a range of solutions that may be able to help you take action before it's too late.

How do you know that the Federal Mortgage Marketplace is legit? They contacted me and said that I was approved for a loan modification, but I was to send them my payment not the mortgage company when everyone says don't do that. I wanted to check them out before I sent them anything.

I am a Military veteran, and like hundreds of thousands of other veterans,I financed my home through Mortgage Investor's Corp. While doing some research on the Internet, I found out they had been sued by the Federal Gov't for violating the Truth in Lending Act. I haven't been contacted by anyone about this, but now that I know I will try and find out how to handle it. My concern is for the veterans who are unaware of this altogether, and will lose their opportunity to recover any damages they may be entitled to. This has been ongoing in excess of 2 years. I'm sure there is a database which shows all of the Homeowners who have done business with this Company. Shouldn't someone have already contacted the Homeowners who need to know about this?

I'm not really sure who is helping Homeowners who were affected directly by the mortgage meltdown and all of the scams perpetrated by financial institutions. The facts are as follow millions of homeowners were victimized by these lenders (prime and subprime) institutions who were found guilty of many violations to Federal Laws and Consumer protection Laws in connection to the mortgage meltdown and the destruction of our economy. Some of these Banks decided to settled out of court and paid billions of dollars for their crimes, but in reality most of these individuals who perpetrated the biggest scam in the history of the U.S.A. are walking around freely without any worries. In addition remember when our congress decided to bailed them out supposedly to save our economic system from collapsing. Well, the reality is that our congress decided to give our tax dollars(billions of dollars) to the same individuals who got us in the worse economic disaster in the history of the U.S.A. These people are not your friends and I think you know who they are. Remember, how they took our tax dollars to fix their books and gave each other bonuses for a job well done!!!!. I'm still waiting for some sensible resolution for homeowners to keep their homes AND AWAY from FRAUDCLOSURE SCAMS without any red tape or regulations that make no sense. Including the lack of respect to Homeowners across these nation who are being railroaded by our judicial systems and who continue to think that being Pro-Bank or to come up with a bias decision only to helped speed up the process of FRAUDCLOSURE, WITHOUT ANY REGARDS TO HOMEOWNERS IS REPULSIVE AND UNCONTITUTIONAL. Remember, we are now responsible for the biggest tax increase in the history of America, Thanks to our government and all these politicians who work for the best interest of the powerful and greedy. Fight Back!!! be continue!!!!

Does an Mortgage company have the right to call your bank and change your bank password and e-mail address? what department do I need to report this to?

You can contact your bank to let them know someone changed your password without your authorization. Ask them about their security measures to protect their clients’ information and if you’re not satisfied you might want to look for a new bank.  If you think this company has committed fraud you can report it to your state Attorney General and to the FTC.

Has any one heard of american mortgage advisors in Atlanta, GA? Is there a data base where consumers can check for fraudulent companies before getting involved in their scams?

Has there been reported scams from the National Foreclosure Rescue Center, INC in Enterprise FL? They are saying they have investigated my mortgage and get me about 50% reduction in monthly payments @ 25 rate for 40 yr. term. Can someone who has used them advise?

Pay close attention to the advertised terms. You can consult our consumer education pieces on Deceptive Mortgage Advertising and Mortgage Relief Scams to help evaluate the proposed offer. 

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