The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


I just had this happen but asked my bank about the check before doing anything with it. I have also saved all the emails and info. Where can I report this scam and let the business named on the check know I have it.

thank you

You can file a complaint about this scam at

You also may be able to alert the business named on the check by visiting the company's website and looking for a "contact us" link. 

Wow I got one of their checks with two peoples names on it and I called the phone number on the envelope and of course no one called back. There are things on here we can use to trace these checks. If you have one then email me and I will send mine to you via attachment and you can see how much information is same or different. If you want to do this fine if not I am gonna send my info in in hopes they can get some info about person.

I'll be happy to email you a copy of my check, it's from Save A Lot in Wichita, KS drawn on Citibank account that of course Citibank cannot verify over the phone for privacy reasons and there's no Citibank in my city. My bank said that even if I don't spend a dime of the money, I will still be penalized and my accounts with them will be closed automatically.

I just received a check threw certified mail. They want me to deposit it into my bank and then Sent money threw money gram to to different people . I have a feeling it fraud or its a scam. What should I do.

Did you not just read the info above? Throw it out. It is fraud. Or take it to the police and let it go through the channels. These cyber criminals are most likely outside the US and most likely untouchable by the US. Some of them may even be terrorist raising funds for their cause.

This happened to me as well, got the check deposited it, my bank released $200 against it, which I needed because of being unemployed , NSF on the check, but i will take the hit as it was my stupidity to think it was real, I'm negative in my account but spoke with my bank and we will work it out. Never again will it happen!!

i have one ive been holding since jan first when it arrived

I got into this but it was from Dub magazine. Well that's the name they used. It seemed sketchy. I asked for a phone number to speak to someone the number I was given when googled was a scam. Called the actual dub head quarters an they said it was a scam also.

Did this happen to you Nicole? How did you handle it... were you out the money?

.. Just so you know, you can complain all you want but they don't do for it.. The govt is part of the scam.

Hello I am in the works with a scammer right now told me to wrap my car with monster advertising he has not sent money I know this is a scam he will send me a check in a few days how should I play this out? is there a way I can play him to get more information that will help him get caught? also he asked me to repost the ad I don't understand why this is so important to him do you know why?

I got one from monster and emailed them. They said was a scam to not respond. Use to their were programs you could install where you could get their exact up address then you know their location and everything but problem would be is you would have to be on computer where you are only talking to them cause if get wrong ip it could get wrong person

The very same thing happened to me, I even emailed the company that was on the check and never received a reply, I have reported this to, they are working with me for a possible resolution.

The FBI is always interested in these kinds of scams. Take the check, and any correspondence, written or e-mail, to the nearest FBI office or to your local police department if no FBI office nearby. Ask your local police to forward it to the FBI Internet Fraud division. Most police are willing to do that.

This happened to me to. went to Appleton Wisconsin Police Department thinking they would put a warning on their website to help others be aware and I was turned away, told I was not actually scammed because I did not lose any money. never got to even talk to a police officer, the reception area just blew me off!

I just had a scam like this done to myself and my husband, they even asked for a address and picture of my husband andd myself stupid me sent it, he is the kicker we are a military family that has now been targeted! We went to our Police department and New York police department and they BOTH said they couldnt do anything so peoplle like these scammers are STILL going to get away with this. Here my husband is defending our Country and I cant even get police investigation etc....lost all hope in our system, so good luck to you all

What have you done to protect yourself and has anything happened as a result of you giving your personal info any? I recently made the same foolish mistake given my name, address, phone number, and age. I am not terrified. I have submit all correspondence to off the website and signed up for identity protection. I am contemplating having my credit locked for awhile as well.

We just had a person sting he worked with" Robust Energy Drink" Sent a check got it yesterday. It even looked I called the bank to verify funds and it was no good. I also emailed this guy to see if I can have my sign guy do the work and of course no reply. What caught my eye was why send a check to a person who suppose to do your car wrap out of state.
So watch out. Get that check they send verified first before ypu deposit it.

My local FBI wasn't interested said it wasn't worth there time if it was for millions then maybe it would be worth a look. There advice throw it away and forget it

Its bacccckkk! I just had that happen to me and now Im freaking out because my name is out there with my address and isnt that all they need to really wreck havoc on your life? So watch out!

Don't freak out, just do what u can and fight back, too many folks r being blown off n it's really understandable but with the technology out there to make a bad check ,then more should b done to stop it. I will b a pain in some 1s side till something is done. Haha

I just had it happen only its Pepsi now!

I received a check today from the same people for $1950

2 places have recently tried to do this to me.
They are using Jet Blue Airline and NOS Energy
Drinks. Possibly targeting the unemployed.

THANK YOU for putting this out and naming the bastards. I just receive a check from jetblue Airlines and I felt it was too good to be true so I started asking questions and im glade I started asking them cause their answers led me here.

willamculbertson71 <~ that's the name showing on the email that was sent to me. maybe this info will help someone out to catch whoever is running these scams. good luck

They are also using loud one winery I called the winery place to make sure it was a scam and let them know. They put something on their site to beware of the scam.

I fell for this scam with an ad off your car for advertisers using vinyl wrap etc Got a check for $2,050,00 delivered in a USPO white mailer..even computer generator shipping labels and looked official as they come...had a return address on it of a small insurance company over in Indiana. However the check was made out on a bank in WI, a small suburb of Milwaukee , WI. drawn on the Bank account of Howard Johnson, this must be the real thing, right....WRONG..Happen to know my local bank president and spoke to him about it...he examined said check and recommended sending to the fraud Div. of my bank before avoid the bad check fee in case it went bad, etc. He didn't like the idea of the routing numbers, looked odd, as well as the return address was in Ind. with the check drawn on a WI the quality of the paper looked cheap with no watermark etc. Well, the check was returned "unable to locate account"...with little or no explanation,other than off the record, this was almost a weekly occurrence,fruad in some manner or another with this car wrap scam. Being mad as hell I lost out to some clown with devious intentions I was not satisified with the lack of intel with this deal..I hit the internet and located the return address,( insurance co.) and called for 2 day till they finally answered..the person I talked too was bewildered, or a very good actor..he said their ph. was ringing off the hook for days about some check scam mailed from there address..I then made an attempt to contact the bank the check was drawn on..only to find out the bank had sold out to another bank 2 years prior, and the account in question no longer existed,nor were they sure it ever did. (sketchy huh)...bells went off on that one..scam artist must have really did their homework. Anyways I got a dead end there, so I then made an attempt to talk to the Howard Johnson Enterprise folks, good luck with that...much Internet work I finally narrowed down the H.J.Interprise folks. It seems the Howard Johnson Enterprise Co (S) was not the Hotel/rest. chain. but a series of small companys slinging everything from nuts & bolts to fertilizer...worked my way thru all that after a day of ph. calls, and finally located the correct co. using the exact street address on the check. They denied any knowledge of said check or scam, or anything illegal at all,etc. I then turned my attention to the proper law enforcement authority, local police were all but disinterested (out of state thing)..local FBI blew me off after two days of leaving messages..talked to me all of 3 mintues basically saying nothing could be done as I was not out a dime etc. Apparently they have better things to do than look into things like a common (?) bad check scam. I thought using the USPO via the mail to commit a crime would catch somebodys attention...not a priority it appears. Sooooo...use your own smarts folks...the car wrap thing is a scammers desert table. Incidently when the check arrived there was no note,cover letter,intructions, etc.All I know is I was informed by email that I would get an advanced payment...I suppose my bank fraud Div. ruffled some feathers before the scammers had a chance to mail me the instruction letter to send back part of the money as I was overpaid , etc. I find it questionable that the authorities blew the entire thing off like "so what attitude ,don't be so gullible"...stay away from the car wrap scheme....

How about don't cash the check but find out where to wire the money then give a fake western union number and call the local police dept of that area and let them know when and where to pick up their criminal. That will stop them. Caught in the act.

I had it happen to me. I got a job opportunity (or so I thought) and the company sent me what appeared to be genuine U.S. Postal money orders (they even had the water mark)as an upfront payment for my services, though they had not even told me what the job would be yet. I did not think it was a scam because they were sending me the checks first. I took the checks to my bank to deposit them. I had briefly scammed over the letter that came with the money orders but I had a lot of errands to do that day so I rushed to deposit the checks and ten minutes later my bank teller was waiting on the bank manager, then they told me they closed my bank account because the checks were fake! I was so mad because they closed my account. I decided to go to the post office to see if they thought the money orders were real or not..they said they were not and the way that they could tell was not by the appearance because they looked real but each one was made out for more than 900 dollars and the post master informed me that postal money orders are never for more than five hundred. I went to the police but they did not appear to know what to do about it either and I have since opened a new bank account with another bank. I also wrote back to the company telling them what happened (and not too nicely either) they assured me there must be some mistake and still wanted me to go somewhere and cash the checks!! I told them I gave them to the Police and a copy of their email transactions with me and I have not heard anything from the police or the crooks ever since. Thank God I could not cash them..I could have ended up in jail plus owing the bank.

One of the biggest clues that it's a scam is if they send you too much more or pay your first. Where on Earth can you find a legit job that throws money at people and trusts they'll show up for work?

I rcd one of those Car Wrap emails also but it sounded too good to be true even though you can be easily persuaded to give it a try. Anytime they mention YOU deposit a chk or moneygram, money order or whatever and YOU send the rest to someone else, that sounds odd to me. Any Reputable company does not do business this way.

Let me take a guess. Was it lakefront fixed beer? The man's name is Edson Norris. I just got a $2999.40 cashier's check yesterday. I called first national bank in Texas and I was told to call back on Monday to speak to the people who handles that department. I called today. So I will be calling on Monday. If it turns out to be a fake, I will take it to the FBI here in San Diego.

my mom got one in the mail for 2999.40 to wrap her car in BUDWISER check on union bank in VERMONT

Was almost a victim. My family has fallen on some hard times and husband was looking for extra work and got this e-mail and signed up. Next thing you know we get a check that was sent certified mail for $2650. the next day they tell us to keep $500 and wire $2650 to a company in tennessee. If i am in nevada, why am i send the money to tennesse to wrap the car. red flag 1. they also tell us it has to be done that day and send us some nasty e-mails when we teell them our bank won't release the funds until the next Friday. Checked my bank account and, sure enough, the money has been removed from my bank account and it says "returned/fraudalent check" in the notes. luckily for us, we are not actually out any money except the $25 returned check fee. I am ok with that.

hello, i just recently recieved an email for car wraping company, i replied and two weeks later i recieved a check for 2,450.00 i was very surprised because it was a just a check i received with no instructions. I left out of town that day and left the check at home, but i received various of emails from this company asking me to depsit the cehck and wire the money to a Sara Hess in WV i was alarmed and decided to check online about frauds just because the way of them going about me wirering the money to a diffrent state if the check is coming from a company in called Tooling Technlogy in OH, i thank god i checked firts and follow my gut instinct. Iam glad i read this first before taking any action, i wasnt desperate for money beacuse of the fact i was just looking to make extra to pay off some school loans, that the reasong i did not deposit the check so fast, iam going to take this check and emails to someone who can verify is this check is fake, ih ave not responded for the emails, but i just recently received a txt msg from a 909 area code that is in corona. This is all just making sense now. But thank you for posting this it made me very aware of this is all a scam, THANK YOU A MILLION!!!

Common sense . If a company sends you a check then ask you to send them cash back....its a scam

Did u have to pay all that money back?

I too had this happen.....rec'd the checks (2) within 2 days. I deposited the first one and waited to see if it would did and the next day it was put on hold. I kindly wrote back to the "Company" and told them my bank declined the check.

You cannot trust anything in your email anymore.

Just had this happen to me! The only good thing about the scam was I didn't pay them one dime. By the way My bank was absolutley no help! car wrap is a total scam read these comments and beware. Tell your family and friends!

LET'S SCAM THE SCAMMERS! I have decided to get even with the scammers. Every time I get an email with an offer to car wrap my car, I answer YES and make them send me the FAKE check via UPS. Once I get the check, I tell them it has been deposited and give them a FAKE Western Union Money Transfer Number. When they reply that the number in no good, I tell them they have been scammed. I have filed all kinds of complaints and have talked to my local FBI and Police offices, but there is nothing they can do. At least, I am getting even by wasting their time and money by having to send their check via UPS. So far I got 5 suckers to send me their FAKE checks. Have some fun!

Sounds like an excellent idea if i had the time to do so, if everyone were to do this, it would shut these folks down instantly.

I just got an offer this week I will do what u said get back at them thank,you


You rock...this post is old...any more checks come? I do an going to do this

My son was so excited about this job offer, i tried telling him it was a scam and it would clear then bounce. I googled it and came upon this and was able to show him. Saved!

Yes this is totally a SCAM. They sent me a email saying they would pay me $300 every week. They act like they are with Pepsi cola company and would come put decals on your car "Car Wrap" it. Well they mail you a check mine came from INSO Corporation 31 St. James Avenue, 11th floor Boston , Massachusetts 02116 but it was mailed in a priority mail flat rate envelope from Carolina TreeCare in Concord NC. That right there caught my eyes and I then looked up Carolina Tree Care and called them to see if they mailed stuff like that which I kinda knew they didn't I just wanted to let that company know about it. I then messed with the people through email pretending I already cashed the check and spent my $300 of it and they got so mean with me (it was funny) I kept missing as if I was going to send it. They send me western Union info to send them money I waited till the next day to small back acting as if I never received western Union info and they said we have been waiting they have been waiting for they money for me to go right then and send it . And said the information they sent yesterday to send to was no good anymore to send it to some one else and sent me different western Union info to send to. And they kept saying Walmart to Walmart western Union go now. Like I really would just jump and go right when they say. Not nice at all. The phone number the used to text me on over and over was 207-358-9716. Their email address was the mans name was Ben Jordan but I am sure that was a fake name too. I took everything to my local police dep and they said it was a scam but there was noting they could do about it.. so I went home and done some googling and found this site. Don't do it. It is a big scam and messed up people are doing this. I then sent them another email as if I was on my way to send their money . They sent me info again and said to hurry. Then I sent them a nasty email letting them know I knew it was a scam crazy people out there don't ever western Union money to someone you don't know personally. The check looks real but it is fake too. You will never find the routing number on it in all 50 states. Don't do it it's a big scam. I thought about making some fake emails to get them to send more check so they keep paying USPS. Let's scam the scammers like another said . Good idea

I got a check from Ben today. I started to just cash it at a convenience store since they want to scam.

I JUST received my check in the mail. Nothing with it. No instructions, nothing! I had actually went looking to make extra money on line. I couldn't even tell you where I saw the ad but thought Ill give it a shot. I thought it sounded so easy and to good to be true. Was my luck changing?? I answered their email that I would do it, went on vacation, came back, check my email and there was no reply. I guessed they weren't interested. I used an email account that I normally don't use, so I didn't go back into that email account for a week. Saturday morning I check the mail, and there is a "EXPRESS MAIL" from MELVIN NATHAN, FREELAND PET SEA FOOD,3949 ALHAMBIA ST, FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33304..A check inside FOR $2,430.00 and nothing else. The check itself was from a Company "TWIST INC.". Address, 47 SOUTH LIMESTONE ST., JAMESTOWN, PA 45336. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and then tried to figure out where it came from. After looking up the return address and then the name on the check...which by the way one address was a restaurant had nothing to do with a pet food company. The other address, the one on the check, was something completely different. Then I remembered the car wrap thing and remembered they said they would send the check in advance. After checking that email box I found the letter about them sending this check. I was to keep $300 and wiring the balance to an account. Of course by them we were really skeptical and goggled car wrap scams .. and WA LA found this site. I haven't don't anything yet, like take it to the police or FBI. I may take it into my bank and let them do the investigation.

If you haven't yet, make sure you file a complaint with the FTC at!

When I get an obviously fake email from people like the car wrap scammers I reply as though I am interested but for my name and mailing address I use:
Mr. J. Edgar Hoover
935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20535

Notice anything familiar about that address? It is the headquarters of the FBI in Washington!

Be careful out there...

Thank you!!. I decided to Google this company before answering text.

Thanks for the tip. I answered this email, and gave them address below as you shared for FBI. Hopefully they will investigate. They have been texting for 2 days about the check arriving. Thank you again!!!

This happened to me. I response to an ad on craigslist to make extra money. He told me that he would do a wrap advertising on my car, first I would have to send money first to get weekly installments. Sent me a $2400 fake check, which I deposited in my account and it went through. However, I read the email wrong I sent a guy in Florida $350. I was suppose to keep $350 for myself and send the rest of the money off. The next day they texted me with all these rude text message and told me to send the rest of the money. I tried to call of three of the numbers that they texted me from but no answer. So, later that day the so-called boss called me telling me to send the money. But by that time I was skeptical because I knew that this was not a real company by their behavior. And I thought everything through and realized that I been scammed out of $350. I reported the incident to my local police department, Western Union, FTC,, and many other agencies. I should have done my research. Please don't fall for this scam.

I received an email requesting personal information. They promised to pay me $500.00 a week to advertise Monster Energy drink on my car.
I immediately called Monster Energy and they told me it was a scam. I have saved the email from the scammer should you need it as proof in the future. thank you.

Yep, same thing here. Just got off phone with corporate office, it's a scam. Love Monster drink, so thought cool....but again, its a scam!

I received also offer from monster drink but thought it was to easy so I called the main offices of monster drink and was told it was fake.

This just happened to me, I too called Monster! I love the Java's! I haven't gotten the check yet but will be taking it right to the police dept as soon as it get's here!! I feel so stupid, I almost did it!! I would love to gut those scammers like a fish! God help them if they ever try to get a hold of me again. I can't wait to hear what they have to say when I tell them I have given their check to the FBI!!

Can you send me a copy of your email form the scammer?

I am shamefully a victim. MONSTER ENERGY DRINK SCAM car wrap. I blame the bank because they told me the funds were available, they know right? NOT , I was sent a check from Buckeye polymers inc, FIRST CLUE , being disabled I thought a car wrap with advertisement would be side cash, $400.00 per week for 3 months. WRONG. GOT A CK FOR $2800.00 for work to be done. I keep 400.00 for first pay and $50.00 for running around. Long story short bank told me funds were available so I withdrew $2400 to transfer 2000 and pay bal on completion. Screw me cause later in the day I'm out $2800

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you from U.S. Treasury checks, most other governmental checks, and official bank checks (cashier’s checks, certified checks, and teller’s checks), a business day after you deposit the check. For other checks, banks must make the first $200 available the day after you deposit the check, and the remaining funds must be made available on the second business day after the deposit.

However, just because funds are available on a check you’ve deposited doesn’t mean the check is good. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check (cashier, business or personal check, or money order) unless you know and trust the person you’re dealing with or, better yet — until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. The bottom line is that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check.

The article Fake Checks provides advice on how to recognize a fake check scam.

Well answered an add about the monster wrap, thought hey i drink a couple of them a day why not. got two money orders yesterday but was tipped off that they had a return address in WA state but the company on the money orders is in Los Angeles, Contact post office today and they confirmed they were fraudulent. so sent them to the postmaster

I was scammed also. Boy do I feel stupid. Police etc have been notified.

Just happened to me. Hope there's a way to stop this scam.

My girlfriend forwarded an email asking me if my step son wanted to make extra $. It was supposedly from Monster Energy Drink asking if anyone in my area wanted to make extra $ by having a car wrap put on car. After a few emails back and forth saying he had been excepted in a weeks time a check came in the mail for $2440.00 (priority mail). I had no idea what the check was for. It had Oak Ridge Assoc. Universities Inc. where it was from. I thought maybe my step son had won a scholarship because he is in last year of High School. Nothing else is in envelope. Then I go to my computer and there is an email from the person communicating with me about the job that a check for $2840.00 is coming with a tracking # and let them know when I get it and that I must cash it within 24 hrs. and send Western Union a check drawn on my bank for the amount minus $500.00 and the Western Union charge and this is for the cost of the decal and they give me a name and address of someone in Ca. that I should send the check to. Once they say western Union and that I should mail a check, I figure it's got to be a scam, so I write back on the computer can not send a check and they write back if I am uncomfortable to send a check I should send cash. I am posting this because this scam I thought was elaborate and anyone young or old could fall for this. I filed a complaint with the FTC and also wrote Monster Energy Drink and they could not have been nicer telling me to file the complaints and hold onto all the correspndence for local police authorities.

My son just got one of these checks by Priority Mail. Now it's time to scam these creeps back. Here's how; Once you get the check tell them you have no bank account and you live in the country and there is no western Union close to you. Tell them you could send cash by mail as your mail carrier picks up and that they need to send you a postage prepaid envelope. Then, when they agree (and they will), send them the amount thay are requesting, NOT in real money, but Monopoly money. Just copy or scan and print out the amount they want in Monopoly money and mail it to them (DO NOT copy real money and send it, that would be a Felony crime that could get you in hot water). Now, you have cost them the mailing of the check and the cost of the second mailing of the postage prepaid envelope. Now that we have the prepaid envelope with an address, we dropped it off at the Sheriff's office and they are communicating with the FBI to try and track them.

Beware of too easy away to make $

I also was looking for PT work on Craigslist & replied to the MONSTER ENERGY DRINK CAR WRAP SCAM. They sent a $3000.check & then 3 days later another $3000 Check came i dont plan on even trying to attempt to cash them now. But i came close & what a train wreck that would of been. I WILL BE MAKING Any & All Reports I can, to everyone i can.

I have received this scam and need to report it. I have phone Monster and they emailed all the information I need to report them.

I must be a magnet for these types of offers scams, I have enough bad paper to cover a wall. I am glad that the word is out and wish we could see that something was really in place to stop these people.

I was contacted also about a monster drink car wrap, I have not received the check yet, but thought I would double check with Monster Drink and they informed me it was a scam. I'm retired and thought that this would be great, it would pay for my gas and travel expenses. Sure am glad I checked this out. What does one do when the check gets here?

You can file a complaint with the FTC about this scam. Find out at where you can send the check and any other information you have about this. If you don't want to file a complaint, discard the check.

I had this happen to me. Sounded so legit. I recieved my check for $2,350 2 days ago. All they sent with the check was a piece of paper prompting me to check my e-mail for further instruction. They told me all the same things they told all of you. Deposit the check, deduct $500 for myself and wire the rest of the money to the car wrap "specialist". I got on here and seen all these comments. So I told them I didn't have a bank account and asked them for a number I could speak with someone at. They sent me an email telling me just to cash the check and they didn't give me a phone number. I haven't done anything with the checks and I have not emailed them since, but I checked my email today and whata you know. I have a threatening e-mail on there sayin - that I've kept silent, and that I'm acting funny with their money and that they are going to get the FBI involved and track me down. I gotta admit, I'm a little worried lol. What do I do?

Resist the urge to cash this check because this sounds like a fake check scam. You can read more about these types of scams here. Report it to the FTC or to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), which also has information on various fake check scams.

Dont forget to request to have their email account closed and banned....

save the 1000 others, they are scamming from making the same mistake you just made or about to make...

if you get their email blocked,
and if yahoo, gmail, hotmail stop giving these same criminals with the same computer / network card mac address over and over and over....

these scams would not exist...
the problem is companies like
skype, etc

and the 100 other sites that allow criminals to create millions of fake accounts, identities to hide behind and do it repetitively,

over, over, over and tHEY take no action to block them.. when they can block them before they EVER CREATE THE ACCOUNT

It is so easy... to identify and block them
AND CHEAPER to block them
then to constantly ... respond to the complaints

Wonder why they don't ?
ask yourself...

I got scammed by this car wrap job for Moster Drink. I though it was a refund from my title company on my house. I research the check and it was a title company , I deposited the check and it cleared in 24 hours. I send money to Weston Union to a Miguel Romero in Oaland Ca. Than two days later I get a email that he had an car accident and to go back to Weston union to resend the money to Lore Wayne. Mind you than I get a second check for the same amount of the first one $1,750.35 . When I go to Westen Union the has been picked up, so I text this people than have the money. But than I call Westen Union and the money is still there I get Refund of $1,250.35 , but no flags when up I send the money Found out yesterday that the check was a fake, and that now I own my bank this money. Plus $ 12 return fee , the $500 for my weekly paid when to my church to help fit the sidewalk . I asked my bank before I took the money out if the check cleared , and the teller said yes, so I though it was ok, however yesterday I was told by the teller that chase bank clears all checks by 24 hours so that you have the money although it's not cleared by the company that issues it. Now I waiting to see how I can work with my bank to pay this money back. Furthermore the guy who send the email goes by Ruben Peters, and I think there are also using Red Bull for car wrap. I called monster drink after the fact and learned its a scam. I posted my in Facebook to warn people. And I know it's a matter of time that these people will be caught, I trust God for this.

Thanks for sharing your experience. As you learned, it can take some time to discover that a check is a forgery. The best thing to do is wait until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. This article from the FTC has more information on fake checks and it explains why funds could be available before the check has cleared. You can file a complaint with the FTC at and report this car wrap scam.

I ran into this with the red bull shrink wrap advertising scam. I knew there was a 90% probability that it was a scam but decided I would play along until the scam was obvious. When they sent an email indicating that they would send me a large check and that I would send them part of it back, I emailed them "scams up cancel". I received the check any way. I ignored it. Now they are threatening me with legal action. I am ignoring that also. I'm a little concerned that they may have grounds for judgment of some sort. I'm pretty sure that they will eventually go away if I continue to ignore them because its obvious that I would win in any kind of legitimate legal action. I'm still not completely sure that they can't cause me some kind of trouble

Just received the first check. After reading all these complaints i decided to email the original respondant that im returning the check and will not be presenting it to my bank

These people actually took out a 1/8 page advertisement in our local weekly newspaper so I thought this was a legitimate way to earn extra money. I've seen cars with these ads on them so I thought, "why not" I could quit my second job. Long story short, I got an email asking a lot of inappropriate questions like my occupation, gender, age, etc., so I googled car wrap scams and found tons of postings about it. I like the idea of trying to scam them back, but decided to file a complaint with the FTC and also notify the local paper instead. I already have to work 60 hours a week to make ends meet, I don't have time to spend scamming them back. Good luck to all of you who can, go get them for the rest of us!

I am currently talking to a guy about car wrapping. He posted an add on craigslist and I responded. He told me he would send money in advance and to fallow instructions when I receive the check. Having read all previous comments on this page before, I asked him if I would have wire any money. He said no and that once I cash my check to call a # and that a person would come out to my house and wrap it there and that I was to pay that individual once the wrapping was done. Is this still a scam??

Yes. This sounds like it is a scam. Learn about fake checks here.

I wonder about this one also.....nothing has been said about deposit or wire or anything and i did make sure to ask..... and told them i would not be depositing it nor would i write a check or anything else. I would give the person the money to wrap if needed but nothing more. He said all of that was ok and check it is on way... a certified cashiers check at that from a bank and with a tracking number..... we will see what happens... still sounds like a scam but going to see what happens so we can stop some of the scammers

When you wire money, it is like sending cash. You can't trace it and you can't get it back. If a stranger asks you to wire money, this is a sign of a scam. Watch this video to learn more about Money Wiring Scams.

The ad is now on Craigslist for the 5 hour Energy Drink. Keep a look out.

I just got a check put check on hold so well see if it's fake or not. Reported to the FBI and unknowing people and companies they use. Figure they may get caught someday.

Hello there fellow readers, I hope to bring you guys another so called company to watch out for. My husband answered an ad on Craig's list. It was advertising "GET PAID TO DRIVE", wrap your car in Captain Morgan's logo, get paid $400.00 a week. They asked the following questions: my age, what my occupation was, what make, model and year my car was, and the address I wanted my check to be sent to. Just like all of your previous post..2 days later we receive a check in the mail for $1,900.00 . We were to cash the check , keep our initial payment of $400.00 then send the rest to a lady in Michigan. The check was from a real company and from a real bank. I was excited. We needed the extra cash and I was trying to convince my husband that it wasnt a fraud because we didnt have to send money first. The bank wouldnt cash a fake check right??? Wrong....always go with your gut. #2. A legit company will always want to meet you in person before sending you any type of cash.

Hey, I got an email perhaps a month and a half back asking if I would like to earn $400.00 per week to let them put an advertisement on my car, a Car Wrap. After I got it I went on line to see where in my area this could be done as I knew several companies that did this kind of work. After I read up on it here and found out it was a scam, I got back to the guy, Daniel Valderram, and told him yes I'd like that. I gave him the info he asked for. Nothing that isn't on line already. Yesterday I got my check so now I'm playing with him. They sent $2450.00 to me with the same deal, keep $400.00 for one week in advance and send the rest to the company that will schedule the wrapping. As others have noted, very poor grammar and spelling in all the emails. I sent him an email saying the bank says not to take the money out until they are sure that the check is real. Then I told him I was so excited to get my car wrapped that I was going to do it anyway. I asked if Western Union would accept a personnel check for the transaction or if I needed to give them cash? He wrote back and now he wants me to go to Walmart, someplace I never go, to buy some sort of MONEYPAK cards. Then I scratch off the back and let them know the 14 Digit code numbers along with the amount of each card. I guess the cards come in different amounts. He said this would be faster then Western Union and the cost was like $4.95 per card. I think he said each card is only available in $500.00 amounts so I'd need to buy as many as I needed to hit the $2,000.00 I'd need to send to them. The person that I'm send it to is in Pittsburgh PA. I have an address for them and everything. I did a check on the address and I found a beautiful house for sale at that location. I think my next move will be to say I went to my bank and after thinking about it I thought I'd save some money and I sent a money order which was free to the address for Lonnie Vearnon in PA. I bet this will blow his mind!

Reading through these comments it nakes me sad to see that people are that desperate and clueless to the fact that nothing in life is free. Why on earth would someone send you a M.O. and you not question why they would send fit to much and then ask you to send the extra back a different eay when they could of just sent it you through wire transfer in the first place. Is this the future of our country?

This economy sucks for good paying jobs at the moment. So for a chance to make some extra money to make ends meet is what some of us are trying to do. Besides its not a something for nothing thing. They are offering to rent space on our vehicles. I have to question of how much of an "intelligent citizen" you are to kick a person that is down and just looking for away to get back on their feet.

They sent me cashier's check FEDEX on Academy Bank for $2,830.00 which I was to keep $300 and send the rest to the person to put the graphics on my car. There was nothing else in the envelope. No company name for the graphics company. I left several voice mails and emails for Mr. Michael Underwood the person who reached out to me on email with no return calls but a couple returned emails. I ended up calling Monster Energy Drinks directly and asked if they had a Michael Underwood that worked for them and they said no. Then I told them about the scam and they said it's a scam and DO NOT CASH THE CHECK. So I was glad that I went with my gut and didn't rush to cash the check. I was going to use the $300 payment to make my past due car psyment so I am glad that I didn't do that.
Why do peple have to be so dishonest. GEEZ LOUISE!!
Rhoda Q from Minneapolis, MN
From: Monster Energy Drink® []
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2014 5:43 AM
Subject: CONFIRMATION: Monster Energy Drink Auto Wrap Promo

Hello Again,

I am pleased to inform you that your information have been reviewed and your vehicle meets our criteria for this advertisement. Below are some questions you need to answer before we can proceed.

*How long do you intend to carry the advert on your Vehicle? 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year?
*Do you drive your vehicle everyday?
*Have you crashed a vehicle between January 2013 till date?

More so, We will mail out the check payment for your first week of Monster Energy Drink Advertisement after receiving a reply from you with answer to the questions above and a confirmation that you are interested. Upon receiving the cashier's check, you are to go ahead and cash it at your local bank and deduct $300 which is the payment for the first week then have the balance sent to the graphic company's headquarters. They will be responsible for the advert placement on your vehicle and also the removal. They will be waiting to receive the funds in other to get the materials needed for the advert placement ready and also send a specialist. The specialist shall contact you as soon as the funds are received so as to schedule a perfect date and time to come for the placement which would last for 1 to 2 hours. It is the graphic company's policy that all funds should be in the name of the individual whose vehicle is to be wrapped so they can instruct the specialist based on the sender's information to avoid any misunderstandings except if a contract had already been reached. A case of Monster Energy Drink will be delivered to the address you provided once every week through out the period you will be carrying the wrap. The drinks are free and you can also share it with your friends if you like.

Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately.

Kind Regards,

Michael Underwood
(323) 364-5102
Advert Manager
Monster Energy Drink®

We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint.You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at You can copy and paste the email in the complaint notes. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

I am a bit surprised that this scam is so successful with the horrible grammar and mis-spellings throughout. A professional company would never solicit a business relationship with the wording in the email. At least not from me.

Felt it was a scam, I played along, when they asked if I had a sent the wire transfer - I told them I changed my mind, thanks for the free money (I knew there was none).

My Daughter was recently scammed by these people and her bank in investigating her! Yesterday a recovery agent said they were sent to repo her car and it is linked to the shrink wrap place. she called the police and reported it. Wedon't no what else to do!


Keep an eye out for John Ross sending an email on behalf of monster energy drinks with a car wrap offer. John Ross is actually a super cross bike racer that Monster SPONSORS so it makes no sense that HE would be sending an email with this type of "opportunity" it's linked back to a personal Hotmail account... These scammers just aren't as sharp as they NEVER used to be..smdh...sad.

Dealing with them now , in Arizona .. But now it's for remy Martin 406 624 9518 Fred Wyne is the name it uses.. They have my name my mailing address my age year and make of my vehicle .. Has anyone had their identity stolen because of this?

I received a text from 731 213-4645 message: Cover your vehicle witha monster energy drink logo and get 300 dollars every week.
Now they are trying to get victims on cell phones!!!!

Can someone provide me with the information I need to report this? I just fell for this scam as a graduate student and thought it sounded like a good way to earn a little extra money. Unfortunately, it's ended up costing me a lot. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database. Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

I am still recieving e mails offering to wrap my car for 300 dollars per week. I threaten them each time with this website.

I received a US postal priority package containing two money orders for $950 each to become a secret shopper. My first assignment was to evaluate a western unionand its staff etc... So this is another way Lonnie vearnon is scamming people. I thought I would warn people.

Robert Miller is the name they used with me. Behind the email was an Indian name. I asked why didn't Monster pay their own contractors and never received an answer. Going to report them and send the emails and check to the authorities. Low down, rotten people.. I also contacted Monster.. Glad I didn't cash the check.. Dodged that bullet to the head!! Praise God! Someone needs to do something about this.

I have been trying to contact JetBlue to check for a scam using there logo. I am so glad I found this site so I will not be one more poor soul ...No check received yet but I am about to send a e-mail to them and tell them how down right sorry they are to attact people in this way

Anyone got their identity stolen?

YEP! There's one one Craigslist now for monster energy. They sent me a check for $1600 and keep blowing my phone up asking when will I send the money... I'm not stupid and they only talk by text..

Recieve this email this morning. Reported it to the Monster Drink company and they wrote me back with many links to report it to. This is one of the links they gave me. Told me to save all corespondence that I have with them. I just responded to the email with I would be interested if you were not a freaking scam artist. You have been reported to the Monster Company as well as all authorities possible.

I received the email, responded that I was interested, answered a series of questions mainly about the car, sent these to the real sponsor (Monster Energy Drinks) and asked about it....that's how I found out about this website. :) Monster also provided links to where I can report this.

Car wrap scam! Recently, like many of you, have been contacted regarding this "wonderful easy money" opportunity. I replied like everyone else saying I am interested and gave them contact information for this program for DUB Magazine. Unfortunately, they have my information- name, address, e-mail and phone. Thanks to all of you, I will NOT be cashing the check that I should be receiving in the mail today. I am also going to contact DUB Magazine and notify them that their name is being used in a scam. I will be printing the emails and submitting them to the local FBI office. In addition I will let this person know after I have received the check that I will not be depositing it and I will be turning it over to the FBI. Here is the latest email I have received: 8/18/14


How are you today, Hope your having a great day. The upfront payment check for
the Dub Magazine Car Wrap promotions has been sent to you
and the USPS confirmed that it will deliver to you today.
This is the tracking for confirmation-----(deleted)
The check covers an upfront payment for you, the
payment of the graphics man coming to wrap your vehicle and the
materials suitable to wrap your vehicle.

Get the check deposited at the bank when you receive it, the funds
will be made available in your account once the check clears, it
clears your bank the same day.
Take out and upfront payment of $300 and send the remainder
to the graphics man via western union. The graphics man isn't in
office right now, he is currently working on another vehicle at CA.
Once he picks up the funds, arrangement will be made immediately to
work on your car and he will be at your door in a day or two. He will
wrap your vehicle and also bring the contract to sign and every other
necessary paperworks.

This is the info of the graphics man to send the funds.
There is a transfer charge at the store, take out the transfer charges
and send the remainder, send the funds via money in minutes service
and send a pic of the western union receipt when you get it sent.
Looking forward to reading from you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

You can also file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Law enforcement from all over the country access the FTC's complaint database and use the complaints in their investigations. Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

It seems to me a simple fix...sending items with tracking numbers means there is an actual sender and video of the person sending it...I mean you can't do ANYTHING without being on camera so why is it taking so long to shut them down. Why not track the computer that is emailing these emails...this can be tricky if being bounced off different servers but this is the FBI we are talking about...why is it taking so long...where is the video of the scammer picking up his money from Western Union? I know it can take a while to investigate but if these scammers are actually getting cash from this then there is evidence of evidence.

they just used our company's check to pay someone, who was nice enough to inform us about it. same thing..."Monster Drink" company and the fedex package came from a Shawn Williams, who actually answered my call when we called. the number that he used was 715.303.7775 if anyone wants to call Mr. Williams. We've closed our account with the bank, but didn't fall for this and the banks haven't cashed any of their checks.

If there is anyone interested my husband received a check, but we were smart enough to take it to the bank; however they are back on Craigslist looking for more people to steal from. I hope everyone who gets one of these checks takes it straight to the bank or the police. These people are real scum.

I also recvd a 2200.00 dollar check the person who emailed me didn't hv good grammer and I thought it was too good to be true, I told them to cancel but they sent the check ups also I di not cash I threw it away after tearing it up. they are using HP Computers name so beware I also almost made the mistake but when the guy said to forward the western union I said oh oh this is not correct so im glad I didn't do it YAY!!!

Received a survey request from PineCone requesting I send a check for $1550 via Western Union to a third party. That information would be forthcoming as to where to send the check when I clicked on the link (which I did not). They would send me a check for $200 after surveying Western Union and for paying the fees once I completed the transaction. Notified PineCone Surveys about the scam. Supposedly I would be paid $200 for each survey I conducted. Anyone needing money would comply and be out the $1550 they are requesting.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. The details in this comment are great for a complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters. Thanks.

I saw an ad on Craigslist in my area to drive 7 hours, get paid $13 an hour, plus $39 for gas. Then this evening I get 2 emails from car wraps advertising. I went on Google to check this company out, glad I did, but wish I had checked first before responding to their message with my information!! Smdh

Sent: Sep 1 2014 9:22PM
To: Monster Bev Corp
Subject: Fwd: Monster Advert Opportunity ( Wrap Your Car )

I received the email, below. Is this from your company?

Subj: Monster Advert Opportunity ( Wrap Your Car )

Earn $400 weekly with your car and valid driver's license for Monster Energy Drink putting Logo on your car for an advertisement. Email " " back if interested


Thank you for taking the time to contact our company directly with your inquiry.

The email you received is not from Monster Energy. The email is part of a scam and we urge you not to participate or respond. Additional information about the scam maybe found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website at:

We encourage you to report the email and file complaints with: The Federal Trade Commission (; Better Business Bureau (; Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center (; the National Consumers League (; your local law enforcement agency and your state attorney general's office.

We suggest that you preserve any and all communications with the scammers (for example, emails, checks, envelopes, and package tracking numbers). Such information may be useful to law enforcement agencies.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us directly at 866-322-4466 extension 6466.

Thank you,

Monster Energy Company

I got the same Monster scam. Only it was 300 a week and from Martin Andrew; Hiring manager.

Terry, I got a similar email but ours was $500 but not once was the email from monster itself nor did the email address.

Cash the check at Walmart and keep the money... Tell them your bank fraud department has check... Walmart does nothing, scammers get nothing and you keep money :-)

Did that really work??? I'm thinking FBI would bust me for doing that!!

Only problem with that is walmart won't just do nothing. When you cash a heck with them you need to give them your ssn and they will come after you for the money.

My check was signed by Thomas Jefferson. I wonder how much his autograph is worth?

I was just contacted about an ad wrap for DUB Magazine. When I read on the email over the past few days and I was told that I would be needing to send money to the graphics company, all my alert warnings went off. I started doing research and found this site. I've also contacted DUB and am awaiting a reply. I didn't give them my home address and I used my gmail account. I will see how things go, but now I'm just doing a wait and see.

some one sent me a check for 1,920 dollars...I had no idea who it was from..Ive not got any emails about wiring a certain part of it and it says its from a real bank that is 10 mins form me..could this be a scam?

Beware of Fake Checks Scam. Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you within certain time. However, just because funds are available doesn’t mean the check is good. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. Keep in mind that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check.

If u really need to question it, then it probably is. I just got one myself but this time I'm hanging on to the 1 I have or at least make a copy of everything

Rosario... I haven´t heard about this kind of scams are happening in Mexico but we better get prepare for it.

I will post on this topic on my blog and ask my collagues to the same.

We better inform people so they can be aware of it. Just in case.

It's a scam I just received it today. Thank god I didn't cash it

My boyfriend found ad on craigslist for verve energy drink. Gave Ramiro Fuller make and model of cars we have and address. We recieved fed ex express check left at our door for 1950.25, from a limo company in va, and a bank in va. When check arrived i was immiediatly alarmed, because it was left between front door and storm door in pouring rain and no signature was required. I called him and told him fed ex pkg arrived, he told me what it was, i opened it and told him " was printed from a computer, its not scored and its from a limo company in va, not az. .he did research and limo company never heard of fuller and isnt connected with veem.... Called bank and that account is closed. He said he calling police, i told him copy all emails and file complaint with ftc. Glad he didnt deposit if

If you receive an email that changes names when your are about to send off your personal information, STOP! Don't send it because that is one of the biggest hint it's a scam. It appears, from most of you here, that your identity was used for a check scam and this site has valuable information to help you through. I did research car wrap scams and found nothing at first...much to my surprise! I expected to find something that would give me a clue. I have received many legit emails for services and many scams too. This one seemed almost legit so I responded and noted that the email name changed. At that point I decided to proceed even though I knew this was not real. Guess my curiosity was greater than the risk. I asked them to send me a copy of their contract because I do not beleive this is real. Expecting another email name change, they responded that this is real and requested some basic info, but it was the same email address. Now I am approved for this promtion with Diet Pepsi...except the email name is Maryam Gunn or and is signed by Gary Shayne, Promotion Manager PepsiCo. Guess I now know the next steps. Thank you everyone!

Me and my wife both got strung along with this. He claimed to be advertising for PK Fine Spirits & Wine. He said we could do a wrap for Red Bull which the store sells.

Got the check today and it was for $1950.But the business it was drawn on was Hunter Truck Sales & Service Inc. Now this is strange since neither one of those are businesses that exist in Utah. Especially not PK Spirit and Wine which would not be able to operate in Utah, due to current liquor sale laws. (Only state run stores can sell anything heavier than beer)

I asked him about it and he got defensive and then "terminated our agreement" for giving him "attitude" then called me a fool for believing he would scam me.

Wish I could find him. I could sue him for libel.

TL:DR, Keep an eye out for advertisement offers for PK Fine Wine & Spirits and Hunter Truck Sales & Service Inc.

Wow!! I am so thankful that something in my heart told me that this deal was too good to be true! I am sorry that this has happened to us but I am thankful that you all had the nerve to post what has happened and helped to save others from this terrible crime! They seem to send it at the most opportune time! My check is actually on its way today...I will take pleasure in shredding it! By the way, this is what my emails read...

Dear Applicant,
we have to collate all the interested parties emails and reach out to them together, that is why the response to you have been

slow, your car has been chosen for the advertisement. It is very easy and simple, no application fees required, this is how it works; the

basic premise of the "paid to drive concept" Monster Energy Drink" seeks people, regular citizens, professional drivers, and all car owners

above eighteen(18) years old,to go about their normal routine as they usually do, only with an advertisement for "Monster Energy Drink"

plastered on their cars. The advertisements are typically vinyl decals, also known as "auto wraps"that almost seem to be painted on the

vehicle, and which will cover some portion of your car's exterior surface.

What does the company gain from this type of advertisement strategy? Lots of exposure and awareness; the auto wraps tend to be

colorful, eye-catching and attracts lots of attention. Plus, it is a form of advertising with a captive audience, meaning people who are

stuck in traffic can not take their eyes off the ad vehicle. This program will last for three(3) months and the minimum period you can

participate is one(1) month. You will be earning between $2000 to $4000 monthly depending on how often you use your car,which is

essentially a "rental" payment for letting our company use your car. Monster Energy Drink shall provide detailers that will handle the advert

placement on your car, these detailers have been tested and confirmed perfect for the job in order not to leave any damage on your car

after the end of the program.

There will be no fee for gas since you are not driving to anywhere else apart from your daily routine.Please provide the following

information so that we can confirm you for this posting and send you further information;

Full Name:
Address:(Include PO Box)
Zip code:
Make of car/year:
Do you have a driver's license?
Phone Number(s) mobile and home :
Email Address:

We shall be contacting you as soon as we receive this information,Monster Energy Drink looks forward to working with you.


-----Original Message-----

And the response....
Dear Applicant,
we have to collate all the interested parties emails and reach out to them together, that is why the response to you have been

slow, your car has been chosen for the advertisement. It is very easy and simple, no application fees required, this is how it works; the

basic premise of the "paid to drive concept" Monster Energy Drink" seeks people, regular citizens, professional drivers, and all car owners

above eighteen(18) years old,to go about their normal routine as they usually do, only with an advertisement for "Monster Energy Drink"

plastered on their cars. The advertisements are typically vinyl decals, also known as "auto wraps"that almost seem to be painted on the

vehicle, and which will cover some portion of your car's exterior surface.

What does the company gain from this type of advertisement strategy? Lots of exposure and awareness; the auto wraps tend to be

colorful, eye-catching and attracts lots of attention. Plus, it is a form of advertising with a captive audience, meaning people who are

stuck in traffic can not take their eyes off the ad vehicle. This program will last for three(3) months and the minimum period you can

participate is one(1) month. You will be earning between $2000 to $4000 monthly depending on how often you use your car,which is

essentially a "rental" payment for letting our company use your car. Monster Energy Drink shall provide detailers that will handle the advert

placement on your car, these detailers have been tested and confirmed perfect for the job in order not to leave any damage on your car

after the end of the program.

There will be no fee for gas since you are not driving to anywhere else apart from your daily routine. Please provide the following

information so that we can confirm you for this posting and send you further information;

My response today...
Good Morning:

I have a few questions regarding this arrangement.

I am not quite sure if this is a legitimate request. I've tried to look up information on a Jolvontea Snipes and there is nothing to be found on Google maps for that particular address. Please understand that in this day and time that I would need to be extremely cautious of schemes, especially during this time of year. I did submit your email to the Better Business Bureau to assure me that it is okay to proceed. I also sent it to Monster Energy to make sure that this is something that they are connected to. If this proves to be legit, I will proceed as you requested, if not, I will kindly discard your check. Quite frankly, I am not even sure how you received my email address. Please provide me with a phone number so that I might be able to address some concerns with you and to assure me that this is a legitimate partnership.

Thank you.

i got a check in the mail for 2200.00$ they told me deposit the check and let them know when i have available funds an they will send a specialist to wrap my car. i went to the wells fargo to open an account an deposit the check in it. the bank didnt even check it out at the bank it was drawn on they just looked at it, heard me say monster energy drink advertisment and said they suspected it was fake. they confinscated the check to turn into the fraud department. i asked for something in writing saying that they took the check for further examination, or some kind of reciept. they refused(wells fargo just broke a federal banking law). i told them i'd call the sherriff and have them make wells fargo give me a reciept. on my way out the door i heard say good luck getting the sherriff here before we close.....i contacted the company that sent me the check. they were pissed said i could sue the bank. an this is a legitamete bussiness. i even told them i brought the police to the bank to get some kind of reciept. they are still keeping in contact with me trying to get this straightend out. i think mine is real, i have seen normal everyday people driving around with their car wrapped in monster drink decals.

crazy paul -- When I read in your comment that you see everyday people driving around with their car wrapped in monster drink decals, I was curious. So I contacted Monster Energy Company and they said: "We do not do any type of advertising on privately owned vehicles. All vehicles used at events and for promotions are owned by our company and are driven by Monster Energy employees."

Fake check scams are common. If you end up depositing that check, remember that just because funds are available on the check you’ve deposited doesn’t mean the check is good. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled.

i have wells fargo too they did the same thing to mw but gave me 200.00 of the check then over drafted my acc when my checks came through plus took that 200.00 back off my funds that was already in my acc charged me a late fee it was their fault ! now their saying i was already in over draft i have proof that i was not over drafted until that check was dospited

I received one of theses scams a couple days ago to advertise for JetBlue.I'll have to see if a check(fake of course)shows up.
JetBlue confirmed this is a scam.They are aware of these scams and indicated they are "working to stop them"

Just got one from my school email from MillerCoors! I'm gonna go fishing til I get the check then hand it over to the local police Department.

I also learned of this through a job advertisement wrap your car in monster energy drink and get paid 520.00 a wk then give rest to designer whos suppose to come to house and put it on i was sent an over 2000 dollar check.i.was told to put money in bank and draw it out after one day.after telling man i thought it was a scam he insisted it wasnt deposit money and withdraw next day.then ask if i recieved it yet.oh it came via fed ex.i said yes he said let him know how things go with check when i get money he will send man to home to put wrap on car.well thinking this is a scam i had bank hold check.they said one week would be good enough and if funds come through theyd call me but doubted they would.i told them ive kept emails and text they sent and all papers i got with check envelope so on and will be giving to local police if its a scam .along with reporting to other agencies but like some other people on here ive been making them jump through hoops for them to prove its not a scam.unbelievable what people will do to cheat people out of there.just sad.

They are also using exxon Mobil. I received an email from larry.dalton005, they wanted me to send $2200 half via western union and half via moneygram

I read all your posts and I got the same thing from Full Throttle Energy Drink. They sent almost 2 grand then wanted me to keep 300 and send the rest to China! I had signed up online for local car wrapping\advertising and thought I was actually getting a reply. No luck here. Deposited the check but didn't send anything.

Just got one for red rain car wrap. 300. A week for 12 weeks. Harvey has a man email address. Thanks for providing information to protect us!

I got the email for the Monster Energy Scam and agreed to the plan through an email address. After researching the "Car Wrap" job on the internet I found numerous sites complaining that this was a scam. Since I've received a check in the mail (via priority mail) I've contacted the fdic, fbi, and post office. Because there are so many people affected by this scam the agency that is most interested in this scam is the U.S. Post Office because the scammers are bypassing the Post Office fees. This constitutes "Mail Fraud" and is probably going to be the best way to end this scam.

Same thing happened to me recently. I have the emails and check. I emailed monster energy directly to confirm it was a scam and they gave me all these websites to go and report it.

Lol they just tried to get me here's some numbers they called from 949-229-596 and 909-589-1208 they also tried to pull the Monster car wrap on me. The guy has a deep accent I could barely understand, I guess his name was David Light.

I was on Craigslist and found an ad for extra money for wrapping your car with a Jetblue advertisement. They wanted my information and text me a lot and sent me a check with no information. Just a mannila envelope with a check in it. That seemed suspect. They are texting me and almost ordering me to deposit the check and get back with them. I told them yesterday was Thanksgiving and that I couldn't deposit it that day. They started getting pissy with me. I thought that was strange. No banks are open on Thanksgiving. I am glad I found out about this before I even went to the bank. Thanks to all of you and your information about this. I am so depressed that I can't find anyway to make some extra cash beside my regular job. The number they contacted me at was
+1 978-719-4597. They said they were Sarah Krager from Advertising Dept. at Jetblue Airlines.


Yeup just tried to get me. I knew this jetblue airline ad thing was a joke.

Just received this email about a 5 hour energy car wrap scam

Tried to copy and paste but wouldn't work.

I was emailed about a JetBlue car wrap advertising that promised to pay me $400 per week. I received a check from Boulder Colorado Water Company. I googled the water company because I had no idea why I received the check. On their website there was a notification that someone was issuing fraudulent checks from their company. I put two and two together and googled the JetBlue advertising, and found out about the scam. The FBI said to report the scam to:

Has anyone heard of an iPhone car wrap advertising? One came in our email today, December 9, 2014. Thank you to anyone who has heard something.

just signed up for a 5 hour energy wrap and sent him my address and name, no actual other #'s tho. ugh then i read all this . stinks people are so shady. :( wonder if they'll cash the check at walmart haha

Just had this happen to me. When I told the guy I was taking it to the sheriff office he texted me back and said you will see hell. I am scared now so I an definitely going to contact police tomorrow.

i just got one from a Abbey Itola claims to be from rock star energy drink promising 400.00 a wk for 4 months

Boy, I almost fell for this scam. I got an email from monster energy drinks last week saying they needed people to put decals on their car to advertise for them. Paid $800/week which I thought was a great deal. They asked what town I lived in and where I commuted then told me I qualified. They sent the first check today to me for $4200 and said to deposit it.It looked very real. I would then get instructions on how to pay the graphic designer to put the decals on...It never said anything about wiring money which would have tipped me off. But that last email had some misspellings, so I googled it and found this site! Good thing I did. These guys are getting much better than the Nigerian lottery stuff of the past. I feel like Manti Te'o. Sharing it so nobody loses their shirt on garbage like this.

i received the same type of email only this is for PBST Beer Company. I just sent an email asking if I don't have a bank account why can't I just take it to the bank the check was drawn off of. I'm still waiting for a response. My plan is to take it to the M & T bank and ask them if the check is real or fake.? If it is then I will go ahead and cash it and wire the money to them. I can't lose anything if I don't use my bank account. I'll keep you all updated.

What, if anything can I do if I've already fallen for this scam? It was a Pepsi Wrap, emails came from Pepsi the links went back to Pepsi. When my bank released the funds, I thought the check had cleared. What do I do now, just wait and see if the bank declares it a forgery. All the people I worked with were very nice and I never received a mean or threatening email throughout the process. Help?

It can take weeks for a bank to uncover a fraudulent check. If you sent money to someone through a money transfer service or a prepaid card, you should contact the money transfer company or the prepaid card's customer service line, and explain what happened. Then, file a complaint at You also may want to contact your bank to see what options you have.

This is the post I got...seem legit right...WRONG...notice how they claim to even works at Monster...

-----Original Message-----
From: Monster Energy Drink [
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2014 3:07 PM
To: (deleted)


Would you wrap your car, bus, truck or van in an Ad to earn $300 Weekly at
no cost by just going about your normal routine only with a small
advert(LOGO) of Monster Energy Drink plastered on your vehicle without
affecting the painting or the body? Your vehicle would also be insured
through out the period you will be carrying the wrap. Kindly reply via email
if you are interested in other to get more details about this promo.

Best Regards,
Kyle Busch.
Hiring Manager
Monster Energy DrinkR

C 2014 Monster Energy Company. All Rights Reserved.

This type of thing popped up on Craigslist here in Missoula, MT. They use 5-Hour Energy as the company. Said it paid $480/week. They left just a number to text for information. Sounded like it could be a scam, but I thought I go down that road to see how it works. Got several texts hours later and they said it would pay $420/wk. Asked occupation and vehicle type, then later name and address. After reading the text and notice how poorly it was written, I looked into this being a potential scam before I texted back with some questions. Now I just baiting THEM from here on out.

Oh, and the number they gave for more information is: 1-954-526-3069

Saw an add on Craigs List, did some research and responded. Got a $2500 check ain't done nothing with it because Yea they want me to wire money. I'll get these guys back right now.

so i received a text from Opus One Winery to do this very same thing. had to do verifying emails and everything, give them address, make and model of car..etc. told me that when funds are available, to go to walmart and send the money via walmart transfer in cash to detailers information. guessing this is bull like the others huh??

Shawn williams is the hiring manager for monster drink.

The person to send money is nicholas williams in randolph MA

And who send to me the check is JHON FIELDS.

ALL are scammers

Be carefull

The comment list I just read of people getting scammed by fake car wrap companies is endless. I am sorry for the ones who got scammed but grateful for the heads up as I was just researching these kinds of companies. BUT I have heard there are legit car wrap companies and I've seen a few driving around. I am in a desperate situation and need to get from california to kansas to my 9 year old. Money is tight, ridiculously tight, and so I've been wracking my brains on a way to get there, the trip would cover a lot of miles and locations which could promote a company ,which led me to this car wrap idea. Does anyone know of one of these companies that are in fact legit?

pepsico wrap scam going on in Indy, beware, promise you 400 per week, not real. don't bit

I received an email for JetBlue airlines for a wrap .I told them let's do the wrap. They sent to checks in separate envelopes, with no instructions. They emailed me and told me to deposit both checks into my account, and to send them the money as soon as possible, because the wrapper wanted to do the wrap really soon. So I waited 4 days before contacting them. And between that time, they sent me a lot of emails and texts asking me if the checks had been deposited, so on the 4 day I emailed & texted them, telling them that my bank had a fraud department, and that the fraud department reported the checks where fake, and the fraud department of the bank sent the checks to the FBI Internet & Fraud Dept., and I told them that they were scammers. I haven't heard from the scammers. At all

Now they are using Budweiser Set a check so i deposited it now they want me to send them 2500 via western union and Walmart .so i looked on like and found this . Now im just playing the game in my terms . Oh and changing bank account #s 01/24/2015

Yeah the whole FBI caring thing is complete bull I know this because this also happened to me and I called the FBI who told me they couldn't help me with the problem and gave me the number to reach homeland security who also gave zero help. I had all the info they had given me telephone numbers addresses to send money everything! And what's worse they were located by central park new York and it just so happens the FBI office I contacted was located right down the street from the address to send the money I checked the locations using Google GPS the govt does not care what happens to us or our money I can assure you of that.

i just fell for it as i just bought a new car then got my hours cut....then, i just had this bad feeling...
there are a lot of companies that do pay so i hoped this was legit....fortunately im smart enough not to give out bank info or so sec....

Hi put ad in Craig list for job and contect me He work for wine put wrap so I called wine companey so person so knew was scam so sent me a check from Hamline University 1750 then guy said cash it send him money lol here his number 131203619518

Hi tony..this number is the same number they texted to me

I responded to an employment ad in for a data entry payroll clerk. They responded that I had the job. They would send me money to money ram their authorized dealer to receive my computer equipment for the position. Cheque arrived today and I'm so glad I read all this before I took it to the bank. Do not trust the job search ads completely. This guy claimed to be from archstone consulting based in the UK but the cheque came via ups from Ontario, but the cheque bank was in Quebec.

I see I am far from being first with the Monster Energy Drink scam. I too responded to a Craig's List ad. From there all communication was by text. I received a check with the only instruction to text a new number that I deposited the check. But it read as if the sender was in a hurry for me to do so - that raised a flag. It was a Dollar Bank of PA check on the Chatham University account. I took the check to my bank and explained how I got it and the banker told me it was fraudulent and suggested I not deposit it. I then took it across the street to the local police department. I came home called the university and Monster Energy and both informed me they had been getting lots of contact like mine and that they were not involved. Then I reported it to I3C (or is it IC3?) - it was a link on the FBI's website.

Me and my wife was just scammed on a Full Throttle Energy Drink wrap i seen a ad on think it was on Amazon and i fill out app.and they got back with me about week later and said that they would be getting back with me short and that i was hired man i was very excited and they sent us a check and i went to get it cashed and they it was counterfeit what a let down and embarrassing

I got an email and a check I went to the bank and said it was fake and there gonna report it to the FBI they said

I happened to me two weeks ago..they offered to me $500 a week to wrap my car with opus one..and they sent check and they got me.. I wasn't smart enough to think that time..I really needed money...I owe my bank that money now...any idea what can I do ??

Please report your experience at Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice.

You're responsible for the checks you deposit, and when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back.Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.

You can tell the bank about the check so they can report it, and you could contact the business that was named on the check to tell them their name is being used. You may be able to find the company's website or contact information online.

Yeah i just got the check in mail it was supposedly to do a monster energy wrap on my truck but the check is written from a electric company out of Illinois and FFortunately the guy at bank said he tried same thing and check is a fraud

I'm In the process of this crap. Waiting On my check for $1950.25 I plan to get it checked probably but I won't send any money anywhere. I think I might do that plan of giving then a fake check number myself give them the run around. Any one deal with a guy named Season Barvo number I have been texting is from Nevada.

The bottom line is that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check. That's different from the bank making funds available.

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you from U.S. Treasury checks, most other governmental checks, and cashier’s checks, certified checks, and teller’s checks, one business day after you deposit the check. For other checks, banks must make the first $200 available the day after you deposit the check, and the remaining funds must be made available on the second business day after the deposit.

But just because funds are available on a check you’ve deposited doesn’t mean the check is good. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check unless you know and trust the person you’re dealing with or until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled.

The article Fake Checks provides advice on how to recognize a fake check scam

(207)358-9716 Ben Jordan newest email, name and phone number being used for this scam...

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that are sent through the blog comments.

How many people have been affected by these scams? How much money have those people lost?

I thought this might've been a scam. I've collected all the information I mean to give it to the authorities thank you for the information on your website

THIS IS THE LAST LETTER I RECEIVED... WHEN I HAD TO DO A WESTERN UNION TRANSFER I KNEW SOMETHING WAS FISHY... Kindly proceed and deposit the check into your bank account and funds will be available for withdrawal 24hrs after it has been deposited. I will be waiting for a confirmation message immediately the check is deposited.
As soon as the cash is out you are to deduct $300.00 which is your upfront payment and forward the balance ($2030.00) to the graphic artist head office in China that will be wrapping the decal on your vehicle via Western Union Transfer and they will be responsible for removing the decal when the program is completed.
Transfer charges/cost ($20.00) will be deducted from $2030.00 after you must have taken your $300.00 weekly.
Below is the Graphic Artist Western Union Transfer Details to send the Money to: Graphic Artist Head Office Rep. Receiver's Information: NAME: JIAYUE WANG ADDRESS: 87-2 SANLITUN ROAD CITY: CHANGYANG STATE: BEIJING COUNTRY: CHINA
Kindly get back with the information below once the transfer has been completed. MTCN & Amount Sent FAQ: -Why am I sending money to China? The head office of the graphic artist is China. In addition, the decal wraps are produced and manufactured in China. Cost of sending to china is less than sending within the state that is why they prefer all funds directed to there head office (China). As soon as payment is acknowledged by them, a local person (graphic artist) in your zip code will come to your house and install the decal wrap on your car. He will come along with the contract and all other document including preview pictures on how your vehicle will look when installed.
-How do I receive subsequent payment? Payments will be mailed to you address weekly once the wrap is installed on your vehicle. Let me know as soon as the check is deposited today. If you require additional information, do not hesitate to email or call me. Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately and looking forward to your mail with further updates. Regards, Robert Miller 352-504-3226 Hiring Manager

I got one from Shawn Williams for Monster Energy wrap.. very skeptical so I received the check went to the bank and had them look at first.. right away they told its a scam.. they're going to turn it over to the fraud dept.. Anyway I called Shawn the next day and I wish I played it different but I told I took the check to the bank and security was on like flies on crap.. then the phone connection went dead ... rotflol

Why would a company who is going to pay you each week that kind of money make a potential employee handle the purchase of their vinyl vehicle ads, anyway? That would also complicate tax write-offs.

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