We want to get your money back!

“They got me.”

If you’ve ever been taken in by a bogus product or service, that may be the first thing you think just as you get that sinking feeling in your stomach.

Fortunately, the FTC’s mission is to get them – the scammers and cheats – and to return the money they made back to you.  

When the FTC sues a company that made deceptive claims about its products or services, we strive to get people refunds as part of the resolution of the case. The amount depends on how much the defendants are able to pay, how much the court orders for refunds, and how many people apply for a refund.   

Learn more about the FTC’s redress process, how to resolve consumer problems, and get the latest information about the FTC’s recent cases resulting in refunds. And please file a complaint with the FTC if you’ve been taken in by a scam or misled by dishonest product or service claims.

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I was scammed by a Company in TX, Credit Solutions, they folded and took over $2500.00 to pay down my debt. They never payed anyone a penny, but took money from my account on a monthly basis.

Dear Tired of Fighting,

I strongly encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC. While we do not handle individual matters, complaints help us track these kinds of scams and often lead to investigations - which, in turn, can lead to the FTC taking legal action against the business on behalf of consumers.

Also, please read this article about managing debt -- especially these sections specifically addressing debt relief services and credit repair scams.

I hope it all works out.


Very useful information and a great service to otherwise defenseless consumers!

Thanks, Plyman!

I was returned some of my money but not all of it im still looking to see if it is all there. I will contact yall an give yall an update

Hi needofhelp,

I'm glad to hear you've got some of your money back and look forward to your update.


Are you doing anything about the the complaint i sent in on 5/17/14 Robert Poletta.

I have almost given up hope for ever getting my money back but I lost a lot of money on the scamms and fraud. It is really sad that someone could steal money from a person on a fixed income but bills that keep rising. I have given a lot of information from skype, K-Mart, GreenDot MoneyPak and other information Visa who was the only one successful in helping me. This is very important to me and my family. I wish you much success in your fight against these thieves.

Hi Tom,

I regret that you and your family have gone through this and am glad you were able to get at least some resolution.

I encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC against any and all companies that you think have scammed you. Also, please read this information from the FTC - which also includes information on filing complaints and resources from consumer protection agencies in your state.

Best of luck,


Did you get your money back? I just gave my money and realized its a scam and they arent picking up my phone calls.

I was misled by a company called Kehlmann and krantz monetary group they promised me loan and said I needed to send 1400 dollars to receive the loan I did and never received the loan because they kept asking me to send money for the insurance

Hi Gerald,

It's wrong that this happened to you. Here are two things I recommend you do:

File a complaint with the FTC and the consumer protection agency in your state.

Also, please read this information on advace-fee loans for your reference.


I got a couple of the your friend died funeral home e-mails and just had read the scam alert from the ftc, will read your posts whenever you send them.

Thanks, rocco! So glad you're reading the scam alerts and that they've been helpful to you.

were it my claims ?

Hi SNBxay0676,

The best way to find out the status of a refund claim is to visit this page, which includes cases that resulted in consumer refunds. You can search for your case and it's a good idea to revisit the page to check for updates.


I purchased Sensa from ShopHQ.com in Jan 2012. How do I get my money back?

Hi smmyers,

Please read this article, which details the FTC's refund process. Also, here's information on solving consumer disputes and it's also a good idea to learn how to identify and avoid refund recovery scams.


I also want to know how to get my money back from a Sensa purchase. I followed the links above but I was not able to find any relevant info. The article on the FTC's refund process ultimately goes to a page: Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Refunds. Refunds that either have already been paid out or that are in the process of doing so.

The FTC’s Sensa Hotline number is (202) 326-2784. Call that number for updates on the refund process. Right now, as of May 1, 2014, the refund program administrators are still developing the appropriate process for filing a claim and getting your refund. When this process is determined, the hotline message at (202) 326-3784 will have instructions and the FTC's refund page will also have the information.

Great information for the scampers & pyramid schemes are just another way of getting monies from the elder and younger ones who have not research the companies and pyramid schemes seem to be increasing daily. I try daily to be aware of emails and phone calls. I try and be alerted and my inner instinct always alert me/. Any time something sound too good to be true, it really is untrue and a scheme, scams, or a pyramid is working to get our hard earned monies we worked so hard to received when we retired. Once again thanks for the information and alert news.

Thanks so much, wait4memz!

By the way, if you haven't already, you may want to check out this information on multilevel marketing and sign up for our Scam Alerts.

I hope you can get my money back. I have lodged claims with FTC over a year ago. Perhaps it will help to send you a reminder.

Hi Walesitu,

Please continue to check this site for updates on cases that have resulted in consumer refunds. You may also read more about the FTC's consumer refund process and get more information on how to resolve consumer problems through the FTC and other agencies.


l have business google in new york for maps,videos and music from sept-2009,lam paying 1000 dollares annuals in the desktop office of atlantic express for computers dell,now l have my money in verizon,and they can go to my home office some day 6.30 pm.and give me my money of the business with google from 2009.the peoples of the mobils,are paying by the phone,and maps,videos and music,that they to received,in the phone,but they can do power business,in the time,that they do the job.

I just want to say I am so glad that you all are doing this I have lost quite a bit of money from banks and loans and other financial institutions Thank You so much even Internal Revenue Service Center has been holding on to my refund check that is rightfully due me and I did not know until I open up this email and found it and I am truly truly grateful maybe justice will come to me after all.

I have filed three complaints with FTC. More than once as they are still going on. Yes Verizon got it but, I didn't get the appr. $25,000 and climbing back. And Countrywide had there Class Action but, I wasn't told. The third also had paid back all money. Never once was I notified. For any. Living on SSDI now 900.00 I froze and learn to swing an ax. I am not happy.

A very well known company, Directv, demonstrated the most deceptive business practices I had ever encountered. They racked up $1500 worth of unauthorized charges for services NEVER rendered to my previous address. My credit card dispute ruled in my favor and refunded me all the money. Now over a year later I have the total amount in collections on my credit report as an unpaid bill. Is this even legal for Directv to do? Where can I find advice or information on my rights?

Here's an article about Disputing Errors on Your Credit Report. You can use this sample letter.

Beware of scammers that claim to help you get a US visa! My mother was applying for a US visa and when she googled it a site called visacentro came up. They look like a legitimate website, and have images like the USCIS website, claiming they help with the visa process (which is a scam, I checked the immigration website!). They charged $199 to her credit card and haven't even sent a receipt!! They have no phone, fax or physical address on their site, just a fill in form!! I've filed a complaint with the FTC with the little information I have, what more can I do??

Thanks for filing a complaint with the FTC. Here's our information on Scams Against Immigrants. You can subscribe to receive our alerts and share them with family and friends.

Rosario, this comment is inaccurate and slanderous. Please consider removing it as our business is operating legally and abiding by all laws. We are not scamming anyone, and if you visit our website you will see our entire website and application process if very clear of the services we render, who we are, our non-affiliation with any us government body, and our fees. We are afraid this comment was posted by a competitor in order to tarnish our online reputation. please feel free to contact us

How can I get my money back from these people that call me a offer me a loan and ask money from me for more than $500.00 and still asking for more. what can I do

I was scam a company keep calling me about a personal loan so i agree. i have send these people over 959.00 dollars and i haven't seen a dam dime of the money they promise me, now i just want the money back of the cards that i brought.

I filed a complaint against a scammer by the name of Sam Martin and I was just wondering if by any chance would I ever recieve the money I was scamed out of back

If the FTC has a case in which funds are refunded to scam victims it will post it here. You can also sign up to receive our press releases.

I also bought Sensa and am wondering how I can get a refund from the FTC.

I followed all of the links above to no avail. Not anywhere does it actually say how I can get my money back. :)

The page on solving consumer disputes was quite informative but yeah, most retailers do have a time limit for returning items.

The FTC's Refund Program page only seems to display refunds that have already been paid?

I'm apparently just not seeing the info!
Thank you.

The press release on the Sensa case is here. Also, you can get updates about the Sensa redress program by calling 202-326-2784.

I was approved for a loan with advance cash. Long story short I was scammed out of $1,038 total and still haven't received my loan. They now claim I need a processing fee of $180 because somehow my transaction has been deleted out of the system. Remind you I have already loaded 4 different greendot moneypak cards ($258, $300, $300, $180). I believe it is completely unfair for me to invest so much money into getting a loan. Totally defeats the purpose of needing a loan at all. Advance Cash has told I can't have a refund nor cancellation of my application. I don't have the loan but they claim they will still be taking my monthly installation fee out of my bank account. This is completely unfair

You may be interested in reading the FTC article on Advance-Fee Loans. This article teaches you signs to spot loan scams and provides information on dealing with debt.

Is there any way to receive money from a company using MoneyPaks? I was scammed when I supplied two NetSpend MoneyPaks. I had to pay in cash, so I can not get reimbursed from my bank.

I was scam be the greendot india money scammer it hard when you on a fix income and trying to get a loan to get out debt all they do is put you in more debt something must be done about this kind of scam jail to good for them

I applied for a loan back in February of this year. I was approved for twenty five hundred dollars and the company told me I had to send them money for security to show I would be able to make payments every month. they got me for eight hundred and eighty two dollars and I did not get my money. know they say I have to send more money to get my eighty hundred and eighty two dollars back Know I cant find anyone to help me I do not know what to do I filed with everyone I could I think of but no one will help me.

Exact same thing happened to me today I sent 1015 and they want more to return it

I was scammed in 2013,by Jessica Mantev who I was buying the vehicle from and Donald Wilson was the person at money-gram to receive the money. I was purchasing a vehicle, but found out it was a scam. I lost $1900 and that money wasn't easy to come by that was my school money. I called the police and I thought I made a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online. I contacted Craigslist and I didn't receive a response. I contacted money-gram but they did respond. After contacting all these people I thought a case was suppose to develop from me being scammed, I guess not.

We bought a mattress at this store. They gave some free pillows for purchasing the mattress which they asked us to take home. We wanted to cancel the order later before it was shipped and took the pillows box to return them back and cancel the order. Now the store manager says we need to pay for those 6 pillows at a cost of 100$ each as they won't take the pillows back even if the box is not opened. They have not mentioned this to us. We had another mishap at that store as we were negotiating the return/exchange. My toddler had a small accident on one of their display bed. We were terribly sorry for that and apologized. But it looks like they are taking an advantage of the situation. They are now demanding us to buy the floor model for $1400 that has been on the display since FEB-14. We will be happy to pay any penalty for the mishap, but to buy the floor model bed for $1400 is painful for us. I don't know what their policies say about penalties for such issues.
Any help of advice for us to deal with this situation in this regard is greatly appreciated. Please advice us on 1) how we can cancel our initial order by returning those unopened pillow box without having to pay for those free pillows 2) how we can avoid buying the floor model bed for $1400 and pay any penalty fees. Thanks for your advice.

It don't seem to matter what you say or do once you get ripped off you are on your own, no one will help you the scammers just keep going day after day over and over no one will help you but no one will stop them either. Tell me where they are and I will get all of our money back they will beg to give it back. I have a big heart I want to help people. But the fact is they go on and they get better at it they practice can't you track where the money goes, who pays the phone bill that they use to call you. Track the calls where they come from where they are. Then go grab them but they go on every day and your told they can't be caught, well what if they had your kid or robbed a bank or threatend the government then they would be found and grabbed but because it partly our fault because we fell for it we suffer. There not from our country but they are here making a good !living off of ripping us off and tomorrow they will again. Yet NO ONE does anything! WHY then when they get there money they laugh at you over the phone. Please someone get me an address and I will promise you they will no do it again. We are alone. Well its not over its just begun with me the FTC BBB police attorney gen. No help my last dime went to the green dot card for loans that I never got then to them

I was scammed at the Hermosa store at the Las Vegas airport. I was promised the over-priced face cream I purchased would drastically improve my wrinkles. I was shown impressive before and after pics. I was running to catch a plane so did not have time to really check out this vendor, but since they had a lovely shop in the airport it seemed OK. However, when I used the product when I got home a few times my skin became inflamed. I cannot find any scientific evidence on their web site to make me believe the stuff works at all. I am now trying to return the product, but they won't call back or return my e-mails.

Hi, Pat,

Please file a complaint at ftc.gov/complaint. The FTC uses consumer complaints to detect patterns of fraud and abuse, and to take action.

Well I was scammed and now me and my three kids dont have any light and we r struggling everyday I filed a complaint so I hope they do something and the company woodbine referrals beware

I filed a complaint with the FTC against New Hope Modifications out of New Jersey. I was duped along with several thousands of other people that they could save our homes, we lost $1200.00. That happen in 2009 today have not received anything. There must be other people out there that lost money to New Hope Modification?

Allandale lending company aka woodbine referrals guaranteed me a loan with a contract that I printed off and a promissory note all just to steal 2000 dollars from me at my weakest point in life. Beware, the reviews on their homepage are fabrications, any other reviews are negative.

I was Scammed for 2000 dollars by a company called woodbine referrals. Aka allandale lending group. They will not answer my calls or return them. The owner is a man named Daniel Hudson. I hope the FTC can get a case against them.

Wondering if anyone has been scammed by Blue Sky Concierge, a travel discount club. They promise "no one can beat our prices" but found that NOT to be true, and the other places don't charge any membership fee. We paid a gigantic "negotiated" membership fee we found out later others in the same room at same time we're offered for much less. Refused us and credit card company to return our monies.Since then have been having fraudulent charges to account and all sorts of scam emails and calls and have had NO contact about travel discounts. In fact, they threatened to sue me for fraud if I contacted others about this.

I scam by some people saying they were giving me a government grant for 9000 but I had to buy money pals I never used them got me to give the number they said to load the loan on it and that was it money gone.

I still cry over losing our beautiful home to New Hope......They were caught and the law let them file bankrucpy .So sad to know our laws would let them do that....Heartless People.....

I saw a truck on craiglist and call this individual and he told me that he was selling his truck for $2200 so i go ahead and paid him that money then he told me to send him $1,550 for shipping do I di then after that no answer from him or his email. Help me please am 59 yrs old thank you .

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