Job Hunting

If you’re looking for a job, you may see ads for firms that promise results. Unfortunately, some job placement firms misrepresent their services, promote nonexistent vacancies, or charge high fees in advance for services that don’t guarantee placement.

Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know

An employer may do a  background check before hiring you or making a job decision. The FTC and EEOC want you to know about your legal rights.

Choosing A College

Getting the answers to eight key questions can help you avoid pitfalls as you pick the college that's right for you.

Dealing with Job Loss

Tips to help you get back on your feet professionally and financially after losing a job.

Job Scams

Here’s how to tell whether a job lead may be a scam.

Job Scams Bookmark

Looking for a job? Job scammers are looking for you. Here are tips to help you recognize job scams.

Choosing a Vocational School

If you’re considering a vocational school, here's how to know if the school is reputable, will prepare you for a job, and is right for you.

Look Out for Modeling Scams

Offers to help you start a modeling career may be a scam.

Diploma Mills

A diploma mill is another name for a school that grants worthless degrees. Here’s how to recognize and report them.

Mystery Shopper Scams

Interested in mystery shopping? Here’s how to distinguish real opportunities from bogus offers.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

Need money for college? Here's how to avoid “guaranteed” scholarships.

What to Know When You Look for a Job

When you apply for a job, potential employers may request a background report. Get your own copy of your credit report first to make sure it’s accurate.

Government Job Scams

There’s never a fee to apply for a federal or postal job.