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Did You Hear It Through the Grapevine?

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Searching for a hot holiday gift? In the market for the perfect pump to wear to a special party? Scouring sites and blogs to find a deal? Online shopping is convenient, but how do you know which reviews to trust?

If you’ve got a minute, here’s a video about how to read those reviews and recommendations you’re seeing on the screen.


And for those who make recommendations as part of a marketing program, here’s a video on how — and why — to do it right.


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Hello Carol Kando-Pineda, nice post :)
Really very helpful video for peoples.

Awful video—movement may attract people's attention (they taught you that in video school—it makes the viewer think something important is about to happen), but it does not aid in communication. The object of the video is to communicate. It's hard to read, and the music (well, it's not actually music; it's just blap! blap! blap!) is highly distracting. I didn't finish the thing, and I'll bet most people don't.

It is great that the FTC is looking in to these fake review blogs. When it comes to web hosting these sites are only driven by the commissions paid out

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