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Have You Been Bamboozled?

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Bamboo: it’s not just for tiki huts anymore. In fact, because it grows quickly and with little or no pesticide, it has become popular in products that range from flooring to furniture.

But according to recent FTC lawsuits against, Leon Max, Macy’s, and Sears, when it comes to soft textiles, like shirts or sheets, items that are advertised as bamboo are really rayon. What’s worse? Some bamboo wannabes were promoted as environmentally friendly, but manufacturing rayon — even when it’s made from bamboo — is far from a “green” process.

A little Fabric 411: Rayon is a man-made fiber created from cellulose found in plants and trees and processed with chemicals that give off hazardous air pollution. Any plant or tree can be used as the source of the cellulose, including bamboo, but the fiber that’s created is rayon.

So, what’s the bottom line for shoppers? Soft “bamboo” fabrics on the market today are rayon. If “going green” is important to you, “bamboo” clothing might not be the right choice.


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