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Scammers Target Businesses with Fake Emails

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A favorite trick for rip-off artists is to pretend to represent a trustworthy and respected organization. Today — and we mean that literally — we’re hearing from businesses that have received email exploiting the good name of the Federal Trade Commission. We don’t want you to lose money or valuable information to a scam artist sending a phony message claiming you’re a target of the FTC.

Scammers have sent thousands of emails that appear to be from the FTC. These emails to businesses claim that people have filed complaints about their companies. So if you get an unexpected email that claims to be from the FTC and that asks you to click on a link or attachment for information about consumer complaints, don’t open it. Don’t click on the links. If you do, it may install malware on your computer. You can forward the email to, but you should definitely delete it.

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A friend of mine can not open her yahoo account and suspected her account was hacked, changed her password and do not have access to her own account. She ask help from yahoo support was asked for her security questions, which she said she already forgot the answer on it, since she registered way back in 2009. She is worried that her account will be use for fraud or scam and spamming. Jane

Received Chase Alert, Checking to make sure everything is good with your Internet. Due to several Failed attempts to Access to your account, we Temporarily deactivated your Account. You have to Reactivate your Bank Account in order to continued using it. Then wanted all my information.

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