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Avoid Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scams

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The FTC is mailing hundreds of refund checks to consumers duped by a debt relief services company that ran an extensive credit card interest rate reduction scam.

The company, one of many shut down by the FTC, used illegal robocalls to pitch reduced credit card interest rates, and promised thousands of dollars in savings and a faster route out of debt, to boot. The consumer had to pay a fee in advance. 

The irony of this type of debt relief scam? Consumers could have called the customer service number on the back of their credit card, and with a little patience and persistence, had their interest rates lowered for free.

Protect yourself:

  • Hang up on unsolicited pre-recorded sales calls. The best way to deal with a robocall is to hang up. If your phone number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry, you shouldn’t be getting these calls unless you have given a specific company permission to call you. Otherwise, the caller is a company that isn’t obeying the law. 
  • Don’t share your credit card, bank account or Social Security numbers, or any other personal information with telemarketers who call you out of the blue. Once a scammer has your data, they can charge your credit card for their own purchases, sell the information to other scammers and use it to commit other fraud against you.

If you’ve been a victim of a credit card interest rate reduction scam, file a complaint with the FTC. To register your phone number or report a robocall violation visit the Do Not Call Registry.

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How can we stop these card services calls. I have registered with the Do not calll for both landline and cell phone. I have reported to the Attorney Genersl of MN. Also my cell phone company has blocked up to 5 numbers for 3 months without charge. New numbers and more calls keep coming - every day - sonetilmes more that one. My cell phone is for emergency messages from the nursing home where my husband is. I want these numbers to stop. Please help stop these people calling. Our telephones are for private us - not advertising scam operations.

Scam artists and shady businesses don't always follow the law -- including the Do Not Call Rule. If you are getting these calls and can't get to stop, you might want to ask your mobile provider for a new phone number. Avoid giving the phone number out especially on forms and through websites. When you share your cell phone number with businesses they sometimes share that information with other businesses and with data brokers.

No! I'm sorry, but a citizen shouldn't have to get a new phone number to avoid these scammers. Besides, the scammer will find out the new number in no time. I want a politician to campaign, in part, on this phone scam issue. We need somebody who will promise to shut these people down, now.

I have a list of over 30 phone numbers and I agree that all US Atty Generals need to step in arrest every person in each call center. They can all testify against their superiors in exchange for 5 year prison terms. The superiors must pay back with 25% interest to a state charity and serve not less than 25 years in prison.

They are nothing more than customer service/sales representatives. The FL Dept of Agriculture and consumer services is in these offices 3-4 times a year.

The reps shouldnt do any time, they have a job and are not breaking any laws, the owners are

Many of the so-called "customer service/sales representatives" are rude, take revenge by calling more frequently, and have the audacity to curse people out who ask questions or complain. Hard to have sympathy for them. How about getting an honest job?

I received a call today, and when I asked if they were scammers trying to obtain credit card numbers, the caller called me an idiot and told me to shut up before hanging up on me!

The employees have jobs!
But because they accepted instructions to hang up if any normal inquiries are made depicts a causal relationship due to the knowledge imparted by the employer or its representative and therefore does not afford the employee non-culpable status. Granted they may not understand the legality BUT ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. There own moral set is questionable too.

Hey "Used to work there" These Customer Service employees are breaking the law as they know that they were talking to people on the do not call list and hanging up on anybody that stated that! How about posting the company that you worked for so We the People can start calling them!

You mean to tell me you think that someone who is knowingly calling and harssasing people shouldn't do time?

I used to work for a telephone company and I had to quit because I felt bad for the other person on the line amd was also tired of the rude responses. It is not necessarily the telephone interviewer or the receiver's fault. I did not understand what I was getting into when this was my first job years ago. Yes, the telephone interviewer can make a mistake and forget to put someone on the do not call list, and in that case it may be their fault. However, these kinds of jobs can be intimidating, and can mess you up mentally. These are only people. Human beings who are trying to make a living. Maybe there is not another job available. All I suggest is to look at the situation from both the caller and receiver. However, the company itself should be at fault in this scenario, not the telephone interviewers who had no idea that this person was supposed to be on the do not call list. I hope this was worded correctly and this was clear enough.

This number almost got me

404-874-6445 called me today and was talking about how I can lower my credit card interest rates . I immediately told them never to call me and that the call was being recorded for my purposes. They hung up after that but the funny thing is ... I don't have a credit card and the FTC warns consumers from there website about these interest rates lowered scams . I tried to call the number back but it doesn't even ring it just hangs up. 404-874-6445

I agree with Greg. I shouldn't have to keep changing my phone number because the FCC, FTC, and Fed Gov won't crack down on this. This is happening because it's now so easy to get a fake, virtual phone number without proving identity. I know all the privacy buffs out there want anonymity; but as a result we get harassed daily by frauds. No one should be able to place a call from a number that can't be linked back to a person. Period.

Ha! good luck with that....HAHA!

Changing your phone number will not help in many cases. Many of these calls come from spoofed phone numbers that go to legitimate people and businesses. Even if you block the number, you will likely get another call from the same telemarketer but from a different number and until the phone companies start verifying numbers of the callers before your phone even rings (which they are trying to do, but it is difficult and expensive) there is no protection from these people.

I bought a canned air horn, when these jerks call me, they get blasted. It's amazing how these calls have slowed down. Let's fight fire with fire!!!

Great Idea Lin! Gonna get me one of those noise-makers too!

Ha Ha ha!!!

The real issue is that cell phone companies sells cell home number lists to them. I had a pay as you go from walmart no name attached. never got a call, until one day my wife went to uscellular to get me another phone and put her name on it, I get these crap calls 5 times a week now. i want to know how we can stop cell phone companies from doing this.

I receive about 7 scam calls a day on our land line. When I started to get them on my cell phone downloaded a free app to block numbers.
Scams, credit card reduced interest, social security number being revoked, amazon account being used at another IP address is a new one, IRS is going to arrest me, Microsoft is shutting me down. Things are out of hand - and the calls come in under fake caller ids.

I've been looking for a contact number or email for Do not call registry. I filed complainant on Do not call registry website for robocall and later I noticed I filed wrong phone number. I misstyped last number. I can't find contact number for correcting my mistake. What should I do?

I have been filing complaints on these robocalls for a month straight...several calls a day. It is REDICULOUS that in order to stop them i would have to CHANGE MY NUMBER??? Seriously?? It is a lot of work to get your new number out to everybody that needs it. The Government should TRY A LITTLE HARDER to get rid of these low life scammers...I PAY TAXES and would like to get something out of it one of these days...

Hi, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, many of these illegal calls come from outside the country, which can make them very difficult to trace or regulate. The FTC's action plan for combating robocalls is available at

If you get a new phone number, then you get even more calls. They get the list of new business numbers and everybody calls even more for credit card service.

I started getting these calls over a years ago. It started out a few a week now it is multiple calls a day. It is always a different number it is pointless to file a complaint nothing gets done. The usually start with "Hi this is____ with card services" I know there must be millions of people getting these calls a day and I don't think you are doing enough to stop it. It can't be that hard to follow the money trail and see where they originating from

I got so disgusted with "Rachel" at Credit Card Services after registering with DNC, pressed their #9 and asked to removed from their calling list, I bought an air horn. Now, I ask them to remove me from their list and blow the horn into the phone. It has not stopped them completely but they have dropped dramatically in numer and I am supporting an American company by buying the air horn!!!!

I cannot agree more. Now I have a loud screeching noise on my computer that I play at full blast and put the phone up to my speaker. Sometimes I bait them in by saying "hi!" very nicely then slamming the screeching sound into their ear. The calls have dropped dramatically. Fight fire with fire!

Rachel must have retired, Emily is now making these calls

"Hi, I'm Jill from card services" This has been happening to me for over a year. I have spoken to them when they call and politely asked them to remove me from their all list. They politely hung up and the calls keep coming. Please investagate and squash them for I am at the end of the road.
Respectufully, Jim

We should not share our credit card, bank account or Social Security numbers, or any other personal information with telemarketers...It may be risky.

Make the waste their time. Pretend that you are interested, and when they are really involved in it, start making fun of them. They will curse you. Keep provoking them. Laugh a lot; that seems to aggravate them. It is free entertainment. You may learn to enjoy it.
They do have your name and perhaps also your address.

I do this all the time to them. I make them go through the whole thing, then tell them I don't have credit cards, which I don't. I have been called some nasty names. I say then don't call me cause I will press 1 and waste your time.

This is the best answer I have seen! Every minute of their time you waste is a minute less they have to harass others. Make them pay for their perfidy. If everybody did this, their game would become less profitable and the "free market private enterprise" would find a different criminal activity (like hijacking your mouse cursor). The same tactic is helpful when you get a traffic ticket and when the solar panel telemarketers call.

On my answering machine, I recorded my regular message, but at the end I recorded the tone for the number 1 on the phone touchpad. I got the tone from an online Dual-tone Multi-frequency (DTMF)generator for free. Now for most of the calls, even when I'm not at home, they try to talk to me. My answering machine messages typically sound like "Hello." blah blah blah "Hello, can you hear me? Hello." and then they hang up. I get a little satisfaction that I'm wasting their time without even trying. Being criminals, they probably aren't too bright, so they'll probably never think to remove my number from their list. Feel free to pass this along. The more this happens, the more of their time we can waste.
Some telemarketers hang up before my answering machine even starts recording. I think that if it hears sound from the receiver's end for more than a few seconds, that it assumes the receiver is an answering machine and disconnects.

I had a company call me today, Financial Solutions, and tell me they were filing a lawsuit against me for being in breach of contract. After telling them in JULY (on a supposed recording for the FTC, so said their "legal dept"), that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT agree to anything and to NOT charge my card, they had the gall to call me and threaten me by first posing as a Visa Fraud Division rep! When I called the number the "Visa" guy gave me, I swear I was talking to the same guy for "Financial Solutions". When I told him that I did NOT agree to anything, he said "please hold while I talk to a manager, Christopher Bradshaw, he's monitoring the call". Not 5 seconds later the guy came back & said there was a mistake and that they apologize for any confusion/inconvenience. I told him I wanted WRITTEN documentation and he said I would have it within 3-7 business days. This is insane. I have been on the phone with Visa, my bank, the FTC, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today trying to file a complaint. What they are doing is clearly illegal. I figured that out while on the phone with them in July. The FTC had a press release about the exact same thing from 2007. These folks need to be shut down! Unsuspecting older people or younger people will probably be scared into paying them at the threat of a lawsuit where they think they could lose everything!!

I had a new robo call spoofed phone call today 2/17/14 My caller ID showed USPS from a town a couple miles from mine. It used the same exchange as mine. I le my answering machine answer it the robo call started as soon as the answering was activated. It was the same old line about credit card interest.

I also got another one saying they had been receiving signals erroneous signals from my computer and offered to correct the problem.
I told him the problem had already been taken care of and hung up. I checked the number a it was from Peru. I found a scam that I hadn't heard of before.

My son who purchased a wedding ring at the cost of $7500 + and hooked into a 28% interest rate and not only that the sales person talked him into a bunch of insurance (life, disability etc) he has paid on this card for over a year and still owes the over $7500. And then they wonder why people go bad on loans and CC. It's sick and I will never use that store ever.

I have received these calls from Credit Card services. I am finding it hard to report them for they are phishing (fishing) numbers, from all over the US. When I call back sometimes I get the message that the phone number is not connected or I get a recording. Lately, I have been watching my caller ID and if I don't know the number, I don't answer it, but that haven't slowed them down. They are calling about 2-3 times a day, on my cell phone and my land line. I am on the DNC list, and I have followed the push 2 to be removed from their list, I have also tried to talk to the person and they hang up on me. One time I even pretended to have a high credit card interest and amount, they hung up on me, I guess I said the interest rate. Is there anyway I can do anything else? My parents are receiving the same calls and have tried the same things. They do not ask for a name of who they are calling also.

If you are on the Do Not Call Registry and you continue to get robocalls, the best thing to do is hang up. Pressing any number can lead to more calls. You can report illegal robocalls to

Maybe the FTC can ask the NSA where the calls are coming from?

Articles like this really annoy me. They do absolutely nothing except collect hits from people trying to figure out how to stop the calls. And the advice given is worthless to everyone. Hang up immediately and you will continue to receive more calls as they recall again and in addition sell your number because it listed as a valid number. Block the numbers? Get real. These are VOIP chosen almost at random, they are not real phone numbers. Try calling one back.

Better: answer the call, press one, spend time, real time talking to the poor sad soul so desperate for job she will scam people out of their credit card numbers. "Can you repeat that please? I didn't get what you said." Wait while i find my billfold... purse..... where is that d*n thing?" Make up numbers, starting with the actual four digit beginning, but those last numbers are well --- kinda worn out difficult to read. Wait maybe i should let my ____ (wife, son, uncle, aunty Betty...) talk to you. "Let me see if their home." Just right next door." Funny she's usually home on Tuesday mornings. "So explain to me again how this works"....

For the record, my record is 31 minutes. 31 minutes of an old ignorant guy bumbling around unsure of which of his ends is up. 31 minutes of an old guy who can't find his glasses then after he finds an old pair can't see past his nose, but loves to talk about the weather and cousin Fred who just died. The point is if this were even a percentage of their calls, or even the willingness to question, debate or argue, their call volume would plummet. Calls become time consuming and far less lucrative. Don't hang up, discuss.

A second irony, is that since my 31 minute record three weeks ago, i have not received a single call from "Card Holder Services". Thats probably just a coincidence, they have no incentive not to sell my number. But the point is do something that affects the company's bottom line, unlike filing a report to the FCC which only adds one more thing to do for some sorry over worked, honest bureaucrat.

Yes! This is the best way. If they have to pay their people and those people generate no money then eventually this business model might fail, or at least cost the owners money. It doesn't seem to help reduce the number of calls but I work at home and need a short break every once in a while. So I read the paper while wasting their time. 31 minutes is awesome. The best I've done is about 15 minutes. It does seem incredible that the NSA can bug our phone lines but nobody seems to be able to prosecute these guys.

Honest bureaucrat... that's a good one!

Actually, if  you get a robocall the best thing to do is hang up the phone.

Don't press 1 to speak to a live operator or any other key to take your number off the list. If you respond by pressing any number, it will probably just lead to more robocalls.

Read more about robocalls here.

Our government has billions of laws & regulations. They monitor our every move and yet they can't seem to get "card member services" to stop calling our homes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Come on folks, get with it.

I agree! I think card services us a terrorist group that dies this to gain money for their terrorist activity! The Gov. Should use the homeland security law's and resources to go after these ba$t@rd$! They took away our right with thus law, why nit use it to takeaway they're scam and out them all in gitmo!

Received a robo call from "card Services" and the caller id was scammed to read my husband's cell number. They have also scammed other local numbers

Here it is, 2018 and I’m getting these calls daily. I always look at my caller I’d, and on of their tricks is to use a phone number similar to my own. Often the same area code, exchange and then just a number or two off. I think it makes us more likely to answer.
The thing that truly gets to me is that I could use lower rates!!
Last point- years ago I worked for a company doing similar work. But I was the first person. I was to ask a couple of qualifying questions then they were transferred to the actual “salesman”. I quit after a few months, when I could get a phone job that was less shady.

Today I received a robo call offering to lower my credit card rates, and the caller I.D. showed my name and home phone number.


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