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Consumer Protection, Plain and Simple

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Have you ever wanted to know what to do about a problem, but not wanted to read lots of information to get your answer? Sure, it might be interesting, but in that moment you just want to know what to do. 

If your problem was a consumer protection issue, we may have your answer: It’s a free new resource from the Federal Trade Commission that gives you the consumer protection facts, plain and simple. 

On the site, you can find out about credit, debt, identity theft, and avoiding scams, as well as budgeting, opening a bank account, shopping for prepaid cards, and managing your money. The information is written in an easy-to-use, direct style that focuses on the basic information you need, along with the steps you need to take. also has videos and audio read-alongs to support different learning styles and multi-tasking. 

You can check it out at (and its Spanish version, And you can order free copies of materials. Each topic on the site has a one-page article that gives you the steps you need to take to deal with that issue. Order as many copies as you want, and we’ll ship them for free. Don’t forget to share them with your friends, and let us know if you find them useful and how you used them.

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This site is useless. I'm looking for information but can't find it. So typical of a gov't entity. Put the consumer through a maze of useless information and not even have a phone number to call to help you with your problem. I'm recommending to my elected representitives to cut the FTC out of any funds. It would be an improvement.


Please let us know what information you were trying to find. Perhaps we can point you in the right direction.


I obtained my annual credit report and somehow wound up with a $29.92 monthly fee from ScoreSense. I signed no agreement for this service and simply wanted my free credit report. This is fraudulent!

looking for info. regarding Texas law about what businesses/organization can dictate you can do and can not do with the items/products you purchase from them.

Excellent information. Thanks! Keep the information coming.

Consumer Simple. Very helpful.

Last reviewer is correct. There is no info to help a consumer deal with an improper business transaction., in this case an insurance company who will not refund overpaid deductibles and out of pockets after I pay.

Trying to find info on how long an education institute has to give someone before they can start collection. I was a student at ITT Tech, was completely unsatisfied with the level of education i was receiving and dropped out with the intention of going to a state university. The day i dropped out, ITT tech sent the account to a collection agency before i even got a bill with how much i owe them. Is this legal? I paid them today (7 days after dropping out and finally getting a bill) and noticed they had sent it to a collection agency the day i dropped out on the financial history report they gave me.

I was scammed, filed a complaint with the CFPB who did nothing for me. I filed a complaint through other sources from your web site to which they forward my complaint to the CFPB and all I got for a response was "duplicate" so I have not been able to find ANY department that can help me. Why is that?

I did not hear anything back from you when I filed the complaint on the Bank when they took over five hundreds from my checking account. Why didn't I hear back from you guys?

If you filed a complaint with the FTC, you got a reference number for your complaint. You can call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357, or write to:

  • Federal Trade Commission
  • 600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
  • Washington DC 20580

Include the reference number for your complaint when you write.

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