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It’s Your Money

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When you were in school, did you learn about managing your money? I remember learning how to write a check — strangely enough, in music class — but that was about it.

A new resource from the Federal Trade Commission takes you through important steps in managing your money. This section of talks about making a budget and opening a bank account, using debit cards, and saving money when you shop. It also gives you information about prepaid cards, using phone cards, and sending money overseas.

It’s not just talk, either. There are tools you can use, too, like a budget worksheet to help you plan what you spend each month. (It even does the math for you.) And there’s a worksheet to help you compare prepaid cards, so you can tell how the fees stack up.     

Since this site launched in late 2012, we’ve heard from teachers and parents that they’re using these resources with their kids and students of all ages. Some have told us they themselves are using the worksheets. 

You can read more about these topics and order free copies of all the materials. Each topic has a one-page article with the steps you need to take deal with that issue. Order as many copies as you want, and we’ll ship them for free.

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I feel this would help me manage my moneybetter. thank you

hi sir in gov if im out usa how can iget money

How do I report a bank that isn't paying the interest they advertise. Everbank advertises .86% after 6 months but only pays .61%.

Us bank will soon get a massive lawsuit for declining and removing money from checking account due to glitch! And I ate dinner and bank card got declined saying insufficient funds when I had plenty ! And I wish Applebee's would have filed charges because guess what I had plenty to cover meal in my checking account and it was humiliated

I just opened a bank account and did 4 jobs and got paid by checks and 1 check came back but i paid the bank back and now the bank closed my account for suspicious activity and said i can't have the rest of my funds back,i'm only 18 and just starting to live my own life and the citibank is refusing to give me money,how do i get my money from them and the bank manager is a raciest

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