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Looking Online for Your Valentine?

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Lots of people use online dating sites to find love. Unfortunately, cupid can sometimes be a con artist in disguise.

Be sure to know the difference between a real romance and a scammer cruising for a target. If an online love interest asks for money — for any reason — you may be dealing with a scam.

Got a minute? Check out our audio tip for more on how to avoid a broken heart and a busted wallet.

Online Dating Scams

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I sure know the pain of being robbed of all you have and who you are.Life is never the same again.We feel like fools,guilty,confused,lost and Alone.Someone you didn't know took your money and your life away.
You can't do anything about.Live each day trying not to remember ,the pain for me is just to much.My Cross... Peace!

When You sign up with them there is a hidden clause they will automatically bill for the next six months even if you do not request to continue your subscription. It goes from $62.00 to $83.94. People need to be aware of this. I just found out as I paid through paypal and they had an auto renewal in August.

I have tried to be duped into sending money to "gentlemen" I have met on the dating sites. I never have fallen for any of it as I had a gut instinct from the beginning that it was a scam. They want all this info from you, tell you how much they have fallen in love with you via e-mail correspondence for 2-4 weeks and then suddenly, they are in a foreign country on some job and need thousands of dollars to tie up a "deal of a lifetime" with a promise to pay you back in double or they have a sick kid back in the states that can't get medical treatment because the dr wants payment up front. Ladies & sometimes men - beware! I wish I knew where to turn these people in to put a stop to this. I save my e-mails as proof and never, I say NEVER - give out your address, phone # or any personal financial info!!! No matter how much they profess to love you, they will never answer any of your questions if you turn their own questions to you around back to them.

I experienced the same on a christian dating online site; met 2 "geologists" who pretended to be in love with me; and eventually asked me for money for a Contract or supplies, etc. On the 3rd occasion that I met another geologist I told him about my prior experience and he never wrote again. Iam glad that I really had not money to send anyway but I know that other women can fall victims and I wish I could warn them.

Scams in the UK can be reported to:

They take a lot of information and give you a case number and password if you need to add information later.

I too learned this painful lesson the hard way...

I'm sure I will never trust men again after all of the scammers I have online dating. My whole life has been ruined by them. One of them pretended to be a soldier in Afghanistan, claimed to have a very large sumo f money in Malaysia and needed a bank fee to get the money out. Somehow he talked me into selling my house and sending him the money in order for him to get that money and he going to retire from the Army and come back and we were going to get married and buy a new house. He had even created a phony banking website proving his bank account showing he had over a million dollars in it. He had a username and password to get into his account in this phony banking website online. They are professionals. They prey on women who are alone a lot, without children, friends, and are looking for a mate and love. They don't care about age or what you look like, of course, because they never intend to meet you ever anyways.They listen very carefully to what you want in your life, they become that man, they want the same thing you want, they love you, send you love letters, poems, make you feel wanted and loved. Its all a big fat lie!!Some hints. Try to get them to Skype with you. They will never show their face because it is not going to match what is on their profile. You think its some good looking well off, older, white, or Latino, guy in Florida, and really he is a 23 year old skinny black African in Nigeria. Try to get him to talk to you any way you can. He won't. You will not be able to understand his African accent at all so he will not risk talking to you. Remember, all you love is a picture of someone. Its not real. They are liars, and the worst scum of the earth and they will never stop as long as you are in love with them, they know they can take you for more and more. Don't try to trick them, or get them to admit it. Just don't ever talk to them again. Its the only winning move. Never, send them money. Not even if they are dying and they will always love you forever. Let them die. Its ALL A LIE!!!!!! DELETE THEM!!!! Don't end up like me. I lost my house, my SUV, all my money, and got my heart broke over and over again until I finally learned. I have nothing left anymore. Nothing. None of them loved me. None!!!

Broken hearted, this just happened to me. I lost my husband of 10yrs last May and they prey on widows middle aged women. And boy are we stupid. But they count on us to be to embarrassed to say anything, because our friends and family told us it was a lie.I do know exactly how you feel. I gave him every penny I had at Christmas and I have four kids. I am being evicted right now because I can't pay rent but it will be ok because he's sending me money. I did some investigating on my own and found this guy had 200 facebook accounts and he was usually a soldier. and he usually had Miller in his name. But I believe the picture I fell in love with was either a victim too or a poor soldier who has died there. But now they have 200 pictures of me and I'm not a bad looking 47yr old, I'm afraid they will try and scam some poor old guy with my pictures. I have reported this scam twice but no one has gotten a hold of me. I would have them post my pictures with a warning sign. We need to go to the media or something because you know they are scamming so many other women. Did your guy have a birthmark on his right check. Boy there clever too. My guy finally admitted that he was a fraud. I'd like to just have one hour alone with him so I can cut his throat. It's so cruel what they do, and all we want is just to have someone love us. But they are master manipulators ya know. Maybe together with other victims we could help. I will pray for you and I hope you get ahold of me.

Please I have been scammed too by 3 losers and your story is so familiar. Nobody understands our situation. As they have not ever been so victimized or scammed themselves. It would be great to chat with you. My name is: Kelly

I also was scammed by this Sam scammer it seems I lost 2k. He was sick in Paris and count pay Doctor to get his papers back. Had huge checking account showing online anyway swore would pay me back. Then they tried for more and I knew then it was a scam. .... so I deleted them.

Im sorry that you lost your house and so much I was scammed too and the person rather monster evil.beings threatened to extort me on facebook with nude photos. He wanted a thousand dollars or else.He stole my identity and opened up account. I feel like you eight months of a lies Its painful and grieving.Thankyou for posting I felt so stupid
for believing lies. we are good people who had a bad thing happen


Who wants to prove to those sadistic "astrologers," spying on me possibly with a Ford infrared tracker, to make a lot of money predicting my own future in all walks of my own life, that I really am going to marry my own fiancé in India from Facebook?

Just had someone try it on me had 2 different stories going on and yes i does make you fee like a fool. I told my son what was going an and he told me mom you are pretty witch helped some and every time this we hope was a guy stared about he was in Nigeria waiting for his inheritance I told him I'm poor. I know there are some lonely people out there but in my experance you can't fall in love in 2 days with someone you don't know and i
by day 3 want to marry them. he had all kinds of questions and wanted me to answer them and I said we hope it was a man because I said i wouldn't answer any more until he answered the same questions and he kept saying where it should say he should say want she or her to he said him or he to then he ask for my email and I never gave it and finely when he decided I wasn't going to give up mu email that's when he told me he really wasn't from Michigan as he first claimed then he was a son of a gas and oil man who left him an inheritance but he was waiting for it and he loved me so much that as soon as it got there he was coming straight here spend the rest of his life with me I've been on my own for so many years I'm not looking for romance or anyone to fill an empty spot in my life but for a brief second it did seem nice to have some attention but I kept saying we haven't talked and I'm in no hurry and if it's ment to be then there is no hurry and I refused to say I'd marry him

Wow ladies my heart goes out to you and ...mine? Well recently I met a guy on a dating site it was absolutely gorgeous just my type just my flavor we were hitting it off he was available he was sending pictures I was sending him pictures but I was still aware of the fact that he could be a scammer 2/2 to 4 weeks of talking he had to go to Cape Town South Africa due to business and everything was going great and the calls were a little less because of the distance

but all of a sudden he asked me for a favor just send him iTunes gift cards I paused and without really thinking about his feelings I sent him a link about the iTunes scam the one on online lovers online Romance online dating when they ask for iTunes to automatically I put him in the category of a scammer

he was so insulted by that that he sent back all types of insulting text me like so bad I can't even repeat what it was it was just horrible he made fun of me and that's the end of that all of a sudden a 54 year old man turned into an 18 year old child texting me and that's when I became suspicious with this age it's just certain things you don't do

so I said listen don't text me anymore let's just stop this and I'the reason why you're so offended it's because it's the truth he has this fabulous profile on LinkedIn and these guys are smooth and I reported him to the dating site so they're investigating him this recently happened I think his LinkedIn account is false I think those that endorse them they're all false these guys are smart but he didn't get my heart but he did play with my Heartstrings none of the guys I've met that almost took my heart away got any of my money and I thank God for that

but this guy was the smoothest he took a long time to ask me he didn't take a week or two he took 4 weeks and I was supposed to meet him in a few weeks this business trip he's supposed to be this big millionaire who has an engineering firm anyway it's over my heart goes out to you woman because I don't feel very good today and I didn't feel good yesterday it was worse because he tugged at my Heartstrings you know I was beginning to look forward to meet this guy I know he's handsome and just 6 two just a stallion and nope

I even told family and a few friends about him and now I'm embarrassed but I have to tell them what happened and one thing I learned from this is nobody's going to get my heart again that way nobody's getting my information nobody's going to get a picture I will continue to do online dating because I'm a woman who is by myself I'm 54 have no children I'm alone and that's what he targeted it good looking girl but he saw me as this one will go to we could possibly use but he's wrong I told him I'm smarter than he thinks so I will overcome this and may God be with all of you and let's not make any more of these mistakes again with the heart with with nothing we're smarter than this thanks for reading

Thank you for sharing your story to help others. I'm glad you were watching out for the iTunes scam and didn't lose money. It's also helps that you reported the scammer to the dating website.

Is there any way to find out who this people are in the pictures these scammers use? The person I was talking to sent me a picture of a guy with a little girl. I feel sorry for them, especially the little girl. I wish I could find out so I can tell them.

Hi. I have a similar story. Just happened. He is supposed to be in Capetown, Africa right now. He's supposed to be an architect. Widow with an 8 yrs old daughter. Ask me to send him ituneso gift card so he can use it to call me on his US cell phone. Gave me a number from South Africa to call. I called and spoke to him. When I asked why an iTunes card, he got very upset and asked why I was asking too many questions and he hates it. He made a 360 degree turn. I wish I can post a picture of him or whoever the man in the picture is.

Would you mind telling me the name this person was using? My mom has been "involved with" a man for 6 years...sending him thousands of dollars. He used the name Stuart Matthew.

I echo these reports. I was on a Christian dating site (as well as others) and was scammed. I did not send him any money for his oil well in New Mexico, and blocked him from my phone. He has my full name and phone number. I wonder if I will ever feel safe again. Do not provide any personal information. Only consider possible matches within your own area so you can actually meet them. Mine was a guy in California, all the way across the country. Anyone who says they are about to leave the dating service, wants to chat, wants to communicate off the site are likely not the real deal. Blessings and peace.

A couple weeks ago, I joined a dating site. Had a lot of hits but this particular guy caught my eye. He was good good looking. Said he was a widow with an 8 year old daughter. An New Zealander but came to the states in 2001, living in the in the same state. Gave me his email address and phone number. We exchanged emails and we talked on the phone. He was so sincere on his emails and told me he loved me the first time we talked on the phone. I told myself that's odd. You don't fall in love with someone in a matter of days. Let alone a stranger. Well I fell for him, I admit. The first week of emails he said he got a big contract to go to Cape Town, South Africa and he would only be gone in 3 weeks and we would be together. He even said his daughter went with him. He provided me with a number from South Africa. I purchased an international calling card so we can talk. I spoke to him and told me he lost a baggage that contained his laptop, US cell phone, his daughter's ipoh, ipad and other stuff. One night we spoke on the phone he asked me to get him an itunes gift card so he could use his US cell phone to call me. I asked him why an iTunes card. He said that's what they told him to get so he can all me from his US cell phone. I told him what I know about itunes and it's not a phone card. He said I was treating him like a child and he hates it. I did my homework and found out about the scammers so I emailed him saying if he's not who he says he is he better stop. He replied back with an attitude and saying he doesnt know what I'm talking about and he hates me. Never had such experience. We still emailed back and forth and he kept telling him I really hurt him because he poured out his love and trust in me. He called me fake, a negative person and not real.

any one ever run into a neurosurgeon from Turkey Kerem Bikmaz who also goes by Colby Felani?

he has just contacted me on date site plenty of fish, i have just been looking to see if he stole the dr identity and is real or not. Is he scammer to, must be if goes by Colby Felani?

Dr is real and has a ligit website but many are taking his ID and photos and use as their own. There are at least 10 of them on instagram, go by all kind of names including donaldscott, scottdonald, Kerem Bikmaz ,,, but the real dr has a tv show as well as radio, youtube etc and all in Turkish.

He just started following me on Instagram. I was very leary, but accepted anyway and decided to start researching him because all his pics looked staged and then I came across this website. I have a feeling he is a scammer. Has anyone confirmed it?

He just started following me too. After 5 mins he us already in love with me !!!

He started following me too, under the name Jason George.
Did he call you coconut rum too?

Again I was in counter by same guy Fake Dr. Anua can’t remember last name. Used a real Doctor from California I eventually talked to the real doctor he was using his pictures from online. I was devastated, heartbroken and ashamed. Later hit again with the iTunes scam for another 300. Before the doctor years ago I was hit with purcashing a puppy online hit for 2 k then. Ladies they feed on our vulnerability, look in your neighborhood if you can find a guy there RUNNNNNN....

I got to know someone on okaycupid sometime at end Dec, had been for almost 2 months, his name is Aaron Jaci he said heis working as private investor at New York, after 1 week of knowing me he told me he love me and I kinda fall in love with him but I am thinking of he is showing signs of a scammer. Just some days ago he told his project in New York is not going on well so the company needs him to go to Berlin for about 2 weeks so he plan to come to my Singapore straight after Berlin so that we can meet in March. But strangely he asked he said he need to send his luggage to me as it is not safe to bring it along Berlin as he is planning to travel to Australia for his business plan there after visiting me. My friend was telling me this is a sign of luggage scam that some scammers resort to but I am not sure. But I am really uncomfortable with receiving the luggage from someone I have not met in real life so I just rejected him. So he told me it is okay and he will send the luggage to his friend in China instead after that he will ask his friend to send it to Singapore. Now he just told me the luggage is seized in Indonesia as they found that it contains money inside and he need to pay $1000 to release it as its illegal to have money inside the shipment. He had not ask me to help him though But I have told myself I will not get involved no matter how it turns up. But I am not sure if he shows signs of a potential scammer.

I believe I had meet a scammer, this Aaron Jaci actually asked if I could help him to send few funds to Indonesia so he could get his luggage released but he said he will give me back once he had completed his work in Berlin. I was telling my good friend on this and we were puzzled how the luggage can get so fast to Indonesia just one day he had sent to the courier service at NY, its very puzzling so now he asking for my help is a clear sign he is a scammer! So I rejected him and told him this is not an appropriate of him to ask of me and I am disappointed that he asked me to help him. But the thing is I feel heartbroken as my suspicions of him being a scammer is finally confirmed and he had been playing with my feelings for the past 7 weeks, and I really thought he is true all this while although I had tried my best to be rational and objective about it but I still kinda felt for him. But I believe if a man really loves you he will never ask you to help him out financially especially if its short time of knowing each other worse off you had never met before in real life. He will settle it on his own, a real man will never do that. By the way I met this scammer on online dating site called okaycupid which I heard is a hotbed for scammer so all just have to be careful with making friends there. I had disabled all my dating apps and its really bad experience so far so I really wanna say goodbye to all these online dating sites.

Just a warning; Beware of ladies contacting you on Tagged . com. Got duped out of $2000 by lady who calls herself Roslynn Alexander, Beaux Bridge LA

I recently met a man on, he called himself "John Miliband; he has what I would call an odd British accent, but what he called a 'cockney/Australian' accent as he spent the past 28 years in Australia working as a geologist. He was 55, and posted and sent numerous photos - all of the same fairly attractive blond-haired man. He had a lengthy story about his deceased wife, his 32 yo daughter, his 4 grandchildren in Calgary Canada (recently moved) etc... We spent 6 weeks first emailing, then moving off Match then talking... it was summer and we were both traveling and it was hard to actually meet...

After 4 weeks of communicating he found himself 'stuck' on a business trip to Taipei; currently working as a "bepsoke" jeweler, he had purchased more then his anticipated budget of a bumper crop of 'cheap' fine gemstones, and was short the additional exit tax to return to the US.

First, his trip extended by 2 weeks before he could get his money and paperwork in order... during this time, he was very attentive and complimentary, calling at all hours (due to the time change between the US and Taipei)- and saying all manner of sweet, though subtle & odd things - this is what first sounded alarm bells for me...

Finally, on the day of his departure from Taipei to the US, he called three times from the airport to say there had been a glitch and he might get stuck again for some time, in Taipei, and could I help him transfer the $ he needed to exit from one of his 'offshore accounts' to another of his 'offshore accounts'... I knew then that something was up, though I wanted to believe in the best of this supposed person...

After much pleading for asistanc, i did log into an account that he gave me information for - for a John Miliband - from a "Rothschild Bank". I typed in the info he shared and brought up an account that had a $6,973,000.00 balance... as he asked me to then set up a transfer, the lightbulb went off and I hung up...

He texted me the following day to say he was still stuck in which point I asked him to never again be in communication with me.

I have reported this interaction to and our local police department... but what a horrible violation of trust and humanity - I wish there was something more to do.

He's now on eHarmony !!!

Can someone please tell me why a man would want your mailing address? He told me he wanted to send me a $400 diamond ring & some flowers. We have only Ted 2 times. And he says he already madly in love with me. He goes by Flores Eaton McDonald.

He wants your address so he can open a credit card account in your name most likely.

Alexander Freeman is a scammer worked on an oilrig ExxonMobil In Canada. he asked me to be a friend on Facebook. He said he is 69 years old widower with a son called Anthony. he sent me pictures of his sons birthdaycelebration when he was 14 years. He ask me for repairing the macine on the oilrig and transportation of the machine from China His son was hit by a car in Cape Town and asked me for money to pay the hospital bill there. He and his son was supposed to visit me, but was stopped in Cape Town and Alexander was arresten and he is in housearrest in Cape Town. He is still asking me for money.I got a call from a women said she was his lawyer told me he needed 41000 $ to get out from the housearrest there. His son was phone me, crying and said his father was stuck in Cape Town and I was the only one that was able to help them. I was not able to send the big amount and then he asked me to send 500 $ for phone and food. I dont believe him anymore

It started on the Zoosk site. Couldn't believe how handsome he was. I contacted him to tell him I would like to get to know him. It took a few days but he responded. He offered personal information fairly soon, all seemingly reasonable, but some heart-wrenching. I shared some of mine as well. It built intimacy and he went for the kill, meaning "love." Believe me I felt it. It was like nothing I had ever felt in my life and previous relationships. More like euphoria. It went on like this for two weeks. He let me know his company was bidding for a big job and eventually won the bid. We were supposed to meet one another but suddenly he had to leave to complete the job half way around the world. I still heard from him at least twice a day. Then materials he ordered for the job were stuck in port and he had not heard from a shipping agent he hired to monitor the shipment. He went on to explain that he had money and sent a bank statement revealing $15,000,000. Claimed he needed me to transfer some of the money because he wasn't in he US and therefore could not complete the transfer himself. I found out the bank where the statement was from had no such rule. I also kept pushing back telling him to use his lawyer or a business associate. No, it had to be me for privacy reasons. Little did he know what a financial dilemma I have been in myself since the market crash and Great Depression of 2008. He kept pressing. Finally it dawned on me that anyone with that kind of money has a few credit cards at least. He had also volunteered that this bank account was one of many. Needless to say, in spite of him always wanting the truth from me, he couldn't handle my suggesting that he was a scammer. This puts you in the position of losing a person you have real love for even though you have never met or see one another! I thought I was losing my mind but now I'm facing that all the photographs I was sent and his writing and speaking ability were hugely influential. I am completely in love with the picture of one man and the personality of another. It is so bizarre. I fret that I will never know the person whose images I fell for will never be real. I fret that his identity was probably stolen and used as the basis for the entire story sold to me lock, stock, and barrel. I do have to say that for years I've lived without love because my trust was so damaged by a sociopath when I was quite young. It was an even bigger issue with this person because we had never met. Then I remembered that the guy I knew so long ago lied about everything, rational or irrational, and he was right in front of me. The imposter then had another pass to continue communicating with me. It did all come down to giving him money to "release" the items withheld in port so he could finish the job and come home. I never gave him a dime simply because I don't have it. Yet one thing I will be grateful for always was him being able to break through what I called an iron shield around my heart. The day it broke, I cried for hours having never been able to cry for years and years. I feel I am a changed person from that experience. No psychiatrist was ever able to give me that much relief. I have desperate feelings of wanting to somehow find the man in the photographs. But it is impossible. As far as the other, I'm sure he will cut himself off very soon because he cannot get any money out of me. Best wishes to all of you going through something similar. It's a phenomenal hoax because all the details line up. Just incredible.

Has anyone run into a scammer that goes by Scott Wolf?

Has anyone else been approached by a romance scammer claiming to be 'stuck' on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. After weeks/months of romancing his target he announces he needs money to pay his crew before he can leave the rig to come meet you?

Sounds familiar. Widowed. Daughter in school. Wants to go a medical excursion to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He asked for an iTunes card & I did not send it. So he can up w this need.

I just have been threatened by a so-called gentleman from the Army trying to scam me in to getting him $1000 to get him home so we can be together, he even send me nude photos of his body and his daughter, I couldn't believe that I had allowed myself to fall in love with this jerk, now I am in my nightmare and heartbroken, never again, I am learning my lesson!!

Has any of you been contacted by a certain Niklaus Rothfuchs, who says to write from Meiringen in Switzerland? He declares himself Senior Officer of the US Department of Defense and has put very nice photos. About 60 years and, obviously, a widower. Known on Tinder. To date, he has never asked me for money, although I think it was just a matter of time and he would have done it. but he asked me to send a request for leave on his behalf, since he claims to have been sent to the war zone in Syria.

And you want to know when ??? Of course, just when we were talking about seeing each other .... What a fool I was. The bad thing is that I was very sick. I sent him an email with which I made him understand that he understood that it was a scam. Never heard of again today. Please, be careful and do not send money. I write from Italy

Thank you for your comment.

Hello, Ciao
Yes, I was contacted by Tinder and also correspondence by E-Mails. I was asked to send a request end of march 2018 and up to him he was transferred to war zone in Syria from Meiringen End of March and in April he has sent first mail from Syria. I was asked for him to sent the request for leave from the war zone to the U.S. Department of Defence, Lt. Wailliams Cook. How did you know it was a scam? When people search for a partner, they start by writing with several people. You are from Italy and he was in Switzerland, maybe that was a reason to stop contact? I have sent money and also informed regarding scam. He promised not to be a love scammer. Please give me an answer.

Hello Gisela, same was happen for me - same time, same story and he said he is in detention in Dubai could come. I paid a huge amount of money and he also promised not to be a scammer.

Never sent money to request of info@ dodgov. com
Mail from US Department of Defense, Public Communication Section:
"This is in response to your recent inquiry about verifying whether the DoD e-mail you received is legitimate. Thank you for sending your message.
This is a scam. The person you are corresponding with is not a real member of the U.S. military or government."

Is the contact still available? If not at that time it was stopped and how does it go?
Please give response on this website.

Niklaus whatever asked different women for the leave request, me too. Gisela, if possible give a feedback to me: "What was the exact time period of your mail correspondence with him?"
The given mail address from DoD and the name Lt. Wailliams Cook doesn't refer to the U.S. Department of Defence. It is used by scammers.

Ricky Strickland is his name now..Beware

Do you have picture?

Has anyone come across a scammer going by John Alfred, says he is on oil rig. Uses pics of that Dr from Turkey also


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