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Patching Things Up

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Update: If you’re wondering whether your device was affected, you’ll be relieved to know there’s a new webpage for HTC users that lists affected HTC devices and the status of updates, along with a toll-free number for information (866-449-8358) that is staffed from 8 am to 1 am EST.

If you own an HTC phone or mobile device, you may be affected by a settlement announced today between the FTC and HTC America.

According to the FTC, security failures in HTC devices left users vulnerable to hackers. If exploited, these security problems could allow crooks to install malware or access sensitive information stored on the device.

As part of the settlement, HTC has agreed to provide security patches to fix affected devices. If you receive a message from HTC or your mobile service provider about a security patch, install the patch right away. Otherwise, the personal information on your phone could be up for grabs.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to keep the security software and operating system up-to-date in your computers and mobile devices.

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FTC staff will host a Twitter Chat today from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET to answer questions about the HTC settlement. Follow @FTC and tweet questions with the hashtag #FTCpriv.


I'm an HTC user. How do I know if my smartphone is affected?

Hi, the FTC's complaint alleged multiple different security problems, which affected different devices. In the complaint, each section includes a statement about which operating systems or devices were affected. Generally speaking, many, many HTC devices were affected, so if you have an HTC, you should be on the lookout for messages about security patches. If prompted, please install the patches right away.


Could these issues you have described be related to all the "errors" and "forced closure" messages from different apps?

No, the error messages are not related to the security issues.

I was very Hacked , I believe it happened from some one that I know.
For 3 years , I have had constant Computer repairs , the computer totally wiped, over & over again. Obviously, the same hacking & software still returns , as soon as I return home or my jet pack from Verizon. However, I have discovered that someone close to me has changed , the Sum cards in my Mobile devices, also keep breaking into my network , no matter what. They have broken into my car, my home phone, any new email accounts etc. with no recourse. I am very aware that there were remote connections, to my computer, also that I have called the Police, I have been blown off, by everyone. My children have been also victimized also. There is no end to this . It is apparent , that even our phones have had malicious apps installed to cause constant malfunctions in our devices. It is apparent , that someone is causing such issues, to discredit our reputation, with the help of a few people out of Vindictiveness. This is Criminal due to , constant thefts , destruction of our property & constant , being , blown off , as to just ignore it. Well, it's obvious that there is some person who goes above your regular IT person. Will any other victims . Get any relief ? I am sure there are many more .

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