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A (Potentially) Taxing Situation

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Tax season is here. It’s time to get your files and forms in order. You may be well-versed in W-2s and 1099’s, but do you know that an identity thief can mess up your tax files or even get to your tax refund before you can file for it?

Tax-related ID theft can happen in a few ways; all of them involve your Social Security Number (SSN). If someone uses your SSN to get a job, the employer reports that person’s income to the IRS using your SSN. When you file your tax return, you don’t include those earnings. The IRS doesn’t know those wages were reported by an employer you don’t know, so the agency would send you a notice or letter saying you didn’t report that income. 

Sometimes an identity thief uses your SSN to file for — and get — your tax refund before you file. Then, when you file your return, IRS records show the first filing and the refund. You’ll get a notice or letter from the IRS saying more than one return was filed for you.

If this happens to you — or if the IRS sends you any notice or letter indicating a problem — contact them immediately. Visit the IRS  online or call 1-800-908-4490. Specialists will help you get your tax return filed, get you any refund you may be due, and protect your IRS account from identity thieves in the future. 

One additional point: the IRS never starts contact with a taxpayer using email, text, or social media that asks for personal or financial information. If you get an email that claims to be from the IRS, do yourself a favor: don’t reply or click on any links.  Instead, forward it to

On February 20 and 21, 2013, the FTC, federal and state enforcement agencies, and consumer advocacy groups will hold a series of Town Halls in South Florida to discuss how to combat tax-related ID theft.

If you suspect identity theft, learn more about how to repair the damage.


myself and 2 other coworkers got the same call from 800-258-3658, it was an automated system indicating I over paid my taxes last year by $4,000 and gave me options to have the full amount transferred to "account on file", or have it half or fully donated to "help the animals charitable organization". without choosing or selecting anything (because this was all on my voicemail) it automatically selects to transfer the entire balance to the charity and all representatives were currently busy. All three of us received the exact same call/message. Sounds fraudulent.

another scam going around Asset Acceptance and their pond scum tactics. Just got a 1099 reporting a forgivness for a unvalidated alleged debt reported to the IRS and it is not a valid debt!!!!! watch out for them

They are also stealing Social Security Numbers and reporting liens in your name and under your social security number so when you go to file your tax return they steal it and you get a notice from the Dept of Treasury Financial Management Services in Alabama stating the monies have been applied to a past debt. They are stealing your tax return money with this scam. They have been using this scam since 2005 on US taxpayers.

should people e-file?

The IRS website states that e-file is the "safest, fastest, and easiest" way to file your taxes. If you e-file, experts recommend that you don't use a public computer or a free public wi-fi network.


The IRS has a unit to help vitims of tax-related identity theft:

IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit

After you've contacted them, you'll want to take these steps to repair any other damage caused by the theft.

wonder why spouse had refund sent to my savings?/never before had any refund.

It seemed as if someone filed my taxes for 2012.It was not me I did not file as of yet and I never authorized no one to file for me in the past nor present

You may want to contact the IRS's special unit for idenity theft:

IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit

I have a suggestion regarding this; I was the victim of (non-tax-related) identity theft in 2011. Is there an e-mail address or a person I could submit it to? (confidentially)yzer

Victims of identity theft should take these steps right away to limit the damage.

Capital One sent a bogus 1099c to the IRS, and not me. The address for Capital One on the CP2000 is fake, so the IRS is looking into it. I will sue if I have to, but why should I have to pay money because someone claims they wrote off a debt from a company I've NEVER USED, and never tried to collect this fake debt from me in the first place? Isn't this America; "Innocent until proven guilty"?

Capitol one is a nightmare.I disputed a charge off and they were at fault. Rather than reverse it, they want us to reapply for credit and they will issue a 1099 to us. We want to pay it off--not receive a 1099. Does anyone know why they cannot reverse a charge off when it was their error. I have spent countless wasted hours over a four month period!! They are the worst company ever. One department does not know what the other is doing. We have been so misinformed and so uninformed after calling to get updates while they "review" it! HATE CAPITOL ONE!!!!!!!!

My soon to be ex husband impersonated me to get my social security 1099. He wants us to do taxes together and that's ok and if he had asked for it, I would have sent it. He somehow got it and I don't know how. Social Security verified the online block I put on and no other address is listed but mine. Is this a crime?

Go to to read about what to do if someone steals and uses your personal information.

i received a call and i let it go to voice mail. the message said i was i was in violation of a tax law against me. the number they gave me was 678 971 7365. i called it because i know i pay anf file taxes every year, but wanted to find out all i could ,i reached a recording telling me to call back later everyone was busy. i planto call back he had an accent, sounded middle east.

I just found out that someone filed my taxes last year and I would like to know what I can do to find out who it was .if anyone has a answer for me email me

If someone pretended to be you and filed taxes in your name, that is tax related identity theft.

This FTC article explains how to uncover and deal with tax related identity theft. It tells who you can contact and steps to take to correct identity theft.

I just want to alert people out there, I just went thru a bad situation, I was scared. My police station and my credit cards told me to report this scam or fraud. I was getting phone calls from the IRS Internal revenue mentioning to me that the IRS has submitted a lawsuit on my name, because I tried do to a fraud with the IRS Internal revenue service and we are taking a legal action and we are issuing an arrest warrant on your name to get more information regarding this case file call us back on our department number 404-283-0747, 661-462-7983, 717-276-1442 and 256-371-6513 Please don't answer this calls, call your police station near bye and let them know about. A heard a lot of people are getting this call. This people I spoke to were asking me for 5,500 and to pay it with gift card and to mail the gift cards to 1111 Constitution Ave NE Washington DC 20224

I received a phone message Susan Brown claiming to be from the inspector general's office of the social security administration to inform me that my SSN had been discontinued and that I should call the help line at (443) 885-0358 and give the case number provided to receive a new SSN. The call sounded like a robot or computer generated voice. I will not be calling the number.

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