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When money’s tight, work-at-home opportunities can sound like just the thing to make some extra cash. Unfortunately, many of these “jobs” are rip-offs. Today, the FTC announced that it will mail over 50,000 refund checks to consumers who were scammed by Real Wealth, a company that allegedly peddled bogus work-at-home offers.

As part of a major crackdown, the FTC took action against Real Wealth in 2010, charging that the company made false claims when they said people could earn a “substantial income” using their products. The company tricked people by selling them booklets that supposedly explained how they could earn money working from home, mailing postcards and envelopes and applying for government grants.

So how can you avoid these kinds of scams? Take a minute to listen to our audio tip, and learn how to evaluate claims about work-at-home offers.

Work-at-Home Scams

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I am glad that this news was given to me because I don't want to get a scam via this people or business that are lying to me. God bless you.

I have been taken by a Company just like this. I am so mad because the money that I sent them was every dollar I had considering I am a single mother age26 of two boys and we just lost our home and have been homeless and I have been trying to get our lives put back together and this was just another fail. AND ANOTHER HARD BLOW TO THE GUT

I am trying to find out if a company named People Solution is a legitimate company. they are supposed to be a Mystery Shopper Company

You might want to take a look at our article Mystery Shopper Scams. You shouldn't have to pay to be a mystery shopper.

If you'd like the FTC to look into a company's practices, please file a complaint at We use your complaints to investigate companies and bring lawsuits. We can't address complaints if they are submitted through blog comments.

When I first looked into "working at home" opportunities, it was estimated that 49 of 50 offers were scams. Recent numbers that I've seen are actually worse. The scammers seemingly can promise "anything." and do. Many tack on logos of TV shows that they claim to have been featured on or claim to be recommended by a whole host of reputable companies or people. I've read about people let go right around the time that they were to be paid.

Yes, there is a lot of advice on the internet as to what to look out for. At the same time,I'd still be hard pressed to look at a site and be able to say, "Now this is a legitimate offer." Is the only reasonable advice to avoid all offers of work at home job opportunities?

Trying to find out if the business for Global Pro Systems is the real thing or another pyramid scam.

Can anyone with knowledge of an organization calling itself "Excel Cash Flow" comment? Is there any place where all scam home business 'opportunities' are listed? I don't mind spending $97 if it is genuine and I can earn much more than that. Please help me before I fall into a deep hole.

EXCEL CASH FLOW Scam!I signed up online to make money from home, the advertising stated that a payment of 97.00 would be required so I signed up, then it prompted me to pay $19.97 to learn how. Paid a total of 116.97 this transaction occurred on 7/22/2015. There was a 60 day refund guarantee. On August 25th I called into the customer service center and requested a refund, I was told it would be refunded to my credit card in 5 to 7 days. 10 days later I called back asking about my refund, I was told they were unable to process the refund to my credit card and a check had been mailed to me on Sept. 1, I should be receiving with in 5 to 7 days. On September 15th I called in again and was told that the Sept 1 check was stopped and that a check was processed on September 11th, I should receive in 7 to 10 days. On September 21 I called in, was told that the check was not mailed out spoke with a supervisor Jonnie employee number 0142 and she said the check was not mailed that they are refunding the money to my credit card with in 24 hours. Today I called in to again inquire and was hung up on, when I tried to call back I got music then silence and was hung up on three times, when I called back with my called id blocked it went right through. I filed a complaint about the business with the FTC this morning. The gentleman I spoke with today would not let me talk to a Supervisor or Manager, he indicated to me that the check was processed on Sept 11, and I just need to wait. This is the 4th story I was told. I asked why was I told it would be processed on my credit card, all he said was he was sorry and I should receive the check from the 11th, that it takes 7 to 10 days. I informed him that I was told the check did not go out, and it is over 7 to 10 days. He said to me a Manager would call me back today and then basically hung up on me. I’m not holding my breath for a Manager to call me. i filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB

Does anyone know if a company called "share the wealth" is a scam? Its free and they place an advertisement on your facebook....

I always get these.

Getting lots of emails saying I'm owed money

I am getting emails from this place saying I have money I need to verify the payment.
Is this another SCAM from them?

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