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Tough Luck, Hackers

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Every day, you hear about scammers, hackers, and thieves using the internet to steal money and financial information from people. Just as we do things to make it tough for bad guys to break into our homes and our cars, we can make it tougher for them to break into our computers, too. You can take simple steps — like keeping your computer software up-to-date — to deter a hacker and protect your financial information.

Want some more tips? Here’s a new video with steps you can take to keep your computer secure.



I need to report money hackers from bank accounts, insurance and credit card companys

Is the FCC up to date on hacking via bistatic radar, unsuppressed muffler resonators, and sileanoid ignition arcing used by truckers and delivery drivers? Delivery drivers are ALL using LIDAR lasers and SAR to tap landlines and cell phone conversations.

Groups of truckers cluster around a non profit fundraising telephone business, or an armored car for the purpose of hijacking info and $$$$.

18 wheeler cabs and Uhaul rentals, are purposely left overnite for a week at a time to case the area and surveillance cams over registers to remotely count incoming assets and attack the vehicle at a following location.

Repeated robberies fulfill Redemption Theory Strategies of this anti-tax militia run by Iranian Limousine Drivers.

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