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Mystery Shopper Reveal: Are You Selling Entertainment to Kids?

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Guess who recently went undercover to see if entertainment ratings were enforced when teens tried to buy age-restricted video games, movies, or music?

It wasn’t Columbo, Sherlock Holmes or the Pink Panther.

The FTC’s newest undercover shopping survey on entertainment ratings enforcement, found that while more retailers and movie theaters are doing their part to enforce age-based ratings by turning teens away from buying non-appropriate entertainment, there is still room for improvement.  

In the meantime, parents can continue doing their part by making sure kids play by the rules. Check out the latest information on entertainment ratings to help you determine what’s right for kids in your life to watch, listen or to play with.


This is such a sad thing to hear about. It is so sad how the media is sending kids downhill. Parents should support entertainment safety.

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