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This is National Consumer Protection Week!

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National Consumer Protection Week begins today, and it’s the biggest and best NCPW in 15 years. Thanks to 64 federal, state and local agencies and nonprofits that are putting the spotlight on the critical consumer protection work they do year-round, consumers have easy access to a tremendous variety of timely, useful information about recognizing and reporting frauds and scams, managing credit and debt, using technology, and staying healthy and safe. is more than a destination for consumer information; it’s also a source for outreach tools to share with your networks and communities – both virtual and in-person.  Read the latest news and views from consumer protection experts on our blog; share videos, articles, audio tips, and blog posts; order free resources; or file a complaint.

NCPW only lasts a week, but our website is live 24/7/365.  We hope you’ll visit often to stay informed and involved.


I would like to get brochures to hand out to our group and organizations in Schertz
Please advise

You can order our resoures at


I think all Business should run a report on A propective costumer,then if they do not pay as agreed a Certified Letter be sent demanding payment before it is turned over to the credit bureau.This would stop A lot of Fraud and ID Theft,as well as helping the Economy.(Be Positive)

Why do we get extremist government in all areas except for consumer protection? Aren't you supposed to fight for us - rather than explain to us that bending over the table for USA, Inc. is good for the economy?

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