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These Prizes Were No Gems

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It’s exciting news — the caller says you’ve won a new car, a boat, jewelry, a fabulous vacation, or a cash prize. All you need to do is buy some vitamins — for $300 to $500 — to claim it.

But this “promotion” from American Health Associates is really just the latest scheme from a repeat scammer, the FTC says. A scheme that’s now been stopped, thanks to the FTC.

People who paid got nothing but vitamins or were sent “prizes” like cheap costume jewelry or lithographs worth a lot less than what they had paid.

So how can you tell if a prize or sweepstakes is the real deal? For one, you shouldn’t have to buy or pay anything to win. In fact, telemarketers are legally required to tell you that. For more on spotting a phony prize promotion, read Prize Offers.

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I received a letter form National Data Advisor from PMB 346 53 E. Merrick Rd Freeport NY 11520-4056 Saying I'm a guaranteed cash prize winner! I like to know is this a scam?

Guaranteed prizes usually are a scam. Usually the "prize" is just a trick to get you to send money or personal information. You can file a complaint about this at

385-229=3023 tried to scam me with a free winning... sounded like a foreign call

You didn't stop Consumers Services of America phone number 877-376-1202. I signed up for a vacation package 3 years ago and never got any further info on it. They contacted me a year ago and said to reactivate it would cost $169 for two more years. I paid. A couple of weeks ago, they called again and demanded another $169 and I told them I still had another year on the year befores payment and they denied it so the guy said is your credit card still the same an I said it was but don't even think about charging it and they hungup. Just noticed they charged me $698 on my credit card. I'm disputing it with the credit card company but they lied saying I agreed to it. These guys never sent me anything in three years on how it worked or what I could do. Tried calling but they never answer. Googled them and it appears many people were scammed the same way. These people should be put in jail in Iran.
Steve Monks

Did u guys recieved any fund from national data advisor

Do not call or send junk mail or email. Unsolicited phone calls not accepted.

I regularly receive phone calls advising I have received a prize from the Publisher Clearing House and have to call the claim dept. to retrieve the money.
The number to call: 1.876.356.0728. When I block my number and call, they will not accept my call. The person who leaves a message on the original call was John Carter and he made a point of repeating his name. He did not sound professional.

The same person with the same number and lots of other numbers from Kingston,Jamaica with the 876 area code are scamming my elderly employer out of tens of thousands of dollars!! DO not deal with these people. They will stop at nothing. "john Carter" just called her and left a message that he is the FBI and she needs to send $2000.00 cash to claim her prize of 80 million dollars,which she sent today. She has dementia and believes what they are telling her, like many other elderly. If anyone has any suggestions we are open to any and all of them. Thanks.

I'm getting several 5.5 million sweepstakes and 2014 Mercedes calls, even after I threatened to turn in their number. I always ask who they're calling for and it is always "Alberta White". When I said no Alberta here, he said "No no. I was speaking to Alberta White next to me." Hahaha! Here are some numbers they've called from: (they all begin with 876) 581-7419, 897-0753, 328-2424, 847-0089, 292-0508, 470-0135, 452-4289, 870-7493, 779-0725, well, there are more. I tell them I know they are scammers. Sometimes I ask if it is Albert White calling. Just can't get them to stop!

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