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Top Complaint to the FTC? ID Theft, Again

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When it’s award season in Hollywood, being #1 is what it’s all about. But in other settings, there’s nothing admirable about coming in first. For the thirteenth consecutive year, identity theft is at the top of the FTC’s list of consumer complaints.  

The FTC received more than two million complaints in 2012. Nearly one in five was about identity theft: the misuse of personal information like a Social Security, credit, or bank account number to commit fraud or theft.

The thieves were most likely to go after people’s wages, government benefits, tax refunds, or credit card and bank accounts. Others opened utility accounts, got medical care, took out loans, and rented apartments.

If you suspect that someone has stolen your personal information, act quickly to limit the damage.


If you think someone used your information to get a job or tax refund — or if you get a notice from the IRS indicating a problem — contact the IRS immediately.

Your credit report may show the first sign that someone has misused your information, so check your report a few times a year. You have a right to one copy of your report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. Ordering one free report every four months is a good way to monitor your file and spot errors early.

For more tips on spotting and stopping identity theft, visit


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Yes, in fact, we have articles about Payday Loans and Online Payday Loans. We also have a 1-minute audio tip about payday loans.

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I suffered severe ID theft after a move in 1999 that still affects me as I cannot change my SS # and it is still being used in other cities by thieves. The police considers this a civil, not a criminal matter, so nothing gets done to help ID theft victims put their lives back together. Can anyone tell me how safe it is the give your SS # over and over again to MDA-choice? I get 100's of pieces of junk mail per week even after signing up with them to stop junk mail. But it made no difference at all, and I wonder if I made a mistake giving them my SS#. Thanks, Cb

What can I do to keep a cyber stalker away. He has been on me for over a year, I did not know until after 8 or9 months, so he already has all my info. He redirects my phone to sites for his benefit, example: I go to support to report my email is hacked and instead of getting direct with Microsoft, I get a Microsoft support company who first tricked me but now I am on to it. I cannot reach itself, only who he will let me reach on my own phone. No one believes me my phone is hacked along with my computer. I have a hard time believing it, but I see I am constantly redirected to an improper place. I feel stalked, hacked, frauded, stolen from and terrorized. Help.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence has information about internet safety and cyberstalkers. They also have a hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE.

1 in 728 chance for a House Fire and we all have Insurance for it. 1 in 3 for ID Theft and we have NO

I just realize that I am being stalked, hacked,any type of info that is placed on my desk to this individual(s) can see it, they have access to my email, cellphone records, bank account.this individual(s) have enter my address in my cell phone and change numbers, deleted pictures, and also stole my cell phone. And is reading everything that is being type. To them they think its a game, and thinks it is funny. They even have it set up to received copies of my texts. The main individual has anger problem and upset because of a career lost. Now she wants to blame someone who is cheerful and happy who don't let nothing bring her down which is me, she always has drama, trying to hide how miserable she is, I hope she is reading this because, she is a poor excuse of a lady, I use the term lady very loosely. How sad, sick and disturb. You can run but you will never hide, I serve a God who sit up high and looks down low, you will reap what you so. How can you punished your children and teach them right from wrong when you stealing and hacking into others personal information before you discipline others discipline yourself.

FYI I wish i had good news...but this President has effectively removed, by shelving Bush's EO 13402, the ability of any Federal LE Agency to investigate, arrest, and prosecute identity theft. Unless all of the activity is confined to your local LE jurisdiction nothing will be done.

Hello runswithpugs! I am writing a research paper for my Political Science class on identity theft, and I found your comment very interesting. While I will investigate your leads myself, I thought it won't hurt to ask if you mind elaborating? I'm just needing real statistics and how or what our government is doing about id theft. Thank u in advance for your reply!

Someone has been using my I.D./S.S. # for employment purposes. I need to file a complaint.

You can file an identity theft complaint with the FTC at For more information on what steps to take to repair identity theft go to the FTC Identity Theft webpage. You can also find inforamtion on tax-related identity theft.

I am trying to update my report. When I filed it, I only had one bureau and to need to add the rest. I have my complaint number, but I cant find where to log on. Ideas???

Trying to update a complaint also, can't figure out if or how to do it?

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