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Traveling for Spring Break?

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Oh yes, it’s that sweet time of year again — Spring Break is almost here! Whether you’re off to sunbathe on the sand, see the sights, or ski the slopes, it pays to be an informed travel shopper.

You might find your inbox overflowing with tempting discount offers for your getaway. But can you tell the difference between a legitimate travel deal, and a scam? If you’ve got a minute, take a listen to our travel tips to avoid travel tricks.

Travel Tips

Safe travels!

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If you travel to Mexico, the bahamas, or the Caribean, be aware of the travel membership scams, particularly about Royal Holiday Club. These companies are defrauding tourists out of thousands of dollars. They have scouts hounding tourists from the airports to inside the hotels. The big hotels are on this scam too. They let them operate within their properties because they will be sure that they will always have a block of rooms always reserved by these vacation club scammers. Do not let them lure you to their presentatios. You will not only waste hours of your vacation time, but you will be sorry after they make you drunk, or drug you, into signing a contract based on deception, lies, fraud!!!!

We receive a travel offer via fax at my office. The airfares, hotels are an amazing deal. We can call the 888-520-2840 and speak to people and ask questions, but there is no name of the company on the flyer and I am suspicious. Any data on this company??

Hi, try typing the provided number into your favorite web browser, along with words like "review" or "scam." You might find valuable insight from others. Check out our featured information on travel scams for more tips on when a travel deal could really be a scam in disguise.

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