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The Truth About Cell Phones and the National Do Not Call Registry

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Contrary to re-circulating email:

  • There is no new cell phone national do not call database. There is only one National Do Not Call Registry. It is operated by the Federal Trade Commission and covers both cell and landline phone numbers.
  • Registering your cell or landline phone number is free. Once registered, a number stays on the Do Not Call Registry until the registration is canceled or service for the number is discontinued.
  • There is no deadline for registering a phone number on the Do Not Call Registry.


Scam telemarketers do not care about the Do Not Call Registry -- it makes no difference to them

You have it exactly right Dave. All of the websites that offer advice on how to stop all of the calls act as if we are dealing with people who are fine, upstanding citizens, when in fact, they are absolutely RUTHLESS. They have, in a way,taken over the telephone system of the country, and no one, including Uncle Sam, knows what to do to stop them. They route calls to us so that it is difficult, if not impossible, to trace trace them. There's no end to it.

I have been getting calls that ring once and hang up. From Dominica and Turks. These calls come in the middle of the night, ring once and hang up. There is never a message. What I am wondering is what are they getting from this? Since it is from other countries, I am sure there is nothing we can do to stop it other than add that number to my reject list on my cell.

This is most likely a scam trying to get you to call them back, not knowing you will be charged several dollars per minute for the call. I would check the area code, as there are lists of numbers of the scammers who engage in this practice.

I would like the FTC send send a squad to find and liquidate the operators of the "Credit Card Services" from which "Rachael" is their robot caller. With all of the money the NSA has squandered they need to trace the source of the robot calls take down these telephone terrorists. After all I pay taxes,

The gov. could not care less about this..... The dncl is a total joke, after all, it is a gov. run agency. This problem will never go away. You can complain, and complain and jump up and down, total waste of time.

All I know is that I used to get lots of telemarketing calls, but then I put my numbers on the list and I don't get any. Maybe I'm not on the bad list, but the Do Not Call Registry seems to have worked for me.

You live in a dream!!!!

Either she's telling the truth or it's a comment left by a scammer that makes their living or owns a company that's the very scum we hate. No such thing as too paranoid!!

The DNCL is a joke. I've been on it for years & got so many calls on our landline that we got rid of it. NOW, I get at least 2 calls a day from unwanted callers. I tell them to stop calling, I'm on the DNCL, they are breaking the law & I can take them to court & win money.

When I registered in 2009, it helped for a brief time. Now, I get no message calls. I get several a day that are fake numbers that look local. Calls from around the country. I refuse to pick up. I tell all friends to leave a message and I add them to contacts when confirmed so I'll recognize them in the future. It's all you can do.

We are starting to see the same thing where I live, and the criminals are using MY number to make the calls! Several times a month, I will get a message from a local resident asking me to stop harassing them. I have to call them back and explain that they are being "spoofed", and there is nothing to be done about it. The phone company refers you to the FCC, and the FCC does nothing. I have a business and this is awful!

How about now, two years later?

I’ve been on the list for years and it’s a JOKE. I’ve gone through the trouble of reporting calls by filling out the complaint form several times. The form you fill out during the process says that they will follow up and then contact you. They have NEVER, EVER responded to anything. These government employees are being paid for this. I’m more upset with the Do Not Call List than with the callers. They’re the ones the should be investigated!

Amen they are still calling but a different persons name

I would like the FTC to at least find the people responsible and publish their names, addresses, and pictures. I know our legal system takes longer and is more costly. Reports of prosecutions and court cases would be encouraging. But may be moot.

I totally agree with you. I get 3-4 of these calls from "Credit Card Services" on my home landline and on two government cell phones. Something needs to be done to stop those that are faking phone numbers and calling using voice over Ip. I'm sure that they're not in this Country!

I received the call too. I called my card company customer service to make them aware. She advised that she received many calls a day about this and advised to go to their abuse hotline and file a report with every detail I could remember. She said they are gathering all the info they can get to allow their lawyers to file a suit. I am betting their lawyers stand a better chance than the FTC does. I filed a report with them as well, but it hasn't done any good yet. Call your card company and let them know and hopefully the lawyers of the U.S.A. can get done what the government of the U.S.A. can't.

Just keep changing your number and don't sign up for anything with you're number or confirm any social media accounts with it... Also if you don't recognize caller ID don't pick up. I've never had a telemarketing company call me and those are my secrets. Don't even confirm your yahoo or gmail password with your number. Always hit skip skip skip.

Every time I register a number on the government do not call registry, I immediately get inundated with fraud calls. Someone in this database is selling phone numbers. This has now happened 4 times.

Omg same here. Changed numbers and didn't add to the dnc and no calls so far

Same! After I signed up I was innodated with calls and it hasnt stopped, which has been over a year now! I've blocked over 80 numbers and sent numerous complaints and yet the calls continue to flow to my cell phone. Ridiculous!

Ever since I used the famous "Do Not Call List", I have been receiving more calls? Both home & mobile. Most are foreign but not all. Some are now using legitimate numbers. The morale of the story is, if you do not recognize it, don't answer. Important calls will leave a message. Imagine, a day when we cannot have a phone is here too.

I was having about 5 scam calls a day. I register with the DNC list and got about 20 calls a day.

I suspect it's a terrorist smokescreen. By using a computer program to inundate phone lines, they make it harder to track communications between operatives. No better way to be hidden than to create a crowd. Nothing to back the idea, it's just intuition. Makes sense to me.

I beg to differ! With the NSA, all the different ways that spying can be done, the technology that exists we DON'T know about (the list goes on) you can't tell me that the FTC has no way to track, find, stop and prosecute these nasty, pond scum groups of people! I don't believe that for one minute! All this DNC dept of the FTC did was create a bunch of jobs for people that are sitting on their hinneys enjoying life. Have you EVER heard of the FTC busting up a ring of telephone scammers who were using the DNC list to call and harrass us? What about those who agree to allow the so called "credit services" co., lower their rates? But then again...I'm just calling it as I see it. And pretty much I see NADA from the FTC in the action Dept.

The FTC brings numerous cases against companies that violate the Do Not Call Rule. Here's a list of recent cases:

New technologies have made it easier and cheaper for scammers to call people illegally and to hide from the law. In fact, many of these calls come from overseas.

105 enforcement actions in what, a decade? Wow! Talk about aggressive . . .

well lol, if you added 10,000 more employees then they could double that number

I receive and have been on the Do Not Call List since it's beginning. I have receive numerous nuisance calls on a daily basis and it seems to be getting worse. I wrote my Congresswoman and didn't get any response. (Seems effective enforcement would be a great 'vote getter' for an honest politician). Has anyone in charge of these criminal enterprises been sent to jail over this? It seems to be a form of elder abuse or harassment. I agree with another poster 105 prosecutions over a decade with increased violators is not good enough.

That's pretty funny. Two actions brought so far in 2013. No way can you convince me these violators cannot be stopped. Just a simple question, what the heck do the thousands of government workers at the FTC do all day? Really, what do they do to stop this?

I have registered on the registry and still get 2 or 3 a day why dont u prosecute some of the ones that target me on a daily basis oh i know you are part of the govrrnment u just collect tax dollars and give them to illeagle aliens legal citizens are just here to pay for king obama's latest buz campaign i want to sue these companies!

You can help law enforcement by filing a complaint about calls you get that violate Do Not Call. Investigators look for patterns in the complaints. Your experiences, and all the details you can remember, help us enforce the law in your community and across the country.

If you haven't filed a complaint yet, please report your experience at Your blog comments aren't formal complaints.

I thought that this FTC might be helpful as another form of filing a complaint. But it isn't. In going through the Telemarketing complaint, it asks if you are registered on DNC and when I replied yes, all it does is send me to the DNC file a complaint. I already do this. And since I file daily for Free Bahama Cruise, I was hoping for more since this doesn't seem to be helping in stopping these calls.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service. 

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

I'm a disabled person without the resources to pay for Caller ID and blocking services. So the only way to know who is calling is by picking up the receiver.
Any suggestions?

Your phone carrier might offer some call blocking services for free. This article about blocking unwanted calls has ideas.

Tbank you for this information. You can't expect something to happen if you don't get involved right?

There is no political will to fight these scammers. With all the tracing and surveillance technology at the government's/law enforcement's disposal, it is certainly possible to track them down and take them out of business. Any argument that it is not possible with a reasonable amount of money is just ludicrous. At the very least, the capability certainly exists to block such calls from clearly spoofed and abused numbers.

It is a hoax and farce they can't track them down...BIG brother has ALWAYS known how to deal with this, but they choose not to...They could track people in the 70's on any now is FAR superior.

So ummmmm the FTC sells our phone numbers? or...requires a telemarketer to buy the do not call list? I am sure they line up for that chance......from a 2017 FTC release about rising rates..
All telemarketers calling consumers in the United States are required to download the numbers on the Do Not Call Registry to ensure they do not call those who have registered their phone numbers. The first five area codes are free, and organizations that are exempt from the Do Not Call rules, such as some charitable organizations, may obtain the entire list for free. Telemarketers must subscribe each year for access to the Registry numbers.

The FY 2017 Registry access fees will increase slightly based on a re-evaluation as required by the Do-Not-Call Registry Fee Extension Act of 2007. Under the Act’s provisions, in FY 2017 telemarketers will pay $61 for access to Registry phone numbers in a single area code (an increase of $1 from FY 2016), up to a maximum charge of $16,714 for all area codes nationwide (up from $16,482 in FY 2016). The fee for accessing an additional area code for a half year will remain the same at $30.

I agree with RD. I tell my students this is part of the Home front battle on Terrorism. They can spoof a number with a computer phone system to be any number they want. They are probably outside the USA.

I'm going to call BS on this. The NSA knows exactly where the calls are coming from. They collect all to the meta data WORLDWIDE. The lame ass Obama Administration (and Bush before him) simply cannot be bothered to deal with problems like this. It is after all just a problem for "little people". All the big shots have someone to answer the phone for them.

every telemarketer without exception is a scam! im getting numbers that do not even exist texting and calling me dozens of times per week, and ive been on the do not call list over a year and the calls are actually getting worse!

You might want to check out It wors with certain phone carriers, such as Comcast,though not others. Sgn up with them and set your
your. We use it on our house phone and it hang up on robo calls.

My identity is stolen i have IPHONE who ever was in my phone destroyed my job Now i got new phone with blackberry phone They start changeing my passwords their Is no help no internet police to catch the thief other wise i have to sue monday Google to including apple yu mean yu can not see the blackberry owner His name and all that every thing is Recorded don't tell you can not or be sued my life is conected to that device If yu can not take care of the person Give me name and address i am sick of this

Hey wait a minute, I got a job at a call center and the idea of the people working there is so skewed. If you really think that they are different from the rest of you just because they make phonecalls for a living, you are extremely ignorant. It's a bad job, but it pays.

It's our phones, we pay for the phone service. It's our right to say no you can't call us! Get a job stuffing envelopes. Advertisers already advertise via radio, tv, mail, online. There is no need to bother us via phone! You interrupt our sleep, eating, family time, etc. It is a different kind of job, breaking the law!

We generally don't answer the phone if we do not recognize the number. When I do and there is a pause after I speak, I immediately start hitting the # sign. I am told this messes up their auto dial computer. Give it a try, can't hurt.

thats just dumb. They are smart enoough to create a program that calls but not smart enough to deal the # sign...


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