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The Truth About Cell Phones and the National Do Not Call Registry

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Contrary to re-circulating email:

  • There is no new cell phone national do not call database. There is only one National Do Not Call Registry. It is operated by the Federal Trade Commission and covers both cell and landline phone numbers.
  • Registering your cell or landline phone number is free. Once registered, a number stays on the Do Not Call Registry until the registration is canceled or service for the number is discontinued.
  • There is no deadline for registering a phone number on the Do Not Call Registry.


Websites are asking for a phone number more these days to either send a text message to confirm a web account set up, or, as a means of making sure you log in correctly, or whatever. They are dreaming ways to get your phone number and it needs to stop! Nip it in the bud. Google / You Tube, Facebook are all asking for a phone number now. BS!

is there a charge if the dnc stop the call

So does the National No Call List people sell your phone number to telemarketers? It wouldn't surprise me a danged bit. They have all of your information and there are crooks everywhere nowadays.

Fire all the people that work for the 'Do Not Call' agency. Then fire all the politicians that don't find a way to enforce the law. If they can't, then impeach the politicians for not following our laws. I'm sick and tired of funding government agencies that don't deliver.




Perhaps you don't realize this, but when you type in all-caps it's called "flaming" and it looks like you are yelling at people. Please use lower-case characters, it's the polite thing to do online.

A solution is possible: enforce tech law with service providers that pressing *99 during a call traces the call to true source (not just the advertised Caller ID), logs the true source with FTC as spam right then and there, and blocks that true source from accessing the receiving DID. The technology exists.

The FTC and phone companies can stop this. I sure if these were terrorist groups they would find who they are. We need to put pressure on elected officials to stop this, make it a election issue for candidates.

They are terrorist. They call people everyday and solicit illegally and hide behind the FTC and the Telephone Companies.

Terrorist working under the cover of our government.

If i try that *99 within seconds of next 12..13.. 14... digit overseas number.. then what? Where can i find the true source if that does i fact work? And what then?

This does not work! I've added my cell number to the do not call list and it makes no difference, I am still getting loads of spam calls

wow. not one person has mentioned the one and only thing that would make this go away. it's classic b. f. skinner. the behaviors of the telemarketing execs are intermittently reinforced by an occasional sale when cold calling. the only way to extinguish their behavior is to never provide another instance of reinforcement, that is, if people never again (starting today) bought a product or service from a telemarketer, then the entire telemarketing industry would be totally gone within about 5 years. can we make that happen? dang hard to do so, i would say. it means if you've been meaning to have your roof looked at and someone calls to ask if you'd like to have your roof looked at, you need to [1] ask to be put on thier no call list - the only info you should ever have with any of them - and [2] see it as a reminder or an omen that you need to find someone to look at your roof.

but as difficult as it would be for this to go global, the solution is still the solution. we who care enough to post here or read what's on this page should at least live the solution. spread the word, too, that we have found the solution and it's just a matter of it becoming viral. someone who can make a video put this on youtube. everyone email their friends and loved ones that this will work if we can just be true to the cause of eliminating this pest.

p.s. this would work for street-corner panhandlers, too, and with them it's even easier to see why... if everyone rolled down their window to hand them a dollar, wouldn't there be more and more street corners with panhandlers? of course. and if no one ever again rolled down their window to give out money or food, wouldn't they disappear after a while? i believe that is true, also. telemarketing is the same, reinforcement - even intermittently - is enough to keep them doing it, and more and more over time.

Exactly! But most folks don't know operant conditioning. They don't realize that negative reinforcement (in this case, telling them to stop, yelling at them or trying to offend them) is still reinforcement.

I just recently got a new # & hadn't even given it to anyone immediately my phone was ringing off the book trying to sell me home security. I she'd where they got my number & they said they were a partner with the phone company. I was getting them on the middle of the night. So I unplug my phone till needed.

The phone company gave you a number that had not been out of circulation long enough. Try to ask them to give you another number, one that has been defunct longer.

That's not the explanation. When a new phone number is assigned, your phone company is required to provide your name and address to CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) in order to provide directory assistance. Fake (or unscrupulous) CLECs sell that information. They know you haven't yet had time to be added to the DNC registry. DNC should be the default for all newly issued numbers. To confirm this, ask them if they know your name. Don't blame your own phine company. They are required to hand your info over .

How about changing your phone number !? Would that work?

since i got an apple iphone i've been getting all these freak phone calls.

I also have a problem since i got a Iphone all these very freaky and threatening calls from numbers like 3338659465 and 5619076003 like this one guy threatened me by finding me and hurting me just because i asked him to take me off his call list this has to stop

What we need is a reverse app. That way you put in a numbers that are allowed and only those numbers can call you, and if someone is trying to reach you, they have the option to push a number that will let you know, but they are informed that if they are rejected, they will receive a $1.00 charge on their bill. This app would be awesome!

the phone companies need to be mandated by law to provide a means for callers to flag incoming calls as DNC violations while the call is in progress. A certain number of reports would result in automatic fines and termination of access to the network. I'm sure that this would have an effect.

Why not have a number to call to be put on a call me list instead of a do not call list. . .

I guess because no body would call to be on that list.

The no call list is worthless just like our government; where are the real representatives of the people...the no count, blow hards need to be removed just like the spammers and cheats.

These unwanted phone calls are annoying especialy when I am waiting on important phone calls about possible job interviews. I wonder how many oppritunities I lost answering these annoying calls. These guys need to stop their harrassment. First I was getting calls from "windows techs" then they stopped for now and now I'm getting calls asking for someone who doesnt live here that has a loan.

I loaded an app Call Control which does block the call. It has become a cat and mouse game. The sports bet just uses another number. What is needed is an app that reroute the call to our US govt Do Not Call, our local elected politicians and the phone company we receive our service from.

I got NO harassment calls until I put my numbers on the DNC registry. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but I do know that it's a waste of time relying on the DNC.

Cell phone, land line, the scumbags do not care. No one cares. We need to institute the death penalty for spammers and telescum. I'm not even joking. I despise these people so much it scares me.

Yaknow, that's something I hadn't thought of! Businesses can ask for that list on the presumption that they want to avoid calling people on the list... And, duh, it didn't occur to me until I read your entry, that it could also be used by criminals for more victims. Sigh.

Be aware that "Rachael" the robo-caller is very much active again s=this week. What I would suggest is that with the militarization of all the government agencies the FTC send their equivalent of "Seal Team 6" to take out these telephone terrorists. Even taking them out one at a time would be worthwhile use of all that spy technology. I am posting this on the government run FTC site in the hopes that someone in the federal government will actually take action to stop the telemarketers by force.


I didn't get 1/4 the sales calls- until right after I got on the Do Not Call list. I didn't put the business numbers on there, so no increase in calls. Only when I listed the cell phone number- and then the calls grew like grass!

True, I've tried the do not call number many times, and it does not work. What I do, is I simply DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE! I also don't run for the phone when it rings, if it is not near me. Everyone I personally know, including doctors offices, etc., leave a message. No message, no answer, and that goes for family and doctors offices, etc., should they not leave a message. Also, whenever I'm making a call to a store or somewhere not really important, I block my ID, and then unblock it for family, etc. Sure, my way does not stop the bogus incoming scam calls, but it sure isn't going to ruin my day. I set my ring tone very quiet but still able to hear, and just check my phone messages a few times a day. It is not the best solution, but it works for me, until someone can come up with a better way. I may miss an urgent call, but hey, that's life, because I may also miss it sleeping or taking a shower, again, that's life. So personally I don't give a darn how many times others I don't know call, let them waste their time, but I won't waste mine on them. Everyone that matters to me and I know, always leaves a message, and when they do, I can hear it across the house! So, I don't miss too many calls that are relevant. My ring tone is set to quiet, so I'm not bugged by scammers ringing me all the time, but my message volume is set high, so I don't miss important calls, and the scammers and solicitors NEVER leave a message, so the voice message is not a constant, but rare thing.

That's exactly what I do... Look at my caller ID and listen to my screening feature, between the two, I can rule out the scammers most of the time. Scammers don't leave messages, they don't ring more than one to four times, and their numbers on caller ID are often easy to spot. It's no different than refusing to get up and unlock your front door when a stranger knocks on it, and if you do get up, they don't know that you can see them through your security peephole. It's just a new habit or attitude you need to develop. As you say, you can always call back anyone important you missed while in the shower.

Craigslist is one of the way all these stupid spammers get your phone number and email address. As soon as you advertise in Craigslist, you will get tons of spam calls immediately Yes, I need to put the phone number in the ad because that's how people contact me! This DO NOT CALL LIST is ONE BIG JOKE! No one is going to spend the money to hire a lawyer to sue these spammers, and they know that! THAT'S WHY THEY KEEP CALLING!

Let's get Obama out of our White House!

The FTC's job is to "follow trends" and send you information about your right to sue the caller (which is ridiculous because it's a phished or spoofed number that cannot be tracked, you will only rarely find out who the callers really are). They are not there to protect individuals. It's up to you to wise up, just the same as the fact that your local police will probably expect you to protect yourself in real life too because they may not get there in time. You need to learn how,to be defensive. Read on:

The following advice will reduce the number of scam calls you get considerably: Turn on the screening feature on your phone system, Use it, along with glancing at your caller ID, to eavesdrop on the caller without picking up. Don't engage, don't pick up your phone. Only answer numbers you recognize. Don't block a scam phone number, because they will just create another one, and "better the devil you know than the devil you don't." You can always call back a valid caller and explain why you didn't answer. Try to remember that the person at the calling end is a predator who is out to get you and has no conscience. Therefore, it will do no good to be polite, ask them to take you off their list, give them your email address/home address so they can send you information, tell them you're busy... or try to mess with their heads. All but this last one are considered "soft refusals," and they will call you again because what they are thinking is that you've shown them it's a real number with a person naive enough to answer. As for the last one... If you p--s them off, they will proceed to share your number, and any other personal info about you, with other hackers and scammers, so don't interact with them, it's only "borrowing trouble."

I can guarantee that over time, if you screen your calls and do not interact with them, the number of calls you get will diminish, though they will never go away entirely. It will make you feel powerful and in control, instead of being their victim. I find it to be a very satisfying feeling. Most of these robocalls seem to know if your answering machine answers instead of you, and they hang up the moment your machine picks up and starts to speak instead of you.

Also be aware that the scammers that hang up after one ring, want you to call back... The code for the country they are calling from (like Bahamas, Jamaica, Canada) is the same as yours and there isn't enough room on your caller ID to see it, and if you do call them back, you will automatically be charged a few dollars base fee plus per-minute charges. They know you won't get there in time to answer after only one ring, and they hope you will call back so they can attach charges to your account. Remember: you are not dealing with decent people, you are dealing with predators, you owe them no courtesy, and anything you do or say to them is only considered a soft refusal, which encourages them to call you again and share your number with other scammers. And never play games with them, because if you p--- them off, they know more than you and they will escalate, and you will get even more scam calls, and possibly they will share your info with hackers who can do a lot of damage to you, and even phish your phone number to harm others.

If you still want to call Do Not Call to report these scammers, by all means do, but all the FTC will do with your report is add it to their data base. They will not be helping you individually. I stopped wasting my time doing that last year, it became too disruptive because of the number of daily calls I was reporting and my frustration with the FTC.

REMEMBER: You do not have to open your front door when an uninvited stranger knocks, you would peek at them first through a security peephole (and a phone's "peephole" is your screening feature plus caller ID), and in fact, you don't even have to get up and answer the knock at all... so why would you answer your telephone when a scammer is calling? Would you go to your front door and mess with a stranger? No, you wouldn't. It's a brave new world out there, and you need to treat these jerks with the same "street smarts" you use in real life.

I use my cell phone for work and as soon as I registered my cell number on the DNCL I've been flooded with calls from Wyoming to Texas and everywhere in between. I cannot tell which is a BS call or a work call. Most of these when answered are a busy signal. What does that mean? I end up using my call block feature on my phone to help diminish but really aggrevating!!!

I am extremely upset with this website ever since I signed up my email is blocked and I am beyond pissed off!!' How can I contact someone not a stupid operater!!!

If you want to change your subscriptions to FTC blogs, go to Scroll down and click on “Manage my email subscriptions.” Follow the directions on the next page.

How can you say that "No numbers on the Do Not Call Registry are being released to telemarketers."? How else would they know who they're not supposed to call? I put our home number on the list and our telemarketing call number went up tenfold! Obviously they use the list!

Yes, telemarketers that want to be in compliance use the DNCL in order to not call the numbers on it. Being on the DNCL only ensures that anyone telemarketing you isn't legitimate. Honestly, I think the only answer is to have a "Can-Call" list: you have to pay a small fee (say $500 twice a year) to be on it, and telemarketers can only call those numbers on the list. Every single telemarketing call that's placed to any number not on the "Can-Call" list results in a small fine (say $50,000) and a short prison term (not to exceed 1,000 years)

For years, I've been on the do not call registry. Yet, I get several calls a day on both my cell and my home phone. When I tell them I'm on a do not call list, they usually hang up on me and call keep on calling. I've even been harassed and called names by these so called telemarketers. Obviously, this isn't working, something more has to be done.

On Friday, 4/3/15 I received 34 calls between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm. I have been on the DNCL for years. I generally get between zero and two calls a day. I wonder what was so special about 4/3/15 that I received so many calls in one day. Most were from different numbers. I did talk to one lady and told her I was on the DNCL. In the past I just wouldn't answer, but I was curious why so many? Today I have received 14 so far. They started at 6:45 am and it is now 12:40 pm. I am at my wits end.

The do not call list is pretty worthless. I've been registered for years and I get at least one call a week from scammers and telemarketing jerks. They don't even care whether they are violating the DNC.

Many times I have rushed into my house from my yard to answer our phone to be harassed by a telemarketer.Now, I take my phone outside with me. These calls were especially frustrating when my mother was very ill in a nursing home and every time the phone rang my heart would race with extreme worry.
In order to combat this persisting problem we need to organize and fight as one group. Who wants to get our protestors organized? It's time to do something about it instead of complain which has not been effective.

The State of Illinois has sold the contact info for every licensed insurance agent to every insurance company across the country. I get 10 to 20 calls per week just trying to get me to represent their products. The problem starts with the crooks running the state agencies.

I registered my cell phone but now I'm getting more calls than ever so I put a DNC warning on my voicemail and although they don't call again, I still get multiple calls from all over to my cell and texts too! What happened? Is this list on the FTC site bogus or what?!?

Since 2009, the FTC has seen a significant increase in the number of illegal sales calls – particularly robocalls. The reason is technology. Internet powered phone systems make it cheap and easy for scammers to make illegal calls from anywhere in the world, and to display fake caller ID information, which helps them hide from law enforcement. The FTC is pursuing a variety of technology-based solutions to combat illegal calls and practices. For more information, see National Do Not Call Registry.

I think any and all businesses should have to have their name shown as well as their phone numbers. Please do not answer any calls unknown, anonymous or private unfortunately we learned this hard way, we got phone slammed about 10 years ago and ended up with a $500 phone bill, thankfully we were able to prove everything to the phone company. Of course this was a landline but if you don't know the number or it shows up as anonymous, unknown or private do not answer, if it is a legitimate call they will leave a a legitimate message. My favorite are the autodialers that go to voice-mail and still leave the to speak with a representative press 1 or other sort of options. They want you to answer, to press a button to be removed from their list, they just want to prove it's a working, legitimate number. If I don't know the number, name, anything I will not answer, leave a real message and I night call you back.

Only idiots would defend a policy allowing the unrestricted spoofing of telephone numbers. For those organization that may require spoofing for safety or other valid reasons, they must be required to get a licence to use this technology.

get a "call blocker". I would get3-4 calls a day. installed call blocker and after about a month receive none. I program whole area code after a call so they can't use different numbers. I have over 250 area codes blocked. I only keep local area codes open. If you get a local call you can just block a certain number.

Couldn't Multiple calls to residences over time map when the residents are not home making it easier for burglars!! Please get busy and fix this problem before there is big problems.


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