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The Truth About Cell Phones and the National Do Not Call Registry

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Contrary to re-circulating email:

  • There is no new cell phone national do not call database. There is only one National Do Not Call Registry. It is operated by the Federal Trade Commission and covers both cell and landline phone numbers.
  • Registering your cell or landline phone number is free. Once registered, a number stays on the Do Not Call Registry until the registration is canceled or service for the number is discontinued.
  • There is no deadline for registering a phone number on the Do Not Call Registry.


If you are bored, lead them on for a good half hour so that they can't be bothering anyone else for at least that amount of time.

I figured it out. Why wouldn't everyone want to be on the list except for the most vulnerable anyway? It is only a clearing house to store data on the citizens!

Why offer a Do not Call List.How about we the people eliminate those positions that are responsible for eliminating those calls .Starting with Director first then next in line.Make the fine as stiff as drug crimes and start prosecuting and mean business.I would like to see the amount people who are prosecuted .

I receive calls everyday 3 or four times a day maybe more times then that. They even call all times of night.

Your search - Yes it says my phone was being used in 2015 and Jan 1 of 2016 but I didn't get this phone till June of 2017 why is that and cricket wireless said it was a new phone that just came out plus my phone is showing up in Texas Chicago what is this

Being overwhelmed with these telemarketers on my cell. Have blocked close to 200 numbers and it doesn't slow them down. Wish the "do not call" list actually had some bite to it. It's totally frustrating that someone can't do anything about it.

There are apps that inform you if a cellphone # is a potential scam. Saved me many a time from answering. The way I see it, "If it's important enough they'll leave a message." Scams never do...

I have been getting calls from private local numbers, but when you call the number back there will either be a fast busy signal or you reach a person who has no idea what you are talking about. It is like they are highjacking phone numbers to make these scam calls. I have received several calls from people saying that my number just called them, but it could not be because I have not be on the phone and vise versa. One night, my husband and I both received a call about 2 or 3 minutes apart from the same local number trying to scam us, I think it was from timeshare or something. Anyway, my husband told them not to call and hungup and seconds later I received the same call. I told them not to call and that I was on the No-Call-List and that I would report them, and they just laughed.

The problem has only gotten worse. Now there is "ringless voicemail," where they can leave you a message without making your phone ring! And while my cell phone lets me block "unknown" calls, it doesn't do anything about "unavailable" calls which don't show a number.

The government can't be bothered. The phone companies make money on these phone calls, so they have little incentive to stop them. But I am pretty close to giving up on phones almost entirely. No joke. Lose the land line, and restrict incoming calls on the cell to just a whitelist. With the increasing junk calls, my phone has become increasingly useless, to the point where it is starting to cause more problems than it's worth.

Wow what a joke I'm contemplating not having a phone at all. I get over 7,432,698 telemarketers every day. I'll be in the middle of watching a TV show, and there is telemarketer call. I'll be listening to music, and there is a telemarketer call. I'll be sleeping, and there is a telemarketer call. Registering here does not change anything. I registered onto, and I'm happy to say nothing has changed. Job well done. I'll just get an iPod touch, and only turn on my iPhone if I really need to call or text somebody. Telemarketers are the scum of the Earth, and I wouldn't wish telemarketer calls on my worst enemy.

1. Require all telemarketers or sellers of telemarketing equipment register with FTC or FCC.
2. Background check these people a fail means you can't use telephone equipment or telemarket ANYWHERE!
3. Fine or Jail these people for violations
4. This IS a regulatory agency REGULATE them! If you are a shortwave operator you need a license make it a requirement for telemarketers or people buying the equipment
5. If software is being used tag the downloads. Identify the down-loaders and ask for their license no license put them in jail, fine them or both.

I block each call if home to answer. They keep coming. Do they sell our numbers?
What can be done????!!!!!!


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