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All Things Connected

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Your mobile phone sets your home alarm system. Your tablet schedules the DVR in your bedroom TV. Your smart watch sends your blood pressure levels to your physician. Every day more and more consumer devices communicate with each other over the internet. Some people call this growing network the “Internet of Things.”

In many ways, this connectivity makes our busy lives a lot easier. If you forget to turn off the lights at home, its convenient to use your phone to turn them off from a distance.  On the other hand, greater connectivity could pose privacy and security risks.


FTC staff have questions about consumer services and products in the “Internet of Things.” What are the technologies that enable this connectivity? What companies are in the smart ecosystem? How do consumers benefit from the technology? What are the privacy and security concerns? And how should privacy risks be weighed against potential benefits? FTC staff will hold a workshop on November 21, 2013 in Washington DC to discuss these questions.

If you have something to say about these issues, FTC staff wants to hear from you. You can submit your comments by June 1st, 2013 electronically or on paper.

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