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Refund Checks for Consumers Misled By Dinamica Financiera

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The FTC is mailing several hundred refund checks to Spanish-speaking consumers who lost money to Dinamica Financiera. The company falsely promised foreclosure relief and mortgage loan modifications.

For questions or general information about the refund checks, call 1-877-281-5622 or visit And remember, the FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide information before refund checks can be cashed.


Love the information I'm finding out on this page.

I have forwarded all credit reporting companies that I paid in full a Scam check judgement in the courts of Shelby County, TN, but this does not appear on my credit report and I've forwarded the paid in full documentation. These companies actions are preventing me from obtaining employments and requested credit. I am requesting that the corrections be made to the reports and indication of a Scam check process with the Bank of America. Adding comments to your report by Experian is a joke. They decide what statement is added and most of the choices are unrealistic!!!

I had the biggest problem ever with a guy saying he had a job being his assistant. He sent a check he told me to cash In for him and send it and i did and it was all a scam now Im in debt? What do i do?

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