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Is there an older person in your life who’s worried about identity theft? Or perhaps you’re the one who’s worried about what’s happening with their identity? Either way, we hope you’ll join us at our upcoming forum, “Senior Identity Theft: A Problem in this Day and Age,” Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 9:00 - 4:30. You can come in person or join via webcast – all the details and the agenda are here.

Throughout the day, we’ll hear about topics that affect seniors. If someone’s personal information is available to financial advisors, caregivers, and other support professionals, is that person more vulnerable to identity theft? What happens now that the government is providing benefits on reloadable debit cards? The panel on tax and government benefits will discuss those issues.

The medical identity theft panel will talk about what’s happening in the health care arena, the impact of new laws, and best practices to detect, prevent, and remedy medical identity theft.

The first panel in the afternoon will talk about identity theft in the long-term care context, including nursing homes, assisted living, and in-home care. These panelists will explore the identity theft issues that come up, what can be done about them, and the challenges of helping seniors with diminished capacity.

We’ll end the day by talking about how to reach older consumers with education messages. Panelists will discuss with each other — and with the audience — how to find this audience, get messages to them, and convince them to listen (or even act).

We hope to see you there (or on the webcast). And we hope you’ll share your ideas, concerns, and experiences.


hello, I have had phone calls from the following #'s today with men who sound distinctly Hindu,
951=824-6416,588824-6416, 312-450-7401x2 today, 687-349-9754,888415-0066,name chicoGOZ no1 312473-0958, 745-673-2578 all of these offer loans or some such....the last call was the most interesting, unknown caller ID, he said his name was John Martin, hhe said he works fir the Dept of grants, I have $5000 grant, I said ok send it....he aid no they are not allowed to use out info or ascertain from us, "I have your info, but you must go to Walmart to buy a certain card, put 150dollars on it, I had already told him he was scamming me, he said no, then gave number 202-621-0086 (when I called he answered, this was after I told him I was not giving 150 for the card, and hung up, he gave address as 200 Independence Ave.Siuth West Washington,DC. 20201, the tie I was scammed of 240$ was 3 females running the call and they asked me t go to western union and the scenario was much the same. mHe said the reason I get called over and over is they are trying to get the grant to me. I said I don't believe you, you don't work fo the dept of treasury or grants. He said he was getting tired of me. I said good and hung up. now I am writing you. I am irate, Do you see the # of calls and the fact that my account is overdrawn and has charges I know I did not make bothers me. I am moving soon and this will stop. I am so sad over this happening in our country or anywhere. I am not stupid, trusting and gullible,maybe, but sad most by my loss of innocence. I have now reached a new in my life....TRUST NO ONE....what a sick feeling. Ruby

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