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The Affordable Care Act: When Scams Follow the News

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The Affordable Care Act is in the news lately. And one thing we’ve learned at the Federal Trade Commission is that scams often follow the news. Natural disaster? Charity scams will follow. Implementation of a major new law affecting millions of people? Scammers will be there.

To cut through some of the clutter in the environment with all the articles and discussion of the Act, here’s one key fact to hold onto that can help spot and avoid scams:

You can’t sign up yet.

Enrollment in the new Health Insurance Marketplace doesn’t start until October 1, 2013. Anyone who claims to be able to sign you up sooner is trying to scam you. Please report them.

We’ve heard from consumers and from other federal agencies that scammers are trying to convince people to act now. Scammers always want to get your money before you have time to stop and think. So remember that date: October 1, 2013. That’s the first time anyone, anywhere can sign up for health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. 

And please: if you see someone trying to enroll people for health insurance under the Act before October 1, 2013, say something. We can only investigate the scams we know about, so every report helps us find and stop the bad guys. Thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much for publicizing this information. I'm relieved to know you are FOREwarning people to protect them.

I been romanced scammed help me plus identity stolen

I highly recommend using a professional state certified, licensed agent/broker. Navigators are often not licensed and most have very limited training and experience. There is no extra cost in using a professional agent. Check with your State Insurance Department for professionals.

Do you have any source references that you could direct people to regarding the signup procedure for the Act? Maybe by State or Federal website information?

You can learn about your health care options and where to find legitimate local people in the know at

Please reiterate how it is Constitutional under our Constitution Of The United States Of America for our government to mandate or force its citizens to enter into a PRIVATE contract to purchase anything,weather it is a healthcare policy,a home ,food,transportation for themselves or anything else,under penalty of a tax or fine for not doing so!Remember Chanel 3 News just reported that our government is going to decrease funding for people on Food Stamps,who are some of the very people who can least afford to purchase a health care policy!What a bunch of idiots!

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