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“Green Card” Lottery Scams

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The results for the 2014 Diversity Visa Lottery are now available at

That’s good news for people who are hoping to become “lawful permanent residents” in the US (sometimes referred to as “getting a green card”).

But it’s also a good opportunity for scammers to try to confuse hopeful applicants.

If you’ve entered the diversity visa lottery, don’t be fooled by emails that say you’ve won, or that ask you to send money to claim your spot.

The truth is, the only way to check the status of your application is to visit If you get an email or letter from someone telling you that you won, it's a scam.

If your entry is selected, you'll have to pay an application fee to the US Embassy or Consulate Cashier, but only when you go for your scheduled appointment. The US government will never ask you to send money in advance by check, money order, or wire transfer.  

If you want to know more about the rules of the diversity visa lottery, check out this video.


If you suspect you’ve been contacted by a scam artist, please report your experience to the FTC.

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The scammers have just their tricks on me today.they are using this number for calling +16466166770

how does a person apply for this green card lottery

Scammers have so many tricks that how they make fool to others and they apply any type of tricks for their personal gain like fake mails and messages in your phone inbox as a lottery so avoid these and be careful of them.

I consider Green Card Lottery as a very dubious practice itself.

If your argument in defence of the Green Card Lottery is that you give winners a ticket to better life and freedom.

My counter argument will be that you destroy already established local communities worldwide and put the enormous burden of debt on the majority of newcomers because of extraordinarily high prices of US housing and education, compared to most of the world countries.

If your argument is that America has better standards of living

My counter argument will be: what makes it difficult to achieve the same excellent quality of living in those local communities instead?

If your argument will be that America is a more democratic country

My counter argument is that only legitimate "cracy" in the world is a beauty and rationality, and those values might differ locally but strive to the same everywhere.

If your Argument is, that USA is a better country

My counter argument will be if it's better, why it cares about a mindset and values of that much of foreign citizens more that it cares about well-being its own? Is here no poverty and homelessness? Eradicate those problems here first, then help the others.

Thank you for this almost perfect comment.

my brother started a process with the green card organization.
first they asked him for $2800 and they said that's all he has to pay. now they want $3200 more.

it looks to me like a scam.

i will be happy to receive some info about them

I don't know the name of the company. You can search for the name of the company and report to a consumer agency in your home state.

I would like to know if the company usa greencard organisation is a scam.

Hi I would also like to know if the company greencard organisation is a scam.

We have just been scammed. The number we where given is 1-888-4330135 her name was Vicky. The deduction from our card was done by Indigo Immigration S herze

we have just paid over $39 to the USA Green Card Organisation - same number..1-888-4330135 - you sure this is a scam? I can still stop payment...

Have been contacted by US Green card organization in South Africa Would like to know if it is a scam as they are asking for a lot of money

They are scammers

1-888-4330135 is a fake support adress

Yesterday I got a call to a lucky future, they asked a lot of private questions ... and expected a credit card number to pay more than 300$ immediately! I aksed for a mail and go on futher when I´ve done my researche about the company. That was NOT possible.... "you lose your chance to get your green card"

... stupid fake company

somebody called me with this number: +17864608533
He told me that he wanted to ask some question to see if I am eligible for Green Card or not, I told him that I'm from Iran and Iranian can't get any kind of visa to US, but he said no, you can get it.
He told me that he will send me an email with 4 options and if I want to choose one option, then I have to pay.

But at the end of the call he asked me how will you pay now?!!!! and I said why now?
He said you have accepted and this price is for filling the form and we have all your information if you haven't lie and you have signed up for us!!

I told him it was just an advertise on Instagram to check if I am eligible for US Green Card or not, because I'm searching for a skilled worker visa.

I asked him not to call me again, but I am really afraid what will happen.

Also, he give me this number to call them: +18884330135

They asked me to provide my Visa card details including my pin and even my date of birth. They won’t ask you your date of birth until you provide your card details including your pin. They talked nicely and made me to believe everything that they said until I thought about it to know it’s all lies and scam. They said they would charge my ticket money from the card in order to proceed with the process. And I have a great chance of winning the lottery.

Someone has just contacted me from USA global green card asking me to clarify my visa card number ,are they scam or fraud

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