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A DNC Birthday Suit

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of the National Do Not Call Registry. What a fitting day for the FTC’s announcement of the biggest civil penalty ever collected in a Do Not Call case.

Mortgage Investors Corporation has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle charges that its telemarketers called more than 5.4 million current and former U.S. service members whose phone numbers were on the Do Not Call Registry.

10 Years of Do Not Call

10 Years of Do Not Call

According to the FTC, the telemarketers pretended to be affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs, pitched low-interest, fixed-rate mortgages at no cost, or quoted savings that would last the duration of the loan. Turns out Mortgage Investors offered only adjustable-rate mortgages — with closing costs, resulting in payments that would go up as interest rates increase.

The FTC’s settlement with Mortgage Investors marks the 105th Do Not Call case since enforcement began. During the last 10 years, enforcement has been a priority: DNC cases have resulted in court orders for $118 million in civil penalties and $737 million in refunds and other recovered money. Want more DNC history? Check out the new infographic that maps the highlights.


I just wish they would stop it.

We have been getting calls from cary ,nc #919-659-
5636. A fake medical alert person. thanks

I have more calls than before I signed up for DoNot call. Also more junk mail

Sorry to burst your Birthday bubble - but the DNC is absolutely useless. In fact I get more spam/scam calls to my number that I ever have. Its almost to the point were I'm seriously considering cancelling phone service.

The original purpose of the DNC Registry was to keep legitimate telemarketers from calling. Unfortunately, scammers who don't care about the law are calling more than ever because new autodialers can send out thousands of phone calls every minute for an incredibly low cost -- from anywhere in the world. New technology also hides the true origin of the phone call, so the calls are nearly impossible to trace. The FTC is working to combat these illegal calls. Find out more at

So, are you defending the useless DNC? Go on your merry Republican way and beat it outta here, sister

rachael is now card services 2 3 times a day mostly 616 area code

I am getting calls on my preoaid cell that is on the do not call list. 601 400 9074 and 971 208 9936. It does not matter if your on the list and telemarketers dall anyway on cell phones and landlines. If they violate the do not call list, your suppose to get paid 500. But this is useless if FTC is not enforcing this action.

That's so much money for a seemingly menial error. Of course it's unpleasant to be called my telemarketers but I'm so surprised that such a large amount was paid. Hopefully they won't make the mistake again.

The DNC is sooo useless. With scammers now making numbers appear as if they're local, I can't block them using call blocking or the DNC. Why don't they keep up with the times and technology better? Getting roughly ten cases to settlement a year since inception is NOT a great record. Use the $$ on technology to do better, for godssake.

I have a cancer patient living in my house and I receive at least six calls a day. Please help me get rid of robocalls. Help!!! Susie

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