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Give Dad the Gift of Cyberspeak

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Does your dad think spyware is James Bond’s tux? When you tell him to be careful about phishing, does he ask you about mercury levels in the lake? When you remind him to clear the cookies on his PC, does he remind you he doesn’t eat in the office?

If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to give Dad a lesson in cyberspeak.

Everyone is surfing online for news, goods and services, education, entertainment and much more. Since Dad is probably among the happy passengers in cyberspace (or soon will be with that smartphone or tablet you’re buying him for Father’s Day), it’s important for him to speak the language of what can be an intimidating world to many. has a wealth of information to help keep dad savvy — and safe — online. For starters, NetCetera — although created with young people in mind — has basic tips on internet safety and an extensive glossary to help decipher those tricky tech terms. In addition, there are sections that can help Dad secure his computer, outsmart his smartphone by learning about mobile apps, understand how to safely shop online, and learn how to shop for internet service — to name just a few tips.

Like lots of people, Dad may not always recognize clever, back-door attempts to steal his information or his identity. A visit to can help you both pick up some practical tips that are invaluable year-round.


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