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A Little Birdie Told Me

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Are you a servicemember who’s curious about credit? Or are you dealing with debt? Maybe you’re a military spouse who wants some tips on managing money. Then join us for a Twitter chat about consumer protection issues on June 19 at 2 p.m, Eastern. FTC staff – and our partners at DoD, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Servicemember Affairs, and Military Saves – will answer questions for 60 minutes on credit, debt, and savings. To participate, follow @FTC and Tweet questions with the hashtag #mcpd.

Military Consumer Protection Day is July 17. Visit to learn more.

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What about veterans like me who can't get VA streamline refinance because of too many credit pulls by companies who claim to not know about the President's laws about veterans home loans

I am not a member of the military. I am not sure your information is accurate. I have been a victim of several scams and I need to protect myself from future scams. If I can assist you with
or you feel I have something to contribute contact me again.

There is no place to file a complaint!
I get a get a phone call everyday from the Senior Alert Care. #7 8th Stree, New York, NY 45041, 770-462-0459. Guess they are getting government to send out an alert system for free?

My credit report has things on their that because I was a spouse are now also mine ...however on the last four years because he had lung cancer and I had not got my disability started the vehicle s he used to could drive we turn back in because his meducal care being he only had medicare was outrageous and after my ltd with the company lapsed so did my med ins. We at that point had no other option.we have a few dr/hosp collections that were so many and far between there was no way we could handle or take care of every bit of the six to eight drs, hosps, oncology, orthopaedic, anesthesiologists along with meds....what am I to do when at this point I am alone with ssd and widow pension and other needs when I reach out as I did here, its so out there.....

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