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Observing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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Elder abuse is recognized by experts as a public health crisis that crosses socio-economic borders. Although millions of older Americans are abused, neglected, and exploited every year, an estimated 84 percent of cases go unreported. 

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the UN World Health Organization launched World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2006. The eighth annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2013, offers an opportunity to draw attention to the problem and the importance of preventing, identifying, and responding to it. 

Elder justice is a priority for the federal government, 365 days a year. The Elder Justice Interagency Working Group (EJWG) brings together federal officials responsible for carrying out elder justice activities including elder abuse prevention, research, grant and program funding, and prosecution. This informal group has been meeting since 2001 to discuss emerging issues, promising practices, and mechanisms for coordinating efforts throughout the federal government. It has proposed research and public education to increase understanding and earlier reporting of abuse, and screening tools to help specialists who work with people at risk. It also supports changes that will make it easier for law enforcement to identify, investigate, and prosecute abuse and financial exploitation.

The fact is that everyone can do something to protect older people. For example, call or visit older relatives, friends, and neighbors and ask how they’re doing. Provide a respite for a caregiver by filling in for a few hours or more. Or contact the adult protective services or long-term care ombudsman in your community to learn how to support their work helping older people who are at-risk.

Learn about the United Nations’ and U.S. Administration on Aging’s events for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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How do you report it in the state of Georgia

I know that Elder Abuse is very real, as I was attacked by a staff member in a facility that was supposed to be for rehab after a total knee replacement. I have not reported this to the proper authorities because I felt humiliated afterward. I had an ankle badly injured and it took months to recover.

You should report this immediately. There is no excuse for that. Nothing to fear but fear itself. I am a nurse and if you had been my pt and this was reported to me, it would have been addressed immediately and that person fired and reported.

My mother has been a victim of credit card fraud by a family member(in law) she temporarily lived with. They ran her credit up over $15,000. She even took out a $6,000 loan in her name at my moms bank that she has acsess to.It was suspected because we knew this person had done this many times before. Once even with another family member who was dying. Because I suspected this I showed my mom her credit report and she was shocked! So we called this family member over to confront her and before I knew it she had convinced my 78 yr old mother she gave her permission to get these cards. My mom is very confused we think she has early signs of dementia. This person is a very good manipulater. I don't know what to do. She really has my mom believing she gave her permission and my mom is confused and thinks she did but forgot. But other family members and myself know she's been known at scamming people. My mom feels sorry for her because she has cancer. And she throws that in her face all the time so my mom will feel bad for her. When we confronted her she yelled at my mom and said " I hope you remember this and that you accused me of this when I'm dead and gone!" The next thing I knew my mom was mad and yelling at me say I had no right to pull up her credit report. All I was doing is trying to help because the whole family suspected what was going on. One reason was she wouldn't let my mom change her address when she moved. And that's because she didn't want her to see all the bills in her name. What should I do? My mom gets mad if I try to tell her anything. My mom did give me permission to get my disabled son internet for school and a cell phone for emergencies. She is very close and always concerned about him and would do anything for him. I just don't want that coming back at me if I report this because this person has a way of totally brainwashing my mom. Any suggestions? I really need help! In a few months my mom is going to have to move to an assisted living home and now because of her credit I don't think she's going to qualify for any of them. Plz. Help!! BY THE WAY I PAY THE BILLS FOR THE INTERNET AND PHONE EVERY MONTH ON TIME. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE. ..

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