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Today the FTC and federal, state, and international law enforcement partners announced 191 recent actions against companies scamming travelers and timeshare property owners. Many of the cases — including the FTC’s — involved timeshare resale scams.

How the Timeshare Resale Scams Worked

Timeshare Resale Scams Infographic

Timeshare Resale Scams

In each case, after an owner of a timeshare paid a reseller who promised to have interested buyers for the timeshare property, the owner found out there was no buyer — and couldn’t get a refund, either.

5 Tips to Avoid a Timeshare Resale Scam

Before you sign someone up to sell your timeshare:

  1. Check out the company before you agree to pay them any money. See if the Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the company’s home state have complaints, then search online by entering the company name and the word “complaints” or “scam.”
  1. Deal only with licensed real estate brokers or agents. Check with the Real Estate Commission in the state where your timeshare is located to make sure the company has a current license.
  1. Get all terms in writing before you agree to anything. That includes services the company will perform; timing of the sale; fees and commissions; and cancellation and refund policies. If a company says you have to act now or you might miss out on a buyer, it’s not a company you want to do business with.
  1. Consider doing business only with a company that gets paid after the timeshare is sold. Don’t wire money or pay in cash.
  1. Be alert to a repeat scam. If you were scammed once by a timeshare reseller, another scammer might offer to help get your money back — for a fee. Legitimate companies don’t ask you to pay before you’ve gotten your money back.

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This almost happened to my husband and I. When we spoke to Mr. Kravitz he sounded legimate until he ask for our credit card number without so much as a piece of paper stating what he was going to do. We refused and decided to check him out, there were several complaints against him. He actually had the nerve to contact us again and we confronted him about the complaints. He insistenced that the complaints were old. It took us several weeks before he stop calling but thank goodness he never got a penny from us. His company is We Buy Timeshares.

I'm glad you are letting others know about this scam. A couple years ago it worked on me and I lost $100.00 that was charged for them to sell my time share and then this year I got another phone call - which I informed them about the scam and they hung up on me. Again thanks.

I was in Playa del Carmen and was conned into giving the Mayan Palace time share a cr. card payment of $1825. They said they would sell my timeshare in Floria and I would have 3 weeks of timeshare and they would use 2 wks. and those 2 wks. would pay for my one week. I have not received anything. I am 72 years old and just finished my third cancer treatment and I have what has been diagnosed as "chemo brain" which made me mentally impaired.

So not only are they scamming you on the way in, taking your "fees" and running with them, but then they turn back around and offer to help get those "fees" back for even more "fees"???? Talk about clever.

Do not get mixed up with a travel club as all of them are scams built just to get money from you. The worst of these is Travel To Go in San Diego California. They scammed me out of thousands of dollars.

This has happened to my Mother. What can we do about it?

They are 5 signs that will let you know you’re being a victim of a Timeshare Resale Scam Companies:

-Unsolicited phone calls
-Upfront fees
-No real estate license
-Unrealistic pricing
-Inflated closing costs

Green ridge contacted me and asked me for money to send to Mexico. No way jose will I send money.

Timeshare industry has experienced a considerable growth over the last years. On the surface, it looks like it is a reliable market and an innovative way to vacation; on the other hand, timeshare frauds are happening on a daily basis, putting thousands of families in a critical financial situation and taking millions of dollars each year. Such conflict has created lots of misinformation about timeshares, and most timeshare myths come from timeshare salespeople.

I am in the process of dealing with pro timeshare resellers in Deland fl.I paid them 1,097 to sell now they are asking for 2,348 to complete the transaction.scam

Pro timeshares is definetly a scam operation. I paid an upfront fee of $139 and was told they would not ask for any more. This prove to be a lie and after several attempts to get me to pay, they stopped calling DON'T send more money.

Has anyone heard of SCT travel? I am wondering if they are legit.


Has anyone dealt with a Co offering great travel deals , just by calling this number... 1-844-330-0710. There is no name on the flyer. They offer buy 1 get the second free. A 4 day 3 night stay in the Dominican or Cancun, all inclusive, flights, etc for 2...only $518 plus taxes. Can't travel for 45 days though from time of booking. Is this operation legit?

Check out the company before you pay any money. See if the Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the company’s home state have complaints. Go online and search for the company name and "complaints." 

If you can't find any information to show the company is legitimate, it could be a scam.

Thank you Bridget. I didn't see a name, just that number I had on my comment.

Brad did you find anything out on this company?? My dad and his wife just booked with them and gave me all the info so that I could too... I'm just a little hesitant, seems a little too good to be true!

Read this article with Travel Tips from the FTC.

Getting a cold call, text or email is one sign that an offer could be a scam. Scammers use calls, mail, texts, faxes and ads to promise free or low-cost vacations, but some offers may end up having fees that weren't disclosed. Some offers are completely fake.

Before you give money to a company you don’t know, call the Attorney General and consumer protection agencies in the company’s home state. Ask about complaints. Then search online by entering the company name and the word “complaints” or “scam.” Read what other people are saying.

has anyone sold an elcid propery to vacation realty professional

Thanks for sharing this visiting blog for great information :)

Anyone hear of American Timeshare Sales Association out of Ormond Beach Fl?? Same guy has called us several times saying he has Canadian Buyer.

I contracted with Timeshare Resale group 2130 Academy Cir. Colorado Springs CO. 80909 Ph. 303 732-3858

On 02/12/2016 I received the offer to purchase timeshare With the buyer signature and all the planks filled in. To this date I have not received my settlement form closing. I' am told that it was sold. That it took more than 30 days and that a $1,500. refund was placed in Escrow account.

Now closing wont's me to send a additional 5% LUXURY TAX or $1,500 as they made an error at first and quoted me 10% LUXURY TAX so it should have been 15% LUXURY TAX in the first place. The Escrow account is frozen until I pay the $1,300. difference.

The Title company: Closing & Transfer Services 200 Andover Park E. Tukwila, WA. 98188 MY question ! Lagit or scam ?

The blog post on this page has tips about avoiding a timeshare resale scam.

To learn about the companies you're dealing with, see if the Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the company’s home state have complaints. Or search online by entering the company name and the word “complaints” or “scam.”

Make sure the company has a current real estate license. Check with the Real Estate Commission in the state where your timeshare is located.

The contract you signed should have details about what the reseller will do, how much it will charge, what costs  costs you have to pay, and other details. If you have questions about the contract, you may want to talk to a lawyer or financial advisor.

To find a lawyer, you can use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association or visit this site from the State Bar Associations.

What can be said about CTS Closing and Transfer Services 200 Andover Park E. Tukwila, WA. 98188 Fax # 1-855-609-7568 {closingsandtransferservices } any help greatly needed!

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