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What You Auto Know

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Military Consumer Protection Day is right around the corner! Mark your calendars for July 17. To get in gear, we’re hosting a Twitter Chat June 26 at 2pm (EDT).Staff from the FTC, DoD’s Military One Source, and Military Saves will answer questions for 60 minutes about buying a new or used car and other issues related to vehicles. To participate, follow @FTC and Tweet questions with the hashtag #mcpd or #MCPD. Visit to learn more.

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When buying a new car is it required that the new car dealer tell you how much the extended warranty is - or is telling you what the monthly payment okay and then seeing the amount on the contract? Seems to me they should be spelling out all costs to you - before you sign.

I leased an auto with Chrysler Capital through my local dealership for the past two years. Recently the lease ended and for at least two months prior, Chrysler Capital called me day after day after day. I kept telling them that I planned to purchase this vehicle and that I had made arrangements though the dealership to do so. Still they called and called. Once they even called where I work and left a message that was taken by one of my supervisors; and of course he got the impression that I don't pay my bills. My credit rating is in the mid 700's so nothing could be further from the truth. Four days ago I finalized the purchase of this vehicle through the dealership and yet Chrysler Capital keeps calling me. Now they tell me they know I purchased the vehicle, but they have not received the check yet. I told them it is not in our hands, our dealings with Chrysler Capital is finished!!! I told them if they call me at work again, I'm going to sue them. She hung up on me. DO NOT EVER, EVER lease a vehicle through Chrysler Capital. They are unprofessional, incompetent and totally unacceptable to do business with. They ignored the finance dept. of our dealership, they ignored us and just conducted a campaign of phone harassment that has led to this consumer alert.

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