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Identity theft is an unfortunate fact of modern life. Do you know what to do if your identity is stolen? How can you make identity protection part of your routine? Get answers to these and other identity theft questions during our Twitter Chat July 10 at 2 pm (EDT). FTC staff will host a one-hour session with our partners at DoD’s Military One Source and Military Saves. To participate, follow @FTC and Tweet questions with the hashtag #mcpd. Military Consumer Protection Day is July 17. Visit


The twitter chat should be helpful, especially with financial information flow.

Hi, can you add an RSS feed to this blog so that it can be more easily followed by us bloggers?

I read information on the capital one credit card today, though I have been getting this junk mail at least once maybe twice a week for months. So I found their number and tried to call to talk to them a few times but no avail. The things I wanted to discuss was that at first they asked me for my social security #, and at the end they informed me I was to sign up or something along this line "in case a family member has oppted you out". Now some of my family has this info due to having moms things when she died and may have passed it on which I can do nothing about this! Well thank you for listening.

I believe that who ever stolen my identity open accounts because it come to me bill within only one month Qwest phone bill $860.00 dollar. And all my bills for phones after I put service direct after one month, I received high bills started from $200.00 and up. I don't know where and how they used my identity, but I am right now no home, no Income, no job.

my wife was looking for part time jobs on the internet and now we are getting back to school sales calls. We are on the do not call list. They claim that it does not matter since she was look for work.

Need answers to identity theft and fraud on my bank account.
add me so I can learn what else I can do to find source and notify anyone who did the fraud and notify my bank and all other sources of my financial transactions- to alert them specificall as well as report and expose the culprt.

thank you lois simmons

I would like to know how I can report someone I suspect of trying to scam females using and posing as a US Army Soldier...he claims he is in Nigeria on a Peace Keeping Mission

If a tax return sent by certified mail disappears, is not delivered nor returned, should I assume that my wife's and my identity has been stolen?

Your wife’s identity may have been stolen – it’s hard to know unless you start seeing some warning signs in your accounts. But better safe than sorry. First, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490 to report the fraud. Typically, tax identity theft victims find out about the crime when they get a letter from the IRS saying that more than one tax return was filed in their name, or IRS records show they received wages from an employer they don’t know. If you get a letter like this, don’t panic. Call the Specialized Unit. They may be able to flag your tax files and also get you any refund owed to you.

Next, if your tax return – or your wallet, Social Security card, or other personal, financial, or account information is lost or stolen – contact the credit reporting companies and place a fraud alert on your credit file. Next, order your credit reports. Monitor your accounts carefully. Check your bank and other account statements for unusual activity.  Create an Identity Theft Report by filing an identity theft complaint with the FTC and filing a police report.  

Remember, the IRS doesn't start contact with a taxpayer by sending an email, text or social media message that asks for personal or financial information. If you get an email that claims to be from the IRS, do not reply or click on any links. Instead, forward it to

If you want to learn more, next week just happens to be Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.


How can I stop cutting myself wen I lost 2 brother's
My mom hit me and my brother with belts my mom started
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You can call 1-800-799-7233 to talk to someone who will help. That’s the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Or you can ask your school counselor for help.

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