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Changes in Health Insurance: Where to Learn More

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Health insurance is changing under the Affordable Care Act. Starting on October 1, 2013, people who are uninsured or who buy their own coverage can sign up for health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Why write about this now, if enrollment doesn’t start until October? Because we’ve already heard from consumers and other federal agencies that scammers are trying to convince people to act, and give up money or personal information. Scammers want to get to you before you have time to think.

You can’t sign up now, but you can start learning about your choices and get ready to enroll. Go to, or call 1-800-318-2596, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk with a customer service representative. Go to the site — or call — again in October to create your account and shop for qualified health plans.

And please: if you see someone trying to enroll people for health insurance under the Act before October 1, 2013, say something. Every report helps us find and stop the bad guys. If you get a call like this, report it to the FTC. The phone number on your caller ID — if there is one — or the caller’s name or location — is helpful information for investigators and fraud fighters. You can report online or by phone, toll-free, at 1-877-FTC-HELP. Your report might help stop the scammers, and it could help keep others from being scammed.

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What is the benefit of this change in insurance ? Will retired people on a fixed income get a break on the overall cost? Also, will it include dental and vision insurance if not why even bother changing it?

What are the advantages of this new insurance particularly to pensioners?

I think this is a fraud. I received, in the mail, a prescription card that looks like it is from the federal government. Comes with a pamphlet titled "10 Frequently Asked Questions About Your United States Prescription Discount Card" Has a return Address of United States Prescription Discounts 5614 Connecticut Ave, NW #526 Washington, DC 20015-2604. The Letter is addressed New Member, claims the card is because of the affordable care act, and is signed Steven Harrell Benefits Coordinator. It refers to Form 0813 Script Relief. The Phone number to call is 1-888-607-3001 Bottom of letter has Cat. No. USPD0813ALT LT 4

You were right to be suspicious! Don't reply, and report the scam at

WOW! This is great...

Thanks for this helpful detailed information about health insurance.

Health insurance is very much needed in our present life. Thanks for giving these information.

Something needs to be done for those of us who are "retired" and collecting social security getting private insurance and who don't yet qualify for medicare. I was in a "catch 22" having to withdraw from my IRA an excess of $$ in order to pay for decent coverage for several years. My premium went from 325.00 a month to over 10000.00 a month-I was face with adjusting my income drastically to pay for coverage or sending in a much reduced income level-and qualifying for a reduced rate-but then having deductibles that were unreachable. Turning 65 in April I decided to pay the penalty for 3 months instead of buying a plan that I was going to be paying for out of pocket anyway. There are no provisions for this scenario. WE should be incentivized for being healthy--using the plan for preventative use and NOT reaching our deductible-in other words being healthy. Instead we are paying bitterly for it.

I retired at 62 to join by military family to help with child care. I have been dealing with ins. moving from state to state. Talking over the phone with fast talking ins brokers for hours to come up with a plan that is affordable and met my needs. Thankfully i have been health but wanting to get a physical but afraid if i would have to have more test and starting another ins and falling in between so it would be per .existing and no coverage.I was convinced not to take the affordable care ins when i could apply because of the changes coming up. Now i am again looking for a temporary ins. I have another year before i am 65

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