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The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

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A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


I just had this happen but asked my bank about the check before doing anything with it. I have also saved all the emails and info. Where can I report this scam and let the business named on the check know I have it.

thank you

You can file a complaint about this scam at

You also may be able to alert the business named on the check by visiting the company's website and looking for a "contact us" link. 

Wow I got one of their checks with two peoples names on it and I called the phone number on the envelope and of course no one called back. There are things on here we can use to trace these checks. If you have one then email me and I will send mine to you via attachment and you can see how much information is same or different. If you want to do this fine if not I am gonna send my info in in hopes they can get some info about person.

I'll be happy to email you a copy of my check, it's from Save A Lot in Wichita, KS drawn on Citibank account that of course Citibank cannot verify over the phone for privacy reasons and there's no Citibank in my city. My bank said that even if I don't spend a dime of the money, I will still be penalized and my accounts with them will be closed automatically.

Please send ma a copy of your check. I got an offer

I got one, let me know if interested, Just failed believing. If so let me know. I don't need it at all.

We also got a check in the mail for the wrap for dr. Pepper could you send me a copy of your check and let me see how much they are alike

So was the DP a scam ?
They have contacted me with 3rd party paying for it

Yes it is a scam. I knew it was a scam when they kept sending me checks in the name of a doctors Healthcare facility and the other one was from someone at Merchants Bank. I called that Bank Merchants Bank . and I'm like if the supposed to be from dr. Pepper why don't you're check say dr. Pepper

Got a check today, everything described in this scam is playing out except Im not taking the bait. Glad I researched this, it seemed too good to be true. 300 dollars upfront, cmon. Advertise corona beer. I couldn't trace back the number.

Got check to have car wrapped advertising Dr pepper. Sounds fishy, is it because they want me to send 950 for wrap to be made

I just received a check threw certified mail. They want me to deposit it into my bank and then Sent money threw money gram to to different people . I have a feeling it fraud or its a scam. What should I do.

Did you not just read the info above? Throw it out. It is fraud. Or take it to the police and let it go through the channels. These cyber criminals are most likely outside the US and most likely untouchable by the US. Some of them may even be terrorist raising funds for their cause.

Dam they almost got me, I was so excited but than they said they would mail me a check and I was to cash it take my weekly pay of 500 and give the rest to the detailer who would be applying the wrap. This is the third email first was just the info on the car wrap, so I replied and said I was interested than they asked for address and phone number which i sent but when they said the check was to be cashed and paid to the detailer oddddd, so I looked up to see if it is scam and I emailed Monster. However, I kept getting these calls saying that my computer was infected and that I should log in. I did a phone number reversal and found out its a scam. Dam really they probably are running more than one scam. I reported them to my local Police Dept. Good thing my brother is a Police officer who also works Homeland. This guy who called was very hostile hahaha made me laugh so hard I think i pissed him off even more so he kept hanging up and calling me back saying he was going to keep harassing me, Or so he thought I went into my App Store got ID whitepages app and blocked them and any other number listed as a scam. Thanks for all the great tips and info

Same thing just happened to me. I got the check yesterday. Something smelled really fishy about cashing a check and giving the money to some stranger. I thought, no way. I texted the guy and told him, forget it. I'm out. He wrote back all pissed, but I just stuck to my guns and said no forget it. I told him I was voiding the check and throwing it away.
I really noticed something was wrong when I notice the company name on the check was a John Deer dealer in Iowa. I thought, what would a dealer in Iowa have to do with something like this. That's when I decided to end it.

I have a guy name Justin doing the same thing. Told me to take 500. dollars and send the rest to the wrapper. This morning he texted me and said what is going on with the check. In which i never even recieved.He is texting me off a number 908-845-3567.

I just got caught up in the scam and I want these people in the Justice system . The package arrives tomorrow what should I do ? Will local cops really help? Or a lawyer ?

Can we sue these people?

I answered this ad for clearly Canadians they said they want me to keep 300 and use the rest to pay for the wrap. I almost believed it. They said they mailed me the cheque. I won't be cashing it. I had doubts but you convinced me. Thanks

I answered the same ad!!! I deposited the cheque. But as luck would have it, I didn't see the email giving me instructions to go to the bank and get cash to deposit in their account, so I missed their "deadline" to wire money off to the so-called company. I sent back an email saying I missed the deadline and they kindly game me to 10am the following day. In the meantime my gut was screaming at me to wake up and smell the rotten eggs. The word CASH only I think sparked off the alarm bells. So, I WONT be taking any money out of the bank, I WILL be talking to my bank, and then I WILL share the details of the account I was supposed to send it to with that bank. There is a special place in hell for people like these.

What happened after you deposited the check

I received the same thing from " Sunoco oil " and let me tell you , they sent me a cashiers check " and deposited in my account and it went in as " CASH" so I followed instructions, I do have to wire money to the " Decals guys " in IN but I get my money as CASH

If you deposit a fake check and withdraw money, and the bank later finds out the check is fraudulent, you'll have to repay the  bank for the money you withdrew.

So your bank actually cashed the check

Yes they will cash the check I almost fell for it too. Thank goodness western union had flagged the transaction. Otherwise I would be out a lot of money

This is the same ad I answered as well. I have been emailing with a Michael from clearly canadian promotions about wrapping my car. Contacted a company where I live about the price to wrap. They said that it should not cost 2600$ to put a decal on my car. I have now been in touch with clearly canadian themselves to see what they have to say.

What did Clearly Canadian say? I got the same email

I had gotten a email last week and responded to them and sure enough they sent me a check as well from American Pacific Mortgage corp, the whole thing sounded fishy esp why is the check company from a Mortgage comp lol so I googled scams and yep found this site and many others so these crooks are still out there and doing this to people grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay good. Visit the bank of america now and deposit the $1500 into the detailer account information below Just fill in the name, account number and they process the cash into the account and you get a deposit receipt. Ok I'm picking up my rims from the car shop then I'll be there, I'll have the $500 sent to you in less than 20 min $500 ?? I said deposit $1500 into teh detailer account information given to you. Understood ? I just spent $1459 I'm my rims, can he just do one little sticker?? How is that possible Was that the instructions given to you ?

These people are crazy. This is actual text between me and the scammer. Didn't take him long to realize the joke was on him. I received the fake check... three it away Scammers account info Account Name: OQUA COUTURE Account # 488066058838 Bank of America

I answered an ad for a redbull wrap from a Terry Darwin and a Dennis Moore and a Cassandra Varela. They sent me a check for $12,550 and told me to deposit it but take out my 10 percent then they would give me instructions on where to send the the rest of the money. I deposited the whole check yesterday but then called my bank cause it didn’t feel right. My information was also compromised. I went in this morning and closed the checking account and opened up a new one and also got a new debit card. The check was from Warecheck Lubrications Services, LLC out of Cary, NC. Everything’s okay banks handling it.

Which website is the AD ?email me copy of the emails sent to you

We don't post personal information on the blog. Please see the Comment Policy for more information.

No offense to anyone, okay, but why would I want to share any information about my scammer with someone else on the internet I don't know? Word of caution to everyone: Do NOT send any of the information you have with the others on this site.

Don't you guys think that the scammers could also be following this information to see which scams are being discovered. "Oh yeah, sure.... Let me send you all of the information I have so you can compare it to yours. Right." If someone wants to compare details, let them send you the details THEY have. Otherwise, report the situation to the FTC, and to your bank. You better believe that the Feds are not going to ignore any scams that involve money. Or call the issuing bank to see if it's a legitimate check.

Please repost this so this is the first thing everyone reads


Was the guy John bosco he tried getting me as well

Almost got scammed. So glad I looked it up. It happened to me too. Does anyone have info on how to report these people?

You can report scams to the FTC at

If it sounds to good to be true. Well you know the rest. They almost had me until they said they would send me a check for more than what they wanted to pay me, and bring the rest to the authorized dealer to wrap my car. Hahahaha I can't wait to see if i get a check now. I will tel them Jimmy crack corn.

I just had the same thing happen to me for Gatorade advertisement just got the check IN which i am NOT cashing the Email it sent me to reply was loveall21x @ once the check was deposited But its Not being deposited I spoke with a rep from Gatorade and they said it was a scam and have nothing to do with it .

OMG I got the same one and have the same email address to send a deposit slip too..

I got the same deal. I was really looking forward to driving my Dr Pepper car!

I got the Dr. Pepper and received not one but 2 checks for 2390.00 from ProFed Credit Union. I verified the routing mumber for the bank,it was valid for that credit union. I will contact my local police tomorrow.

Was the check you received supposedly drawn on PROFED Credit Union?

I just got a check today what should I do with it

Misty1, I received my check for $2390.00 to put a Dr.Pepper wrap on my vehicle, I too was kind of looking forward to driving ng around with Dr.Pepper on my tan Durango. I almost fell for it. Until my so look into it & found that it was a scam !!!

I received a check of $2390 from Profed Credit Union in regards to the Dr. Pepper wrap on my car. I went into my credit union branch to deposit the check into my account and asked the teller if the check was legit. He asked his manager, since the check was from out of state in a large cashier's check amount. The manager had assured me that she is 98℅ sure the check is a scam. The bank will hold the check to investigate and notify me in a week to let me know if the check is good or not.

I received a check from sterling nat'l bank for $4600, told to dep the check, keep $500 an take a picture of my deposit info and send it back to them. I text Dr Pepper to see if this a legit co. Dr Pepper quickly responded to let me know they do not have anything to do w/this company and sent me this blog site to report it because it is a scam. And I should have known it was a scam because of the improper spelling in the first e-mail!!

Adrress of blogspot to report to? I got one as well for a Power Drink

we had the same thing happen was hoping it turned out good for someone


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