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The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

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A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


This same exact scam got my son for $4,000. He's young and naive. His bank didn't even ask twice before taking the money.
Anyone know of anything he can do to help with reparations?

Where about a a women called paulibe Walters they want to put Marlboro cigarette wrap on my car I did not give them my account information and supposedly the check is on his wayMarlboro?

Yeah I got one too. My was for my car to be wrapped for Cricket mobile phone ad. I took my check into the bank. I tried calling the place which was a academic school in Las Vegas I called bank & couldn’t get info. I called cricket they say they’re not hiring for that. So I took to bank & the bank manager put much effort to find out abt check for me she got in touch with the bank & the school. She was good. I left her the check but she faxed a copy to the school ‘so I can’t compare checks with you all but I’m so glad I didn’t deposit. It was like $1900. It was tempting since I got right before Christmas . But I had to ask my bank abt it. It’s crazy it was on the news tonight in San Diego. I hope they catch whoever

Reciveived check an letter from Crawford & co from peachtree corners ga and check is from eastern glass resources inc Harrison NJ. To have bubble up wrap put on my car for 500 a week but check 3890.37 for my weekly pay insurance for the program fund fordecel materials and installation fee of the technician. Won't be depositing check that's for sure

(202) 893-2881‬ is the number that sent me the offer for this car wrap scam, along with an offer to process benefit payments. Please post the email addresses and phone numbers that contacted so if anyone searches that data, they find this site.

I got an email for a car wrap for new energy drink ALPHA. Like all the others pays up front w/check then you take out your portion & send them the balance. I almost got scammed, but my gut said something wasn’t right. THANK GOD!! Could not afford to lose the money they sent to deposit.

I am the victim of a scam that resulted in my depositing a fraudulent check to my bank account because I expressed a willingness to have a decal advertising Dr. Pepper on my car for a few months. I would not have engaged in this activity if a charity I support had not been in need of cash and if the product had not been something like Dr. Pepper. The first thing I did is to share my good fortune so that I am now overdrawn by about $2000, a major sum for s disabled senior. The man who perpetrated this fraud has dragged Dr. Pepper's good name into a mess by introducing himself as "Stephen from Dr. Pepper". The telephone number from which he texted me is 331-244-8651 which places the phone as emanating from Chicago. The outfit hire to make the wrap/decal and to receive funds from my account is a Raymond Michael who works for Franklin Ezekiel 25125 Santa Clara St. Hayward CA 94544 and email: raymondmichael023 More of an effort needs to be made to educate people about these scams. What I find even more trying than the overdraft resulting from the reversal of funds that were posted, but the feeling of being treated as if I am a criminal when I am a victim. I never heard about these scams before even though I have dodged many scams.

I got a text from a number saying I could make 600 for car wrapping and I was skeptical about it so I looked it up . No business listing and no website so Red Ribbon soda drink is what ther calling it and they said my payment would be here by Feb 18, so hope they don’t think I have a bank account!

Did this end up being a scam? Just received a check from Red Ribbon Soda in the mail.

I received a check for 2,950 cashier check from Downey Federal credit Union. Remitter name David Merritt. To wrap car from Red Ribbon Soda Drink. I never contacted them or answered any add. But 3 weeks ago received a check for 2,550 to wrap Dr.Pepper decal they are all fake. If it sounds to good to be true trust me it is a scam.

Is this legitimate. Red ribbon soda wrap

There is a website though it’s a small Pennsylvania company I’m calling them on Monday. To see if real or not that’s how you check if it’s a scam

I am wonder also. I got a check for $2,950. $600 to keep and the rest to pay the person who wraps my car it says

This is A scam.

I received a check today tp do a car wrap for Snapple Tea. So far instructions are yo deposit the check keep $600 and send the rest to the decal installers!
On the back of the check shows how to check the watermark, the code scratched off by a coin the same as the back of the check...there are 13 ways to check if it's real or not!
I have been reading comments here and watched a couple of UTube videos, how do I find out if this liget or just another SCAM?

I received one of these checks from java monster and I believe it's a scam as well Alex like one of those things is too good to be true need to get in touch with the Better Business Bureau

We recieved a check, but they told us when it clears, they will have someone come to our house to do the wrap, does this sound FISHY? The wrap is for Hermes colognes, but the check is from Highland Wake const llc.

So this happened to me as well ! I received a check for $3700 ! Saying to keep $500 for myself and the rest To send back to them ! They text me from a 475-328-0316 number ! I hope these scam artist are put to a stop very soon

I just got this in a text message PLEASE BE AWARE
Hi, COORS LIGHT® will like to put a small decal on your vehicle & get 400 dollars paid weekly. Apply free / /coors37 and apply.

I got an email today for bodyarmor sports drink wrap.
$500 a
I'm glad I research this before I gave them any of my information.
If it sounds too good to be true, more than likely it is a scam.
Before you send out any of your information, please do some research!

I was contacted about a part time job on March 20, 2020 by this man. He used the name Antony Mequees . Also was contacted by Jeff Jenkins from a gmail account. I did not fall for the scam but want to inform others he is still at it. He said he was an independent contractor for Hagandaas Ice Cream for advertising. Please beware people.

i hope i can get information as well as well any thoughts regarding if being scammed... apparently I signed up to do something (the woman who texted me was very much avoiding answering my questions.’the company is BODY ARMOR SUPER DRINK STICKER... the only info she gave me was this

I got your info and you will be mailed a check of $1950 which you will deduct $450 your first week salary from and rest$1500 will goes to the installer. DO you have a bank account and what name of the bank details and have the check deposited with Note:I don't need any of you bank details Just wanna be sure if you have a bank account to have the check deposited with ok

Here’s another example of a scam:
I got the following text message from a number I don’t recognize. They’re not talking about sending a check (yet) and I knew it was a scam right away, especially because of the errors, but still, someone could fall for it.

Received message below
FRM:Alfred Ward
MSG:Secret means to wealth, put BABY RUTH CANDY ads on your car and earn
$500 weekly check, reply "yes " now

So what do you do if you gave them your personal info such as social insurance number. I haven't responded to the getting a check email as I just learned it's a scam from clearly Canadian. I thought it was authentic as the 1st message was sent differently to my phone as a text so I thought my friend had referred me. Now I'm so upset as they have my personal info. Dont know what to do

Call your Bank / talk with S.S Admin. and never ever give out your info to anyone , not your SS# ,BANK INFO# , Drivers lic# , unless you verify the info first by calling the check / bank , FBI, Better Bis. Beu. - etc , & Red Ribbon car Rap is Fake , Fraud - No GOOD !

There at it again, Dr.Pepper car wrap scam here in Vegas... going to be receiving a check in the mail today apparently. Is someone going to stop these guys ?

Well they're back with the same old scam wanting to Ziploc my car into Zipfizz. another scam sent me a check for $1,650.35 I can't believe these people aren't getting caught this is a bad time for them to do such things to your fellow man people are hurting out there and you got idiots like this trying to steal from hard-working people I hope the FBI catches these people cuz that's exactly where I'm sending all this information Zipfizz

This happened to me a week ago. But luckily i realized the name on check , name on package and name on letter for buisiness name was different and realized it had to be a scam. And also looked it up online. No way im cashing any check i dont know is legit. If it sounds to good to be true it prob is .

What if I mistake and give my adress,and e marl to this people and received the fake check????
What do I need to do I'm little scare?????

Help me out thanks

Go down to your local sheriff's out police station and tell them what happened and that you have then your email address and whatever other info you have and they can instruct you on what to do

I answered an ad for McCaffe wrap. Then when the 2990 showes up im like... ?????? So i contacted the company on the return label, the company on the check, and the bank on the check. Sent all photos of the envelope, check, emails, and even thw texts.

Sorry... Busted buddy!

I got just scam today June 2nd 2020 I just found out the heck just was return I have now negative 2,150.45 in my account it happen exactly on wrap scams pls pls beware it is absolutely a scam

A few weeks ago I send this ad about making money,to put a wrap on my vehicle and get paid 500.00 a week. Today I got the check,did as instucted,except for depositing the check. But being that a friend told me to go online and check the company out first,so I did. Good thing,I found that it was a scam,so I turned everything over to the sherriff department and they said it needs to go to the feds office for investigation and prosecution if possible. Please be aware of these people.

After receiving the letter of instruction, something made me do a little research. At the Bud Light site, they had a disclaimer referencing this exact scheme. There was also a link to report it, which is what I did immediately.

I have received an email then a text from red ribbon soda co there is a website and I’ll be calling Monday to find out if this is real or not. I was selling an old ice chest antique I advertised it on Craigslist and received a response from a person saying he was a business owner send me a check for ice chest the shipping and extra fir my time. Something seemed not up and up so I called company from the check by researching the company and I found it in Georgia I called spoke to business owner secretary and explained she stated they did not write that check and wasn’t there account number. She said they had a bunch fraud checks rolling in a s stated per police in Georgia take the information a d check to postal mail office turn in as mail fraud that’s what I did. My suggestion before you ever deposit funds take extra steps call the company check is being presented from they know if they wrote a check or if they have a wrap campaign going on. Most companies have websites a d if you can’t find research address on check, company on check you’ll find a phone number. Extra steps could prevent you from spending thousands in banking fees. If it’s too good to be true it usually is . ..

Thank you remain blessed.

Today I got FedEx envelope phone Red Ribbon soda drinks and wanted me to get a wrap on my car and do everything that it says any other comments here went to my bank and they told me that the check was fraudulent it and that I should go to the police

While on line one evening last week I got a pop-up and asking me if I wanted to earn $500 a week for 3 months. If so, text the word "INFO" and they'd get some literature out to me. I had to give them my mailing address and a description of my car. Instead of information arriving, a check for slightly less than $5,000 arrived via Priority Mail. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Next they wanted to confirm the amount of the check and instructed me to deposit the check (drawn on the Bank of Tennessee) and they quoted an amount. I replied that they provided an amount different from what the check showed. I told them to text me the correct amount of the check and I was not going to deposit it until we agreed on the amount. My next text from them said to keep $500 from the check as my first week's pay and when the installer came out, the balance was theirs. I again asked for the correct amount of the check and told them I would not deposit anything until we agreed on the amount. I have not heard anything further from them since last Friday. I still have the check. I looked up the name of the bank and it's a legitimate bank so I next emailed them, giving details from the check and they replied it was not a good check and they had never heard of the person whose account it was supposedly drawn on. The check was so bogus, they didn't even have the encoding on the very bottom of the check done correctly! (The 1st number is the routing #, the 2nd is the account #, and the 3rd number is the actual check number. ) Then I contacted the Monster beverage company to tell them what had taken place up to this point and they not only said it was a scam, but highly recommended I go to the police with the check and report what had transpired. I'll probably do that tomorrow. I may be an old, arthritic granny but I haven't lost my nose for "something rotten in Denmark" as the saying goes. Stay aware out there folks.

I received a check in the snail mail for over $900 a few years ago and I figured it was fake, as no one is going to send me $900 out of the blue! I called the number (800) on the check and got someone with a really heavy Haitian accent whom I couldn’t understand so I tore up the check! Sadly, I could have used the money had it been real ~ who couldn’t?

I just got scammed this week, they said after waiting two wks that I was chosen to advertise for Dr. Pepper! They sent a 2600.00 ck and told me to deposit it in account and to go get 4M.O.'s from post office for 500.00 and leave blank. Then go to a Fedx and mail them to a person in Riverside California! Then schedule a time to get my car wrapped, well the ck bounced and my bank took my whole disability check! Plus I owe 1500.15!! I am devastated!! Screwed in the mid-west.

This is to people wondering if the red ribbon sofa drink is A scam. I received a email from alawrencehill023@ . He asked me if I would be interested in wrapping my truck. I said yes who can't use extra money especially with this pandemic. Well I got a check for $2950 he said to deposit it and keep $600 and make an appointment to send the rest to the company that would wrap it. So I went to deposit it and the bank manager told me that the check was not legitimate check that the entire deal was a scam. She said that in New Mexico They Have Had Over 15000 checks in just their 4 banks alone. Red ribbon poor whom ever they are had taken about half of the 15000 for their money. Usually the way it work is after you deposit the check and use that money your responisble for the over draft fees and the money you've spent.

This is the 2nd time these guys tried to get me to do this. I already knew it was a scam but when it said Dr.PepperI thought just maybe for a min it was true. I checked with Dr.Pepper's website and learned it was a scam. Have kept all my corospondence with them and their check . Will be going to local police along with filing a complaint. These jerks need to be stopped!

I received an offer from GITWIT regarding a Budweiser Auto Rap offer. After responding I received a check and a letter with instructions. I am pretty sure this is a scam. I wish companies doing this would be identified.

The Body Armour check was for $980.00. They wanted to wrap my car with ads. and let me "just drive it", for $400.00/week -(sending them $580.00 of it to a third party).

This happened to me twice. Luckily I can recognize a fake check. I played with the scammers feelings a little bit then told them I knew they were trying to scam me, reported them then blocked them.

I just feel sick. I fell for the scam because I have been out of work and with no income for the past 8 months. Now I'm out $2500. This is the worst. I can't believe I've been so gullible. I wish there was something I could do, but I'm afraid there isn't.

Just received a check for 3000 definitely not cashing it ,luckily I looked it up this came up ,I knew it’s too good to be true,It’s from an energy drink company shaking my head

I have been getting them left and right. The are very pushy and impatient


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