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The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

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A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


You rock...this post is old...any more checks come? I do an going to do this

My son was so excited about this job offer, i tried telling him it was a scam and it would clear then bounce. I googled it and came upon this and was able to show him. Saved!

Yes this is totally a SCAM. They sent me a email saying they would pay me $300 every week. They act like they are with Pepsi cola company and would come put decals on your car "Car Wrap" it. Well they mail you a check mine came from INSO Corporation 31 St. James Avenue, 11th floor Boston , Massachusetts 02116 but it was mailed in a priority mail flat rate envelope from Carolina TreeCare in Concord NC. That right there caught my eyes and I then looked up Carolina Tree Care and called them to see if they mailed stuff like that which I kinda knew they didn't I just wanted to let that company know about it. I then messed with the people through email pretending I already cashed the check and spent my $300 of it and they got so mean with me (it was funny) I kept missing as if I was going to send it. They send me western Union info to send them money I waited till the next day to small back acting as if I never received western Union info and they said we have been waiting they have been waiting for they money for me to go right then and send it . And said the information they sent yesterday to send to was no good anymore to send it to some one else and sent me different western Union info to send to. And they kept saying Walmart to Walmart western Union go now. Like I really would just jump and go right when they say. Not nice at all. The phone number the used to text me on over and over was 207-358-9716. Their email address was . the mans name was Ben Jordan but I am sure that was a fake name too. I took everything to my local police dep and they said it was a scam but there was noting they could do about it.. so I went home and done some googling and found this site. Don't do it. It is a big scam and messed up people are doing this. I then sent them another email as if I was on my way to send their money . They sent me info again and said to hurry. Then I sent them a nasty email letting them know I knew it was a scam crazy people out there
don't ever western Union money to someone you don't know personally. The check looks real but it is fake too. You will never find the routing number on it in all 50 states. Don't do it it's a big scam. I thought about making some fake emails to get them to send more check so they keep paying USPS. Let's scam the scammers like another said . Good idea

I got a check from Ben today. I started to just cash it at a convenience store since they want to scam.

Well I got my check from Ben today. I think I will enjoy messing with him for awhile.

You can file a consumer complaint about this with the FTC at

If the check came through the U.S. mail, and you believe it's fraudulent you can submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. You also can alert your state Attorney General.

Why do you say ben . obviously thats a fake name as well

I love this!! I just got a check yesterday and I am going to do just that!!

The only problem with that is that they are paying the UPS shipping costs with someone else's money (stolen). And they are tricking other scam victims to print and send the checks.

What's a number to send them mtcn how many numbers are in it am sick of them doing this go people

I got this email address for car wrap ccvinylad      This is the email I got when I said sure:

Thank you for your interest in being part of vinyl-ad campaign. We will be glad to work with you. To enable us complete the registration process, you are to provide us with the information below; Full Name: Address (Apt#, Street, City and Postal Code): Mobile: Type of Car/Colour: Model/Year: Present Mileage:

Attached is a sample of the car advert for your review. The estimated car wrap expenses is $2,697.00 (includes cost for installation, removal and logistics). Thus, upon receipt of your information and approval by the management, you will receive a payment cheque from our program sponsor for $2,997.00 to cover the car wrap expenses and the $300 up-front payment for the first week, while payment cheque for subsequent weeks will be mailed to you on weekly basis.

On receipt of the payment for the vinyl decal on your car, you will deduct $300 as up-front payment and remit the balance funds to the wrap company that will install the vinyl decal on your vehicle. We await your email with the requested information to proceed. Warm Regards, David Sholhan

I live in New York and I also was almost scammed a few weeks ago by these people except I had a guy named Kevin and a woman named Kimberly. I am glad I realized it was a scam before I gave them any information that they can possibly use. there should be some way that we can press charges against these people who try and take our hard-earned money while they sit there asses in a chair making phone calls and writing emails all day I am a strong believer of Karma and Kevin keep in touch since you have my address. You and your boyfriend may need a pen pal one day and Kimberly wishing you the best also what goes around comes around you will get yours Some day and I hope it's while you're still young enough to torture you. Every time something bad happens to you think of all the people that you took money from and know that it was wished on you good luck living with yourself for the rest of your lives you filthy bastards because it will come back to you

I JUST received my check in the mail. Nothing with it. No instructions, nothing! I had actually went looking to make extra money on line. I couldn't even tell you where I saw the ad but thought Ill give it a shot. I thought it sounded so easy and to good to be true. Was my luck changing?? I answered their email that I would do it, went on vacation, came back, check my email and there was no reply. I guessed they weren't interested. I used an email account that I normally don't use, so I didn't go back into that email account for a week. Saturday morning I check the mail, and there is a "EXPRESS MAIL" from MELVIN NATHAN, FREELAND PET SEA FOOD,3949 ALHAMBIA ST, FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33304..A check inside FOR $2,430.00 and nothing else. The check itself was from a Company "TWIST INC.". Address, 47 SOUTH LIMESTONE ST., JAMESTOWN, PA 45336. My boyfriend and I looked at each other and then tried to figure out where it came from. After looking up the return address and then the name on the check...which by the way one address was a restaurant had nothing to do with a pet food company. The other address, the one on the check, was something completely different. Then I remembered the car wrap thing and remembered they said they would send the check in advance. After checking that email box I found the letter about them sending this check. I was to keep $300 and wiring the balance to an account. Of course by them we were really skeptical and goggled car wrap scams .. and WA LA found this site. I haven't don't anything yet, like take it to the police or FBI. I may take it into my bank and let them do the investigation.

If you haven't yet, make sure you file a complaint with the FTC at!

When I get an obviously fake email from people like the car wrap scammers I reply as though I am interested but for my name and mailing address I use:

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover     935 Pennsylvania Ave NW      Washington, DC 20535     202-324-3000

Notice anything familiar about that address? It is the headquarters of the FBI in Washington! Be careful out there...

Thank you!!. I decided to Google this company before answering text.

Thanks for the tip. I answered this email, and gave them address below as you shared for FBI. Hopefully they will investigate. They have been texting for 2 days about the check arriving. Thank you again!!!

I did the same submitted my address and then realized I was being scammed i received the email from on my job work place so I beleived it to be liget with a co-workers name attached as the posted none friend referring I'm disappointed who do I notify about this

This happened to me. I response to an ad on craigslist to make extra money. He told me that he would do a wrap advertising on my car, first I would have to send money first to get weekly installments. Sent me a $2400 fake check, which I deposited in my account and it went through. However, I read the email wrong I sent a guy in Florida $350. I was suppose to keep $350 for myself and send the rest of the money off. The next day they texted me with all these rude text message and told me to send the rest of the money. I tried to call of three of the numbers that they texted me from but no answer. So, later that day the so-called boss called me telling me to send the money. But by that time I was skeptical because I knew that this was not a real company by their behavior. And I thought everything through and realized that I been scammed out of $350. I reported the incident to my local police department, Western Union, FTC,, and many other agencies. I should have done my research. Please don't fall for this scam.

Was u able to keep the money.

I received an email requesting personal information. They promised to pay me $500.00 a week to advertise Monster Energy drink on my car.
I immediately called Monster Energy and they told me it was a scam. I have saved the email from the scammer should you need it as proof in the future. thank you.

Yep, same thing here. Just got off phone with corporate office, it's a scam. Love Monster drink, so thought cool....but again, its a scam!

I received also offer from monster drink but thought it was to easy so I called the main offices of monster drink and was told it was fake.

This just happened to me, I too called Monster! I love the Java's! I haven't gotten the check yet but will be taking it right to the police dept as soon as it get's here!! I feel so stupid, I almost did it!! I would love to gut those scammers like a fish! God help them if they ever try to get a hold of me again. I can't wait to hear what they have to say when I tell them I have given their check to the FBI!!

Can you send me a copy of your email form the scammer?

I am shamefully a victim. MONSTER ENERGY DRINK SCAM car wrap. I blame the bank because they told me the funds were available, they know right? NOT , I was sent a check from Buckeye polymers inc, FIRST CLUE , being disabled I thought a car wrap with advertisement would be side cash, $400.00 per week for 3 months. WRONG. GOT A CK FOR $2800.00 for work to be done. I keep 400.00 for first pay and $50.00 for running around. Long story short bank told me funds were available so I withdrew $2400 to transfer 2000 and pay bal on completion. Screw me cause later in the day I'm out $2800

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you from U.S. Treasury checks, most other governmental checks, and official bank checks (cashier’s checks, certified checks, and teller’s checks), a business day after you deposit the check. For other checks, banks must make the first $200 available the day after you deposit the check, and the remaining funds must be made available on the second business day after the deposit.

However, just because funds are available on a check you’ve deposited doesn’t mean the check is good. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check (cashier, business or personal check, or money order) unless you know and trust the person you’re dealing with or, better yet — until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. The bottom line is that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check.

The article Fake Checks provides advice on how to recognize a fake check scam.

Well answered an add about the monster wrap, thought hey i drink a couple of them a day why not. got two money orders yesterday but was tipped off that they had a return address in WA state but the company on the money orders is in Los Angeles, Contact post office today and they confirmed they were fraudulent. so sent them to the postmaster

Call me or text me please. I got hit by the same person. Or so i think its the same person. I just wanna compare stories please. U can block your number if u want vy dialing *67 then my number 412xxxxxxx please it would help me big time

We don't publish personal information like phone numbers.

Same here got a 6661.00 check . Going right to FBI.

I was scammed also. Boy do I feel stupid. Police etc have been notified.

Just happened to me. Hope there's a way to stop this scam.

My girlfriend forwarded an email asking me if my step son wanted to make extra $. It was supposedly from Monster Energy Drink asking if anyone in my area wanted to make extra $ by having a car wrap put on car. After a few emails back and forth saying he had been excepted in a weeks time a check came in the mail for $2440.00 (priority mail). I had no idea what the check was for. It had Oak Ridge Assoc. Universities Inc. where it was from. I thought maybe my step son had won a scholarship because he is in last year of High School. Nothing else is in envelope. Then I go to my computer and there is an email from the person communicating with me about the job that a check for $2840.00 is coming with a tracking # and let them know when I get it and that I must cash it within 24 hrs. and send Western Union a check drawn on my bank for the amount minus $500.00 and the Western Union charge and this is for the cost of the decal and they give me a name and address of someone in Ca. that I should send the check to. Once they say western Union and that I should mail a check, I figure it's got to be a scam, so I write back on the computer can not send a check and they write back if I am uncomfortable to send a check I should send cash. I am posting this because this scam I thought was elaborate and anyone young or old could fall for this. I filed a complaint with the FTC and also wrote Monster Energy Drink and they could not have been nicer telling me to file the complaints and hold onto all the correspndence for local police authorities.

My son just got one of these checks by Priority Mail. Now it's time to scam these creeps back. Here's how; Once you get the check tell them you have no bank account and you live in the country and there is no western Union close to you. Tell them you could send cash by mail as your mail carrier picks up and that they need to send you a postage prepaid envelope. Then, when they agree (and they will), send them the amount thay are requesting, NOT in real money, but Monopoly money. Just copy or scan and print out the amount they want in Monopoly money and mail it to them (DO NOT copy real money and send it, that would be a Felony crime that could get you in hot water). Now, you have cost them the mailing of the check and the cost of the second mailing of the postage prepaid envelope. Now that we have the prepaid envelope with an address, we dropped it off at the Sheriff's office and they are communicating with the FBI to try and track them.

Beware of too easy away to make $

I also was looking for PT work on Craigslist & replied to the MONSTER ENERGY DRINK CAR WRAP SCAM. They sent a $3000.check & then 3 days later another $3000 Check came i dont plan on even trying to attempt to cash them now. But i came close & what a train wreck that would of been. I WILL BE MAKING Any & All Reports I can, to everyone i can.

I have received this scam and need to report it. I have phone Monster and they emailed all the information I need to report them.

I must be a magnet for these types of offers scams, I have enough bad paper to cover a wall. I am glad that the word is out and wish we could see that something was really in place to stop these people.

I was contacted also about a monster drink car wrap, I have not received the check yet, but thought I would double check with Monster Drink and they informed me it was a scam. I'm retired and thought that this would be great, it would pay for my gas and travel expenses. Sure am glad I checked this out. What does one do when the check gets here?

You can file a complaint with the FTC about this scam. Find out at where you can send the check and any other information you have about this. If you don't want to file a complaint, discard the check.

I had this happen to me. Sounded so legit. I recieved my check for $2,350 2 days ago. All they sent with the check was a piece of paper prompting me to check my e-mail for further instruction. They told me all the same things they told all of you. Deposit the check, deduct $500 for myself and wire the rest of the money to the car wrap "specialist". I got on here and seen all these comments. So I told them I didn't have a bank account and asked them for a number I could speak with someone at. They sent me an email telling me just to cash the check and they didn't give me a phone number. I haven't done anything with the checks and I have not emailed them since, but I checked my email today and whata you know. I have a threatening e-mail on there sayin - that I've kept silent, and that I'm acting funny with their money and that they are going to get the FBI involved and track me down. I gotta admit, I'm a little worried lol. What do I do?

Resist the urge to cash this check because this sounds like a fake check scam. You can read more about these types of scams here. Report it to the FTC or to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), which also has information on various fake check scams.

If you didn't cash it then what are they gonna go to the fbi about? Not that i think they're going to they just want you to fall for the scam

Dont forget to request to have their email account closed and banned....

save the 1000 others, they are scamming from making the same mistake you just made or about to make...

if you get their email blocked,
and if yahoo, gmail, hotmail stop giving these same criminals with the same computer / network card mac address over and over and over....

these scams would not exist...
the problem is companies like
skype, etc

and the 100 other sites that allow criminals to create millions of fake accounts, identities to hide behind and do it repetitively,

over, over, over and tHEY take no action to block them.. when they can block them before they EVER CREATE THE ACCOUNT

It is so easy... to identify and block them
AND CHEAPER to block them
then to constantly ... respond to the complaints

Wonder why they don't ?
ask yourself...

I got scammed by this car wrap job for Moster Drink. I though it was a refund from my title company on my house. I research the check and it was a title company , I deposited the check and it cleared in 24 hours. I send money to Weston Union to a Miguel Romero in Oaland Ca. Than two days later I get a email that he had an car accident and to go back to Weston union to resend the money to Lore Wayne. Mind you than I get a second check for the same amount of the first one $1,750.35 . When I go to Westen Union the has been picked up, so I text this people than have the money. But than I call Westen Union and the money is still there I get Refund of $1,250.35 , but no flags when up I send the money Found out yesterday that the check was a fake, and that now I own my bank this money. Plus $ 12 return fee , the $500 for my weekly paid when to my church to help fit the sidewalk . I asked my bank before I took the money out if the check cleared , and the teller said yes, so I though it was ok, however yesterday I was told by the teller that chase bank clears all checks by 24 hours so that you have the money although it's not cleared by the company that issues it. Now I waiting to see how I can work with my bank to pay this money back. Furthermore the guy who send the email goes by Ruben Peters, and I think there are also using Red Bull for car wrap. I called monster drink after the fact and learned its a scam. I posted my in Facebook to warn people. And I know it's a matter of time that these people will be caught, I trust God for this.

Thanks for sharing your experience. As you learned, it can take some time to discover that a check is a forgery. The best thing to do is wait until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. This article from the FTC has more information on fake checks and it explains why funds could be available before the check has cleared. You can file a complaint with the FTC at and report this car wrap scam.

I ran into this with the red bull shrink wrap advertising scam. I knew there was a 90% probability that it was a scam but decided I would play along until the scam was obvious. When they sent an email indicating that they would send me a large check and that I would send them part of it back, I emailed them "scams up cancel". I received the check any way. I ignored it. Now they are threatening me with legal action. I am ignoring that also. I'm a little concerned that they may have grounds for judgment of some sort. I'm pretty sure that they will eventually go away if I continue to ignore them because its obvious that I would win in any kind of legitimate legal action. I'm still not completely sure that they can't cause me some kind of trouble

Just received the first check. After reading all these complaints i decided to email the original respondant that im returning the check and will not be presenting it to my bank

These people actually took out a 1/8 page advertisement in our local weekly newspaper so I thought this was a legitimate way to earn extra money. I've seen cars with these ads on them so I thought, "why not" I could quit my second job. Long story short, I got an email asking a lot of inappropriate questions like my occupation, gender, age, etc., so I googled car wrap scams and found tons of postings about it. I like the idea of trying to scam them back, but decided to file a complaint with the FTC and also notify the local paper instead. I already have to work 60 hours a week to make ends meet, I don't have time to spend scamming them back. Good luck to all of you who can, go get them for the rest of us!


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