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The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

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A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


what if i cash my check at a check cashing place and keep it will i get in trouble

If you are holding a fake check or documents connected with a scam or crime, you can contact your local police department.

Please file a complaint with the FTC at

If you have information related to a scheme that involves the U.S. mail, submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service

You also can alert your state Attorney General.



I got the check the other day and then that I do not have a checking account I used the check to open up a checking account they put a hold on the check for 9 days 9 business days as of today I kept getting emails asking for me to send them the money I got suspicious and went to the police station being that I have not cashed the check being that the check has not bounced they told me go to the bank and inform the bank of what has happened thank you so much for the information someway somehow he should be punished is it possible by any chance that I could receive information that would help me in this matter

It's good that you contacted the police and talked to your bank.  The article Fake Checks has more information about how to recognize a fake check scam. Scammers use a lot of different stories and try to convince people to deposit a check and send money back. Don't wire money to someone you don't know.


I've contacted my bank and they are waiting for the check to come back then it will be considered a bounce check. My bank told me that nothing else would happen.

USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! No company is going to pay you hundreds of dollars a week to have a car wrap. Maybe $200-400 a month if you're lucky.

What if i dont deposit the check in my bank , what if i go to a check cashing place and cash it? lol

If you have a fake check or documents connected with a scam or crime, you can contact your local police department.

Please file a complaint with the FTC at

If you have information related to a scheme that involves the U.S. mail, submit a Mail Fraud Complaint Form to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service

You also can alert your state Attorney General

I just went through this with a person through e-mail. ( Red bull ) I was a smart one to TAKE the check to the bank to do research for me. Check was no good. Now I have another e-mail from someone from Monster Drinks. I contacted the Monster company with information and it is also a scam...

Did anyone get a check from Braun electric company Inc.?

Can you report this?

I got the check in the mail today and thinking about cashing it at Check into cash.

I am getting a check tomorrow from these scammers. I'm going to take it to my bank, have them verify it as a fake, then take the paperwork and all e-mails to the BBB, postal system and the police department.
UPS is dropping it off, and it's from an international company. A lot of this stuff comes from Nigeria, and next to impossible to trace, or go after them. But i have all correspondence, and will forward it all to you.

Just had to chime in here...two things, last year, my agency received mail back for lack of postage (truly!) for about 50 pieces of mail, all holding checks to many recipients, drawn on a bank in Alabama. Since WE did not issue the checks, and they were from another legit company, I called and they admitted to being scammed and to contact USPS and the state Attny Genl. Since my agency does handle Internet based fraud, we opened a case with the USPS.
Jump to present day, I have been targeted now, from "Robust Energy Drink" at $500/week for the car wrap. I haven't given them all my personal info, and so we'll see where this goes. I even told them I work for the gov't. Still in the email exchange status so, we'll see. I was o looking forward to a trip to Hawaii this Christmas...Damn!

Just answered a craigs list ad for car wrap. Got a text saying they would send me a check for $1980. I keep $450 for my first weeks pay. The rest gets paid to the car wrap guy. I guess my fake check is in the mail.

I reported pepsipromo8@ to Google using Google's phone number, 6502530000. The young man was very polite and appreciative. He is forwarding the report to Google's fraud dept.

Just got one of these, didn't buy it for one second, who would pay $400 week to advertise? $20K on one car? How do people believe this AFTER they're asked to wire money, geez.

just got the text about this was really considering it but decided to look it up first glad I did looks like a waste of time and money glad for sites like this

Just to let everyone know there is a new company now they are using, Toshiba, I answered the emails but have not received a check yet.... Just wanted to alert everyone that Toshiba is what they are using in the Orlando area. Will take all the good advice above and prepare for battle!

omg this just happened and i deposited the check before seeing all this and when he started to hound me i started to smell a rat so i started dawdling.then i started to look into stuff. first off they never said their name. the specialist ws in cali and i am in michigan. then i looked at the fedex info that came and it was from new york with a name alexander bezos . the check came from a credit union and that was in texas. then the specialist they were going to send was zelmar rojas and he insisted he told me his name but he didnt. then other guy is claiming to be john phillips. and i googled the number and it was coming from georgia. too many inconsistencies. i told them i couldnt cash the check cause the funds werent avail. they said they wanted to see the reciept. he said it says 300 is avail. i said yes it is my bill money for the rest of the month. he siad take it out i said oh no cause if this check doesnt clear then im stuck with no money. he said how long does it take to clear and i siad maybe 3 days. the next morning when i got up there was a text from him saying the money is in my account and ready. i said oh no. and he said yes i called your bank. so i called the bank and they said they cant give out the info so i gave them a hard time saying to stop being pushy

Heads up for one out there from Amp Energy Drink. Found the ad on Facebook, contact name is Barrie Margaret Kelly.. Figured it was a scam when I noticed the poor grammar in the email. A touch of research, and I'm sure it is. I'll let them waste time and money printing the check and postage, then I'll send copies to AMP and whatever company and bank they draw the check on. Hopefully that will help to shut down this scammer.

I had the Monster scam tried on mm email a few years ago, now today it was Budweiser Select. I love toying with them. I asked "Kathy Sattler" to explain to me exactly how I am not getting scammed. I am anxiously waiting to read it. I will reply with "Next time, start your story with 'Once upon a time...'".

I currently have a scammer on the hook and letting him/her believe that I believe that I will be paid putting a capt. morgan logo on my vehicle. I actually received a check for $1900 by UPS. told the scammer that I am out of town for the next several days and not able to verify that the check was delivered to my residence. how do turn the table on these bastards? have lots of email and text messages from julia2jv@ and (406)534-9377. surely there is technology out there that can pinpoint there location. guessing there is potential for this to be an international scam as sender uses very poor grammar pretty cocky scammer too. when I got my first txt message from the scammer/Julia, she asked me to confirm my identification without identify herself as the sender. I responded that I needed to know the sender's ID first for fear of getting hooked by a scam and then later apologized for my hesitancy in identifying myself and lied about getting burned in a scam a couple of years earlier and how I just was released from prison for nearly beating that scammer to death once I found him. scammer not phased in the least by that. only wants to know if I got the check, cashed it and mailed funds to the specialist. starting to get bored with the game now and hope authorities can just seek and destroy.

Just got one for the I phone 7. Different company would be paying me.... Smelled fishy... Just asked her for more info on company so I know it was legit... Lol finished...

Talking with a michal from pepsi advert. Getting a check 4 $1950, take out 400 & send rest to someone else, sure thing I'll get rt on that. Waiting on check & will get checked at bank. Will wait till it actually clears.

Got my check in the mail yesterday for $2300, it came UPS. Took it to a check cashing place and they ran it and informed me that it was counterfeit. Imagine that! They kept the check and will be turning it over to the proper authorities. Still haven't heard back from the jerks yet. I hope more people will read this forum before depositing any checks into their bank accounts.

someone sent out a mass text with an email. i replied to the email and they offered to wrap my car for $500 weekly. after two emails, they sent me a check in the mail for $1900. i just received another email saying i should deposit it and that's it very important that i use money gram to send it to the "expert" who will wrap my car. this is a total scam, The email is coming from mark oconnor.

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

now on CL there are ads using 2 different phone numbers, (972)435-7363 and (234)228-7169 for a car wrap paying $400/wk. Contact name is "Mr Blair" and stating this is for Fever Tree cocktail mixers. I responded to the ad but when they texted that they would be sending me a check (w/o W9 info, just an address & name) the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. No legitimate business pays before services are rendered and certainly no legitimate business pays even an independent contractor anything w/o a W9 being filled out. I'm sure a fake check is on its way as we speak!

I was another person here in fla.getting info for a car wrap for robust energy drink. They agreed to pay me 500 a WK.they was sending $1950, deposit it in my bank Acc.keep 500 wire 1400 to Tolani Ballobi.once I wire the money send the info to Khan Muhammad. I suppose to get a check tomorrow. I look up the names and addresse these people are in Saudi Arabia. So sad how people in other country can scam for money.I thank God for keeping me from making the mistake in cashing a scam check.where I did made a mistake is sending my name addressed and email address make of my car.

So far I have received three checks each in the amount of $2300.00. One was kept at the business I tried to cash it at, the other two are sitting in my desk, I will use them for scrap paper later! Don't fall for this scam people, tell your friends and family so they don't get taken!

I Feel like a complete dumbass now....I read all these blog now after I done deposit the check and got money out and sent it throw money gram. My sister show me this website after what I have done.... I'm so scared... a mother of 3 kids that's not working right now thought my.luck has change seeing this email from Robust Energy and got the check... I don't know what I going to do I do have 1500 to give back and don't want to loose my bank neither... How do I got about this.. I wish I saw this before anything

Contact someone at your bank and explain what happened.  If you deposited a fake check and withdrew money, you will have to repay the bank.  If you told a scammer your bank account number, or sent them a check with your bank account number on it, ask the bank what to do. If a scammer has your bank account number, he can take your money.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

just received an email for car wrap for monster drinks to be paid $300 a week from Graham Kuchelites. I googled his name and found that he had a whole website with Monster drinks commercial. let the site and went directly to google the monster drinks company where I contacted the marketing dept to inquire about graham and the ad for car wrap. She informed me that it was a scam because the company had no ad or opening for car wrap. It is good to research before responding to the scam emails. Harriet

Easily checked out. Meet with your Commercial Banker, they will check on the validity of the account by contacting the bank which it is drawn on. Banks work together on many issues. Investigated a 'Scam" offered to my daughter. Totally fraud. No fault no harm, as the banker guided me and did not deposit the check. Your Personal Banker or Mgr is there to assist you. There are deal out there in this industry that are legitimate. Good Luck.

This just happened to me and now I owe my bank 1000 after my bank held the check verified that the check was good and then they figured out that it wasn't only to have it come back and charge me. I'm a mom of a disabled child and my husband is also disabled. I was trying to get ahead in my bills and have money for Christmas. I feel so stupid and now I'm paying for it now and for another month until the 1000 is paid back. Broke and only disability coming in as an income.

These ads are now on ocala fl craigslist Hype energy drink and red bull. Now they also have a blocked number stating they are the justice DEPT and to contact some lawyer in wash state with a case # . Funny it also auto deleted the message and any trace of the call. Too fast to get a pen and paper . Saying "we" of those being scammed will be prosecuted for defamation. Lmao what a scam !

The check I got came through the US Mail. Postal inspector takes this seriously.

here is what I got

Armstrong Rawlings Hiring Consultant

Globe Sourcing LLC

Email: armstrong.rawlings

Text : 540-923-2808

Hello Joel, you can call 5405476303, However you will need to complete your full contact details as requested to review your eligibility if you are interested payment will be sent to you by next week, and one of our expert will arrive your location to wrap the car, Meanwhile a sample of the car wrap is attached to this email . The Day Is Yours, Make It Great

I like your post and your blog . Thanks for share


Thank you for your swift response and your willingness to work with us. To this effect, you are advise to check your email regularly to get updates as to know when your upfront payment will arrive at your address.

1) You will receive a Check as a form of payment. As soon as you get the check, you will cash it for the decal wrapping on your car and deduct $300.00 as your up-front payment. The rest of the funds from that same check should be transferred to the Graphic artist that will wrap the decal on your vehicle. All you need is to confirm the acceptance and understanding of this email.

2) You will make a transfer of the remaining funds to the Graphic artist via wire transfer at an outlet in your area, the Info which you will make the transfer to will be emailed to you soon.
Here is what the email looks like

From James Monster monsterexecutivemanagerinc@

Not MONSTER !!!! I didnt fall for this I contacted MONSTER (Monster Energy replied it's a Scam

this is the text they sent me, so if I have to give the rest to the detailer that would mean they are in it right?
I am happy to inform you that you have successfully been entered into the program. An expert has been allocated to install the decals on your car.You will therefore receive your payment alongside the money that will be paid to the national car detailer(expert) in the mail. So when you get the payment, you will take out your first week pay of $500 and you will give the rest to the detailer. This is to afford mutual relationship between you and the detailer. A check of $2550.50 would be mailed to you to cover your money and the detailer's money.In view of this, please confirm the following details; How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car? One(1) month,two(2) months or three(3) months? Do you use your car everyday? Also reconfirm your name and address as it should be on the check Car Wrap Advertisement

That is the EXACT thing I got! Just received my email today. Will be taking everything to the postal inspector, but will be notifying the company where the check was written and the one the scammer used for postage, and we shall see what happens!

I received a check for $5,000 and was told to cash it and keep 1500 of it and wire transfer the other but I knew it was a scam so I took it to my local bank and they said it was a scam and I should contact the police. The guy who sent me the check sent me an email asking if I had deposited the check yet and I replied back that I had not and told him I took it to the bank and now the police has it. He never replied again.

I received today, what I thought would be $400.00 but ended up being $2150.00. This was with the agreement to have a wrap from Dub magazine. The difference I was supposed to send via money order back. The phone # who contacted me about it is 7623590239. I am planning on taking it to Wells Fargo directly since it is one of their accounts and the business name on the check states Horizon Lines LLC. The tracking number on the Ups shipping starts in Monterey,CA

The FTC wants you to know that counterfeit check scams are on the rise. Some fake checks look so real that bank tellers are reporting being fooled. The scammers use high quality printers and scanners to make the checks look real. Some of the checks contain authentic-looking watermarks. These counterfeit checks are printed with the names and addresses of legitimate financial institutions. And even though the bank and account and routing numbers listed on a counterfeit check may be real, the check still can be a fake. These fakes come in many forms, from cashier’s checks and money orders to corporate and personal checks. Could you be a victim? Not if you know how to recognize and report them.

So i got a check for $1,300 from this coca cola wrap thing and i went to the bank and cashed it as i do not own a bank account, the bank gave me the cash with no questions asked but i had to put my finger print on the check, the money/cash is already spent. What is gonna happen now ?


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