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The Rap on Car Wrap Scams

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A new variation of the fake check scam is making the rounds. It works like this: scammers place ads on the internet or send mass emails to attract people looking for extra money. They claim they will pay to shrink-wrap your car with an advertisement of a popular company. All you have to do is drive your car as you normally would. 

An easy way to increase your income? Only if you’re a scammer. For the recipient, it’s a losing proposition.  

The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

It takes only a few days for your bank to make the money available to you, but it can take weeks for your bank to determine that a check is a fake. You are responsible for any check you deposit: when a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

These four tips will help you avoid the hassle altogether.  

  1. If someone urges you to wire money, it’s probably a scam. Con artists often insist that people wire money because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction and follow the money.
  2. Don’t send money to someone you don’t know, either in cash or through a wire transfer service. Consider using a payment option that provides protection.
  3. Don’t agree to deposit a check from someone you don’t know and then wire money back. No matter how convincing the story, it’s a lie.  
  4. Don’t respond to any messages that ask for your personal or financial information, regardless of whether the message comes as an email, a phone call, a text, or an ad.  

Should you get an offer that requires you to deposit a check and wire money back:

  • Throw it out. Legitimate companies don’t pay you by asking you to wire money to them. If you’re tempted to investigate the offer, ask for a check drawn from a local bank or local branch. Then, visit the bank in person, give them the check, but don’t withdraw any funds until your bank tells you the check is valid.


So i got a check for $1,300 from this coca cola wrap thing and i went to the bank and cashed it as i do not own a bank account, the bank gave me the cash with no questions asked but i had to put my finger print on the check, the money/cash is already spent. What is gonna happen now ?

I had two checks cut fraudulently from my bank account, each for $1,300. Thanks to the internet, I was able to track down one of the people who cashed the check and he told me the same story. (The checks were cut on January 7, 2016). This money was STOLEN out of my personal checking account. It took me all day today to fix this. I told him to go to the police, as I have already reported this theft to the police and it is HIS signature on the check, not the scammer's. So if people want this to stop, they need to come clear. Please play by the rules people.

Contact someone at the bank and explain what happened.  If you cashed a fake check, chances are you'll have to repay the bank.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Hey this is what he ( Anthony Walker )was telling me, and that might not be his real name.

Hello Melvin Happy New Year from Monster Energy Drink. Kindly read through below email to understand your Logo Wrap process USPS Envelope Mail of Fund for your Monster Logo Decal and Upfront Logo Pay has been confirmed delivered 01/07 to your Mailbox.

Upon receipt of the $1845.57 Cashiers Check, proceed to Deposit the Fund in your Bank, fund will be fully cleared upon deposit or next day. Deduct $200 upfront on $800 Monthly Pay. As earlier briefed, it is standard procedure for you to pay the Decal agent, this is why we have made arrangement to have the Fund to get this done sent to you.

The $1600 sent to Ms. Traci in Memphis, TN covers the cost to have your Decal prepared and shipped. Our graphic experts in NC will come to your home at a scheduled time and date to install the wrap on your Chrysler The wrap install does not take more than 2hours. You will also be given a Detailed Contract Agreement Document to be signed for the Wrap Program to confirm your Pay is guaranteed.

On install date, Catalog with Monster Logo Designs pictures will be showed to you by the Graphic experts so you can choose (window shields, rear bumpers, full body wrap) whichever you want on your Vehicle. This Contract will last for 3 months after which you are free to apply again. All Logo removal fees are taken care of by Monster Energy. Remainder $600 Pay will be handed over to you by our Graphic guys to confirm you are satisfied with the install. The sum of $1645 will be fully cleared and made available to you upon deposit as this payment is as good as CASH.

You are to locate a Moneygram Money Transfer store close to you, Request to send a Money Transfer. Below is the Decal agent’s MoneyGram information to have your Monster Logo Wrap prepared. Name – Traci Rish Address - 68 Brookhaven Cir, City - Memphis State - TN Zip Code - 38117 Exact Amount to send : $1600 There is a small Transfer fee, have this sum deducted from the leftover $45. When you have completed the Fund Transfer, the Date and Time for the Car wrap will be scheduled in line with your own availability. Await your prompt response once the Fund Transfer is completed in order to have the Monster Logo Wrap appointment scheduled in a timely manner. Thanks for the understanding and cooperation. We look forward to your Sponsor.

Just received a tx from(330)-594-8605. (Verve Energy Drinks) earn $500. A wk. same scam. I tx back to ask if there was a website I could look into. No answer.

I have received an email from them not for a car scam but to hire me to be their company's rep for the US and Canada. I know this is bogus and was curious about what other crap they've tried. I don't trust anything I didn't ask for first or from strangers. Wish nobody else falls for these obviously false ads.

okay, so how do the scammers collect money on this scam?

Here's how the blog explains it: The scammers promise to pay you a certain amount to “rent” the space on your car, but they send you a check for more than that amount. They tell you to deposit the check, take your share of the money, and wire the rest of it to the company that will wrap your car. Weeks after you wire the money, which could be thousands of dollars, you find out the deposited check was a fake.

There is a posting on from Premier Innovations LLC. They want people to get their cars shrink wrapped for the Children's Aid Society. Said that they will pay to have the car shrink wrapped and that you will get paid $300 a week. I emailed them asking them if it was legit, what the payment method would be and how it will get taxed. It is Sunday so I'm not expecting them to answer...I'm not going to apply for the job...The Children's Aid Society is all the way in New York and Premier is in CA...Doesn't really seem like Children's Aid needs advertising based on the type of company that they are...Premier is not accredited by the BBB...I emailed Children's Aid about this...

Ok so I'm kinda late this these new scams. I don't spend much time online. I came across the car wraps thing on Facebook and of course thought "heck ya I could use the money." Well as soon as I got the check and they started texting me telling me to wire so much, red flags were raised. I was scamed about 11 years ago that involved wiring money, back when it all started in my area.
Anyways, I looked up the company that way on the check. The address was the same as the one on the check so I emailed them and asked them about it. They informed me that they knew nothing about it and that they have been having problems with fraud. So I emailed them a picture of the check and forwarded the emails. Hopefully they can go through their bank and have something done about it.
I told the scammers that I knew it was a scam and after they tried hard to convince me otherwise I informed them that I contacted the company so their was no need for them to keep lying. I haven't heard back from them.

I have an,email from a Craig's list,ad for this scam and i,got a number that I texted the scammed and the responded. 858.504.7501. Maybe this will help catch these bast  Ardsley. I thought this was a legit deal my family really could use the,extra cash right now

I am a lawyer, and I just found out they are using my trust account to send people this money. They did not steal my checks, they copied the info from a check, probably one presented to a check cashing place. As soon as I heard about the first one, I shut the account. That was about 8 weeks ago, but the last several days I have had calls from banks and individuals around the country asking if these checks were genuine. So someone at the smaller banks caught the checks before they cleared them, but there is no telling how long they had the checks before they sent them back to the depositors account, probably long after the funds were made available by the depositing bank. Everyone told me it seemed obvious the checks were faked, they were either photocopied or printed on non standard check paper.

My husband got the texts and then the check. I called the bank and they told me that the account was a good one. He is going to take it to the police dept and talk to them. He still has all the texts.

I was an idiot and gave them my personal info but then had a gut feeling it wasn't right and cancelled... am I still at risk for getting my identity stolen or receiving a check? What should I do?

Think about the personal information you gave them. Did you give information that is already available on public websites, like your name or address or phone number?

If you gave information that is publically available, you have less risk than if you gave away information like your Social Security or bank or credit card account numbers. If you gave your Social Security number of financial account numbers, contact your bank or credit card company. Go to for tips about what to do if your Social Security number was exposed.

Got the text today. I can always spot a "fake"
so I thought I'd "check" out if it was a scam or not first. I googled clearly Canadians which was the name on the text. Sure enough it was. But I thought I'd "check" out what car wrap is about though and ended up here where after reading practically every comment it turns out everyone has been scammed with fake "checks". IT DEFINITELY PAYS to "check" before you end up with a fake "CHEQUE"!

I got a check from Spectrum which is a supply company but the return address is from Acosta Inc. The check was for 2,2700.00 they say keep $500.00 and give the rest the graphic designer. This a scam!!! DO NOT FALL YOU THIS!!! This is the email address to watch out for terriejack3

I was e-mailed about doing a wrap on my car for Monster Energy Drink. I was told that I would get $300.00 a week for 'renting ' my car for advertisement. They e-mailed me telling me the break down of how that check was suppose to be done. Gave me the name and all that I was suppose to Money Wire to.Well, when the check got here I took it to the bank. They told me that they were putting a seven day hold on it. Because they had two come back Fraudulent and one insufficient. Well, I found out today that it was fraudulent. I called Monster Drinks and they knew what I was talking about and sent me a e-mail on the places that I should report it. Shame that people do that kind of thing to people. I have all the information and will be contacting my local police department.

American Ad Agencies- Joel Cohen. Vehicle Wrap For Red Bull Energy Drink. This individual is collecting personal data and bank account information on individuals.

I’ve spoken with First Citizens Bank and officer AD from which the check for services was written on and he stated it was a fraud. The company on the check was also pirated as I spoke to the Controller  at the company listed on the check. The return address on the envelope was also copied from another legitimate company, AAA Insurance, who TR stated Joel Cohen did not work there. The bank said this was the third one of these this week he had been notified of.

What is supposed to happen is, you make the deposit and then it does not clear of course. You then fax a copy of the deposit slip to this guy. With the deposit slip they have everything needed to print checks etc from your account.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The comments you post here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

If this really is a scam... HOW then, can we get into a REAL 'JOB', using our car as advertising space for all these companies that you see ALL the time ALL over the place on SOOO many vehicles????

yo call the actual companies an ask for their marketing dept and they will tell you if they have funds available for that kind of marketing.Or tell you the company they use and how you get paid.Hope this helps.

I too received the email and almost fell into this scam but I decided to google Ruby energy drink and found this webpage blog. this great info for everyone to know about this scam, we all work too hard for our money to give away for free to the scammer or the bank.

we all should answer their ads and make them spend the money they stole from innocent people by paying for the postage fees. Thats what I did will be getting there check in the am they even sent me a trcking code for the post office so I will be calling all the right authoritiesas soon as I get the check and I will keep answering the ads with phony names and addresses see how they like it,lol

got a check today from Virginia retirement systems called them to let them know about this scam.the check was written from m&t bank which i called and they say the funds are available until the person who's account it is drawn from stops payment..People be careful with these scams. I will report to all the proper authorities..anyone who asks you to cash a check and send funds money gram or western union is a clear scam..

Hi all, I guess it was my turn. I received the check for 1950. I deposited it in the bank with no problem. What I did notice was the way the communicated with me via text message. There spelling was horrible, and sentences were broken up words. I actually got as far as sending them there part of the money through Money gram. Luckily Money gram didn't let the money go through and notified me that I was being scammed. Thank G-d. I'll be a lot more aware next time this happens.

Is there any way to not get stuck paying the credit Union back the money? like reporting the scam and hoping that they will go after the scammers instead?? My daughter got caught up in it!!any help for her!? She is being put out of her house and had two young children!

You might want to talk with your credit union to explain the financial situation and ask about making a payment plan.

You are responsible for any check you deposit - even if you don't know it's bad when you get it. The bank will give you some of the money within a few days, but that doesn't prove that the check is legitimate. It can take weeks or longer for a bank to find out that a check is fake. If a check turns out to be a fake, you have to pay the bank back. 

Please report the scam to the FTC at, and if you used a wire transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union, report it to the company too.

Just got this today:

Hello Anna, How are you today? I am glad to inform you that your check will deliver soon. The check is for $1280 and this is the tracking for confirmation 9405501699320089042307 Instructions To Follow For The Car Wrap Promotions.

Get your check deposited at the bank and take out your $450 from the $1280..The remainder money ($830) is to be sent via MONEY GRAM to the graphic artist coming to work on your Vehicle.The graphic artist is currently working on a vehicle in OH,and he should be done tonight. The artist will be flying to your place to get your vehicle wrapped as soon as he receives the money sent, Your weekly payment continues next week and subsequent payments will be $450 only.

Send the wrap artist's money via MONEY GRAM to the info below. Name: Daniella Malin Mattis Address: 737 N. Collett st. City: Lima State: OH Zip: 45805 There is a service charge at the MONEY GRAM store, Take out the service charge and send the remainder, Send a pic of the receipt when you get it sent. Sincerely, ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK Promotions.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report it to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report the name of the person who was supposed to get the money to the wire transfer company's fraud department.

They are now using mass sms and asking people to email them if you are interested. First red flag: their website does not even work as I type this.
BEWARE! Fake artists are not sleeping...

I deposited the check only because I need smoked and payday is a couple days away. Once my paycheck comes in I'll make sure to leave the exact amount they sent me in the check and pull the rest. I know I'll end up having a bounced check fee but I needed the smokes. Lol. Don't fall for a scam. And don't try to get around it cashing it elsewhere or you'll go to jail for check fraud. Good luck out there

I got one- and threw it away. Then I started getting tons of emails from a bunch of people from text me now apps wanting to know if I got the check in the mail. Finally I got one that threatened sending the FBI to my home. I replied that I got home from work at 5 o'clock and would be happy to show the police any and all evidence that I had regarding the fraud that they had tried to convince me to commit. Miraculously, all communications ceased. This is all a scam and it is crazy because the checks do look legitimate. Don't fall for it- burn them or report them

Well I received email asking if I was interested in putting a PEPSI-WRAP on my car. Since it is something that I have been looking into I almost didn't look for complaints or rip-offs because I was excited to think they would actually contact me. You know that voice in the back of your mind that says...check it out make sure it is legit. Well I push it into the back of my mind until yesterday when I got a confirmation email from them today and yes THEY WANTED ME TO DEPOSIT THE CHECK WAIT FOR 24 hours then take money out and send a MONEY GRAM TO ANOTHER PARTY TO PAY FOR THE CAR WRAP. I AM SO glad I listened to that voice in the back of my head and looked this up. I will be sending this to the ftc Gov.and I hope these people get arrested

I received a text message from eden vinyls this morning. I'm going to mess with them for awhile. Waste their time then report them.

Received a check today for $3050 from Pepsico citi bank. Gary Kent, add for Jym energy. Going straight To police fraud

I had this happen but caught on before anything was ever sent. Guys email is lawfrawn and phone number is: 16692320955, beware! Ny craigslist!

I am in a live email discussion with the scammers, I have the check in my possession (I will not deposit). How can I transfer the communication to authorities and maybe catch these thieves? Any thoughts?

Here are some options:

You could give the check to your bank to give to their fraud department, or call your  state Attorney General’s office to see if they can accept it.

If the check came by postal mail, you can take it to your post office and ask them to send it to the Postal Inspectors

Please report this to law enforcement at  You can copy & past the conversation into your complaint, and the details will go into a database that law enforcement agencies nationwide use for investigations.

This is a crazy Scam. Reminds me of dealings with All Star Wraps. This is very poor spirit.

Just a note, it's now January 2017 and it seems their scam is very lucrative because they just sent me a check for almost $5,000. Caught it in time, reported it to my bank. Police weren't able to do anything except send me to Fortunately my red lights went off like crazy before I went to wire them anything. A lesson in using discernment and listening to your hunches/intuition.

Hi all, Ive been contacted, few emails back and forth, ive just been sent a confirmation that this is the exact process. offered $320 weekly, not expenses for me.
I have sent an email asking why the decal is not paid for directly from the marketing deartment?, awaiting reply. thankyou to all that posted. very helpful.

my offer was for Jack Daniels energy drink

Seems to be their newest income scam. Advertising Auto Decal Wrap for iphone8 $500 a week plus the funds for the technician who's to apply it. Just got the check today from an ASHRAE, Atlanta GA (engineering company) with Suntrust Bank as their financial institution. Almost legit except their routing number comes second not first, chceck has perforations where they should be, on legit check paper, EVEN checking the status at the Federal Reserve Bank Services website cleared EXCEPT their misplaced routing number . open to share if needed for comparison.

Thxs for your blog. I received an offer to wrap my car, but after reading your article I asked them to provide me with a company name to check out to prove it wasn't a scam or I was passing on their offer. Surprisingly enough they emailed me back an answer " Pass' guess that officially makes them a scam. Thxs again for the article and site to report them.

Just got a text and decided to check out car wrap ads. The scam came up first.Just goes to show,if something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

My sister's dad just got a text message tell him they would pay him $500 a day if he would wrap his truck with the red bull advertisement I know it was a scam they sent us a email address--loveall21

Got a 6661.00 check. Checks are vegging bigger I see . Be safe

Wow I got a check a couple of weeks ago I wish I had read these blogs before I deposit the check I'm so piss I got a check from wrapping masters for $2150 I really wanted to do some part time work but dam I'm stupid now the bank is saying I got to pay them back I really need some help what to next I got emails n some numbers that I got from researching the name on the check and the deposit name I got also with a account number that I put the money in can anyone give me some advice

pay the bank back and in the future do business locally, it may be harder to actually work but you wont be giving anyone else a free ride.


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