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Robocall Scams Push Medical Alert Systems

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The latest in unwelcome, illegal, prerecorded sales calls are from scammers pitching a safety alert system for older adults.

The callers spoof a phone number so it looks like a local call on caller ID. If you pick up, you’ll hear a message saying you’re eligible for an alert system, or system upgrade, or that someone bought a system for you. The message asks you to “press one” on your phone to talk to a live operator, who will quickly ask for a bank account, credit card, or Medicare number, and maybe an address, to “expedite shipping and handling.”

The best response? Don't press a number, and don’t speak to a live operator. People who gave their information have seen monthly charges of $35 and up for that “free” system. If you get a call with a recorded sales message and you haven't given the company your written permission to call, the call is illegal. Since the call itself is illegal, you can bet the offer is a scam. If you gave information to one of these callers, check your account statements. If you find unexpected charges, ask your bank or credit card company to remove them. Finally, contact the FTC online or at 1-888-382-1222 to report your experience.

Hang Up on Robocalls


Voice mail received 11:06 today, 3/17/16, stating: "Personal medical alert system. Again press one now to receive your personal medical alert system. Press nine to opt out." I am on the do not call list. I have not had prior dealings with this (unidentified) company. Of course, I did not respond. Apparently, it is an old scam that is starting up again.

Maybe the cell phone companies can put a call forwarding capability for certain numbers and have that when they call they can be routed back to one of the fake numbers that they called.

I have never been able to talk to a person. I have pressed one so that I could talk to a person but none ever come on the line. I have pressed all other options that they have and nothing worked.

They called me today and may have stepped over the line from merely making illegal robocalls (civil penalty) to a misdemeanor, namely criminal impersonation, under the laws of NY and other states.

The number they provided on caller ID belongs to a real business in New York State, and NY's law says "Impersonates another and does an act in such assumed character with intent to obtain a benefit" is a Class A misdemeanor. I sent a letter to the business in question and recommended (not legal advice) that it bring the matter to law enforcement agencies.

I was getting calls about 4 or 5 times a day, every day from Medical Solutions! I finally answered and I told her I wasn't interested, I don't need a medical supplier,cause I have my own supplier and please don't call me again! So, we'll see if they call me again! (My Medical Supplier is CVS!) (And my other supplier is Lin Care!)

Why crab at the FTC? Your PHONE COMPANY has the power and ability to catch and stop these thieves. Let them know how you feel... with your wallet.

I got a bunch of calls, pressed 2 to take me off the list, but they kept calling. Eventually, I decided to give them a phony name, address and credit card number. Eventually someone called (they did have my real phone number) saying they must have had the wrong address. I told them exactly what I did and would continue to do unless they stopped calling.

That stopped for about a year, now they've started. Time to fight fire with fire again!

since this is going on for years and people are being scamed and losing a lot of money even if they do get the product. the only way to catch them the gov agency ftc or fbi is to use some people to sign up and go through the scam with a traceable dummy credit card and trace the phone email and were the package or credit card number winds up baic undercover work

I have done that on many occasions, using credit card number generators online to generate valid formatted numbers to give them. And I tell them it's a debit card and not to run it for a few days so I can get money into the account. That way they don't find out it's bogus immediately and so they call back from a valid number when the transaction fails. I also recorded ever call, including the 90% which were disconnects, and every time it lead to a company called "Lifewatch USA" and a criminal named Evan Sirlin. After I gave the recorded calls and screen shots and other records to four sets of attorneys (one with the FTC) and the legal action started, they shut down their telemarketing. But they were shut down once before using a call center in Florida that was raided and put out of business and switched to paying criminals in India to generate leads for them. Anyway, the calls (which had been up to eight per day) stopped but have slowly stated back. I an getting them again on occasion, which is how it started before. This time they are calling themselves ""Senior Medical Alert" but using the same recording as Lifewatch USA was using. I don't know (yet) if it's the same vermin as before or another criminal copying them, but I suspect it's the same crooked operation back up to old tricks.

Just got another robocall for Medical Alert. They have called me 7 times in 2 days from # 757-783-5548, which is a local number. Today was the first time they actually said anything...normally the line appears dead. I decided to find out more about the company. The guys name was Ron...lots of background noise. He had a NY accent (From that area so i know what it sounds like). I asked him if he knew that robocalls were illegal? So apparently, they have found a loophole and he said that I was referred by someone for this product so it is not illegal. He said he would remove me from their "list" in which I replied that I have asked so many times before and it still has not happened. He told me that there are so many illegal companies (hahaha) that call but they are legitimate! I asked him the name of his company several times and he replied "I will provide you that if you decide to sign up for the product". Obviously, this is such an illegal operation, that the company name will not be provided, nor will they ever take me off their "list". Been dealing with scammers for years now and it never stops. I block them, still get calls from other numbers. I work from home and have people calling me from all over so I have to answer. Call blockers just don't work for all these crazy calls. I get them on my personal cell, my landline, and even on the corporate issued cell now! Some are from oversea's, but I think some of these crooks are actually in the USA and that is just sickening. there really has to be a way for our infrastructure to block or terminate these calls. Where is Anonymous!?! Maybe the government should work with them! I bet they would come up with a good solution! Just my opinion

I have received this same call stating that I have been selected to receive a free medical alert device..... press 1 to talk to an enrollment specialist. 11/02/16 the call came from (916)603-5456. Today, 11/03/16 it came from (916)867-0300.

Not answering is not an option for me--as a freelance writer and an official of a local organization, I don't know the numbers of every person who might have reason to call me. I did manage to get rid of the calls from Microsoft by keeping a whistle next to the phone and blowing it sharply. This only works, though, if you can get through to a human, and is really a bit mean since the person making the call is only trying to earn a living and not connected with the scam.

I received several prerecorded calls in Feb.-March 2017, from spoofed Caller ID numbers, for a free medical alert device supposedly worth $475. I have affirmatively identified the calls as being made on behalf of LifeStation, Inc. dba Life Aid (, located in Union, NJ, and incorporated in NY.

thats a real company clearly not sure its a scam

I just received a package from LifeStation with the medical alert stuff that I didn't order. I called and they said I ordered it 5 days ago and the service or equipment rental, $25.95 was paid by mastercard ending in four digits that is NOT one of my credit cards or anyone I know. This company could be legit (in a way) but they are using some shady business practices. I'm returning it to sender unopened, tracking it and will call back for the credit to somebody's card once they receive it back.

Is life the same as life aid connect? Both are from Union,nj. Life aid connect just got fined like a half million from ftc. Drop in the bucket for telemarketers.
Life scammed my 82 yr old father. $30 recurring monthly for device, $30 for colonial health benefits and $30 for united medical benefits all recurring monthly. All in one phone call! The websites are similar and sketchy. Contacted the latter two companies, (address is a ups store in Florida)same owner, requesting oral transcript for my father. They gave me a partial one. As soon as they got my fathers debit number they got off the phone. Violated many trs rules. They refuse to give my father the full transcript without signing a confidentiality agreement. I would love them to get fined and am in prrocess of speaking to a lawyer. The address they give is 5703 red bug lake road, winter springs, Florida 32708 beware!

I think after reading these the only thing smart I read was de fund FTC Send a email to your local senator and say since they are lazy just cut the budget. The government has the power to shut these guys down. Because it is not gun control or abortion it has not enough interest for our government. email your senator

Trump should make this agency work or cut out its budget. Iv'e been on the "do not call" registry for years and now the registry has become a joke.

The telephone companies should refuse their business The FTC should work in conjunction with the phone companies to refuse business to the scammers. Congress should paw laws making this happen.

I've been getting these calls almost daily, for the last year or so, in the Washington area. Annoying as hell, and my phone can't block the wide variety of spoofed numbers they use. Wish some enforcement action would be taken against these scammers/spammers.

You can help law enforcement by reporting the calls to The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

The Do Not Call List is ineffective and a waste of taxpayer money. Unless the FTC uses technology to trace calls and prosecute offenders, the calls will continue.


heres an idea for all of you, go on the internet use a spoofer and dial all those numbers that they tell you to call back to, give them back what they give you..:)

Does anyone have the correct corporate name, or any information about who makes the calls. The person making these unsolicited calls does not provide any specific information about its identity.

Got one of these calls last night... at 3:50AM!

No Bobby, they never give you any usable information in those calls.

I stopped contacting the FTC 5 years ago, when they told me they already had enough complaints from me on file concerning Cardholder Services. And when they finally caught up with that outfit, did they put them in jail? No, they just gave them a fine. Did I see any of that money? NO? Am I still getting robocalls from Cardholder Services? YES! If they'd put them in jail, maybe the calls would have ended. If they gave me first dibs on suing them, maybe the calls would have ended. But they fined them, leaving them to continue their dirty work. That's why I have no faith in the FTC. Or the FCC for that matter, since I sent complaints to them as well.

So when these messages about a wellness package started coming in, I didn't bother contacting the Feds, because if they ever do catch these new scammers, it will be catch, fine, and release, with the FTC pocketing the fine and the scammers resuming their calls.

Most of the time when I answer the phone it clicks a couple of times and hangs up because the auto dialer wasn't able to find a live scam operator to connect me to, if I to get a person with a foreign accent I say "Al's plumbing and air, how can I direct your call?" and the person says "is this a business?", I say "yes" and they say "sorry" and hang up. I think they mark it in their system for removal. I did receive less calls after that, but when the medical alert said "press 9 to opt out" I did and they must have sold my number as a working number to other scammers because I got 4 calls today and it isn't even noon.

I get robo calls all the time from the Fulfillment Dept. saying the have my alert system ready to send to me. At the end of their announcement, hthey say I can press 9 to be deleted but that does not seem to stop them

Called 4x from 541-204-4294. Med Alert idiots back in action. Check Nomorobo for voice recording.

I get 4 or 5 of these a day from medical alerts and from trip advisor

these callers if u star 69 less than 1 minute later u will find that the phone number is invalid and no longer in use funny they call u less than a minute before and then it is not a valid phone number also some computer fixers will tell u that they will fix the computer free and then charge u and u are stuck. some will only accept a debt card because being a foreign country they cannot take credit card. one told me that if I did not contact their legal department to fix the problem I would have a warrant for my arrest put out and I would lose all my rights then and I know that only a judge can do that and not anyone else.these call several times a day tell them to go to hell I know it is a scam they ask if I am the person I say no and do not call again. in less than 2 hours I am called again by a different person. all make u afraid so u send mpney it stopped for a few months and then it started back up. remember if u star 69 less than a minute later the number is not valid or is in no longer in use. BEWARE SCAM ARTISTS ARE EXPLOITING U


I am harassed daily by them.

Recently the "Medical alert" scammers have fired up with great volume. I get at least 7-10 calls a day from "Jessica, the Medical Alert Specialist" alone. I have been on the Do Not Call List since inception which has done nothing. Some research on my part has revealed that the FCC has no manpower to review and take action.
The scammers are criminals:
1.) Invasion of privacy
2.) Harassment
3.) Extortion
Not to mention millions of dollars in lost work productivity. Therefore, it may be proper to state that these scammers represent the largest crime source both nationally and internationally.
So it is rather obvious that the FCC nor the FTC has any intention of taking action. As a result of their inaction, scammers are encouraged to continue their evil and in fact expand operations since they know fully that the will not be caught or prosecuted.

Tulsa Johnny

The FTC call blocking service only concerns legitimate business which agree not to call customers per FTC request. It is worthless to block the millions of scam calls that go out every day. The medical alert button (DC Medical) "Hello, this is Sarah....." is infamous. I received one or two Sarahs every day and each time it is a 509 area code (Washington State) - a spoofing number. I have a CPR Call Blocker unit and each spoofed number is blocked, but harassment continues. The FTC (or whatever government entity is responsible) could shut the scammers down in a New York minute. Fine the telephone companies that are being used and the culprits.

Has anyone tried getting a real person on the line then blowing a really loud whistle in their ears?

Honestly I have with an air horn I felt badly for about 1/2 a second guess what next day 4-6 calls again. Nothing stops these calls.

The phone rings every hour or so, every day of the week. I have an Answering Machine Message that says that no one will answer unless someone identifies themselves after the beep. Almost all are hang-ups. Some speak about a free medical device. This is non-stop, and seems pretty crazy to me.

the government does nothing the calls come at least 4 times a day from all different numbers

I'm plagued by "Jason" trying to give me a medic alert fob! He calls once of twice a day and I keep blocking numbers, but apparently his supply is unlimited. I'm on a "do not call" list, but that doesn't do a bit of good. If I could get my hands on Jason, he'd need the device!

Jason is the guy that keeps calling me. I have told him each time no and and to take me off the list but I keep getting that call. So today I said sure and of couse no one came to the phone to give me information and I tried calling the number back and it was no longer in service.

I get "Jason" a couple times a week, always with a different caller ID with a local area code. It's an interactive voice response system that tries to emulate a what a real person would say in response to your answers to questions, but is clearly a computer.

Once I had some time to kill so I played along until "Jason" transferred me to someone that could help set up my medical alert system. Turned out I was just transferred to a different sounding voice response system that requested personal information and a credit card number to start my medical alert monitoring. I made stuff up to see if I'd ever get to a real person, but it never happened. Eventually the computer figured out I was giving false information and told me to "have a nice day" and hung up on me.

Each time I report the caller ID to so the next call "Jason" makes using that caller ID will be blocked for anyone that has created an account on nomorobo. "Jason" changes his number often, but at least for a couple days I don't hear from him.

I can't call FTC because the same guy, Jason, is using a different number every time. He says, Hello this is Jason, I've been trying to reach you..... It appears who ever this company is, they have multiple people calling with the same recording. Usually get the same call 2-3 times a day, all different numbers.

I received 6 phone calls from Nancy, my Medicare representative , about back braces yesterday. Also received 4 Phone calls from Jason of Be safe at Home. Every time I block a number, they call from a different number. Its like playing Wack-a-mole. Wish there was a way to get them them to call each other. At the the end of my rope. Read not to push any buttons, even to decline offer, as this just lets them know someone picked up, and that you will answer your phone.

To try to stop the "Jason of Be safe at Home" calls, oyu need to listed through the message, hit one or say something at the end and wait for a real person. Once you have a real person, get the name and billing information of their company. Once you have that, let them know you are putting in writing that they are harassing you and that you demand to be removed from their calling list. Until you do this, they will not stop. Share the billing information and anything you are able to get from the representative with the FTC and this forum.

How do i get them to stop calling me.. they call over and over again 3 or 4 or 5 times a day calls are coming from 267-679-3380 and numbers similar. Its very upsetting.

Got five calls today

I have received over 200 of these medical alert bracelets in the past 6 months (no, I am NOT exaggerating). Please don't tell me to block the number. No two of these 200 plus calls have come from the same number. Every number is fake -- they simply put in a number at random from your own area or area code. There is always the same recording, and it gives no number or even name of company to call back or to report. I stayed on a couple of times just to ask to speak to a human, and that will not happen -- you only will get recordings asking for more information -- which of course you'd be crazy to give. It's infuriating. No robocall blockers are affected by this spam at all, again because they never use the same ID number twice.

Keep getting Sara calling with Be Safe at Home. Have turned over to FTC multiple times, turned over to my State Attorney multiple times. In the case of the State, since it is multiple individuals phone numbers, they cannot shut that phone down, and with Sara spoofing numbers, they cannot do anything. I once looked up and their is a business by the name "Be Safe at Home" out of New York. Time someone takes action against the business regardless of what phone number they have spoofed.


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