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Your First Line of Defense

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We’re all consumers and information is the first line of defense in the marketplace. Everyone can benefit from amping up their consumer know-how and getting the inside skinny on avoiding scamMCPDs. That’s true for servicemembers, veterans, and their families, too. And that’s the spirit behind Military Consumer Protection Day, July 17. The FTC, the Department of Defense, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Military Saves have teamed up for this first ever MCPD to kick off a year-round campaign to empower the military 

and veteran communities. The MCPD site has free materials from these organizations and other partners to help manage money and credit, deal with debt, avoid scams and face a host of other consumer challenges. Are you a servicemember who’s curious about protecting your personal information? Maybe you’re a military spouse who wants some tips on saving and investing. Or you might be a veteran who wonders whether a business opportunity checks out. Two dozen other federal and state agencies, consumer advocates, and industry groups also have joined the effort with resources on these and other consumer issues to help our military families and veterans make informed consumer decisions and steer clear of fraud.

Commanders, personnel finance managers, military members or spouses, veterans, community leaders, and others can use the MCPD site to download resources or order copies of materials from FTC and our partners; put together a customizable tool kit for outreach events throughout the year; subscribe to the blog; and learn more about how to get involved.


It is exhausting and demeaning for individuals who are living simple, quiet lives to be in constant dread! It is such a huge waste of time and energy (especially for someone with disability) to find their privacy is invaded and emails etc have been compromised by hackers! I'm an elder who is home-bound and rely on my use of TV, phone & internet to stay in touch with the outside world. I have NOTHING of value to any of these creeps! But I have been unable to use my own email for days now - and am being told that my friends are getting tons of junk mail from me! This is sickening! Frankly - I don't know HOW, but I'm sure that the FTC and/or other government entities can do more to protect the Rights of little people, like me (life-long US citizens) who supported this country by legally working and contributing for close to a half century... But, we hear of "the system" GIVING huge amounts of federal dollars to Corporate Mega-Farms owned by investors from other countries as well as here! (Just as an off the top of my head example of the insane programs that DO NOT make sense in our "New Economic Outlook"). So, we all have had to tighten our belts and it is not in any way a BAD THING to get humble... to live within our means and watch where the money is actually going and doing what we need! I am a proud American citizen and am grateful I was born here! I've always been an active volunteer whenever possible. Now, I feel I should be provided with some protection for the peace of mind to feel safe and secure in my own home - without fear of having privacy invaded - or be a victim of identity theft! This is a serious problem for every citizen - not just seniors, but we are probably the easier targets for the creeps who do this stuff! Take AIM at these perpetrators of horrendous victimizing the poorest and easiest to fool segments of the population. Every community should be involved in such an effort and be supported with guidance, oversight & constant vigilliance of enforcement. We need Laws that make sense for the present and future (not 20 -30 years ago)! There's so much more we should ALL be able to expect and support for the future leaders and citizens to beleive in and care about.

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