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Ackk — My Email’s Been Hacked

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Friends and family are getting emails or messages you didn’t send. Or your social media accounts have posts you didn’t make. What can you do when it looks like someone’s taken over your account? Here are the steps you can follow if you get hacked (for details, read Hacked Email):

  1. Update your system and delete any malware
  2. Change your passwords
  3. Check the advice your email provider or social networking site has about restoring your account
  4. Check your account settings
  5. Tell your friends

Haven’t been hacked yet? Steps you can take to lessen your chances of getting hacked include using unique passwords — and safeguarding them — only clicking on links or opening attachments in emails when you know who sent them and what they are, downloading free software only from sites you know and trust, and not treating public computers like your personal computer.

And last but not least — help your friends and family avoid getting hacked, or recover from a hack, by sending them the FTC’s Hacked Email article.


Thanks for the information that is needed

my password not working , my security question- was change.

Look for a "Contact Us" or "Trouble Signing In" link for your email service provider. Explain the problem and ask them to help you regain access to your account.

I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM YAHOO LAST MAY 2012 UP UNTIL NOW MY EMAIL HAS BEEN GETTING HACKED. someone sent emails to a drug program as me and I notified the owner when he called that that was not me and reported numerous times to yahoo that my email was hacked. Unable to login now so my husband and I have a new email for business purposes. We also reported Fraud and ID theft.

I am a victim of identity theft and now everything is messed up. I would like to know is there a way to register who lives in my home

I use AOL. I started getting emails with my email address on it as coming from me. I went to Google to find out who I should call at AOL. I got this person who said he would check, & told me I had viruses & he would clean them up & for 300.00 they would keep my computer clean for 7 yrs. Now I'm wondering if this is a scam that I got taken. He said it was PC Expert & I charged it to my credit card. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Could you please help me with this situation. Thank you, Carol

@stacker33 - yes they all are fake

i need help since i have been scamed. i have reported it to the fbi and they said report to ic3
and when i called them they referred me to ftc and i called them. at this point i have not heard from them. i do not know where to go from here.
my pssword has been changed and my security questions has been changed. a new account has been set up also. what else can be done.

Microsoft Corp. 1 425 882 8080 is a scam

my email was blocked cause of a hack can not retrieve it at all I try contacting at the Live dot com and they will not help me at all why? ty

This is my second time notifying the FTC about someone using my email address for devious undertakings. My address belongs to me and me alone and has been in use for a very long time. I will not consider changing it. I want to track down the culprit who is still using my email address for their own frivolity. I have already anonymously notified a suspected named individual to cease and desist and it had cleared until resorting to further abuse. The person under suspect has a name indicated on their fraudulent
online adventures and I want to have he practice stopped. Should I call the local police?. Can the
origin of the fraudulent emails sent by the perpetrator be processed for identity? And THEN call the police. Where can I get the help I seek and thought that the FTC would service this request?

If your email has been hacked here are a few things you can do:

  1. Update your system and delete any malware
  2. Change your passwords
  3. Check the advice your email provider or social networking site has about restoring your account
  4. Check your account settings
  5. Tell your friends
  6. Find more advice in this article.

If you think you've been a victim of identity theft here are some steps you can take to protect yourself. Find more information about identity theft at

As of 1/10/15 I received an email stating it was from a friend whom I know, using her email address & name, stating that she and her family had been mugged while on a short vacation in London, and that cash, cc & cells were stolen, except their passport, they had been to the police/embassy, no help, it goes on...I gave a brief reply, didn't say anything about sending money, they answered me with a thanks for answering, and could I please go to Western Union and wire them 950 pounds to London, United Kingdom, gave my friends name and that they could pick up the money with the passport, my friend would never talk to me and refer to money as pounds. I contacted another friend of ours and she also got the same email. My gut was right, it is a scam! I will get with my ISP and make some changes, I've had my email for a long time, but if it comes to changing that also, no problem! My sanity is more important, I'm glad this site is here for us!

This sounds like a family emergency scam. This article has more information and tips to help you spot and avoid falling for this scam.

My Gmail has been hacked. Since March I've tried to regain access. The password has been changed on me. The phone# has been changed & 2 step verification has been turned on, all without my authorization or knowledge. Also the recovery email has been changed.

Because 2step verification has been turned on, unknown to me, apparently it generates recovery codes to gain access to the account, which of course I don't have access to!!

This email "use" to be on my Facebook account which was also hacked about the same time as well & my identity was "cloned"! My exact name was taken & another "person " used this email as well as my cell which is my ONLY phone#! I rarely used FB so I was not aware of this dulicate FB account until I tried searching for mine by ph# & found this bogus one by surprise!! I filed an identity theft complaint with FB & tried to secure my FB account by changing the password & I removed that email & immediately found out it was compromised as well!

Gmail has been giving me the runaround since March 2016 & NOT cooperative about helping me recover my account! I have answered their stupid account recovery questions over 20 dozen times now exactly correct & they keep denying me access to my account even when I tell them repeatedly my account was hacked that I did NOT Auth 2step verification, that I did NOT change my ph#, that I did not change my account recovery email & each time I give them TWO VALID PH#'S TO CONTACT & THE VALID RECOVERY EMAIL! They email the denial Allright to the recovery email stating I'm not "me" with NO plausible explanation & then tell me to redo the questionaire all over again! !

I have made personal folders in my Gmail account, 1 of which is between myself & my therapist which contains highly sensitive & Personal information. Patient to Doctor privileged information that legally by law is to remain confidential! I have disclosed this to a Gmail "tech" rep who basically told me too bad & that my naming folders I created which I'm asked on this account recovery questionaire to "supposedly"show ownership & supposedly help gain access to my account, he told me "doesn't show nor prove ownership of the account "!!!

What kind of oxymoron double talk is that?!

And what do I do? I can't get ANY help at all from Gmail recovering my account! My sensitive information is in the hands of God knows what kind of psycho! Whoever it is HAS sent spam & scams to my husband, friends & other family members from my address book that is in my contact list saved in Gmail that I desperately want access to, plus those that were in Facebook!

Gmail has NO right to keep denying me access to my account, but they have from March 15th, 2016 to present 6-5-16 & counting. What, if any, are my recourses. I was told by the Gmail tech rep "sorry but not"! Thanks for listening

This article has information for people who had accounts hacked and contacts for web service providers.

Wow, everything you are saying (and more) has happened to me too! It all started in 2013 and I have made no headway whatsoever. Even my web searches are redirected. Feel free to contact me and perhaps we can put our heads together to try and figure out a solution... or at least comiserate! ♡

My name is Cecily I have been a victim of adoption fraud through Facebook and gmail yahoo Instagram ect I was a targeted individual cause I am disabled and low income the child's father has done a lot of horrible things to me he broke my leg stole my life insurance got me pregnant and then tricked me by making a duplicate Facebook Google yahoo ect and now the ultimate thing he's done is kidnapped my child and I was so desperate to see my child I was willing to go I was told if I sign papers I'd b able to c him then I was taken to airport and left my son is gone forever and no one will help me google yahoo Facebook Instagram is very dangerous

I can't found my email account. I can't sign up email. I don't know what happened.i keep doing it. I can't. Am tried of signing up an email. What can I do

My husband is my email address to go on p*** sites and dating sites and all kinds of crap now I'm being constantly harassed with emails and it just won't stop I don't know what to do our phones are synced I don't want to have to get a new email what do I do

There are some tips for you in the article about Hacked Email.

I keep getting emails from my email account that I did not send. It says that it is from my Email, but it is not. How do I stop this?

I keep getting emails from my son that are not him. They have his name but not his email address. How can I stop them?

I have more than 3 to 4 email accounts that have been hacked & are being used to this day (this started back in 2013) they are in my name. This person is still using these accounts, all the recovery information has been changed to her mobile number, or a family member, friend of hers . Including recovery email accounts. How do I stop this or just have these email accounts CLOSED!!!! Please help, Thanks!

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