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A Biz Opp Breakdown

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Be your own boss! No experience necessary! Make $60,000 a year from home! Sounds pretty good, huh? Before you sign on the dotted line, you might want to listen to this 1-minute tip from the FTC:

Business Opportunities: Ask Some Questions

What makes the FTC so skeptical about these “opportunities?” It could be FTC cases like the one against American Entertainment Distributors. According to the FTC, the company tricked people into paying anywhere from $28,000 to $37,500 for video rental vending machines. The defendants claimed that each machine would earn $60,000 to $80,000 per year. The problem? There was no reasonable basis for these claims, and all the investors lost money.

However, there is some good news. Today, the FTC announced it would be sending out an additional $950,000 to people who lost money in this scheme, bringing the total amount refunded to nearly $4 million.

If you’re considering a business opportunity, check out these tips from the FTC first.

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I called about 2Pm today to report a scan about medicare cards. I reported it to RR Medicare, Medicare, my bank for the FTC. Now aT33:04PM THE SAME FOREIGN SPEAKING PERSON CALLED ABOUT THE SAME THING. THEY KNOW MY NAME ADDRESS, AND THAT I AM ON MEDICARE AND ALSO WHERE I BANK. I JUST Said this is a scam an do not cALL ME AGin. It is a FLORIDA 305 890 1654 SAME # AS BEFORE.

What determines that a person should or be entitled to get money back from a scam? If I were to respond to one of these scams from over seas, and sent them money, does this mean that I would be able to get my money back by reporting that I got scammed? I hear that many people do not get money back when they are scammed. What is the difference in this case or other cases?

I have found out that credit card companies, government, and even lawyer don't care. There reason is you agreed to do biz with them. So, it our fault. Sorry, I've lost over 5000 dollars,

Please do NOT under any circumstances send money or provide a bank account etc to anyone who calls you over the phone or even by mail. Once that money leaves your possession...IT is GONE and no one including the govt will be able to recover it.

Damn FTC you scored one!!!

I found a job ad in local newspaper for administrative assistant. later contacted that I would be a mystery shopper. first assignment told that cashiers check in mail and I was to cash check in my bank and take out 12% for my commission and mail rest to the next mystery shopper in China. I was to go to closest western union and evaluate services. I was leary and started to check on internet. found that it must be a scam. Alerted the bank Utah Community credit Union and reported it to them. They said they are aware. Luckily they only have my email, phone # and address

Since loosing my job two years ago, and forced to use the internet to look for a job, it leaves you wide open to every conceivable scam. I also got the mystery shopper offer, looked up the company in Great Britain and found out it was a legitimate company, but I went one step further and emailed them to find out about their hiring practices and no they do not solicit employees thru the internet.I have been offered job to launder money, accept packages and sent them to whatever address provided, gee think it could be stolen merchandise, certified checks I take out so much send the rest on, I see bad check trying to be cashed and it is jail time for me. Some of these people are so good they go through legitimate Recruiters like Career Builders, but they have a sight to send the bogus job offers and scams. When you are unemployed all this money sounds good but the end result is they are criminals and if you participate, chances are you will spend the next few years in jail. Some offers are laughable, they are amateurs, but some are good really good. When you are offered these fantastic salaries for working 10 - 15 hours a week and you decide to do this, you are about to become involved in criminal activity. After the first one I received that was very well done, I read through it again and again and caught a word misspelled, and I knew then, scam and sent it to Career Builders fraud division so they could send it to the proper authorities such as FTC. I can now spot these a mile away, so I delete, delete, delete.

There ARE ways to make money, but no EASY ways to make money. Look at what you are being asked to do and ask yourself "If I were the CUSTOMER, what would I pay for this product or service?" Multiply that number by the realistic number of customers and you have the MAXIMUM you could make. Take out costs and other fees, lower the return because you overestimated the number of customers and the number can get REAL small, REAL quick.
There is an old saying "A fool and his money are soon parted". Add to this the old favorite "You can't con an honest man" and a picture emerges. I tend to believe in the first quote and believe there is some truth in the second. That aside, many cons are obvious if you aren't wearing "greed-colored spectacles", which is why the con is usually obvious with the benefit of hindsight.

When will the FTC go after TIDOM and 8 FIGURE DREAM LIFESTYLE and their multi-level marketing scam? I am sick and tired of being flooded with text messages and automated messages to my cell phone hawking their get rich quick scam.

You can report problems with a business to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a flat out cash gifting scheme that purports to be the real deal because they offer digital products. They are a smokescreen to try to keep it legal. Who, in their right mind, would pay $2000-$21,000 for this crap if there wasn't a huge payout somewhere? It's about recruiting people who are in dire straits aka..."finding people at the right time." I've collected a lot of evidence on these guys including a video of one of the founders essentially admitting to this being a cash gifting scheme.

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