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Coping with Flooding

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After a flood, your home and its contents may look beyond hope, but many of your belongings can be restored. If you do things right, your flooded home can be cleaned up, dried out, rebuilt, and reoccupied.

  • Play it safe. The dangers are not over when the water goes down. Your home's foundation may have been weakened, the electrical system may have shorted out, and floodwaters may have left behind things that could make you sick. When in doubt, throw it out. Don't risk injury or infection.
  • Ask for help. Many people can do a lot of the clean up and repairs needed after a flood. But if you have technical questions or do not feel comfortable doing something, get professional help. If there is a federal disaster declaration, a telephone "hotline" often will be publicized to provide information about public, private and voluntary agency programs to help you recover from the flood.
  • Floodproof. It is very likely that your home will be flooded again someday. You can save a lot of money by floodproofing as you repair and rebuild. You should also prepare for the next flood by buying flood insurance and writing a flood response plan.

To learn more, read the Red Cross's Repairing Your Flooded Home, and visit Dealing with Weather Emergencies.

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