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FTC Launches its New Financial Educators Site where Everything is FREE!

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If you teach people about everyday financial issues, like saving and shopping, credit and debt, buying a home or car, or looking for a job or paying for school, the FTC is your information destination. Consumer information from the FTC is free and in the public domain. That means you can print it, copy it, post it, or link to it freely — and for free.

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Share our plain-language resources with students, friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

Share tips, use your social networking skills, or, order free materials to hand out at events or conferences — or just to give out in your community.

Link to or any of our individual publications. Visitors to your website will appreciate having a direct link to important information from the nation's consumer protection agency, and resources for additional information.

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I did a presentation this week about your site and educational tools at the Michigan Credit Union League's Financial Education Council. Folks appreciate the simple, understandable way you are presenting consumer information. Thank you!
Kathryn Greiner
Director of Credit Education

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Thank for everiting

I read your blog. It's impressive. I can learn some new idea from your article. Thank you.

No scams and free

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